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Date post:07-Sep-2020
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  • TAO Newsletter Fall 2019

    President’s Message Pages 3-4

    Please contact Dr. Kadry Abdel-Razak ([email protected]) if you would like to join the Communications Committee or

    contribute to the triannual TAO Newsletter.

    Vice President’s Message

    Page 5

    Newsletter Editor’s Update

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    Election Results Page 6

    Each One Reach One Committee Update

    Pages 6-7

    TAO Award Recipients at SOT 58th Annual Meeting

    Pages 7-8

    Mentoring Committee Update

    Page 8-9

    Treasurer’s Update Page 9

    SOT Education and Career Development Committee Sponsored Funding for Postdoctoral Scholars and Graduate Students

    Pages 10 -11

    Upcoming TAO / Information Sessions

    Page 12

  • TAO Newsletter Fall 2019


    Important deadlines for SOT 2020 Annual Meeting

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    TAO Officers

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    Editorial Staff and Contributors

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  • TAO Newsletter Fall 2019


    President’s Message By Abdel-Razak Kadry , DVM, PhD, DABT

    Dear respected TAO members: I am so delighted, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO) for 2018- 2019. I am blessed to be working with a great team of executive board members. TAO executive board members stand out for their commitment to scientific excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and creative innovation. TAO has accomplished a lot in the last few years under various outstanding leaders such as Dr. Bahi Abou-Donia, Dr. Sidney Green and Dr. Darryl Hood. I am inspired by their commitment to TAO and all of their achievements. The growth of TAO has been propelled collectively by you as dedicated members and all the past presidents and past executive board members of TAO. TAO has grown and evolved from a shared aspiration to a dynamic, vibrant, diverse and strong scientific community of great toxicologists. TAO members work together to promote the science and application of toxicology. TAO members apply the toxicology and risk assessment foundation to serve the communities in USA and around the globe specially in developing African countries. In the last few months we were able to add a few milestones in the TAO journey:

    1. Two TAO members represented TAO at the Fifth World Congress on Risk, May 6-8, 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.

    2. TAO members collaborated with an international team of risk assessors from the Society of Risk Analysis (SRA) and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and offered risk assessment training to over 100 students from all over Africa on May 5, 2019.

    3. TAO members played critical role in establishing the African Chapter of the Society of Risk Analysis (Africa-SRA). The chapter was officially launched during the Fifth World Congress on Risk in South Africa. You are very welcomed to join Africa-SRA.

    4. TAO collaborated with the Association of Government Toxicologists (AGT). AGT is one of the oldest toxicology organization in the DC area. Dr. Sidney Green presented an overview of TAO to AGT members on August 28, 2019.

    5. TAO leadership met with the leadership team of the African Continental Association of Food Protection for the future collaboration between the two organizations.

    6. On October 4, 2019 Dr. Aina O. Adeogun, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Toxicology Aquatic Toxicology Research Group, Department of Zoology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria was the speaker at the TAO webinar on endocrine disruption in tropical food fish and potential human health consequences.

  • TAO Newsletter Fall 2019


    7. The National Committee of Toxicology (NCT), Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Egypt and The Pan African Environmental Mutagen and Genomic Society (PAEMGS) Announced the organization of The Alexander Hollaender International Course “Genetic Toxicology of Environmental Pollutants: Novel Approaches for Hazard Assessment, Risk Assessment and Risk Management”. The conference and the training session will be held in Cairo, Egypt, December 21-23, 2019. All TAO members are welcomed to participate. We encourage you to bring your family, as many TAO members are planning to have a nice touristic cultural vacation after the end of the conference. For more information, please contact me.

    8. The workshop on Computational Toxicology is on track and will be presented in Johannesburg, South Africa, on January 27-31, 2020. Up to 25 scholarships will be offered to students from various African countries. For more information please contact me.

    9. TAO is organizing scientific session in the coming Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. Dr Darryl Hood is chairing this session.

    There are large number of job opportunities at the US Federal Government for TAO members. Serving our nation as a toxicologist is a great career move. I may advise any TAO member looking for a good future career opportunity to visit: www.usajobs.gov. There are always several fellowships opportunities at US Environmental Protection Agency. These opportunities could be reviewed at: http://epa.gov/fellowships/. There is an important website for fellowships in several government agencies: http://orise.orau.gov/careers/career-opportunities.aspx. Once again, I am excited to serve the TAO community. This is going to be another great year for all of us. Thank you all for joining TAO. Kind regards, Abdel-Razak M Kadry Abdel-Razak Kadry, DVM, PhD, DABT Senior Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure (CCTE) 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20460 Telephone: 202-564-0180 [email protected] Adjunct Professor, Maryland Institute of Environmental Health University of Maryland College Park, MD

  • TAO Newsletter Fall 2019


    Vice President’s Message By Aina O. Adeogun, PhD

    Dear TAO members

    I feel highly honored to be elected as Vice President of the Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO) for 2018-2019. This to me reflects the TAO mandate to have a wider reach for toxicologists of African Origin in Africa. I am elated that together with the President and all members of the executive, we will be able to make better progress with the development of the Science of Toxicology on the African continent. The commitment and love to grow TAO beyond the yearly meetings on the African continent by Past Presidents including Dr. Sidney Green and Dr. Darryl Hood should be given special mention. I am optimistic that with the President elect, Dr. Abdel Kadry and other members of the TAO executive board, we will make appreciable progress within the African society to grow a TAO that is beyond borders. This is beginning to yield positive results as more graduate candidates’ applications for SOT membership have been submitted for consideration. I thank you all for the opportunity to bring the African inclusion into TAO.

    Newsletter Editor’s Update By Njwen Anyangwe, PhD

    Thank you for appointing me to serve as the Newsletter Editor of the Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO), a Special interest Group of the Society of Toxicology (SOT), beginning May 2019. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to be your Newsletter Editor. I believe this will be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for me! I look forward to working with you all to ensure that the TAO community, as well as the SOT community, are adequately informed of the work of TAO towards fostering toxicology as a science and the development of future toxicologists. I would appreciate your support during my tenure and your timely contributions to these newsletters, such that they are published in a timely fashion. I would be remiss if I do not acknowledge Dr. Frank Johnson, for encouraging me to accept this role, and my predecessors, Drs. Melania Abongwa and Elena Braithwaite, who have both been resourceful to me since I accepted the role of TAO Newsletter Editor. Thank you! If you wish to volunteer to assist with preparation of the newsletter, please contact me at [email protected]

  • TAO Newsletter Fall 2019


    Election Results By Njwen Anyangwe, PhD

    The results are in! We have some new TAO officers! On May 20th, 2019, the nomination committee, Drs. Sidney Green and Jennifer Rayner, shared the results of the recent TAO election. Please welcome our new officers: Vice President, Dr. Aina O. Adeogun; Councilor, Dr. Kerry Belton; Postdoctoral Representative, Dr. Kristin Noell; and Graduate Student Representative, Zoe Johnson. Thank you all for stepping up to serve this organization as officers. A Hearty Congratulations to the new TAO officers, and best wishes in your new role! TAO appreciates you!

    If you wish to know more about our new officers, and what their duties and responsibilities are, please click on the following link.

    http://www.toxicology.org/groups/sig/TAO/index.asp Njwen Anyangwe, PhD On behalf of the nominating committee Sidney Green, PhD Jennifer L. Rayner, PhD

    Each One Reach One Committee Update

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