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TCD Chameleon Catalogue

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Order catalogue for pens.
  • Catalogue

  • Coloured Pens 4.50 each

    Blender Pen 3.70 each

    Detail Pen 3.70 each

  • 5 Pen Set - 22.50 per pack

    See the various 5 pen sets over the next two pages.

  • Chameleon Tweezers are the ideal tool for removing nibs to either replace nibs or refill your pens. The Chameleon Tweezers have a unique ergonomic design that means not only are the comfortable to grip but they are work perfectly whether removing your Chameleon Pen nibs or your mixing chamber nibs. To remove nib gently grab the base of the nib where it meets the pen. Once the curved tip is in place firmly squeeze the Tweezer and gently pull to remove the nib. *Note* : For refilling- To prevent any damage to the brush nib remove the bullet end of the nib to refill. 4.70 per pair.

    You will get all the pens shown on page 2.

    85.00 for the set

  • The Japanese bullet nib is a firm nib, great for outlining, drawing and filling in small areas with precision colouring. 2.70 per pack

    The Mixing Chamber Nib while Durable needs to be removed when refilling the mixing chamber, over time they may get damaged or worn but can easily and affordably be replaced when needed! 3.70 per pack.

    Chameleon Color Tones nibs are specially designed Japanese nibs that are created to ensure perfecting blending and colouring.

    The Japanese Super Soft Brush Nib gives the user a paint brush feel. Perfect for bigger colour grada-tions and seamless blends. 4.20 per pack




  • Chameleon refill inks are available for all 20 of your Chameleon Colour Tones pens. The Toning Medium is also available to refill the Mixing Chambers and Colourless Blender pen. What do you get?

    1 x Chameleon Ink Injector

    1 x 25ml Chameleon Inkwell filled with desired color or Toning Medium.

    Each 25 ML refill bottle is enough to completely fill your pen or Mixing Chamber 8 -10 times. Each Chameleon refill kit comes with its own Ink Injector that allows for precise, clean marker refilling.

    EXAMPLE There is no risk of cross contamination and no need to clean your injector every time you want to refill another colour - each colour has its own Ink Injector! The Specially designed Chameleon Inkwell bottle reduces the risk of spillage with its unique stable shape and stopper. Chameleon Refill inks are non-toxic and low odour. Professional Quality Alcohol-Based Ink Permanent on Most Surfaces

    Ink Refill 25ml - Crimson Red RD4

    Ink Refill 25ml - Seville Orange OR4

    Ink Refill 25ml - Warm Sunset YO3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Summer Sun YL2

    Ink Refill 25ml - Spring Meadow YG3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Grass Green GR3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Aqua Marine BG4

    Ink Refill 25ml - Royal Blue BL6

    Ink Refill 25ml - Sky Blue BL3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Blue Violet BV4

    Ink Refill 25ml - Deep Violet V04

    Ink Refill 25ml - Purple Grape V04

    Ink Refill 25ml - Olive Green OL3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Bark BR5

    Ink Refill 25ml - Hot Cocoa BR2

    Ink Refill 25ml - Deep Black BK4

    Ink Refill 25ml - Cool Grey CG8

    Ink Refill 25ml - Bisque NU1

    Ink Refill 25ml - Bubble Gum PK3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Fawn NU3

    Ink Refill 25ml - Colourless Blender

    7.85 per refill kit.

  • HOW TO ORDER Please contact us for an order form.

    If you already have a form, you will need to print it out and fill in your

    order along with your contact and payment details. Please contact us if

    you do not have access to a printer.

    Completed forms to us with your payment. Please DO NOT send cash

    in the post. We will still need the whole form if you pay with PayPal.

    Please make sure you leave a message with your PayPal payment so

    that we know what it is for.

    Cheques must be made payable to The Crafters Den

    We require at least half of your order cost up front to confirm the order.

    This will be classed as a non-refundable deposit to cover any order not


    You will be contacted when your order is ready for collection.

    A meeting place can be arranged.

    If you wish for your order to be posted, there will be an additional

    postage cost which will be added once your order arrives with us.

    The remainder of your payment will be required when you collect your

    order from us. If you are having your order delivered, your final

    payment along with added postage cost will be required before we post

    out your order. We will contact you to confirm this.

    Orders will take at least 2 - 3 weeks after we receive your completed

    form and part payment.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Telephone : 07594 232118

    Email: [email protected]

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