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Ten reasons you need a pet

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  • 10 ReasonsYou Need a Pet

  • If you have been thinking about

    getting a pet, perhaps you need a

    little encouragement, or maybe

    you need some ammunition

  • when trying to convince family members that having an animal in

    the home can be beneficial.

  • Here's a list of ten reasons why

    having a pet can be great and

    why you need one today.


  • If you live alone, or if your spouse

    or significant other travels

    frequently, having a pet at

    home can provide a welcome

    companion for you.

  • Whether it's a dog to greet you at

    the door, a cat to curl up next to

    you or a bird to sing to you while

    you fix supper

  • having a healthy fun animal at your home can make you feel less

    lonely. This is especially true if you

    have recently lost a partner.


  • Having a dog or a horse can provide

    you with a reason to exercise that

    you didn't have before.

  • It can also help you build muscles

    and get your heart pumping

    without that feeling you get

    when you drag yourself to the

    gym for a workout.

  • To maximize this benefit of

    having a pet, be sure to get

    one that needs regular

    amounts of exercise, like a

    poodle or a pony

  • but not so much that you can't handle it, as might

    happen with a border collie

    or Thoroughbred stallion.


  • In addition to getting you

    out to exercise every day,

    pets can bring other

    health benefits too.

  • Studies show that just petting a

    dog or cat for a few minutes

    can improve relaxation and

    lower blood pressure.


  • Even having a pet that doesn't

    need exercise can help you

    improve your discipline.

  • If you know you need to be

    home every night to feed your

    pet or let it out, you will be more

    likely to stick to a routine.

  • The more your pet is dependent on you, the more self-discipline

    you'll have to muster.

  • A dog that needs walking every morning, for example, could be

    a great way to help you get on a healthier morning schedule if

    you have a tendency to lie in bed too long.


  • You don't have to have an enormous

    dog to get the protection of a pet.

  • Even the sound of a small, yappy dog

    sounding the alarm of a potential intruder

    is enough to scare away most burglars.

  • Pets have also been instrumental in

    alerting their owners to smoke and fire in

    the home.

  • If the only time you can walk

    or jog is after dark, having a

    dog to go with you will make

    your jaunts significantly safer.


  • If you tend to be shy or are

    new to your area, having a

    pet can be a great way to

    start the conversation and

    meet new people.

  • Whether at a puppy class or at

    the dog park, you'll meet many

    new folks, most of whom have a

    lot in common with you because

    of your dedication to your


  • Even if you are housebound,

    joining an online pet forum can

    be a way to connect with the

    outside world.


  • Are you looking for something new

    to do with your free time? A pet

    can offer a wealth of opportunities

    to try different activities.

  • Of course, there are many dog

    ventures like fly ball, agility and

    hospital therapy, but there are also

    cat and bird shows and even clubs

    for pet hamsters and snails.


  • Having a dog is one of the best ways getting familiar with

    new places.

  • Just walking around your neighborhood, you're sure to find

    hidden parks and cool architecture.

  • If you want to travel further afield, hiking with your dog can be

    a great way to experience the wilderness or your state parks.

  • There are nature camps as well, for people who want to

    vacation with their pets.

  • KIDS

  • Getting a pet for the kids is

    a good way to teach them

    about biology, compassion

    and responsibility.

  • Just don't expect them to

    do the work of adults, and

    make sure you can handle

    the duties that come with

    your pet

  • in case your kids get caught up with school

    work or take off to camp

    for the summer.


  • If you read the book "Marley

    and Me," you know how

    entertaining pets can be.

  • You'll have stories for a

    lifetime when you bring an

    animal into your life.

  • Even a tank of beautiful tropical

    fish can hypnotize you and

    create a stunning focal point for

    your living room.

  • If you're not sure about getting a

    pet, try starting with an easy keeper,

    like a turtle or a mellow cat, and

    work your way up to animals that

    require more care and attention.

  • You may find you like having a pet

    so much your home becomes the

    neighborhood hangout!

  • Are you thinking about getting a

    beautiful portrait of your pet?

  • An artist by profession, Miri's

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