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TaiRox Products and Customizations

Date post:31-Jan-2016
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TaiRox Products and Customizations. Don Thomson, CEO Wade Forster, Senior Software Architect Keith Schenkeveld, Senior Software Architect. Agenda. What You May Not Know About TaiRox Products Fast Data Integrity Download Rates - Google’s Exchange Rate Service Copy Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • TaiRox ProductsandCustomizationsDon Thomson, CEOWade Forster, Senior Software ArchitectKeith Schenkeveld, Senior Software Architect

  • AgendaWhat You May Not Know About TaiRox ProductsFast Data IntegrityDownload Rates - Googles Exchange Rate ServiceCopy CompanyTaiRox Productivity Tools

    Sage 300 ERP $50,000 CustomizationsParking Lot Management (on premise)Traffic Control Dispatch (totally cloud)

  • WYMNKA Fast Data IntegrityFast Data IntegrityIs interactiveDoes not require Sage 300 ERP objects

    SOX Backup EnterpriseWindows Scheduled Task or Orchid Process SchedulerRequires Sage 300 ERP objectsDoes either Fast DIC or AS DIC

    Make it faster

  • WYMNKA Download RatesGoogle or ?Accounting DecisionsWhat is spread

  • Copy Company Applications

  • Copy Company Third Party

  • WYMNKA Copy CompanyThere are recipes in the user guide appendicesChange functional currencyCopy G/L Integration settings to a live company

    Copy Company does what import/export cant

    Requirements:Sage 300 ERP objects available2 LanpaksA clean environment: avoid UniLauncher, Switcher, Audit Logger off, Copy Company, Audit Logger on

  • TaiRox Productivity Tools

  • WYMNKA Productivity ToolsTPAC 2013: 8 tools, 10 features

    TPAC 2014: 30 tools, 50 features

    The most commonly asked for:Complete Purchase OrdersDelete QuotesExtended G/L Accounts

  • Complete Purchase Orders

  • Delete Quotes

  • Extended G/L Accounts

  • WYMNKA Productivity ToolsThe most functionality:Update OrdersStock ReorderMass Billing

  • Update OrdersFor companies that ship dozens or hundreds of orders at once

    See also:Ship OrdersInvoice Shipments

  • Update Orders

  • Stock Reorder

  • Mass BillingStudent Fee Management

    Produces large numbers of invoices, each with one A/R item and for one customer

  • WYMNKA Productivity ToolsThe most misunderstoodMail MergeUser ManagementExtended Order Entry?

  • Mail Merge

  • User ManagementProductivity Tools User Management (one company):SOX User Management (many companies):

  • Extended Order Entry?refresh-details-from-header, update-pricing, show-last-price-customer-paid,replicate-detail-line, more-text-in-comments, formatted-comments, more-create-po-field-copying-options, to name a few.

  • $50,000 Customizations


  • $50,000 CustomizationsSteady, profitable growth for a number of years

    Complex, manual processes performed by highly trained staff

    About to land a huge deal

    Cant afford a $1 million, 2 year implementation of a tier-1 solution

  • Parking Lot Management

  • Parking Lot Management

  • Parking Lot Management

  • Parking Lot Management

  • Parking Lot Management

  • Parking Lot ManagementLots


    Devices (hangers, transponders, keys, etc.)

    Stalls (gated, reserved, allocated)

    Seasonal Passes

  • Traffic Control Dispatch

  • Traffic Control Dispatch

  • Traffic Control Dispatch

  • Traffic Control Dispatch

  • Traffic Control DispatchEverything is one-click, one-page

    Site maps available anywhere

    Union auditing

    Customers wont accept some employees

    Employees wont go to some customers

  • Products and CustomizationsDemonstrations at TaiRox booth


    http://www.tairox.com/Customizations: $1,500 to $70,000


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