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Technology Transfer: Haptic Feedback Explain technology transfer and technological innovation.

Date post: 28-Dec-2015
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Technology Transfer: Haptic Feedback Explain technology transfer and technological innovation.
  • Technology Transfer:Haptic FeedbackExplain technology transfer and technological innovation.

  • Haptic FeedbackSomething you can feelVibrationTexturePressureResponse to your touch

  • A Problem:Modern touch screens have no feeling to them. They are smooth all over. You cant feel where to put your fingers if you cant see.-A lack of haptic feedback

    Where will this technology come from?

  • Ex of Technology Transfers1st there was the Electric motor 2nd they put a motor in a rumble pack next specialized motors were added to controllers to produce different vibrations

  • Look inside the controller. See the 2 motors?low frequency (left motor)high frequency (right motor)

  • Technology transfer occurs when somebody applies an existing innovation developed for one purpose in a new way.

    Technology transfer is a kind ofTechnological innovation often results when ideas, knowledge, or skills are shared within a technology, among technologies, or across fields.

  • Many ways to get haptic feedback in video games

  • Digital vs. AnalogInput devices controls:DigitalReports only two states: on or offKeyboard: keysController A, B, X, Y, Back, Start, D-PadAnalogReport a range of values: -1.0 to 1.0Triggers, Stick

  • Notice how different kinds of controls have different kinds of inputs

    Input DeviceDigital ButtonsAnalog ControlVibrationWin?Xbox?NumberXbox 360 Controller144YesYesYes 4Keyboard>1000NoYesYes1Mouse53NoYesNo1

  • What is an example of the transfer of video game controller technology to other technologies?

  • Minimally Invasive SurgeriesThings that were learned from making better controls in video games were applied to new computer-controlled tools for doing very precise micro surgery.

  • Fine tuned Remote control

  • What are other examples of the transfer of haptic feedback technology to other technologies?

  • Haptic DevicesThese are all manipulator gloves that give the user feedback depending on what they are touching virtually.

    Cyber Glove IICyber GraspCyber Force

  • Haptic DevicesSpace Interface Device for Artificial Reality (SPIDAR)SPIDAR-8. Rubiks CubeSPIDAR-8. Finger attachments.

  • Touchable Online Braille GeneratorWords can be typed in ordinary English and translated into Braille.

    They can be printed as bumps on a special printer.

  • Touchable Online Braille Generator ScreenNow theyre working on screens where you can actually feel the bumps.

  • Expensive Touchable GraphicThese are made of small metal cylinders that the computer controls to move up or down to create a touch image.

  • The Guide Cane(Ulrich and Borenstein, 2001)Haptics for HandicappedThis cane moves away from obstacles to guide a blind person automatically using its sensors

  • Haptics for HandicappedThe ActiveBelt (Tsukada and Yasumrua, 2004)Device architecture of ActiveBelt:GPS, global positioning system; LED, light-emitting diode.This GPS guides a person by poking them in the direction they should go.

  • Future technologies that may benefit from Technology TransferSMELLSmell is essentially our ability to detect specific chemical particles in the air

    We can detect about 4000 different smells

    And the smells can be combined in millions different ways

  • Where will it all lead?

  • Another future technology ideaTHOUGHT:Detecting and interpreting brain waves to control programs or machines.

    Have students fill in notes from the presentation*********************