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1. Why PHP Is Used For Web Development? 2. Learning PHP is Fun..... PHP is server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general- purpose programming language. 3. Role of PHP Programming in Web Development? PHP generally used to program the back end of websites. The parts that deal with databases and users/ passwords, any program that stores information. It is used for most rograms on website today ; it is completely server-side, unlike JavaScript or HTML which are interpreted by the web browser on the client-side. The server reads PHP which generally tells it what HTML or JavaScript to display to the browser. When you submit a form it may be handled by PHP as well. So for any sort of interactive Website or a site that needs a database or administration section PHP programming is essential. 4. 5 Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development PHP is one of the most popular languages used in web development today : Easy to learn Familiarity with syntax Free of Cost Efficiency in Performance A helpful PHP community 5. Easy To Learn Compared to other web languages that require a bit of study, PHP does not require one to spend a lot of time researching a manual. Thanks to the syntax being logical and command functions describing exactly what they do, one can easily get right to the part of creating and optimizing the application. 6. Efficiency in Performance Depending on how you code, PHP can turn out to be an efficient web language to use. In fact, PHP is known to be scalable when writing code as well as in creating applications and is very reliable when you need to serve several web pages. 7. Benefits of PHP Training in Career Development PHP programmers and developers are in high demand today. This is not an over statement. The number of websites on the internet is increasing each day, the field of internet marketing is growing and expanding at a fast pace. Thus it is quite obvious that more it Companies are hiring PHP developers with some knowledge and experience. Thus it is highly recommended that these professionals get some PHP training that will give them practical knowledge and also help them make a bright career. 8. USA Office - Maryland DotSquares LLC, 6701 Democracy Blvd, Suite 300, Bethesda, Maryland 20817 301-563-9488 [email protected] CONTACT-US USA Office - Texas 14781 Memorial Dr. Suite # 1956 Houston, TX 77079 301-563-9488 [email protected] UK Office Unit 2, Albourne Court, Henfield Road, Albourne, West Sussex, BN6 9FF, UK +44 (0) 1273 575190 / 0800-912-0727 [email protected] Australia Office 56 May Avenue, Altona Meadows, VIC 3028, Australia +61 02 9191 6455 +61 03 9315 8280 +61 425 672 323 [email protected] India Office 4 RA 5, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - 302004 +91 98290 12236 [email protected] 9. WELCOME TO TEAM IN INDIA

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