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Tagging: Emerging Trends

Date post:01-Nov-2014
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My talk on tagging trends at Webvisions 2008.
  • 1. Tagging: Emerging Trends WebVisions May 23, 2008 Portland, OR
  • 2. A bit about me... User Experience Consultant Edmonton, Canada Speaker Blogger Author
  • 3. Question: When was metadata invented?
  • 4. Vertical Filing Colour TV Source: New York Times
  • 5. vs.
  • 6. Volume Time
  • 7. Volume Time ?
  • 8. User Resource Tags
  • 9. Whats Next?
  • 10. Trends More Structure Automanual Folksonomies Leveraging Communities Sparking Innovation
  • 11. More Structure
  • 12. Structure
  • 13. Sticky Not Sticky
  • 14. User Resource Resource Tags
  • 15. Artist Artist CD CD CD Metadata from songs can be aggregated to describe albums and artists. http://www.plasticbag.org/archives/2005/09/how_to_build_on_bubbleup_folksonomies/
  • 16. Leveraging Communities
  • 17. humor vs humour American Spelling British Spelling Jon Stewart Douglas Adams David Sedaris Terry Pratchett The Onion P.G. Wodehouse Douglas Adams Bill Bryson
  • 18. Automanual Folksonomies
  • 19. Tim Spalding
  • 20. Combine Tags Reduce noise & collapse obvious synonyms Tag Mash Arbitrary tag combinations & weighting Tagsonomies Use tag combinations to Evergreen replicate categories Categories
  • 21. I notice a hesitance toward hard-coded semantics and manual workpeople think these things wont scale. I learned to mix it up... a small amount semantics on top of minimal structure can work wonders. Peter Van Dijck
  • 22. Sparking Innovation
  • 23. Any Text String Write Read
  • 24. geotagged Marker Tag geo:lat=54.1423 geo:long=-113.1232 } Machine Tags namespace : key = value clothing:size=large blog:via=http://atomiq.org upcoming:event=266399
  • 25. Flickr Innovation Flickr Users Useful Tools Dan Catt Job at Flickr Developers New API Methods
  • 26. Trends More Structure Automanual Folksonomies Leveraging Communities Sparking Innovation
  • 27. When the hype wears down... I think tagging will have altered the information landscape in a fundamental way Jon Udell
  • 28. http://genesmith.ca
  • 29. Smith Gene er Ex perie nce Us al, n Form ip Princ form. ca @n ne .smith .org ail: ge //atomiq mith Em p: r.co m/gs ith Blo g: htt tp://twitte e.net/gsm ht ar Tw itter: p://slidesh tt Sli des: h
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