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Teaching Struggling Students in Primary Maths

Date post:19-Aug-2014
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Do students struggle with maths? Or do they struggle with our teaching methods? This SlideShare contains some topics from a new module just released by The Association of Independent Schools of NSW.
  • Teaching Struggling Students in Primary Maths
  • Do students struggle with maths?
  • or with our teaching methods?
  • The way children relate to maths is impacted by their notion of success.
  • How do YOU define success in mathematics?
  • How do YOUR STUDENTS define it?
  • For example, a helpful definition can be derived from theWorking Mathematically outcomes and the research they are based on.
  • This research outlines five strands of mathematical proficiency. Conceptual understanding Procedural fluency Strategic competence Adaptive reasoning Productive disposition
  • And thats just one helpful way to define success.
  • On the other hand, an unhelpful definition can sever a students relationship with the subject. unhelpful
  • You know those moments when they struggle?
  • when thoughts of failure loom?
  • when their relationship with maths is most fragile?
  • Those are the moments when they need a helpful notion of success.
  • A notion that doesnt undermine their effort, but rewards it.
  • A notion that promotes ...
  • An Inquiry Relationship
  • Do you mean inquiry based learning?
  • Nope.
  • Nor is it just another vague idea (like enjoying maths or being engaged).
  • An inquiry relationship is characterised by: Confidence Intuition Curiosity
  • My co-worker has an inquiry relationship with theWorld Cup.
  • My sister has an inquiry relationship with cooking.
  • What are YOUR inquiry relationships? (Confidence, intuition, curiosity)
  • And how do we encourage them in OUR STUDENTS?
  • Join us
  • Weve just started a new online course. Its different.
  • Its a learning community led by KristenTripet.
  • Together we discuss and explore this topic (and others).
  • The course is packed with the latest research.
  • We also tease apart mathematical fundamentals
  • so that we can teach them more clearly.
  • We support each other as we build our own inquiry relationships with maths
  • so we can help our students build them too.
  • Click here to join us.
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