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Date post:30-May-2015
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  • 1. 10+ reasons why Telecomms brands should use Outdoor

2. Outdoor is the most visual medium
Outdoor gets noticed
Outdoor is the most visual medium, creating strong brand image and recall
Visual product recognition carries through to point of sale
3. Outdoor is an intercept medium: it is always turned on
Outdoor can be seen everywhere 24 hours a day
It cant be switched off, zapped, or otherwise ignored
4. Outdoor is where mobiles are used
Heavy mobile users spend a lot of time outdoors
Youll be reaching the right target audience in the right context
Youll catch business users on their way into work and home again
5. Outdoor delivers an interested audience: youth
Being young, the target audience use their phones a lot and spend time talking about phones and apps
It is how they mostly keep in touch
6. Because we are in the mobile communications business too

  • Mobility is a defining feature of the outdoor audience

7. Consumers are used to taking in information on the move 8. The more mobile the consumer, the more the use their mobiles

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