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  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    Table of Contents T SERIES HEATLESS 1

    Table of Contents 2 The Need for Dryers 3 A Message from the Owners 3 A History of Service 3 The Sahara Team 4 A Commitment to Customer Service 4 A Commitment to Quality 5 Components / Features / Benefits 6 The Brains Behind the Dryer 7

    PLC with AllenBradley PanelView Component C400 Operator Interface 7 Optional Dew Point Demand System 7

    Specifications & Dimensions 8 Theory of Operation 9 Real World Performance 10

    Upflow Drying/Packed Bed 10 Heat of Adsorption 10 Mufflers 10 Valves 10

    Commitment to Customer Satisfaction 11

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    The Need for Dryers Compressed air is one of industrys most important utilities. Yet without proper air treatment, your compressed air system cannot deliver its full potential. Moisture, dirt, oil; all pollutants, pollutants that contaminate your process. Frozen air lines, damaged instruments, product rejects; all problems caused by air contamination. Downtime, lost production, lost profits; the cost of air contamination. The solution; a systems approach by an organization dedicated to solving air system problems one customer at a time.

    A Message from the Owners Our father designed our first heatless dryer back in the 50s, says Terry Henderson, President. I wanted to take everything weve learned in the past 50 plus years and build the finest possible heatless dryer. I really believe that our T Series Heatless gives our customers the best of both worlds; unparalleled reliability and exceptional performance. Our strength has always been large, special custom engineered dryer systems, said Chuck Henderson, Vice President. We didnt want to just be another volume manufacturer of heatless dryers. We had to do something more; something to give this dryer an edge. I believe our unique control system and simple, reliable design sets this dryer apart from all the others. SAHARAS reputation for high quality, innovative products and customer loyalty quickly grew. Today, SAHARA is the world leader in regenerative dryer technology.

    A History of Service SAHARA AIR PRODUCTS, a Division of Henderson Engineering Co., Inc., was founded in 1957 by Joe Henderson to provide engineered solutions for air system problems. The first dryer we ever built was a heatless design way back in the 50s. Its still in service today. Joe Hendersons philosophy was to thoroughly examine the unique requirements of each customer and to develop the most economical and reliable system solution for that application. The trademark of engineered solutions exists at SAHARA today, as the next generation of Hendersons continue the tradition of product excellence and customer service.

    Illustration: Joe Henderson, 1957.

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    The Sahara Team Your SAHARA sales engineer has the expertise to review your plant air system and design the optimum engineered solution. This saves you time and money. All products are manufactured at the corporate headquarters in Sandwich, Illinois, 60 miles west of Chicago. Living and working in the country has proven to be a tremendous benefit. SAHARA employees are true team members concerned with providing our customers with high quality, responsive service. Because we have very little turnover, our experience is unmatched.

    Illustration: Corporate headquarters in Sandwich, IL The heart of our company has always been engineering; finding novel solutions to our customers unique applications. We use the most modern tools available. Drawings are done on CAD and can be transmitted via email for immediate customer review and approval. Our reputation has been built by building dryers specially designed for each specific application. We are one of the few dryer manufacturers who can completely design and fabricate a dryer to each and every customers specifications.

    Visit SAHARA on the Internet at


    A Commitment to Customer Service SAHARA products are used throughout the world. Customers in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England, Italy, Germany, Greece, and every state in the U.S. successfully operate SAHARA dryers. All SAHARA products are sold with our guarantee of performance. During commissioning, SAHARA sales engineers review the complete system and instruct operators in proper operation. After your dryer has been installed, our customer service team maintains regular contact to guarantee satisfaction. We understand the difficulties you face every day trying to keep your plant up and running. We try to help you do your job better by making sure that your compressed air system does what its supposed to do; reliably deliver clean, dry air.

    We make it easier for you to do your best.

    Illustration: CAD system

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    A Commitment to Quality A total commitment to quality begins with the desire of every individual to deliver nothing less than their best. Our team is totally committed to quality products and customer satisfaction. Incoming materials are inspected and randomly tested. All welding is done in strict accordance with the ASME code. We weld our own pressure vessels, and we regularly perform radiographic examination. We can weld exotic materials; what you want is what we deliver. Standards constantly evolve. SAHARA meets all existing quality specifications and is leading the industry towards the future.

    SAHARA is proud to be certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standards and guidelines.

    SAHARA also provides our customers with UL fabricated electrical panels. We are meeting standards before they become required practice.

    Innovative technology and quality engineering; trademarks from SAHARA.

    Illustration: Final performance test before shipment.

    Illustration: Pressure vesselsbeing pressure tested.

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    Components / Features / Benefits Gravity is a powerful force. The T Series dryer has been specifically designed to fully utilize the force of gravity to optimize dryer performance. With a wet air inlet at the bottom of the dryer, water and oil droplets are concentrated at the bottom of the desiccant bed. During downflow depressurization and regeneration, the power of gravity helps pull the water and oil out of the dryer.

    Only two types of switching valves are used. All valves 2 and smaller are Y angle globe valves with a diaphragm actuator. This design permits higher flows at lower pressure drops than any comparable valve. A separate chamber protects the diaphragm without disrupting service or removing the valve from the dryer.

    Preformed, stress relieved diaphragms minimize fatigue, maximize valve responsiveness, and diaphragm life. Standard valve materials are cast iron body with stainless steel and brass internals.

    Valves 3 and larger are high performance butterfly valves. A patented axially pliant seat flexes against the sealing edge of the disc when the valve is closed. This design assures bubble tight shutoff. Made of PTFE with a unique pliant membrane, the bi-directional, self and pressure activated seat returns to its original shape with every opening of the valve because the pliant membrane causes constant restorative forces to act on the seat member. The eccentrically mounted disc is offset, which provides for an uninterrupted, 360 seal.

    Check valves are one of the biggest problems with competitive heatless dryers. Our check valves have several unique features to increase performance and reliability. Check valves through 2 are a spring loaded ball cone style valve. This design has the advantages of bubble tight shutoff and does not require radial alignment. The straight through design is streamlined for a minimum change in velocity and also minimizes pressure drop. Only 2 check valves provides enhanced reliability and improved performance.

    The spring loading allows for fast sealing. The valve body is bronze, the ball is glass filled TFE with a 316 stainless steel spring.

    Valves 3 and larger are double door spring checks. This design has a cast iron body with aluminum internals. The wafer has a silicone seal for outstanding durability and performance. 304 stainless steel springs provide fast sealing.

    Solenoid valves have aluminum bodies with stainless steel internals. The orifice seat is machined as part of the body, guaranteeing leak-proof internal structure and has a buna seal for additional protection. The low wattage coil results in less current drain and is rated for NEMA 4 and by UL.

    Upflow drying design allows the dryer to operate under adverse, real world conditions. Slugs of water or oil stay on the bottom of the bed and are easier to regenerate off. Our unique standpipe design prevents desiccant fluidization, even under upset conditions.

    Non-lubricated switching valves are proven reliable. Only 4 switching valves, each controlled by an independent solenoid. Very few moving parts, very simple design. Low pressure drop, soft seats, easy to maintain.

    ASME Code pressure vessels are standard.

    Pressure gauge on each tower.

    Relief valves on each tower.

    Fixed orifice purge rate, calibrated for your flow. Easy to change, impossible to go out of adjustment or shut-off.

    Afterfilter included on Model T-75 (375 SCFM and smaller). Prefilters and afterfilters mounted on dryer for nominal charge on all other models.

    The mufflers used have been proven by years of use in thousands of dryers. The muffler design meets all of the requirements for OSHA regarding noise control. The muffler is constructed with an expansion chamber completely free of obstructions from which the exhaust air, at reduced velocity is softly dispersed through the openings of the perforated cylinder wall of the muffler; free of noise and providing complete protection to personnel from injurious air blast. Constructed entirely of corrosion resistant material for maintenance-free performance.

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    The Brains Behind the Dryer PLC with AllenBradley PanelView Component C400 Operator Interface

    A programmable logic controller with individual input/output modules controls the dryers operation. The operator interface to this controller is the Allen-Bradley PanelView Component C400.

    Illustration: PanelView C400 Operator Interface

    Housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure (indoor), this operator interface uses a touch sensitive screen. All control functions are performed by touching the appropriate on-screen button or display; to change screens, modify a setting, or enter a value.

    Optional Dew Point Demand System

    All of our dryers are designed to operate economically. We realize that energy consumption is a serious concern and have designed all of our systems to minimize energy consumption. One of our energy management devices is the optional Dew Point Demand System.

    The Dew Point Demand System measures the dew point of the outlet air, overriding the timer, eliminating unnecessary switching of towers resulting in considerable savings through reduction of regeneration cost. Additional savings can be realized with this system by reducing wear on component parts, as well as extending the life of desiccant.

    The Dew Point Demand System utilizes a state-of-the-art SAHARA Moisture Transmitter (SMT) to accurately measure the actual PRESSURE DEW POINT the dryer is delivering at all times. The instrument reads directly to the PLC and is displayed on the PanelView screen, which constantly keeps you informed of dryer performance. An adjustable set point allows you to set the precise dew point for tower switching. Tower switching can be activated anywhere within the broad range of -148F to +86F. Unless otherwise requested, it is factory preset at -20F.

    The system comes standard with a 4-20 mA output, which can be connected to a chart recorder. Alarm contacts are also provided as standard for audio and visual warning of high dew point condition.

    Illustration: Sahara Moisture Transmitter (SMT)

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    Specifications & Dimensions


    RATING @ 120#

    SCFM RATING @ 100#


    @ 80#














    T-5 26 23 19 1/4 13.5 3.4 26 15 65 100 T-10 53 45 37 1/2 27.0 6.8 27 17 78 200 T-15 79 68 56 3/4 40.5 10.1 28 18 81 320 T-20 106 90 74 3/4 54.0 13.5 28 18 99 395 T-25 132 113 93 1 67.5 16.9 41 23 75 470 T-30 159 135 111 1 81.0 20.3 41 23 84 540 T-40 211 180 149 1 1/2 108.0 27.0 44 24 78 650 T-50 264 225 186 1 1/2 135.0 33.8 44 24 90 780 T-75 396 338 279 2 202.5 50.6 51 30 94 880 T-100 528 450 372 2 270.0 67.5 54 30 100 1000 T-125 661 563 464 2 337.5 84.4 56 30 98 1400 T-150 793 675 557 2 405.0 101.3 59 30 94 1700 T-200 1057 900 743 3 540.0 135.0 61 42 104 2000 T-250 1321 1125 929 3 675.0 168.8 66 44 96 2900 T-300 1585 1350 1115 3 810.0 202.5 66 44 107 3100 T-350 1850 1575 1300 3 945.0 236.3 75 45 94 3500 T-400 2114 1800 1486 3 1080.0 270.0 76 47 102 3900 T-500 2642 2250 1858 4 1350.0 337.5 78 44 119 4500 T-600 3171 2700 2229 4 1620.0 405.0 84 56 108 5000 T-700 3699 3150 2601 4 1890.0 472.5 84 56 118 5500 T-800 4228 3600 2972 4 2160.0 540.0 100 53 109 6500 T-900 4756 4050 3344 6 2430.0 607.5 111 50 120 7500

    T-1000 5285 4500 3715 6 2700.0 675.0 111 50 127 8000

    SAHARA reserves the right to make changes without notification. Some models not shown. Larger sizes available. Other pressures available. Metric dimensions available upon request. Ratings are based on 100 PSIG, 100F.




  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    Theory of Operation Wet compressed air enters the dryer at the bottom and is directed by non-lubricated switching valves into the drying tower. The wet air encounters dry desiccant and moisture is transferred from the air to the desiccant. The direction of air flow during drying is upflow; design of the towers prevents fluidization of the desiccant. At the top of the dryer, the dry process air is directed to the outlet of the dryer through check valves. Fifteen percent of the dry air is directed into the regenerating tower where it is depressurized to atmospheric pressure and is used to regenerate the desiccant. After removing moisture from the desiccant, the purge air exits the dryer through a muffler and is blown out to atmosphere. After a preset time or based on the optional dew point system, the dryer will shift towers. At tower shift, the regenerating tower is gradually repressurized, the switching valves sequentially shift and the offstream tower is depressurized. Each valve is controlled by an independent solenoid valve.

    Illustration: T-150 & Below Heatless Dryer Flow Schematic

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    Real World Performance Upflow Drying/Packed Bed

    In the real world, air demand fluctuates. Sometimes compressors are turned off on Friday. Over the weekend, your air system loses pressure. Turn on the compressors Monday morning and the velocity through a dryer is high enough to pulverize the desiccant. Competitors tell you to slowly pressurize the system to avoid desiccant fluidization. At SAHARA, we designed the T Series to operate in the real world. Packed desiccant beds allow the T to operate at 0 to 100% flow; full line pressure or no line pressure. You dont have a problem downstream with a T. Heat of Adsorption

    All dryer manufacturers make claims about dryer efficiency. Everyone talks about the esoteric theories of heat of adsorption, some even give you obscure formula. In the real world, what counts is the bottom line and thats performance. The T Series gives you the specified dew point with the minimum amount of purge. Guaranteed. Mufflers

    Heatless dryers are by nature noisy. Every few minutes, the valves shift and one tower depressurizes. Theres no way you can disguise this blast of air. We understand the concern about noise levels in the workplace and provide mufflers that are specifically designed for dryer service. In the real world, mufflers eventually get clogged up with desiccant dust, reducing the efficiency of the dryer. The SAHARA T Series is equipped with an alarm that tells you when to clean the mufflers. You get better performance and a quieter environment.


    One of the reasons dryers are purchased is to help pneumatic valves work properly downstream; but what about the valves on the dryer? They shift every few minutes and often see wet, oily air. Making the valves on the dryer perform consistently is one of the toughest tasks faced by a dryer manufacturer. We use the knowledge gained during the past 55 years to design and utilize the most reliable valves possible. In the real world, we know that components fail; usually on the weekend when youve got much better things planned. We understand this and designed the T Series to utilize the most reliable valves on any dryer in the world. High performance 2-way valves are non-lubricated and maintenance-free.

    Illustration: High performance switching valve.

  • T Series Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

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    Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Since 1957, we have been building dryers and making customers happy.

    Our best sales force is our existing customers.

    Heres what they have to say about SAHARA air dryers.

    Approximately 3 years ago, we installed a Sahara/Henderson heatless dryer sized for 3,000 SCFM. Since installation, we have had virtually no down time. We did have one leak in an O-ring and this was promptly replaced by the local service people. The dryer has a digital dew point controller which does not allow the dew point of the air to go above -40F and also controls the units cycle. From a maintenance standpoint, we appreciate being able to walk over to the dryer and know exactly how it is performing because of the digital readout. The unit seems to be designed with ease of service in mind. It is extremely sturdy and the workmanship and components appear to be top quality. Pressure drop is very low, in the 2 psid range. Should we need another dryer at this facility, I have no problem recommending the purchase of another Sahara dryer. Supervisor Mechanical Repairs, Utility Company In 1996, we replaced our old refrigerant dryer with a new heatless dryer built by Sahara/Henderson. The old dryer was incapable of delivering dew point below +40F. In fact, after we installed a dew point monitor, we often found the dew points to be +60F or worse. Wet air caused numerous problems in our distribution system. The new Sahara/Henderson dryer has worked extremely well. We still monitor dew point and it has never risen above -40F. All of our wet air problems have been eliminated. Additionally, the dryer has not had any serious failures. During our plant outage, we performed preventative maintenance on the valves and have not had any unscheduled shutdowns. We have recommended the purchase of another Sahara/Henderson dryer for another location. Facilities Engineer, Automotive Industry

    We used to use refrigerated dryers on our HVAC system. We had problems with the old fridge dryers. The traps got plugged up and flooded our air conditioning controls. This shut down the air conditioning in many of our rooms. We bought a Sahara heatless dryer rated for 100 scfm. This dryer works. We havent had any problems. Its one of the best investments this place has ever made and Im willing to tell anybody. Maintenance Engineer, Casino We purchased a Henderson HL-350 Heatless dryer from our local compressor distributor about five years ago. It has worked fine with a couple hours a year minimal maintenance. Early this year we needed a dryer for another area and purchased a Henderson T-125 Heatless dryer. We didnt expect any problems and have not experienced any in over eleven months of operation. Plant Engineer, Chemical Company

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