Sustainable in action

Date post:02-Jul-2015
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Say Kaaita. Say positive surprise. If one could fit eco, smart, design and fun into a single word, it would be Kaaita. Kaaita is a dynamically organized manufacture that focuses on the sustainable production of smartly designed goods. Here is a short presentation about walking the talk Alenka (Founder & Creative Director) gave at Corporate Social responsibility Course run by Adriana Rejc Buhovac at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.
  • 1. Sustainable in action Walking our higher purpose

2. bootstrapping bootstrapping 3. a playful invitation in to the world of sustainability #sustainableinaction 4. 1) products 2) virtual manufacture 3) sales 4) communications 5. PRODUCTS: purpose, material, ingridients, techniques, timeless issues, local network 6. materials, ingridients 7. techniques 8. elliminating unnecesary elements 9. strategic pillars 10. joy, passion and attention to detail 11. VIRTUAL MANUFACTURE 12. open doors 13. products with positive impact 14. SALES collecting pre-orders 15. on-demand consignment model 16. dropshipping 17. COMMUNICATIONS 18. empowering, respectful, natural, moderate 19. blog #sustainableinaction

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Sustainable in action Walking our higher purpose
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