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Surveon Failover Solutions

Date post: 12-Apr-2017
Author: surveon-technology-inc
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Surveon Failover Solution No Video Loss through Collaborative NVRs
  • Surveon Failover Solution

    No Video Loss through Collaborative NVRs

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    Surveon Failover BenefitsWorking MechanismExecution RemarkFailover Success Case

  • Surveon Failover Benefits


    Cost-efficiencyNo spare NVR needed. Only add on licenses for failover purpose when


    Flexible ArchitectureOne or more NVRs can take over other protected NVRs under various system


    Zero Video LossAllow recording to be continued by collaborative NVRs within the system.

    Seamless Live View & PlaybackWith external storage structure, the live view and playback for the failed NVR can still be

    processed by Failover NVR.

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    Working Mechanism

  • Solution Architecture All NVRs can record normally without having to spare one NVR simply for failover purpose. Support mutual back-up among NVRs.


  • Solution Architecture


    1 Failover NVR to multiple Protected NVRs Multiple Failover NVRs to Multiple Protected NVRs

    Support different system structures.

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    Solution Mechanism Both NVR1 & NVR2 perform recording under normal situation while NVR1 is with Failover

    function and NVR2 is the protected NVR.

    When NVR2 is detected as no responding or working for certain time, the system will be

    determined as failed.

    NVR1 will start importing NVR2 configuration and take over to record for NVR2 automatically.

    When NVR2 recovers and begin to record for 5 minutes, NVR1 will stop recording for NVR2


    NVR2 under protection

    NVR1 with Failover function

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    Internal Storage Structure When using internal storage, NVR2s video will be recorded to NVR1 internal storage when it


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    External Storage Structure When using external storage, NVR2s video will be saved to the same location where it is

    recorded, even the recording is taken over by NVR1.

    Under this structure, the live view and playback for NVR2 can still be done seamlessly.

    Normal Condition Failover Enable

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    License Remark

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    License Capability NVR can only perform failover with failover licenses.

    Failover licenses only support the same amount of cameras.

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    Only NVR FW version 4.0 or above support failover function.

    License Capability

    Model Max. Channels

    NVR3104 16







    NVR7312NVR7316 128

  • Failover Success Case



    Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. , the biggest private owned fixed telecom operator in Taiwan

    Project Needs & Challenge:

    Cloud service room surveillance with no video loss


    CAM3371EV x 32

    NVR3308A1-64 x 2

    (one for 64CH failover licenses,

    another for 64CH record licenses)

    ESDS1012G x1

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