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Technology for Students with Disabilities. Tech Tools at Your Fingertips… Left click on Start...

Date post: 18-Dec-2015
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Technology for Technology for Students with Students with Disabilities Disabilities
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  • Technology for Students with Disabilities
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  • Tech Tools at Your Fingertips Left click on Start Scroll to control panel Left click on control panel Left click on ease of access
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  • Accessibility Options Sticky Keys- allows students who may be accessing the keyboard with one finger or pointer to capitalize letters and use the Ctrl button by only pressing one key.
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  • Accessibility Options Filterkeys- allows windows to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes.
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  • Display Settings High Contrast- Allows for visual contrasts that make the computer screen more accessible for students with vision impairments.
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  • Accessibility Wizard This provides some great computer adaptations for your students.
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  • On Screen Keyboard Practice using the on-screen keyboard option. Click on settings, then typing mode. This gives you the opportunity to type using your mouse by clicking, hovering, or hitting one key on the keyboard.
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  • Magnifier Go to internet Go to accessibility wizard, open magnifier
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  • How do you learn?? www.2learn.org/learningstyles.html
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  • WWW.. www.starfall.com www.brainpop.com www.kineticcity.com
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  • www. http://resourceroom.net www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/index.htmlx (click on library to go Specific Diagnoses Card Catalog)www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/index.htmlx www.netreach.net/~abrejcha/websites.htm www.dotolearn.com (click on disabilities tab)www.dotolearn.com www.schoolpsychology.net/ www.makoa.org/index.htm www.halcyon.com/marcs/lessons.html www.educationworld.com/special_ed/assistive/index.shtml www.parentpals.com/2.0dictionary/dictnewsindex.html http://parentpals.com/gossamer/pages/Special_Education_Games /index.htmlhttp://parentpals.com/gossamer/pages/Special_Education_Games /index.html www.yellowpagesforkids.com/help/ar.htm
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  • Sounds and Videos www.google.com www.findsounds.com www.freeplaymusic.com
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  • Cool text www.cooltext.com
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  • ITUNES IPODs IPOD Touch http://web.me.com/harrydickens/ipods/ Apps.htmlhttp://web.me.com/harrydickens/ipods/ Apps.html
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  • WWW www.biologycorner.com/worksheets.p hpwww.biologycorner.com/worksheets.p hp www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/ k-4/index.htmlwww.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/ k-4/index.html www.raz- kids.com/main/ViewPage/name/sampl ewww.raz- kids.com/main/ViewPage/name/sampl e
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  • www http://www.storyplace.org http://teacher.scholastic.com/activit ies/social/interactives.htmhttp://teacher.scholastic.com/activit ies/social/interactives.htm http://teacher.scholastic.com/activit ies/social/iraq_interactives.htm http://teacher.scholastic.com/activit ies/social/wwii_interactives.htm
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  • WORD CLOUDS www.wordle.net
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  • Whiteboard poetry www.magneticpoetry.com
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  • Word art A wonderful tool
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  • Powerpoint books Social story Book with photographed pictures Book with pictures from graphics Student produced books
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  • Making a Talking Book with Power Point Open a new presentation by clicking on file (office) and new Click on blank presentation Click on the first slide under layout (this should be a blank slide)
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  • Cont Go to your tool bar and click on Slide Show Insert shape-action buttonaction settinghyperlink to Position the action buttons in bottom corners (click yes to hyperlink options)
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  • Cont Go to home on your toolbar and select Duplicate slides (right click on slide) Make as many as you need. Lets think pictures for our books
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  • Inserting pictures Go to your first slide Click on insert Click on picture Choose a picture from the clip art or file Select a picture Continue for all pages in the book
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  • Insert Text Click on Insert Click on Text Box Type in text You can enlarge text by clicking on the capital A on your tool bar You can also enlarge your text by highlighting your text and increasing the font size on your tool bar
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  • Inserting Sound Go to Insert Select Movies/Sounds and Record Sound Preview sound in Slide Show Follow same directions for your other pages/slides Preview your Talking book
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  • www.nettrekker.com
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  • Don Johnson materials
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  • Lets work those brains http://www.brainsbreaker.com/downl oad.htmhttp://www.brainsbreaker.com/downl oad.htm
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  • Making movies www.photoshow.com
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  • A long, long time ago http://ourtimelines.com www.xtimeline.com/index.aspx www.dmarie.com/timecap
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  • Have a great afternoon Angie Zimmerman Literacy Specialist Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative [email protected]