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Taplause Voucher

Date post:14-Apr-2017
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  • VOUCHER: PREMIUM Full implementation of customer voucher

  • Voucher: premium

    This voucher is used

    Customer: [email protected]

    Mark as used

    Yes No

    Are you sure? This will invalidate the voucher

    and should only be done by an employee This voucher is valid for

    30 minutes of bowling Customer: [email protected]

    Code: r6mnk4b

    Mark as used

    Do not use this button by yourself The employee will mark it for you

    To: [email protected] Subject: Your voucher "Hi! Here's a link to your voucher (r6mnk4b) valid for 30 minutes of free bowling in .."

    After opening link in browser:

  • When customer enters email address, he/she will receive the link to the voucher page by email

    Site employee looks the page in customers mobile and clicks the voucher as used

    Individual voucher web page is created Next time visiting the

    place, customer opens the voucher page in his/her mobile

    Voucher: premium

  • Notes Voucher is sent only when (optional) email address is

    provided by the customer

    If user does not provide email address, no voucher is provided either

    By default, there's no limitation in using the same email address several times

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