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Sweeteners Substances Used for Sweetening. Sweeteners You have been asking many questions about...

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SweetenersSubstances Used for Sweetening SweetenersYou have been asking many questions about artificial sweeteners. Practically every session you have asked me about one or another that you have seen or know about it and you want to know whether it is good for you, etc. So we have decided based on your many questions and the fact that this is a topic of importance for you to include a short presentation on sweeteners that explains your choices and what each contains. For todays interactive application, we are presenting Anas papaya bread which she now makes for us as part of this presentation.SweetenersAna was one of our Combes program participant and she graced us one day by sharing her homemade papaya bread with us. She substitutes sugar for Splenda and this is why it is a good recipe for us today.Besides Ana is one of our natural helpers. She has visited with many of her neighbors to explain the benefits of healthy cooking. And she comes at least to one of our presentations whenever we are conducting a program. So lets get started with our presentation. Sugars

From sugar caneFrom beetsFrom corn (Dextrose) High Fructose Corn SyrupHoney

Artificial SweetenersAspartameSucraloseSaccharineSteviaAspartame200 X sweeter than sugarNutra Sweet and Equal are not sugarThey are two aminoacids*: asparic and phenylalanine**Good for diabeticsBad for people with phenylketonuria

* (the presenter briefly explains aminoacids in an easy to understand manner)** (here again the presenter explains a bit more and the difficulty with the names of these aminoacids, entertains questions)SucraloseIs one of the newer ones

Is made from sugar

600 X sweeter than sugar


Has been modified

The body does not recognize it as Carbohydrate*

Has no calories and does not cause dental caries (cavities)

Good for diabetics

* (brief discussion on carbohydrates with questions from the group)

The oldest of the sweetenersExtracted from grapesSweet and Low300 to 500 times sweeter than sugar Does not produce cancerIs not recognized by the bodyIs lost in the urineSaccharineSteviaSweeter than sugarSold as a supplementDoes not have caloriesIt is not approved by the FDACommercially called as Pure Via and other names

Sugar and Calories1 gram of sugar = 4 calories

1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams

1 teaspoon of sugar = 16 calories

10Todays Interactive Application: Anas Pan de PapayaWe have brought Anas homemade Pan de Papaya (papaya bread) for us to sample and share today.As I said earlier, Ana has been preparing this sweet bread for us now for over a year.Ana is here today and she will lead the presentation of her bread and will illustrate how she makes it.She has brought small loaves of papaya bread which we are going to place on each table for you to sample as she presents. We will give you a copy of the recipe at the end.Please use the hand sanitizers on each table. There are also paper plates, forks, and napkins. Bring your water bottles to the front so that you may fill them up with cold water. Remember that water is good for you.

Pan de Papaya / Papaya BreadTodays Interactive ApplicationServes 10 portionsTodays Interactive ApplicationIngredients3 cups papaya, peeled and cooked 1 cup Splenda1/3 cup corn cooking oil 2 cups flour 1 tsp. baking soda tsp. baking powder2 eggs3 tablespoons 2% milk 1 tablespoon vanilla

13PreparationPreheat oven to 350 degrees FCombine eggs, Splenda, add milk, vanilla, oil and cooked papayaCombine dry ingredients and add to liquid ingredients. Pour into prepared bread pan (oil pan and dust with some flour).Bake for 45 minutes or until sides separate from pan.

Todays Interactive Application

Nutritional Information:Calories: 153 calories per slice

Todays Interactive ApplicationThanks to Ana Cepeda from Combes, Texas for this recipe.

So did you like Anas bread? Could you tell that it was not made with sugar?You know your homework, practice this recipe at home and tells us next week what your family said. Dont tell them that it was made with Splenda until they have tasted and shared their opinion with you. How are your plants doing? You have 4 weeks left until we have the plant contest. Its been about seven weeks since we gave you the seeds. Informal Chat**Encouraging conversations and engaging participants at the end of each presentation. For moderator use only.It is wonderful to hear you describe your walking experiences. We particularly appreciate the effort and discipline that you give to this activity. It is amazing how much you are giving toward achieving your goals. We already observed some very good results in terms of weight control. As you can see walking works! I am pleased to hear that Rosi, Alma and Enedelia walk over 150 minutes a week. And they attribute their successful weight loss outcomes to this activity. Rosy also tells us that if she eats a bit more, she walks longer to compensate.As always, we have seen good results, if not there yet try to walk 150 minutes a week; if there continue to walk.For Moderator Use Only: Encourage informal discussions and group interactions. Informal Chat**Encouraging conversations and engaging participants at the end of each presentation. For moderator use only.We always have great interaction and discussion at the end of each session, with participants sharing the success or failure of the recipes that they tried at home. They share with us and their fellow participants what their families said, liked or disliked.They also share stories about their walking groups. They tell us about family or friends who give up and stop walking; while others eagerly encourage them to walk longer or more frequently.These informal chats and discussions are priceless and we learn through these anecdotal stories quite a lot about their progress, failures, likes and dislikes. We encourage others who deliver Sabor to try to engage their participants in these informal discussions.Sharing Practices and Results

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