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  • Volume 3, Issue 5 In God We Trust May 1, 2016

    In This Issue:

    Armed Forces First............. 3

    Whats Been Happening .... 4

    A Look Back ...................... 6

    New Employees ................. 9

    KAB ................................... 10

    Contact Information and

    Map of Locations ............... 11

    Dates to Remember:

    Special Inventory Tax


    Armed Forces Day.....21

    Memorial Day....30

    (all county offices closed) Value Protests for Resident Homesteads Due at Tarrant Appraisal District.31

    Ron Wright

    The Wright Stuff

    A Time to Remember

    The old adage that it was God

    who made us free, but it is the

    soldier who keeps us that way is

    worth contemplating this Memori-

    al Day. It is the soldier who dons

    a uniform, picks up a weapon and

    stands in the breach to defend us

    and protect us, whether the breach

    is created by naziism, com-

    munism, or terrorism. More often

    than not that breach is in far away

    places under conditions more

    difficult and dangerous than many

    people care to acknowledge.

    Some come back in caskets.

    Winston Churchill once ob-

    served, We sleep safely at night

    because rough men stand ready to

    visit violence on those who would

    harm us.

    Today one could add that

    women also stand ready. We can

    forgive a great leader his 1940s

    sensibilities. It was Churchill,

    after all.

    Americans are not naturally a

    warlike people, and many of us

    would prefer to not think about the

    necessity of depending on the

    rough men Churchill mentioned.

    Indeed, some would prefer to

    pretend that large standing armies

    of soldiers are not necessary at all.

    Remember the peace dividend

    of the 1990s? The problem, as

    we are always reminded, is there

    are people in the world who are a

    threat to Americans everywhere

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  • Volume 3, Issue 5 Taxing News May 1, 2016


    Ron Wright

    The Wright Stuff, Continued

    and our way of life. Sometimes,

    they try to kill us, and some-

    times, they succeed. And

    sometimes, the only thing

    between them and us are those

    rough men. The inconvenient

    truth that some are loathe to

    admit is that sometimes we need

    triggers to be pulled.

    In what many consider his

    most commanding performance,

    Jack Nicholson as Colonel

    Jessup in A Few Good Men

    delivered one of the most dra-

    matic speeches ever put on film.

    At the end of the scene he is

    escorted from the courtroom to

    be formally charged with order-

    ing the murder of one of his

    men, but first he speaks a defiant


    On February 22, 1969, 24

    year old Robert David Law of

    Fort Worth, a graduate of

    what is now Trimble

    Tech High School, was

    on a long range recon

    patrol in Vietnam with

    five other members of

    the 75th Ranger Regiment

    when they encountered a

    small enemy patrol. A

    fierce firefight ensued.

    Law was on the bank of a creek,

    and his comrades were a few

    feet away when an enemy

    grenade landed among them.

    Law looked directly at his

    buddies and dove onto the

    grenade, saving their lives. He

    could have easily avoided the

    blast by diving into the creek.

    He chose instead to give his life

    for theirs. For his heroic action,

    Robert Law received the Medal

    of Honor posthumously, one of

    only four men from Tarrant

    County to ever receive our

    nations highest honor for valor

    and the only one from the

    Vietnam War. His body lies in

    an inconspicuous grave at Mt.

    Olivet Cemetery.

    It is people like Robert Law

    and hundreds of thousands of

    others who died in our countrys

    service that we honor this

    Memorial Day. They are the

    ones who paid the ultimate price

    for freedom. It is easy to write

    about the horrors of war; its

    quite another to experience

    those horrors. As Gen. Douglas

    MacArthur once remarked,

    Whoever said that the pen is

    mightier than the sword never

    saw automatic weapons.

    Tarrant County has been

    home to people in the military

    since it was founded in 1849.

    The county has a long history of

    supporting our men and women

    in uniform. That continues

    today with the countys Armed

    Forces First policy of letting

    those in uniform go to the front

    of the line. May it always be so.

    The next time you see a man

    or woman in uniform, thank

    them for their service. That

    uniform is an affirmative state-

    ment that says that they are

    willing to put their lives on the

    line at a moments notice to

    protect us and keep us free. And

    this Memorial Day, take time

    out to remember...

    You cant handle the truth!

    Son, we live in a world that has

    walls, and those walls have to

    be guarded by men with

    guns.You dont want the

    truth because deep down in

    places you dont talk about at

    parties, you want me on that

    wall! You need me on that

    wall! We use words like

    honor, code, loyalty. We

    use these words as the back-

    bone of a life spent defending


  • 3

    In keeping with the Armed Forces

    First Initiative in Tarrant County

    allowing uniformed service members

    to move to the front of any line,

    weve spotted a few servicemen in

    our offices. Thank you for your


    Armed Forces First


    Value Protests are due at

    Tarrant Appraisal District by May 31!!

    Tax Office Stats for April 2016

    Motor Vehicle Titles Processed


    Property Tax

    Accounts Paid


    Property Tax Amount



    Motor Vehicle Registrations



    Phone Calls Received


    Newsletter Noncents

    Email your answer to [email protected]

    Which principle of the

    Constitution allows each

    branch of government to check

    what the other branches do to

    prevent any one branch from

    becoming too powerful?

    Pictured at left: Travis Moore, US Air Force

    At right: Carl Vella, US Air Force

    May 21

    Left: Ron Wright and granddaughter, Reagan Wright. Reagan aced the 8th grade STAAR American History exam. We plan to use the exam at Staff Development Day for our History Quiz.

    Attention: Resident Homesteads


  • Volume 3, Issue 5 Taxing News May 1, 2016


    Whats Been Happening.

    Celebrating Opening Day!

    Mansfield Office: Shannon Shaw, Chris Neal (also his birthday),

    and Manager Karen Edmondson. Property Tax Assessment Department:

    Manager Jeff Hodges and Kirby Tibbit. Left: Administrative

    Assistant Stefani

    Flores and her

    husband, Daniel,

    enjoy Opening Day at

    the Ballpark.

    Above: Amelia Rice, Beckie Fernandez, and Andree

    Johnson at Employee Appreciation in downtown Fort

    Worth on May 3.

    Left: Sandra Martin

    Employee Appreciation

    Day in Fort Worth

    Right: Lisa Anderson

    Above: Commissioner Roy

    Brooks addressed employees.

    Above: Charlotte


  • 5

    Whats Been Happening

    Arlington staff

    Poly staff

    Our Vision:

    We are a professional team of positive and

    dedicated individuals who serve with integrity, tenacity, and compassion in

    an innovative and inclusive environment.

    Left: Dallas County Tax Assessor-Collector

    John Ames and staff met in Arlington on

    April 22 to discuss the benefits and

    challenges of having Nemo Q in our

    offices for managing our customer lines

    more efficiently.

    Ender Reed, Liaison with Texas Association of Counties, met

    with Ron Wright on April 26 to discuss the Senate Hearing

    Committee on Property Tax Reform. Reed will be a guest

    speaker at our Staff Development Day on May 11.

    Monte Shaw, Wise County Tax Assessor-Collector and Ron

    Wright met on May 5 to discuss the latest TxDMV changes.

  • Volume 3, Issue 5 Taxing News May 1, 2016


    A Look Back..by Ron Wright

    Before there was an official

    Memorial Day, there were brave

    men of the United States Army

    who died in the line of duty in

    Tarrant County. They were the

    three men of the 2nd U.S.

    Dragoons and eight men of

    Company F, 8th U.S. Infantry

    who died serving their country

    at Fort Worth. All but one died

    in 1851; the last died in 1852.

    The fort would be vacated by

    the U. S. Army in 1853.

    The eleven soldiers of Fort

    Worth were buried near the

    children of the forts founder,

    Maj. Ripley Arnold, in a tiny

    cemetery northeast of the fort.

    After the fort was abandoned,

    enterprising settlers, chief

    among them the Father of Fort

    Worth (the city) Ephraim

    Daggett, took over the fort

    buildings and began a new

    settlement and kept the name,

    Fort Worth. The tiny cemetery

    would grow as the town grew.

    Years later it would be known as

    Old City Cemetery until 1909

    when it became Pioneers Rest

    Cemetery. The street leading to

    the cemetery would become

    Samuels Avenue.

    A small monument with a

    plaque near the graves in the

    rear of the cemetery contain the

    names of the 11 soldiers who

    died at Fort Worth. It is one of

    the few reminders of their

    service to their country. Nearby

    are the graves of the Arnold

    Remembering the First Soldiers

    The Fort Worth Eleven:

    Private Isaac Hollyfield, 2nd Reg., U.S. Dragoons. 17 June 1851

    Private Michael Farrell, 2nd Reg., U.S. Dragoons.20 June 1851

    Corporal William McKee, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry.24 July 1851

    Private Michael Crehan, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry.25 October 1851

    Private James Ryan, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry..27 November 1851

    Private Patrick Dolan, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry.28 November 1851

    Private Peter Riley, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry..29 November 1851

    Corporal Thomas Scott, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry.16 December 1851

    Private John Koch, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry.28 December 1851

    Private William McConnell, 8th Reg., U.S. Infantry..30 December 1851

  • 7

    children, then the large stone

    that marks the grave of Ripley

    Arnold, himself, although he did

    not die here. Within months of

    leaving Fort Worth, Arnold was

    killed at Fort Graham in a

    senseless shootout with the fort

    doctor. His body was reburied

    next to his children in 1854. Not

    far from the Arnold grave is the

    grave of the county namesake,

    General Edward H. Tarrant.

    The Dragoons that Arnold

    brought to the bluff overlooking

    the confluence of two forks of

    the Trinity River were hardened

    men. They had to be. Life

    didnt get much harder than life

    on the frontier of Texas in the

    1850s, especially near an

    untamed river that exploded

    with spring rains, became almost

    a trickle by late summer, and

    bred mosquitos by the million.

    Regular supplies had to be

    augmented by what could be

    hunted or scavenged from the

    land. And then there was the

    reason the fort was established,

    marauding Indians that

    continued to threaten settlers

    moving into the area. Death on

    the frontier was as close as the

    next cough or cut. None of the

    11 soldiers who died at Fort

    Worth were killed by Indians.

    Still, the Fort Worth Eleven

    served with distinction. We

    today should be grateful for their

    service; their memory should be

    honored like that of all

    American soldiers on Memorial

    Day. What they built on the

    bluff became a great city and the

    seat of a great county.

    May they never be


    God bless their memory,

    and God bless America!

    A Look Back, cont..

    Ron Wright with County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia and Lake Worth

    Officials Mayor Walter Bowen and City Manager Brett McGuire.

    Property Tax Manager Morris Booth, Motor Vehicle

    Manager Rosie Enriquez, and Ron Wright stand in

    front of the Tax Office booth at the annual Senior

    Synergy held on May 5 at the Will Rogers Coliseum in

    Fort Worth.

  • Volume 3, Issue 5 Taxing News May 1, 2016


    Whats Been Happening.

    Above, left to right: Ron Wright, Tom Spencer, Anita El Sakhawy, Dorothy

    Starr and Elisa Hand review the 2017 Tax Office budget.

    Above, left to right: Shannon Shaw, Ron Wright

    and Karen Edmondson at the Business After Hours

    in Mansfield on April 21.

    Elvira Simpson, Manager at the Northwest branch in

    Lake Worth, won 3rd place in the chili cook-off at

    Employee Appreciation on May 3.

    Jessica Montoya was awarded the Employee of the Month award at the

    Northeast branch in Hurst given by Manager Joanna Fisk.

    Mission Statement

    We will serve the citizens of Tarrant County with pride, courtesy,

    respect, and determination.

    We will achieve excellence in what we do by providing accurate, effi-

    cient, and timely service consistent with the laws of the State of Tex-

    as and the highest ethical standard.

  • 9

    Whats Been Happening.

    New Employees

    Janice ONeal Customer Service


    Sarah Blackmon Customer Service


    Above: All new employees are sworn in

    by Ron Wright and then are required to

    attend new employee orientation. Here,

    Janice and Sarah are sworn in on their

    first day!

    Will Jones Part-Time Motor Vehicle

    Amber Bundschu Part-Time Motor Vehicle

    Chris Stanley Motor Vehicle

    Rebekah Cantu Part-Time Motor Vehicle

    Margarita Chavez Property Tax

    Speaking of new, check out the newest addition to the hallway of the 1st floor of the Administration Building in downtown Ft Worth.

  • Volume 3, Issue 5 Taxing News May 1, 2016


    Leo, Downtown: Service remained friendly despite complicated matter

    Crystal, Southwest: Crystal was very helpful both times she waited on me and maintained a cheerful and helpful attitude.

    Judy, Southlake: Judy was very friendly and helpful. She answered all my questions with a smile!

    Beth, Northwest: Made a scary thing easygreat representative.

    Donna, Northeast: Great service. Explained in detail what to do.

    Jayme, Mansfield: This office is awesome. All clerks were professional & courteous

    Daniela, Arlington: Excellent service!

    Ron Wright will be honored in Commissioners Court in May for 5 years of

    service, and will be joined by these employees:

    Joshua Kobayashi10 years

    Ashlee McGinty5 years

    Christopher Neal5 years

    Camryn Robbins ........................ 3

    Kameisha Crawford ................... 3

    Marcy Hubbard .......................... 5

    Kat Woldt .................................. 6

    Danny Nichols ........................... 7

    Lalania Gaines ........................... 7

    Kim Jayme ................................. 8

    Theresa Steele ............................ 8

    Jan Phillips ................................ 9

    Karina Villalba .......................... 10

    Amelia Rice ............................... 13

    Erika Fitchett ............................. 19

    Julia Kelly .................................. 20

    Carmen Holloway ...................... 21

    Joan Coulter ............................... 23


    service is not

    a department,

    its every-

    ones job.

    The blue comment cards are an important tool for letting your Tax Assessor-Collector, Ron Wright, know how we are doing in all of the offices. Please complete a card at your

    next visit. The office with the highest percentage of positive comment cards each quarter wins the coveted Customer Service banner to display in their office for the next quarter!

  • 11

    Main Office Building

    100 East Weatherford St.

    Fort Worth, TX 76196

    Phone: 817-884-1100


    700 E. Abram St.

    Arlington, TX 76010

    Phone: 817-548-3935


    1100 E. Broad St.

    Mansfield, TX 76063

    Phone: 817-473-5127


    645 E. Grapevine Highway

    Hurst, TX 76054

    Phone: 817-581-3635


    6713 Telephone Rd. Rm. 101

    Lake Worth, TX 76135

    Phone: 817-238-4435


    3212 Miller Ave.

    Fort Worth, TX 76105

    Phone: 817-531-5635


    1400 Main St. Suite 110

    Southlake TX 76092

    Phone: 817-481-8141


    6551 Granbury Rd

    Fort Worth, TX 76133

    Phone: 817-370-4535

    Tarrant County

    Tax Office Locations

    Hours: MondayFriday

    8:00 am5:00 pm



    Email Property Tax Department


    [email protected]

    Email Motor Vehicle

    Department at:

    [email protected]

    Questions about the newsletter may

    be directed to

    Vickie Doane at

    [email protected]

    Email [email protected] to subscribe to our monthly newsletter distribution list.

    Visit our website at:


    Registration renewals may be

    purchased at your local Carnival, Fiesta,

    Kroger, and Tom Thumb stores in Bedford,

    Hurst, Keller, Mansfield, Southlake,

    Arlington, Grapevine, and Fort Worth.

    Check our website for a list of locations

    at www.tarrantcounty.com.

    Be sure to bring your renewal notice,

    proof of insurance and an acceptable form

    of ID such as a Texas Drivers License or

    ID card.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/tax.htmlhttp://www.facebook.com/TarrantCountyTAChttps://twitter.com/TarrantCoTaxhttp://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/tax/motor-vehicle/other-registration-renewal-locations.html

  • Volume 3, Issue 5 Taxing News May 1, 2016


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