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Date post:23-Mar-2016
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A look at the overall branding for Gold Coast jewellery design company, Swee on Buttons www.sweetonbuttons.com
  • VENTURE SUMMARY(150 words max, not included in 1,000 word limit may be used for press releases/promo purposes) Describe your venture without disclosing confidential or commercially sensitive information.Sweet on Buttons is a boutique, hand crafted jewellery business by Gold Coast designer Roxy Coppen. Sweet on Buttons combines new and antique buttons, beads, cord and metal fastenings to produce unique one off pieces.

    Tell us about your idea: What is the product/service you are trying to sell? What problems/opportunities does youridea address?I will be selling hand crafted one off necklaces consisting of new and antique buttons, cord, beads and metal fastenings. I have made several different styles of necklaces which vary slightly between each piece. There are twenty five necklaces which I have broken down into five different collections - The Dust & Bone, Sea Salt, Elderflower, Ruby Glitter and Redlipped collections. Each collection has their own colour collection and look and feel to them. These collections consist of at least one of each of the different styles of necklaces I have designed, giving a variety of style while also keeping consistent with the collection colours.

    A problem that occurred to me while investing in the idea of button necklaces, was that people would not be willing to pay a lot of money for jewellery that seemed to be made out of inexpensive materials. The items may appear to be pieces that could be easily made by anyone if they had the materials. This was more apparent when the jewellery was photographed in isolation. This meant I had to market my items in a slightly different way as I had first anticipated. I would need to show the items on models to concentrate more on the colours and the lines that they formed when being worn. I want to focus on the designer aspect of the jewellery too - that they were handmade by a professional designer with an eye for composition and colour, making these pieces very special and unique.

    With buttons being such a versatile medium, they presented me with many other opportunities other than jewellery.While keeping the name of my brand fairly generic, I could easily branch out into other jewellery items, shoes, purses and other items accessorised with buttons.

    Who, specifically, will you sell/provide services to? How big this market? Why will they buy your product/service? How do you know this?I will be aiming to sell my product to females interested in handmade, reasonably priced, unique jewellery, either buying for themselves or as a gift for another female. With my wide variety of colours and styles, I believe that I will be capturing a large audience of different tastes and styles aged between eighteen and sixty. I feel that my products may be a little too out there for the kind of jewellery that males would typically buy for females, so I wont be trying to capture that audience.

    My target market will be interested in unique and odd jewellery pieces, and so will be intrigued by my use of every day practical objects. The stark contrast of the use of buttons as opposed to the tradition materials of beads, silver or gold will catch the eye of my buyers and draw them in.

    People will want to buy my products for their unique features. There are vast amounts of handmade jewellery being sold online and in stalls, mainly consisting on beads, stones or metal. My products have a new, unique aesthetic that sets me apart from my other competitors.

  • When I first presented the idea to fellow students, they were all draw into the interesting aspects of the button jewellery the aesthetic, colours and dynamic shape. They liked the way they looked and the way they felt in their hands. All the females were interested in my products and were already telling which ones they wanted. That is how I know my products will sell.

    Describe the human, financial and physical resources you currently have, or which are still required to make your venture functional.My current human resource is me. I will be sourcing the materials, making the products, selling them and posting them to the customers. I am the whole human resource for the business.

    I will be using my finances from my current graphic design employment. I have set myself a limit of $100 to be spent on materials, which is more than enough to make the required amount of products. I have also set a limit of $150 to be used on the branding materials swing tags, web hosting, lookbooks, business cards, etsy expenses, packaging, props for photography and other printing costs. This is the most amount of money I can invest in the project so far with the hopes that the first range of necklaces will bring in enough money to launch a second range and slowly build up a fund.

    The main components for my necklaces are: buttons, cord, beads and decorative metal pieces. I have been resourcing mixed button bags from a local store, Noys Nic Nacs, and larger bags of colour coordinated buttons from Lincraft. Although this is not a reliable place to constantly buy stock, it is working for my current needs and budget. I have found stores online that I can order the same products from in large quantities. I have also been resourcing some of my buttons from a local op shop, where they have a vase full of second hand buttons of all different shapes and colours. Although this is not a reliable source, I believe it brings a certain uniqueness to the products that shouldnt be mass produced.

    The cord I have been currently soucing from the Noys Nic Nacs store as well, however they have stopped stocking it. If I expand into a second collection, I will need to startreasearch into another online supplier.

    I have currently been using odd assortments of beads from old bead packs from Lincraft and glass beads from Noys Nic Nacs. I havent used many beads in my pieces, so Im happy to keep using beads that I may find instead of keeping a constant stock of them, which is the same situation with the metal pieces.

    What are the next steps needed to continue the development of your idea?The next steps need to develop the brand, would be to start the second collection. I would make it a forty piece collection instead of a 25 piece, and have a new variety of colours and themes.

    I would start to expand from my online stall into retail approaching local independent fashion stores who would be interested in the look and style of the procuts.

    I would also send photographs and products to boutique magazines, like Frankie and Peppermint, to inspire them to feature my product either in a story or as an advertisement.

    I would further pursue my online marketing and extend some advertising to online fashion and jewellery blogs.

  • www.issuu.com/sweetonbuttons/docs/rubiglitter

  • www.issuu.com/sweetonbuttons/docs/rubiglitter

  • www.issuu.com/sweetonbuttons/docs/elderflower

  • www.issuu.com/sweetonbuttons/docs/redlipped

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