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Tech Talk: Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP

Date post:14-Apr-2017
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PPA Tech Talk Apple News | Facebook instant articles | Google AMP

PPA Tech TalkApple News | Facebook instant articles | Google AMP Update and shared knowledge#TechTalks@pagelizardbit.ly/applenewsppa

Agenda#TechTalks@pagelizardOverviewApple newsFacebook instant articlesGoogle AMPDiscover, Pinterest & othersThe Advertising perspectiveConsiderationsOpen forum

Overview - SeanApple news - SeanFacebook instant articles - EstherGoogle AMP - SeanDiscover, Pinterest & others - EstherThe Advertising perspective - TomConsiderations - GrahamOpen forum - All

Apple News app

#TechTalks@pagelizardPre installed on all iOS 9 devicesEnglish only at launch - USA - UK - AusBrings together news, magazines and blog articlesAnybody can publish - with Apple approvalFree distribution of contentRSS feed at startApple news format later for styled adaptive contentAds through RSS or iADContent available to all News users


#TechTalks@pagelizardiOS 9 launched 26th Oct in UKBugs lead to rapid point updateApple News App on all USA & UK installs50%+ updated devices in first month UK content already provided by someAds in News cannot be blocked

UK launches typically run about 4 weeks behind USA50% equals over 500 million devices - Android currently 21% update over 12 months.

sharing a story is validated at .news and either displays in News or wen page.

News publisher

#TechTalks@pagelizardApples CMSManage your RSS feedsCreate branded channels, sections and topicsUp to 25 sections per channelSections can take multiple feedsText based logo required

New formatAuthor once and automatically format for all screensEnables formated layoutsAllows style typographyPhoto galleries, videos and animations


#TechTalks@pagelizardMonetise Apple news feeds through iAd100% if publisher sells in articles or channels70% if iAd sells for youRSS ads are not monetised in Apple News formatAds must conform to iAD specificationsiAd producer enables rich formatsiAd workbench enables Ad campaignsBroad range of AD types banners, video, native etc.

Mac World poll


Negative 32%Positive 54%Not installed 14%

Quick look not for me 10%Have better news app already 15%Stuck in dont want but cant delete folder 7%

Negatives = 32%

I use from time to time 14%Like it use it quite often 29%Brilliant use all time 11%

Positives = 54%

I havent got it 14%

Facebook's Instant Articles

#TechTalks@pagelizardLaunched on iPhone app on 20 OctoberLightning bolt on articles = Instant ArticleLoads 10x faster than standard mobile web articleInteractive reading experienceCurrently only available from select group of publishers



Why bother?

Facebook's Notify

#TechTalks@pagelizardBuilt following positive response to IALaunching next week in USStand-alone app from FacebookCould be app version of Instant ArticlesUsers will subscribe to publisher stationsInitial partners for IA are also partners for NotifyNotifications about content from leading publishersShare integrated to FacebookPaper launched earlier hasnt been successful


Google AMP


Why AMP matters

Google AMP

#TechTalks@pagelizardSeamless, simplified publishingMobile first approachAn architectural framework built for speed15% - 85% speed increasesHosted caches through Google & othersAMP HTML part of the open webLaunched 7th OctoberContent, spec and files on GitHubOpen to all through open sourceSearch results will be affectedDemo http://insidesearch.blogspot.com/2015/10/accelerated-mobile-pages-in-search.htmlOverview

to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone

It is meant to simplify cumbersome HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements, resulting in a stripped down page that only includes the most vital content (text, images, videos, and of course, site ads).

Websites that opt into this framework benefit from speed improvements since the content templates share common elements and components, leading to a 15 to 85% performance improvement, according to Google.

Google cites a 29% drop off when mobile users reach a site/app thats either too slow or that doesnt provide the right information up front. And the AMP site quotes a 58% drop off for pages that take 10 seconds to load.

AMP will push down organic search, though paid for may be excluded from push down

Google AMP

#TechTalks@pagelizardPublishers control their AD inventoryComprehensive range of AD formatsCore objective to support subscriptions & paywalls

AD analytics very limited currently - to integrate 3rd partiesGoogle Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Chartbeat and parse.ly

AD Networks currentlyTwitter, A9, AdReactor, AdSense, AdTech, DoubleClick


to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone

Google AMP


Video showing how AMP should work on mobile

Google AMP



Quotes from publishers

Phil - Premium content for mobileTony - greater experience for consumer and advertiserKinsey - mobile increasingly importantMichael - Thrilled to be working with google for better mobile web

Snapchats Discover

The advertising perspective


Tom BeckenhamCEO - Founder of Specle


Wheres it all heading...?

#TechTalks@pagelizardWest coast technology companies increasingly owning the channels through which content can be marketed

Publishers website content is what actually gets displayed. Is this the best of their output?

The acceleration in instant news means news organisations have to re-think how the write and display stories in their (print) editions.

Questions to be consideredRound table discussionGo here for presentation and follow upbit.ly/applenewsppa

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