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TEAK - NorthCape€¦ · PLANTATION TEAK • Our Plantation Teak products are plantation-grown and...

Date post: 23-Jan-2021
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  • T E A K

  • All of our easy-to-assemble KD teak product is SOLID TEAK from Indonesia

    PLANTATION TEAK• Our Plantation Teak products are plantation-grown and

    harvested from mature trees that are 50-60 years old• This line of teak is part of a replenished forestry program,

    where a new tree is planted for each one that is harvested.• Our Plantation teak is oven- or air-dried for moisture control.

    RECLAIMED TEAK• Reclaimed Teak products contain wood that has been

    reclaimed from old structures including barns, houses or flooring. The wood is remilled after reclamation.

    • Because the wood is reclaimed, it has already been aged and dried so there is no need for an additional step to control moisture.

    • Plugs in the planks due to nail holes or age are NORMAL and are considered to add to the character of the reclaimed teak product

    • A wire wheel is used to distress the reclaimed wood to enhance the grain and provide a more rustic finish.

    HARDWARE• The hardware on our teak furniture is zinc-coated steel that

    has been plated in brass. The zinc helps minimize corrosion, steel was chosen for strength,and brass for its luster.

    USE & CARE• You may choose to allow your teak to weather to a beautiful

    silver-gray patina or treat it twice a year to preserve the teak’s golden finish.

    • Should you choose to treat your teak, we recommend using an oil or sealer specifically made for teak. Using permanent sealing methods such as polyurethane or varnish disrupts the natural moisture control process and may result in cracked wood or finish.

    • Teak may be cleaned using a wood cleaner or lightly sanded with 600 (or higher) grit sandpaper.

    • We recommend that you leave your teak products outside year-round (under a furniture cover in the off-season), but if that is not an option, teak must be stored in a COOL, DRY place over the winter.