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SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero 44 CAR India OCTOBER 2009 44 CAR India OCTOBER 2009 45 45 CAR India OCTOBER 2009 CAR India OCTOBER 2009
  • SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

    44 CAR India OCTOBER 2009

    SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

    44 CAR India OCTOBER 2009

  • 45CAR India OCTOBER 2009

    Three of the biggest Japanese automakers, three unique killer SUVs but just one crown the perfect

    backdrop for a mortal combat

    Words: Sarmad KadiriPhotography: Sanjay Raikar and Sawan Sekhar Hembram

    45CAR India OCTOBER 2009

  • SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

    46 CAR India OCTOBER 2009

    New X-TrailpriCe: rs. 20.81 to rs. 25.08 lakh (eX-showroom, new Delhi)Nissan recently introduced the latest X-Trail SUV and the new Teana, its luxury sedan, in India. At the launch, the auto major hinted that it may also debut its premium SUV, the Murano and the mighty 370Z roadster in a bid to climb up the pecking order in the domestic automotive spectrum. While you can read about the new Teana elsewhere

    in this mag, we pitch the X-Trail against some of its able rivals.

    riVal no.1ToyoTa ForTuNerpriCe: rs. 18.45 lakh (eX-showroom, new Delhi) Enthusiasts in India have been talking about the Fortuner as much as the Japanese discuss Misaki Ito. Well, maybe not. But the point is that Toyota already has over 2000 bookings for its recently launched SUV. It seems that Japans number

    one carmaker could well have a bestseller on their hands. I am saying this not because of the hype surrounding the new Toyota, but for the reason that most offerings from the competition in the Rs 20-25 lakh range perform more like soft-roaders. Imagine splurging so much for a SUV and getting one that cant be taken for hardcore off-roading. The Fortuner promises to change this with its brute diesel force, robust design, amazing off-roading capabilities and the legendary

    the winD is still anD the sky eXpressionless. this is the lull before the storm. Climbing the dark curvy roads are some gargantuan figures. the first in sight is the swift, lethal and young X-trail raring to taste first blood. heaving from the other side is the master of broken roads, the pajero roaring at the intruder. in the background, somewhere not too far, there is a hum of distant war drums

    thats gradually growing louder and heading straight at us. suddenly, leaping from behind the bushes pounces in the burly fortuner. the brute wants its share of the kill. as these three japanese warriors meet face to face, a combat is inevitable. Click! time to snap out of the cheap thriller script and come back to reality. though there isnt much of a difference since the script is mostly true.

    SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

  • 47CAR India OCTOBER 2009

    the legenDery pajero is being ChallengeD by

    younger anD sliCker opponents

  • SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

    48 CAR India OCTOBER 2009

    Toyota reliability. An added advantage is that it is being made in India and is based on the tried and tested (and how!) Innova platform.

    riVal no.2MiTsubishi PajeropriCe: rs. 20.7 lakh (eX-showroom, new Delhi)For years now we have had the Mitsubishi Pajero as the proven off-roader. Weve seen, with starry eyes, celebrities braving the shutterbug in the Pajero from way back in the 80s to recent times. As we grew up so did the competition. Now this legend in its own right is being challenged by younger and slicker opponents. The moment you step into the Pajeros cabin, the old school knobs and

    switches look, err, old. The legendry beast is showing its age and in comparison, it lacks refinement. On flat roads, there is some body roll but the engine is strong and takes on broken roads with ease. However, the competition has younger engines that are modern and quick. As we take a closer look at the legend we feel its time Mitsubishi up their game.

    eXTeriorThe slickest of them all is the second generation X-Trail. Based on a new platform which it shares with the Qashqai crossover, the new Nissan maintains the old iterations solid design cues without going ultra radical. There are distinct lines running from front to back. The

    headlights bite into the front grille adding character to the SUV and avoiding the boxy look. The subtle exterior design reminded me of the Range Rover Sport I drove recently. The X-Trail looks solid and very likeable.

    The Pajeros old school design looks stark in contrast to the contemporary X-Trail. Despite being in the market without major alterations to it designs, the Pajero still manages to maintain a certain road presence. Available in dual tones, this Mitsubishi has the right mix of being a no-nonsense off-roader and a reliable city commuter. It has set the benchmark for several new SUVs and will continue to do so in the days to come. The clean, crisp lines on the sides disguise the boxy truck like

    The Toyota sports a beastly 3.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine

    which is the most powerful of the lot. The

    big SUV has comfortable legroom even in the

    third row

    SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

  • 49CAR India OCTOBER 2009







    00 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22


    Time, seconds


    Car inDias test and performance data is the sole copyright of next gen publishing ltd. no part of the data or text can be used in any form for any purpose or promotion or advertisement without the explicit written permission of the editor.

    Performance testing by Aspi Bhathena

    MAXIMUM SPEED (km/h)Gear True Speedo1 41.8 452 76.5 793 123 1274 171 1755 180.1 183

    OVERTAKING ACCELERATIONRoll-ons 3rd 4th 5th40-60 3.35 5.49 13.2460-80 3.47 4.86 8.9180-100 2.06 5.61 8.9100-120 6.11 6.64 8.12

    FUEL CONSUMPTIONCity 9.5kmplHighway 14.5kmplOverall* 10.75kmpl*Overallis25%highwayand75%citydriving


    From80km/hto0 30.61m/2.80sFrom100km/hto0 56.90m/3.96s

    PERFORMANCE FACTORSPower/mass(PS/tonne) 87.46Power/litre(PS/litre) 57.34Torque/litre(Nm/litre) 115.02TEST CONDITIONS

    Altitude 550maboveMSLWeather Warm,windless,dry


    Design & Style: 11112Powertrain: 11111Performance: 11111Fuel Efficiency: 11112Dynamic Ability: 1111

    Space: 11111Creature Comforts: 1111Driver Appeal: 1111Safety: 11111Interiors: 1111

    Suspension: 11112Ride Quality: 11112Handling: 1111Steering: 11112Braking: 1111


    ENGINECylinders FourEngineLayout In-lineFuelsupply DieselBore/stroke 96.0x103.0Cubiccapacity 2982ccCompressionratio 17.9:1Valvegear DOHC,4valvespercyl

    ENGINE OUTPUTMaxpower(PS) 171Powerpeak(rpm) 3600Redline(rpm) 4500Maxtorque(Nm) 343Torquepeak(rpm) 1400-3400

    TRANSMISSIONForwardspeeds,Five-speedManual1stgear 4.312ndgear 2.33

    3rdgear 1.434thgear 1.005thgear 0.83Reversegear NAFinaldrive 3.58Drivewheels AWD(Fulltime4WD)

    WHEELS AND TYRESWheelsize 17Tyresize 265/65R17

    BRAKESFront VentilateddiscRear Leading-TrailingDrum

    STEERINGType Powerassisted,rackandpinionLocktolock 3.7turns

    SUSPENSIONFront DoubleWishbone

    Rear 4-LinkwithLateralRodACCOMODATIONSeating 7HeadRoom,F/R 1000/950mmLegRoomF(max/min) 1190/930mmKneeRoomF(max/min) 860/620mmKneeRoomR(max/min) 920/690mmShoulderspace 1150mmFueltank 80litersBootspace 200/600liters(withseatsfolded)

    DRIVER AIDSTwoairbags,GOAbody,ABS,Parksensor,ORVMswithElectricalAdjust&Retract,4x4withHigh/Lowselector

    TOYOTA FORTUNER (Rs. 18.45 lakh ex-showroom Delhi) 11112 car Road Test #137

    0-400metressprint: 18.45sTerminalspeed: 117.62km/h

    1kmsprint: 34.21sTerminalspeed: 152.97km/h







    Width(excluding mirrors) 1840mm Front track 1540mmRear track 1540mm Kerb weight 1955 kg

    Wheelbase 2750mm

    Overall length 4695mm


    all h


    t 18



  • SUV SHOOTOUT X-trail vs fortuner vs pajero

    50 CAR India OCTOBER 2009


    The Pajeros cabin has plenty of space but looks

    straight out of the 1980s. It has a separate gear knob for the 4x4

    which looks macho but the wood trims dont look trendy anymore

    Doing duty on the X-Trail is a 1995cc engine. The

    power keeps flowing until you suddenly notice

    the tacho and the speedo needle almost edging towards the

    upper limit

    design. The hunky front grille and guard accompanied by the practical square headlights plus the air vent carved out of the bonnet still make their point, but I say this with a heavy heart, the impact is fading away with time.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a balance of a brawny SUV with modern lines, then the Toyota Fortuner could just be it. Laced with the essence of the mighty Land Cruiser, this scaled down version has a high waistline and muscular curves that are a delight for SUV aficionados. The sleek chrome grille between the twin headlights, the beefy front bumper which holds the fog lights along with the sump shield skid plate make it look imposing. The last blow (if the ladies in the neighbourhood arent weak in their knees already) is the stylish air vent sitting on the bonnet that actually works and completes the overall dont mess with me attitude surrounding it. What brings the spotlight back on the Nissan, however, is the rear of the X-

    Trail which has more character than the other two. It is neat with a large lid and the ridged tail lamps running right up to the roof further enhance the SUVs solid theme.

    iNTeriorThe X-Trail appears to be the most compact of the three, but dont mistake it to be cramped for space within. With 940mm of headroom and 1120mm of leg room theres enough space to stretch during long drives. As you step in, the beige-black dash looks classy and makes the interi

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