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August 2010 A Tri-Annual Publication of The East Tennessee Historical Society Vol. 26, No. 2
Page 1: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

East Tennessee Historical SocietyP.O. Box 1629Knoxville, TN 37901-1629

Non-Profit Org.U.S. POStage

PA I DPermit No. 341Knoxville, tenn

August 2010

A Tri-Annual Publication of The East Tennessee Historical Society

Vol. 26, No. 2









Page 2: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

Civil War Families of Tennessee seeks to identify and honor the sacrifices of the valiant soldiers on each side of the nation’s greatest conflict. By entering your ancestor, you will pay tribute to his service and assure that his contributions are remembered. Most importantly, you can help identify and preserve special family artifacts, diaries, photographs, and documents for the benefit of future generations.

If you are a descendant of any individual who served either in or from Tennessee during the Civil War—Union or Confederate—you are eligible to join. In order to recognize the service of the many young men who died unwed or without children, CWFT membership is available through collateral descent (service of a brother of an ancestor).

Members receive a certificate featuring their names, along with the names of their ancestors, rank, regiment, and company.


Applications for both programs are available from ETHS.P. O. Box 1629, Knoxville, TN 37901

Phone: 865-215-8824; email: [email protected]


We invite you to join one of the state’s oldest and most active historical societies.

Members receive• Tennessee Ancestors—triannual genealogy magazine• Journal of East Tennessee History—annual scholarly publication with articles on Tennessee and East Tennessee history • Newsline—history news from across the region• Announcements and invitations to conferences and special events• Discounts on tours, conferences, and museum shop purchases

AnnualMembershipCategories Individual $ 35.00 Family $ 45.00 Contributing $ 75.00 Sustaining $125.00 Student $ 25.00

Gift memberships available—The gift that gives all year. The recipient will receive a special gift card.

For more information, visit www.east-tennessee-history.orgor contact us at [email protected]

or call 865-215-8824.

East tEnnEssEE Historical sociEty

601 S. Gay StreetP.O. Box 1629

Knoxville, TN 37901

The easT Tennessee hisTorical socieTyMaking history personal

Heritage Programs from

The easT Tennessee hisTorical socieTy

Were your ancestors in what is now Tennessee prior to statehood in 1796? If so, you are eligible to join the First Families of Tennessee. Members receive a certificate engraved with the name of the applicant and that of the ancestor and will be listed in a supplement to the popular First Families of Tennessee: A Register of the State’s Early Settlers and Their Descendants, originally published in 2000.

Applicants must prove generation-by-generation descent, as well as pre-1796 residence for the ancestor. The more than 14,000 applications and supporting documentation comprise a unique collection of material on our state’s earliest settlers and are available to researchers at the McClung Historical Collection in the East Tennessee History Center, 601 S. Gay St. in downtown Knoxville.

Civil War Families oF Tennessee

RecoRding tHe State’S HiStoRy one family at a time

Page 3: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

59 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010

Tennessee AncestorsA Publication of the East Tennessee Historical Society

August 2010 Volume 26, No. 2

61����������������� PlaceofBirthofPostmastersandOtherFederalEmployees,1816-1825by Robert S. Davis, Director, Family & Regional History Program, Wallace State College

70����������������� DescriptiveRecords,DepartmentofTennessee,GrandArmyoftheRepublicPost No. 29, Jim Brownlow Post—Witts Foundry, Tennessee transcribed by Raymond A. Sears

73����������������� TennesseeFamilyandBibleRecordsObadiah Hall Bible John J. Craig Bible

78����������������� TheMarriageofJohnandSusannahNicholson,WashingtonCounty,1783:ACaseStudyby Robert S. Davis, Director, Family & Regional History Program, Wallace State College

79����������������� DelayedTennesseeBirthCertificatesby Steve Cotham, Head, McClung Historical Collection

81���������������� ReprintsofSelectedArticles: Echoes from the East Tennessee Historical Society,1942-1984Register of Persons Who Wish Reservations under the Cherokee Treaty of July 8, 1817

90���������������� AmazingRecordShedsNewLightonBibleFamilyofEarlyGreeneCountyby Donahue Bible

95���������������� VoterListsandElectionResultsfromKnoxCounty,Tennessee,intheJune08,1861VoteupontheDeclarationofIndependence,AndOrdinanceDissolvingtheFederalRelationsBetweentheStateofTennesseeAndtheUnitedStatesofAmerica�by Frank Weathers, Assistant, Knox County Archives

120��������������� BookReviewsby Fran Allison Young

121��������������� NewBooksAttheMcClungHistoricalCollectioncompiled by Jenny Ball

Page 4: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

60 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010



Jack E. Williams,PresidentSusan Richardson Williams,President-Elect

Paul H. Bergeron,VicePresident,Knoxville AreaNatalie Haslam,VicePresident, Knoxville Area

Carrington Montague,VicePresident,Southeast TennesseeJerome Taylor,VicePresident,Southeast TennesseeMary Fanslow, VicePresidentNortheast Tennessee

Jim Shelby,VicePresident for DevelopmentLinda Claussen,AssistantVicePresidentfor Development

Joe E. Spence, RecordingSecretaryJane Creed,AssistantRecordingSecretary

George K. Schweitzer, TreasurerJoe Ben Turner,AssistantTreasurer

Ginny Rogers, PastPresidentDean Rice,KnoxCountyRepresentative

Steve Cotham,ManagerofMcClungCollectionArthur G. Seymour, Jr.,LegalCounsel


Edward S. Albers, Jr.Barbara U. ArantCharles E. Atchley, Jr.Randy BoydDeborah BrezinaBetsey BushRussell ByrdJane Gamble ChedesterBill Cobble

John Duncan IIISam FurrowHenrietta GrantJim HartMarvin HouseAlan M. JonesW. Dwight KesselImogene KingLinda Ogle

Gordon SavageD. Ray SmithJoe SwannGary WadeCarol WellerEdward F. Wheeler, Jr.Candace WhiteJohn WoodBob Worthington, Jr.

Gordon S. Nelson Malcolm Rogers



Cherel B. Henderson, DirectorAdam Alfrey, CuratorofExhibitions

Lisa Oakley, CuratorofEducationLisa Belleman, DirectorofDevelopment

Michele MacDonald, CuratorofCollectionsStephanie Henry, ExecutiveAssistant

William E. Hardy, TeachingAmericanHistoryAcademicCoordinatorAaron Purcell, Ph.D., ManagingEditor, The Journal of East Tennessee History

Diane Bohannon, AssistantShopManagerJerry Wiseman, MuseumShopStaffMarsha Grieve, MuseumShopStaff


Cherel B. Henderson, EditorRaymond A. Sears, AssistantEditorAnn K. Blomquist, AssistantEditor

J. Stephen Cotham, ContributingEditorFran Allison Young, BookReviewEditor

Diane Bohannon, QueryEditorDiane Bohannon, Forrest Conklin, EditorialAssistants

Submission to and correspondence concerning this publication should be directed to Cherel B. Henderson, Editor,TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society, P.O. Box 1629, Knoxville, TN 37901.

TENNESSEEANCESTORS (ISSN 0882-0635) is published tri-annually by the East Tennessee Historical Society and is distributed to members of the Society. Postage paid at Knoxville, TN. Postmaster: Send address changes to TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, P.O. Box 1629, Knoxville, TN 37901. Report of non-delivery of TENNESSEE ANCESTORS should be made within three months after the date of the issue if the magazine is to be replaced free of charge.

Page 5: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 61



The United States government published lists of its employees roughly every two years from 1816 to 1914 usually as ARegisterofOfficersandAgents,Civil,Military,andNavalintheServiceoftheUnitedStates or a variant on this title. State and country of birth appears for most of the Federal employee in the editions for September 1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, and 1825, including for most of the thousands of deputy postmasters across the country. As the men and women who filled these positions were usually local people old enough to have important political connections, they often were not likely to have lived long enough to appear in the 1850 census. This information often appears nowhere else. Major research librar-ies and archives have sets of these books although often on microfiche. The free web site Google Books includes the 1816 edition of this series.

For other sources for information on Federal employees see Claire Prelchtel-Kluskens, “Documenting the Careers of Federal Employees,” Prologue:TheQuarterlyoftheNationalArchives 26 (1994): 180-83 and GenealogicalandBio-graphicalResearch:aSelectGuidetoNARAMicrofilm, available on the Internet at http://www.archives.gov/publications/microfilm-catalogs/biographical/. Holdings discussed in the latter publication include autobiographical applications for Federal jobs from presidents John Adams through U. S. Grant. Each of the booklets accompanying the respective mi-crofilm for each administration includes an alphabetical list of the applicants. These records frequently mention personal history and connections. Applications to individual departments, such as Justice, State, Treasury, War etc. for employment have not been microfilmed and must be searched for in person or by mail from the National Archives and Records Admin-istration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, Maryland 20740-6001. Before the modern advent of the civil service exams, local political bosses chose postmasters; any of those applications have not survived.

Some other sources for place of birth for this period include Kenneth Scott, BritishAliensintheUnitedStatesduringtheWarof1812 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1979) and National Archives microfilm M233 RegisterofEnlistmentsintheU.S.Armyfor1798-1914. The latter microfilm is reproduced on the subscription website Ancestry.com as “U. S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914” and can be electronically searched by name. The soldiers born in or serving from Virginia during the War of 1812 from that microfilm appear in Stuart Lee Butler, VirginiaSoldiersintheUnitedStatesArmy1800-1815 (Athens, Ga., 1986).

Persons born in Tennessee or working in Tennessee appear below with their respective jobs, place of birth, and resi-dence. Not included here are the names of persons without place of birth given. The year or years of publication of the register[s] where the information can be found appears in brackets. These publications also include the annual pay to each employee. President James Madison (born Virginia), employed United States, for example, received $25,000 per year in 1816.

StateDepartmentSamuel R. Overton, commissioner for land titles in Pensacola, born Tennessee [1823, 1825]

TreasuryDepartmentAlexander Anderson, clerk, born Tennessee [1819]E. B. Grayson, customs third clerk, New York, born Tennessee [1825]Robert Butler, surveyor general Florida, Tallahassee, born Tennessee [1825]Robert W. Williams, Tallahassee, born Tennessee [1825]J. G. Searcey, Tallahassee, born Tennessee [1825]Horatio G. Perry, land receiver Cahawba Alabama, born Tennessee [1825]

by Robert S. Davis, DirectorFamily & Regional History Program

Wallace State CollegeHanceville, AL 35077-2000

Page 6: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

62 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


CollectorsofRevenueTennessee[name,countyresidinginTennessee,placeofbirth]Richard Mitchell, Hawkins, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825] James P. H. Porter, Sevier, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Thomas Brown, Roane, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]George Matlock, Smith, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Nicholas T. Perkins, Williamson, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Henry H. Bryan, Montgomery, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]

CollectorsofDirectTax[1816name,placeofbirth,countyresidinginTennessee]Richard Mitchell, born North Carolina, HawkinsJames P. H. Porter, born Virginia, SevierThomas Brown, born North Carolina, RoaneGeorge Matlock, born Virginia, SmithNicholas T. Perkins, born North Carolina, WilliamsonHenry H. Bryan, born North Carolina, Montgomery

PrincipalAssessors[1816name,placeofbirth,countyresidinginTennessee]William Rockhold, born Maryland, Sullivan Joseph Love, born North Carolina, KnoxQuin Morton, born Virginia, AndersonSamuel K. Blythe, born North Carolina, SumnerNicholas Scales, born Virginia, WilliamsonJoseph Herndon, born Virginia, Maury


CorpsofEngineersAndrew J. Donelson, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821]

SecondRegimentofArtilleryF. L. Jones, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1825]

ThirdRegimentofArtilleryDaniel S. Donaldson, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1825]

FourthRegimentofArtilleryEdward G. W. Butler, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1st lieutenant 1825]

FirstRegimentofInfantryThomas J. Ayres, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821]W. R. Jewett or Jouett, 1st lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]Thomas J. Ayers, 2nd lieutenant [1821, 1823]John J. Abercrombie, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1823, 1825]A. S. Miller, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1825]

ThirdRegimentofInfantryStewart Cowan, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]

FourthRegimentofInfantryDavid M. Porter, 2nd lieutenant brevet captain, born Tennessee [1821]

FifthRegimentofInfantryWm. Alexander, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]

Page 7: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 63


SixthRegimentofInfantryW. Martin, captain brevet major, born Tennessee [1821]William Armstrong, captain, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, brevet major 1825]

SeventhRegimentofInfantryEdmund Hall, 1st lieutenant, born Tennessee [1816]A. M. Houston, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1819, 1st lieutenant 1821]Solomon Chambliss, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1819]John Stewart, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821, 1st lieutenant 1823, 1825]William W. Outlaw, 2nd lieutenant, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1st lieutenant 1825]Albert S. Miller, 2nd lieutenant brevet, born Tennessee [1823]

RifleRegimentW. Martin, captain brevet lieutenant colonel, born Tennessee [1819]William Armstrong, captain, born Tennessee [1819]David H. Campbell, 1st lieutenant, born Tennessee [1819]

MilitaryAcademyBorninTennessee[1816]: William B. McClellan, Edward W. Butler, Alexander B. Bradford and Alexander BarrowBorninTennessee[1819]: Andrew Donaldson [Donelson?], Edward G. W. Butler, David M. Porter, John I. [or J.] Aber-crombie [also 1821], Albert G. Miller [also 1821], Marcus Anderson, Nicholas P. Eastland, and Andrew KinnardBorninTennessee[1821]: Frances L. Jones, James G. Allen [also 1823], Joel Mitchell, E. W. B. Nowland, John B. Cox, Daniel S. Donelson [also 1823], and John J. MeredithBorninTennessee[1823]: James Allison, Francis L. JonesBorninTennessee[1825]: James S. Allen, Pierce B. Anderson, Samuel J. Hayes, Robert Sevier, James L. Thompson, J. G. M. Floyd, John Roberts, and W. D. Chappell

NavyDepartmentDavid G. Farragut, midshipman, born Tennessee, Washington [1816, Brandywine 1819, New York 1821, lieutenant frig-ate Brandywine, 1825]Passed for Promotion 1821: David G. Farragut, warrant of December 17, 1810, West Indies Squadron, born Tennessee [1823]John L. Harris, midshipman, born Tennessee, unemployed [1816, brig Spark 1819]Robert Searcey, midshipman, born Tennessee, Independence [1816]Robert E. Searcey, lieutenant, born Tennessee, on furlough [1819, Washington Naval Yard 1821]Geo. W. Somerville, midshipman, born Tennessee, Mediterranean [1816, sloop Hornet 1819, Philadelphia 1821]Mason Wilson, midshipman, born Tennessee, frigate Macedonia [1819]Midshipman Addison A. Anderson, not on duty, born Tennessee [1823]Midshipman Mark T. Anderson, has not accepted, born Tennessee [1825]Midshipman Thomas Ballue, West Indies Squadron, born Tennessee [1825]Midshipman John A. Davis, West Indies Squadron, born Tennessee [1823]Midshipman Alex. H. Mitchell, sloop Hornet, born Tennessee [1825]Midshipmen Matthew F. Maury, frigate Brandywine, born Tennessee [1825]Midshipmen Grey Shipworth, schooner Porpoise, born Tennessee [1825, not on duty 1823]Midshipman Alex’r Van Dyke, Navy Yard Gosport, born Tennessee [1825]Midshipman John Logan, Franklin, born Tennessee [1821]

IndianDepartmentReturn J. Meigs, agent Cherokee agency on Tennessee River, born Connecticut [1821]I. G. Williams, Cherokee agency on Tennessee River, born Tennessee [1821]James G. Williams, Cherokee agency in Tennessee, born North Carolina [1823, 1825]Joseph McMinn, Cherokee agency in Tennessee, born Pennsylvania [1823]Hugh Montgomery, Cherokee agency in Tennessee, born South Carolina [1825]

Page 8: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

64 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Benj. F. Smith, Chickasaw Agency, born Tennessee [1823, 1825]John Tipton, Fort Wayne, born Tennessee [1825]William McClellan, Choctaws, factor West Mississippi, Sulfur Forks of Red River, born Tennessee [1821, 1825]John Speer, interpreter Cherokee Agency Tennessee, born Cherokee nation [1825]John Miller, Cherokee Agency, Tennessee, born Cherokee nation [1825]

PostOfficeDepartmentPostOfficesAlexandria Tennessee, Daniel Alexander, born Maryland [1821, 1823]Alexandria Tennessee, John Hass, born New Jersey [1825]Allajays Tennessee, Andrew Bogle, born Virginia [1821]Ashville Alabama, Archibald Sloane, born Tennessee [1825]Athens Tennessee, Isaac W. Fyffe, born North Carolina [1823, 1825]Beech Hill Tennessee, James D. Smith, born North Carolina [1823]Bean’s Creek Tennessee, Jacob Van Zandt, born North Carolina [1816, 1821]Bean’s Station Tennessee, Etheldred Williams, born North Carolina [1816, 1819, 1821]Bean’s Station Tennessee, John Shields, born South Carolina [1825]Beech Hill Tennessee, James D. Smith, born North Carolina [1825]Bellview Tennessee, Joseph Kimbrough, born Virginia [1821, 1823]Big Creek Tennessee, Danl. C. Tradewell, born North Carolina [1825] Blair’s Ferry Tennessee, Hugh Blair, born North Carolina [1825]Bledsoe court house Tennessee, Samuel Terry, born Virginia [1816]Bledsoe court house Tennessee, Aaron Schofield, born Ireland [1819]Bledsoe court house Tennessee, Aaron Schoolfield, born Maryland [1821]Blue Water Tennessee, S. D. McMahon, born Tennessee [1821]Blountsville Tennessee, James Rhea, born Maryland [1819, 1823, 1825]Boat Yard or Rossville Tennessee, John Lynn, born Ireland [1816, 1823]Boyd’s Creek Tennessee, John Brabson, born Virginia [1825]Boydsville Tennessee, Peter Boothe, born Virginia [1825]Bright Hope Tennessee, David Shields, born East Tennessee [1823, 1825]Brook Hill Tennessee, William Trigg, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Brownsburg Tennessee, David Spring, born Virginia [1821]Brownsburg Tennessee, Wm. Mitchell, born North Carolina [1819, 1823]Browns Tennessee, Benj. Brown Jr., born Massachusetts [1821]Brunsonville Tennessee, Reed Looton, born North Carolina [1823]Cairo or Cragfont Tennessee, John Brown, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821]Cairo Tennessee, William Cage, born Virginia [1823, 1825] Caldwell’s Bridge Tennessee, Thomas Westall, born Virginia [1819, 1821]Calhoun Tennessee, Hambright Black, born Tennessee [1823]Calhoun Tennessee, James S. Bridges, born England [1825]Callaghan’s Tennessee, Hambright Black, born Virginia [1821]Campbell’s Station Tennessee, David Campbell, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823]Campbell’s Station Tennessee, Samuel Martin, born Ireland [1825]Carthage Tennessee, David Campbell, born Tennessee [1819, 1821]Carthage Tennessee, Roby. I. Chester, born Pennsylvania [1823]Carthage Tennessee, John K. Chester, born Tennessee [1825]Centreville Tennessee, Joel Walker, born North Carolina [1825]Charlotte Tennessee, John H. Hyde, born Virginia [1819, 1821]Charlotte Tennessee, Richard Waugh, born Virginia [1825]Cheek’s X Roads Tennessee, David Wendel, born Virginia [1816]Cheek’s X Roads Tennessee, Wm. H. Deadrick, born Tennessee [1819]Cheek’s X Roads Tennessee, D. A. Dederick, born Tennessee [1821, 1823]Cheek’s X Roads Tennessee, Thomas Raddy, born Tennessee [1825]Chota Tennessee, Arthur H. Henley, born Massachusetts [1819, 1823, 1825]Chuckey Bend Tennessee, Chas. T. Porter, born Delaware [1823, 1825]

Page 9: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 65


Chunn’s Store Tennessee, Wm. N. Gillespie, born Tennessee [1825]Clarkeville Tennessee, James Elder, born Pennsylvania [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Clinton or Burfield Tennessee, Arthur Crozier, born Ireland [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Clover Hill Tennessee, Abijah Congers, born New Jersey [1825]Coffeeville Mississippi, Greenberry Taylor, born Tennessee [1819]Columbia Indiana, Joseph Perry, born Tennessee [1819]Columbia Tennessee, Horatio De Priest, born Virginia [1816, 1819]Columbia Tennessee, Isaac J. Dobbins, born North Carolina [1821]Columbia Tennessee, Andrew C. Hays, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Cotton Port Alabama, Wm. Dewoody, born Tennessee [1825]Cumberland Gap Tennessee, Wm. Hogan (act.), born Kentucky [1816]Cumberland Gap Tennessee, William McHenry, born Virginia [1819]Cumberland Gap Tennessee, William Beatty, born Pennsylvania [1823, 1825]Dandridge Tennessee, Hugh Martin, born Ireland [1816, 1819]Dandridge Tennessee, Joseph Hamilton, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]Davis’s Tennessee, Isham F. Davis, born Virginia [1816]Delphi Tennessee, William Store, born South Carolina [1825]Dew’s X Roads Tennessee, Jose C. Dew, born North Carolina [1821, 1823]Dixon’s Spring Tennessee, Robert Black, born North Carolina [1816]Dixon’s Springs Tennessee, H. McMurray, born Virginia [1821]Dixon’s Springs Tennessee, David Cochran, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Dover Tennessee, William Williams, born Pennsylvania [1819]Dover Tennessee, Cullen Bayliss, born North Carolina [1825]Dyer court house Tennessee, Frederick Foy, born North Carolina [1825]Elizabethtown Tennessee, Benjamin Brewer, born Virginia [1823, 1825] Elizabethtown or Carter court house Tennessee, William B. Carter, born Tennessee [1821]Elkton Tennessee, John Hawkins, born Virginia [1816, 1821, 1823, 1825]Embrees’ Iron Works Tennessee, Elijah Embree, born Virginia [1821, 1823]Fayetteville Tennessee, John C. McConnell, born Virginia [1819]Fayetteville Tennessee, John P. McConnell, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Fishingford X Roads Tennessee, Richard Hooper, born Virginia [1816]Fishingford Cross Roads Tennessee, Richard Hooper, born New York [1821, 1823, 1825]Fountain of Health Tennessee, William Saunders, born Virginia [1825]Franklin Tennessee, Ch. McAllister, born Maryland [1816]Franklin Tennessee, Robert P. Currin, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Friendsville Tennessee, William Salter, born England [1821]Gainesborough Tennessee, Samuel G. Smith, born North Carolina [1821, 1823, 1825]Gallatin Tennessee, James Robb, born North Carolina [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Gibson court house Tennessee, John Parker, born North Carolina [1825] Gordonsville Tennessee, John Gordon, born North Carolina [1825]Green Garden Tennessee, Wm. Duty, born North Carolina [1816, 1819, 1821]Green Garden Tennessee, Jesse Haynie, born Virginia [1825]Greenville Tennessee, William Dickson, born Ireland [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Greenville College Tennessee, Charles Coffin, born Massachusetts [1821, 1823, 1825]Hamilton court house Tennessee, Asahel Rawlings, born Tennessee [1825]Hardeman court house Tennessee, John H. Bills, born North Carolina [1825]Harpeth Tennessee, William S. Webb, born North Carolina [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Hartsville Tennessee, James Hart, born Pennsylvania [1816]Hartsville Tennessee, John C. Hall, born Kentucky [1819, 1821, 1823]Havana Alabama, A. M. Walker, born Tennessee [1823]Haywood court house Tennessee, Richard Nixon, born North Carolina [1825]Henderson Kentucky, Samuel A. Bowen, born Tennessee [1819]Hendersonville Tennessee, John Bysor, born Virginia [1816, 1819]Hendersonville Tennessee, Ignatius B. King, born Tennessee [1821]Hendersonville Tennessee, James B. King, born Tennessee [1823, 1825]

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66 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Hickman court house Tennessee, Thomas Porter, born Ireland, [1816, 1819]Henry’s X Roads Tennessee, Sam’l Henry, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]Hillham Tennessee, Moses Fisk, born Massachusetts [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Hillsborough Tennessee, William McDannel or McDonald, born North Carolina [1821, 1823] Holt’s Store Tennessee, James H. Reagan, born South Carolina [1825]Humphrey court house or Reynoldsville Tennessee, Joshua Williams, born North Carolina [1819]Huntington Tennessee, L. W. White, born North Carolina [1825]Huntsville Alabama, S. D. Williams, born Tennessee [1819]Huntsville Tennessee, Marvall Lowe, born North Carolina [1825]Jackson Tennessee, Samuel Taylor, born North Carolina [1823, 1825]Jacksonborough Tennessee, Sampson David, born Pennsylvania [1821, 1823, 1825]Jasper Tennessee, Roswell Hall, born Massachusetts [1821, 1823]Jasper Tennessee, James Chaudoin, born Virginia [1825]Jefferson Tennessee, John Spence, born Ireland [1816, 1819, 1821]Jefferson Tennessee, Arch. H. Harris, born North Carolina [1823, 1825]Jefferson City Missouri, Josiah Ramsey Jr., born Tennessee [1825]Jonesburg or Jonesborough Tennessee, John McAlister, born Maryland [1816, 1819, 1821]Jonesboro Tennessee, David Deaderick, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Kingsport Tennessee, John Lynn, born Ireland [1825]Kingston Tennessee, John McEwen, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821]Kingston Tennessee, Richard Richards, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Knoxville Tennessee, John Crozier, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Lancaster Tennessee, Abner Locket or Locke, born Virginia [1821, 1823, 1825]Lawrenceburg Tennessee, Josephus Irvine, born North Carolina [1823, 1823, 1825]Leaf River Mississippi or Missouri, Robert McCarty or McCarter, born Tennessee [1821, 1823]Lebanon Tennessee, Henry Shelby, born Tennessee [1816]Lebanon Tennessee, Isaac Golladay or Galladay, born Pennsylvania [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Leesburg Tennessee, Math. Stephenson, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1823, 1825]Leesburg Tennessee, Samuel Sanders, born North Carolina [1821]Lenoirs Tennessee, William B. Lenoir, born North Carolina [1825]Liberty, Wilson County, Tennessee, Adam Dale, born Maryland [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Liberty East Tennessee, Anderson Cheek, born North Carolina [1825]Lloysborough Tennessee, John Whitson, born Tennessee [1819]Lynchburg Tennessee, Wm. F. Long, born Virginia [1821, 1825]Lynchburg Tennessee, And. W. Walker, born Virginia [1823]Lynn Creek Tennessee, John Laird, born Ireland [1816, 1825]McAllister X Roads Tennessee, John McAllister Jr., born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823]McAllister X Roads Tennessee, Thomas Batson, born Virginia [1825]McLean’s Mills Tennessee, Benj. Davies, born North Carolina [1825]McMimville Tennessee, Joseph Colville, born Virginia [1816]McMinville Tennessee, Wm. Shields, born Virginia [1821]McMinville Tennessee, John A. Wilson, born North Carolina [1823]McMinville Tennessee, Wm. Edmondson, born Virginia [1825]McMunville Tennessee, Joel Mabey, born Virginia [1819]McNairy court house Tennessee, Benjamin Wright, born Georgia [1825]Manchester Kentucky, Richard W. Russell, born Tennessee [1825]Mansker’s Creek Tennessee, Enoch P. Connell, born Tennessee [1825]Marion court house Tennessee, James Chaudom or Chandain, born Virginia [1819, 1821]Marysville Tennessee, John Montgomery, born Virginia [1816]Marysville Tennessee, James Berry, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Meigsville Tennessee, Amos Kirkpatrick, born South Carolina [1825]Memphis Tennessee, Mar. B. Winchester, born Tennessee [1823, 1825]Metcalfsboro Tennessee, John Rayburn, born Virginia [1816]Metcalfboro Tennessee, John W. Camden, born Virginia [1819]Milton Tennessee, Thomas Powell, born Georgia [1825]

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Milton Tennessee, Drury Connally, born Virginia [1825]Monroe Louisiana, R. H. Sterling, born Tennessee [1823]Overton court house or Monroe Tennessee, James Whiteside, born North Carolina [1816, 1819, 1821]Monroe court house Tennessee, D. Caldwell, born Virginia [1825]Montgomery Tennessee, James Montgomery, born New Hampshire [1821, 1823]Mooresburg Tennessee, Cleon Moore, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823]Morgantown Tennessee, Samuel McCroskey, born Virginia [1821, 1823]Morgantown Tennessee, Moses Scrags, born North Carolina [1825]Moseley’s Store Tennessee, Thos. B. Mosely, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823]Mossey Creek Tennessee, Willie B. Peck, born Tennessee [1819]Mossey Creek Tennessee, William Broyleton, born Tennessee [1821]Mossey Creek Tennessee, Christopher Hanes, born Pennsylvania [1823, 1825]Mount Airy Tennessee, Jonathan Unthank, born North Carolina [1825]Mount Airy Tennessee, Wm. I. Standefer, born Tennessee [1825]Mount Henry Tennessee, Henry Williams, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]Mount Pilot Tennessee, James T. Wynne, born Virginia [1819]Mount Pleasant Tennessee, John M. Daniel, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823]Mulberry Grove Tennessee, David Hogg, born Pennsylvania [1825]Murfreesboro Tennessee, Joel Childers, born Virginia, [1816]Murfreesborough Tennessee, David Wendel, born Virginia [1821, 1823, 1825]Murphey’s Plains Tennessee, George Murphy, born Ireland [1821]Nashville Tennessee, Robert B. Currey, born North Carolina [1816, 1821, 1823, 1825]Nescopeck Pennsylvania, John Briggs Jr., born Tennessee [1819, 1821]New Canton Tennessee, Robert McMinn, born Pennsylvania [1816]New-Canton Tennessee, Philip Critz or Crity, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823]New Canton Tennessee, Wm. Alexander, born Maryland [1825]New Hope Tennessee, E. Bagley, born North Carolina [1821, 1823]New Market Tennessee, Wm. Brazelton, born Tennessee [1825]Newport Tennessee, Augustine Jenkins, born Virginia [1816]Newport Tennessee, William C. Rodman or Roadman, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]New York Tennessee, James Smith, born North Carolina [1821, 1823, 1825]Nixon’s Store Tennessee, George Nixon, born South Carolina [1825]Nolensville Tennessee, James Johnson, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Oakland Tennessee, And. J. Morrison, born North Carolina [1821]Pactodus Tennessee, Elijah Embree, born Virginia [1825]Paperville Tennessee, Thomas White, born Tennessee [1819, 1821, 1823]Paperville Tennessee, George Buckhart, born Maryland [1825]Paris Tennessee, John L. Allen, born Georgia [1825]Philadelphia Tennessee, Robert Browder, born North Carolina [1825]Pikeville Tennessee, Aaron Schoalfield, born Maryland [1825]Pleasant Garden Tennessee, James Campbell, born Virginia [1825]Port Gibson Mississippi, Alfred Foulk, born Tennessee [1823]Preston or Prestonville Tennessee, James Preston, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823]Prestonville Tennessee, W. T. Gillenwater, born South Carolina [1825]Port Royal Tennessee, Joseph Woolfolk, born North Carolina [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Pulaski Tennessee, Henry Hagen, born Pennsylvania [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Ramsey’s Ferry Kentucky, James Frazer, born Tennessee [1819]Readyville Tennessee, Charles Ready, born Maryland [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Red Bridge Tennessee, Cleou Moore, born Virginia [1825]Reynoldsburg Tennessee, John G. Holland, born Tennessee [1825]Reynoldsville Tennessee, W. W. Mallory, born North Carolina [1823]Rheatown Tennessee, John Dailey, born South Carolina [1825]Richland Tennessee, Cyrus W. Murray, born Virginia [1816]Roan’s Creek Tennessee, James H. Fyffe, born North Carolina [1819]Robertson’s Fork Tennessee, John Henderson, born Pennsylvania [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]

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Rocky Springs Tennessee, E. Williams, born North Carolina [1823, 1825]Rogersville Tennessee, Frances Dalzell, born Ireland [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823]Rogersville Tennessee, Nicholas Faine, born Tennessee [1825]Round Lick Tennessee, Armstead Moore, born Virginia [1816, 1819]Round Lick Tennessee, James Shelton, born North Carolina [1821, 1823, 1825]Rutledge Tennessee, John Brown, born Ireland [1819, 1823, 1825]Salem Kentucky, James Frazer, born Tennessee [1816]Salem Tennessee, John Simmons, born Virginia [1823]Salem Tennessee, Jesse T. Wallace, born Virginia [1825]Searcey’s Tennessee, Robert Searcey, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823]Searcey’s Tennessee, William Daniel, born Virginia [1825]Sevier court house Tennessee, Isaac Love, born North Carolina [1816]Sevier court house Tennessee, Alexander Preston, born Ireland [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Shelbyville Tennessee, John Stone, born Pennsylvania [1816]Shelbyville Tennessee, Thomas Davis, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Shoan’s X Roads Tennessee, James H. Fyffe, born North Carolina [1823, 1825]Smithland Kentucky, Wm. Gordon, born Tennessee [1816, 1819]Smith’s X Roads Tennessee, William Smith, born Massachusetts [1823, 1825]Somerville Alabama, M. C. Houston, born Tennessee [1823, 1825]Speedwell Iron Works Tennessee, Wm. Rogers, born Virginia [1821, 1825]Spring Creek Tennessee, Thomas Gordon, born North Carolina [1825]Springfield Tennessee, John Hutchison, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821, 1823]Springfield Tennessee, John W. Ferguson, born South Carolina [1825]Statesville Tennessee, Wm. Bumpass, born Virginia [1819]Statesville Tennessee, Robert M. Linn, born North Carolina [1821]Statesville Tennessee, Nathaniel Dewes or Dewey, born Virginia [1823, 1825]Stone Fort Tennessee, Wm H. Murray, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823]St. Johns Missouri Territory, Isaac Murphy, born Tennessee [1819, 1821]Strawberry Plains Tennessee, William Williams, born North Carolina [1816]Strawberry Plains Tennessee, James King, born England [1819]Strawberry Plains Tennessee, J. A. Thomson, born North Carolina [1821, 1823]Surguinsville Tennessee, William Hagood, born Tennessee [1825]Sweetwater Valley Tennessee, Eli Cleveland, born North Carolina [1823]Tazewell Tennessee, Hugh Graham, born Ireland [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Telico Tennessee, Robt. Thompson, born Pennsylvania [1816]Telico Plains Tennessee, Joseph Philips, born North Carolina [1821, 1823]Telico Plains Tennessee, Michael Correll, born Ireland [1825]Turner’s or Turnersville Tennessee, John E. Turner, born North Carolina [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Unitia Tennessee, James J. Green, born Virginia [1819]Unitia Tennessee, Josiah Johnston, born South Carolina [1821, 1823]Valley Towns Tennessee, Evan Jones, born England [1825] Vernon Tennessee, Robert Murray, born Ireland [1821]Vernon Tennessee, G. Lane, born Tennessee [1825]Walnut Cove or Jacksonborough Tennessee, Sampson David, born Pennsylvania [1816, 1819, 1821]Walnut Grove Tennessee, Alexr. M. Rogers, born North Carolina [1819]Walnut Grove Tennessee, Henry Neblett, born Virginia [1821]Warrensburg Tennessee, Hugh D. Hale, born Virginia [1816, 1819, 1821] Washington Tennessee, James Berry, born Virginia [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]Waynesboro Tennessee, M. H. W. Mahon, born Tennessee [1825]Weakly court house Tennessee, John Terrell, born North Carolina [1825]White Plains Tennessee, Jesse Arnold, born Rhode Island [1821, 1823]White’s Creek Tennessee, James Preston, born Virginia [1819]Williamsburg or Port Blount Tennessee, Francis Shoemaker, born North Carolina [1819]Williamsport Tennessee, Nathan Williams, born Tennessee [1821, 1823]Williamsport Tennessee, Robert Crosby, born Ireland [1825]

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Winchester Tennessee, Ralph Crabb, born Maryland [1816]Winchester Tennessee, John Goodwin, born Georgia [1825]Woodville Tennessee, John Wood, born Maryland [1816, 1819, 1823, 1825]Yellow Creek Tennessee, Thomas Simmons, born South Carolina [1821, 1823]

PostOfficeClerksandAssistantsKnoxville Tennessee, Marius Oury, born Virginia [1816]Cumberland Gap Tennessee, Jacob L. Sharp, born Virginia [1816]Bean’s Station Tennessee, Ethelred Williams Jr., born Tennessee [1816]Nashville Tennessee, James Vaulx, born North Carolina [1816]Nashville Tennessee, Benjamin Franklin Curry, born Tennessee [1816, 1819]Fayetteville Tennessee, James Gibson, born South Carolina [1819]Knoxville Tennessee, Clark Barton, born Tennessee [1819]Washington DC, Thos. L. Noyes, born Tennessee [1823]

PostOfficeMailContractors[allbornTennessee]Nathaniel Davis [1816, 1819]; Robert H. Davis [1819]; David W. Haley [1819]; Lewis Joslin [1821, 1825]; William Matlock [1816, 1819]; John Robertson [1816]W. Matlock [1821, 1825]; James Matlock born Tennessee [1825]; J. & W. Matlock, [1825]; Haley S. Harris, [1821]; James Hollis [1823, 1825]; Jos. Hoover [1823]E. & J. Hoover [1825]; Joseph Powell [1825]; D. R. Rawlins [1823]; andD. C. Rawlins [1825].

JudiciaryEasternTennesseeDistrictCourtJohn McNairy, judge, born Tennessee [1816, 1819, 1823, also judge for Western Tennessee]John McNairy, judge, born Pennsylvania [1821, 1825, also judge Western District]Prior Led or Lea, attorney in Knoxville, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]John McCampbell [or John M. Campbell], attorney, born Tennessee [1816, 1819]Chas. J. Porter, marshal for East Tennessee, born Tennessee [1816]Chas. T. Porter, marshal in Cheeks Cross Roads, born Delaware [1819, 1821, 1823, 1825]W. C. Mynatt, clerk in Knoxville, born Virginia [1821, 1823, 1825]

WesternTennesseeDistrictCourtHenry Crabb, attorney in Nashville, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]Robert Purdy, marshal in Murfreesborough, born Tennessee [1821, 1823, 1825]Nath. A. McNairy, clerk in Nashville, born North Carolina [1821, 1823, 1825]John E. Beck, attorney in West Tennessee, born North Carolina [1816]John Childers, marshal in West Tennessee, born Virginia [1816]Robert M. Gavock, clerk in West Tennessee, born Tennessee [1816, 1819]

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The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was an organization for Union veterans of the Civil War founded in Decatur, IL on April 6, 1866. At its peak in 1890, there were 8,652 posts with 409,489 members nationwide, who held meetings and sponsored reunions. At the last encampment in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1949, 16 veterans attended. Further information is available at the SonsofUnionVeteransoftheCivilWarweb page (suvcw.org/gar.htm).

The Calvin M. McClung Collection of the Knox County Public Library has two volumes of the original rosters of the Tennessee chapters. These are titled “Descriptive Records, Department of Tennessee G.A.R.” Both volumes are available on microfilm. The index is by chapter name and number and by location.

There is no master index for these volumes, and researchers will find individuals listed only under the names of their posts. Entries are on pre-printed pages and include space for information such as name, age, birthplace, residence, occupa-tion, entry into service, final discharge, related information, when and where died, where buried and remarks. The extent of the personal information actually supplied, however, varies considerably. For some posts, it is incomplete for part and sometimes all of the membership.

The transcriptions prepared for TennesseeAncestors includes the most pertinent of the personal information given. Ab-breviations: R=Regiment; V=Volunteer; M=Mounted; I=Infantry; C=Cavalry; A=Artillery; B=Battery; HA=Heavy Artillery

Transcriptions of two chapters of the Tennessee rosters were previously published in TennesseeAncestors: Post No. 1-George H. Thomas, Nashville, Davidson County (Volume 3 #2, December 1986); and Post No. 33-G.L. Williams, Union City, Tennessee, Obion County (Volume 1 #2). Transcriptions resumed in Volume 17 and will continue until all posts have been published.


Name AGE BIRTHPLACE RESIDENCE OCCUP� RANK CO� REGT�1. W. L. Thomas1 46 Beaver Meadows, Pa Witts Fdry Farmer Priv D 25Mi2. D. T. Witt 40 Jefferson Co. Tenn Witts Fdry Merchant Priv G 4Tenn.Cav.3. Will T. Smith 38 Jefferson Co. Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv C 9TennCav4. Porter J. Witt 44 Jefferson Co. Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv G 4TennCav5. Andrew J. Primer2 49 Jefferson Co. Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv G 4TennCav6. James E. Skeen 61 Jefferson Co. Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv C 1TennCav7. Ceutre Lawson3 47 Hawkins Co. Witts Fdry Farmer Priv I 8TennCav8. Levi White 54 Jefferson Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv B 4TennInf9. John M. Spickard 49 Jefferson Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv L 8TennCav10. Chesly Skeen 46 Jefferson Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv C 1TennCav11. William C. Rightsell 45 Jefferson Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv D 4TennInf12. Houston L. Williams 50 Jefferson Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv C 4TennCav13.Tollivar A. Brown4

14. Thos. W. Brown 43 Cleveland Tenn Witts Fdry Minister Priv L 1TennCav15. Benjamin P. Smith 40 Jefferson Co. Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv C 9TennCav16. Thomas J. Washam 45 Washington Co. Tenn Chestnut Bloom Farmer Priv D 8TennCav17. W. H. Maza 44 Jefferson Co. Tenn Morristown Sheriff Priv D 1TennCav18. J. N. Hensley 46 Monroe Co. Tenn White Pine Mason Priv B 9TennCav19. W. B. Sinnard 58 Buncombe C. N.C. White Pine Farmer Priv D 1TennCav20. Jas. Cox5 59 Jefferson Co. Tenn Kansas Tenn Invalid Priv C 1TennCav21. W. S. A. Shrader 50 Sevier Co. Tenn Fair Garden Farmer Priv E 1TennCav22. F. L. Williford 45 Jefferson Co Tenn Oak Grove Blacksmith Priv A 9TennCav23. Sam Collier 53 Jefferson Co Tenn Mausfield Gap Farmer Priv F 8TennCav24. C. H. Skein 47 Jefferson Co Tenn Mausfield Gap Farmer Priv C 1TennCav25. James McMyers 47 Jefferson Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv A 7IndCav

transcribed by Raymond A. Sears

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26. James Oveholt 58 Washington Co. Dris Kill farmer Priv D 4TennInf27. Elmore Edmonds 60 Jefferson Co. Kansas Farmer Priv K 3TennInf28. W. Boling29. William Estes 41 Jefferson Co. Witts Fdry Farmer Priv D 12TennCav30. Andrew Hill 69 Va Chestnut Bloom Farmer Priv D 1Tenncav31. Wesley F. Jacobs 49 Jefferson Co. Valley Home Cripple Priv G 4TennCav32. J. A. Owens 49 Jefferson Co. Witts Fdry Blacksmith Priv C 8TennCav33. Carter B. Talley 45 Cocke Co. Dris Kill Minister Priv E 8TennCav34. B. D. Nolan 52 Cocke Co. Dris Kill Farmer Priv C 8TennInf35. James N. Phagan 41 Whitesburg Talbotts Farmer Priv A 1TennArt36. Moses Sylver 50 Va Kansas P. O. Carpenter Priv E 1TennCav37. William Moore 54 Cocke Co. Rankins Farmer Priv B 4TennInf38. Matthew Boley 58 Green Co. Springvale Farmer Priv K 8TennInf39. J. A. Carr6 67 Tenn Hamblen Farmer Priv G 4TennCav40. Joseph Lyons7 41 Tenn Hamblen Farmer Priv E 9TennCav41, Reuben Neal 45 Tenn Chestnut Bloom Farmer Priv D 8TennInf42. Tip Carson 47 Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv D 4TennInf43. Joseph D. Flora 57 Hawkins Co, Witts Fdry Carpenter Priv L 8TennCav44. James W. Bayless 52 Washington Co. Talbotts Farmer Priv L 1TennCav45. Jesse Rogers 43 Hawkins Co. Chestnut Bloom Farmer Priv L 8TennCav46. James Rogers 48 Hawkins Co. Chestnut Bloom Farmer Priv D 4thInf47. E. L. Turner 45 Sparturday Alpha Farmer Priv D 1USInf48. James Wood 46 Carter Co. Witts Fdry Farmer Priv A 13TennCav49. James Ester 56 Green Co Witts fdry Farmer Priv E 1TennArt50. M. A. Driskill 43 Cocke Co. Tenn White Pine Merchant Priv D 8TennInf51. J. L. White 48 Carter Co. Tenn White Pine Farmer Corpl G 13TennCav52. E. W. Hungate 40 Priv K 84IndInf53. John A. Miller 42 Tenn Valley House Farmer Priv A 9tennCav54. T. L. Anderson8 48 Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv C 8TennCav55. Pleasant Anderson9 51 Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv G 4TennCav56. W. E. Mansfield 53 Monroe Co Tenn White Pine Farmer 1Sergt D 3TennCav57. J. W. Cox10 53 Jefferson Co Valley Home Farmer Priv C 1TennCav58. V. A. Pryor 59 S.C. White Pine Farmer Priv B 9TennCav59. Alex Sartin 65 Jefferson Co White Pine Farmer Priv B 9TennCav60. Robert Mills 69 Kansas Tenn Kansas Farmer Priv C 9TennCav61. 62. J. B.. Fry 55 Green Co White Pine Farmer Priv A 124IndInf63. Alex Walivar 40 Green Co White Pine Farmer Priv K 1IllLt Art64. Wm W. Cooper 43 Jefferson Co White Pine Farmer Priv C 8TennCav65. Ed Quinn 52 Jefferson Co Witts Fdry Farmer Priv G 4TennCav66. William Edington $9 Cocke Co White Pine Farmer Priv D 4TennInf67. Orville B. Thomas 52 Hawkins Co Springvale Farmer Priv D 4TennInf68. Hugh A. McKamy 66 Greene Co Tenn Witts Fdry Farmer Priv E 8TennInf69. Wm Drinnen 45 Hawkins Co Springvale Farmer Priv D 9TennCav70. Wesley Wice 63 Green Co Morristown Farmer Priv M 9TennCav71. James O. Cooper 56 Cocke Co Tate Sprgs Farmer Priv G 1USInf72. John Q. Brown11 63 Va Witts Fdry Farmer Priv H 32Ky73. John Conkin 50 Tenn Loveland Tenn Farmer Priv D 4RTCav74. Thomas W. Thornhill 59 Tenn Alfhse Tenn Farmer Priv C 1R.T.V.C.75. G. L. Collins 51 North Carolina White Pine Tenn Farmer Priv 2N.C.Inft76. Levi N Daniel 64 Jeff Co. Tenn White Pine Farmer Priv D 4TennInf77. Joseph Dennison Jeff Co. Tenn White Pine Farmer Priv B 2TennCav78. T S Smith 50 Jeff Co. Tenn Witts Foundry Farmer Priv G $TennCav79. T. L. Daniel 50 Jeff Co. Tenn White Pine Farmer Priv D 9TennCav80. O R Goan 50 Jeff Co. Tenn White Pine Farmer Priv B 9TennCav81. J W Strange 48 Jeff Co Tenn White Pine Farmer Priv C 8TennCav


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82. Andrew Wood 46 Tenn White Pine Farmer Priv E 17KyCav83. Sol Duncan 50 Tenn Chestnut Bloom Farmer Priv B 14TennCav84. S. J. Wren12 63 Greene Co White Pine Farmer Priv C 8TennCav85. James Inman Lowland Farmer86. Jeff Conway Lowland Farmer87. Robert Goan 50 Jeff Co Tenn White Peter Farmer Priv A 12TennCav88. A. J. Thomas 58 Cocke Co Tenn Lowland Tenn Farmer Priv L 8TennCav89. W. B. Nichols 76 Bedford Co. Va. Witts Foundry Invalid Private G 1stTennCav90. Geo. Collins91. Wm Harris92. Jas. Anderson93. David Faucett94. Levi Adkins95. Jacob Spickard96. Jesse Michael

Endnotes1 Trans 2½ - 942 Died 2-½-92 1Nov 92 at Witts Foundry. Buried Witts Foundry Tenn3 Died 27 Nov 93 at Witts Foundry. Buried Witts Foundry Tenn4 Dead5 Died 16 Dec 90 Mansfield Gap Jeff Co Tenn6 Died 3 qr 907 Transferred to Post No 34. 1st ½ 18978 Trans See Post 14 No 3159 Trans See Post 14 No 316 10 Died 4qr 9011 Died 1-½-97 Witts Foundry12 Died 30 Mch 94 White Pine Tenn. Buried Westminster Church


ObadiahHallFamilyBible (see article right)


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and with

The former translations diligently compared and revised


[page 2] Obadiah Hall and Sarah Bayless was married April the 30, 1818

Obadiah Hall was born May the 13, 1787Sarah Bayless was born Feb 25th 1799

Eliza Hall was born April 28, 1 819Rufus M. Hall was born June 23, 1822

[page 3]FAMILY RECORDNancy M. Longmire was born the 7th day of January 1861Nancy M. Irwin departed this life June the 17th 1895John G. Irwin and Sarah J. Stookesbery was Married March the 15th 1896John G. Irwin and Nancy M. Longmire was married __________ [torn]

[page 4]FAMILY RECORDJohn G. Irwin was born Sept the 30th 1867Nancy M. Longmire was born January the 7th 1861Sciota E. Irwin was born November the 29th, 1892Elijah M. Irwin was born Oct the 21st 1894Jenings Bryan Irwin was born March 6, 1897Wheeler Hall Irwin was born [Nov. 26th ?] 1898

[page 5]FAMILY RECORDGlenn Gatewood was born Feb 1st 1904Boston Irwin was born Oct. 5th 1905 Died Nov 16th 1905Sarah Grace was born March the 4th 1902Infant born Oct. 21st Died Nov 4th 1906Roger S. Irwin was born April 20th 1900 Morrel Thomas Irwin was born Dec. 7, 1909

[page 6]FAMILY RECORDSarah J. Stoakesburry was born December 16, 1867

Bible presently owned by David Irwin, Clinton, Tennessee

Obadiah Hall Bible

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PittsburghPrinted and Published by Cramer, Spear, and Eichbaum, 1822

[page 2J.J. CraigJno. CraigJno. J. craig


MarriagesThis is now bone of my bones—therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh, Gen. ii. 23-24.

John Craig son of David Craig of Orange County North Carolina was Married to Mary D. Wood Daughter of Peyton Wood, of Granville County N. Carolina on the 11th day of November 1805.

John R. Henry was married to Selina F. Craig daughter of John Craig on the 8th of Septr 1835Mary Eliza Henry was born 20th of June 1836Francis Spaulding Henry was born 9th of Feby 1838John Rufus Henry was born the 22nd Dec 1839Jane A. Henry was born on the 19th of January 1842 [strikeout over February, with “A mistake” written in.]

[page 4]Family Record

BirthsBe fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, Gen. ix. 1

John Craig, son of David & Elenor Was born on the 13th day of January in the year of our Lord 1779Mary D. Craig wife of John was born on the 3rd of October in the year of Our Lord 1786Lucretia V. Craig born 11th Decemr 1806 about 12 OClockMartha Ann Craig born 3rd February 1809 about 2 OClockPeyton David Craig born on 3rd January 1811 about 9 OClockSelina F. Craig born the 8th November 1822 at nightEliza Ellen Craig born on the 4th March 1815 about 10 OClockRebecca Jane Craig born on the 11th June 1817 about 3 OClockJohn James Craig born on the 20th of September 1820 about 10 OClock


CasualtiesThe Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up, 1 Sam ii, 7.[No entries]


John Craig Biblecontributed by John Craig of Arizona, a lineal descendant

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DeathsBlessed are the dead which die in the Lord,--they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them, Rev. xiv. 13.

Lucretia V. Craig eldest daughter of John & Mary Craig Died on the night of the 4th of August 1808, being 1 yr 7 m. & 22 ds. old

Mary D. Craig my beloved wife Died on the 2nd day of February 1822 about 12 oClock aged 35 years & 4 months lacking one day

Peyton D. Craig eldest son died on evening of 23rd day of June 1829 from effects of bilious fever in 19th year of his life.

John Craig died on the 5th of June 1836 aged 57 years

Selina F. Henry died at the old homestead in Lauderdale Co, Alal February 1848

[page 7]Celestia Jane Henry was Born on the 20 of January 1841Ellen Maury Henry was born on the 13th of September 1843



Col. John J. Craig was born in Florence, Ala., Sept. 20th, 1820, died, July 31st, 1892, in Knoxville, Tenn. He was the youngest of a large family; his mother died leaving him an infant. He never knew what it was to have a mother care for him in his childish trials and sympathize with him in his sorrows; yet he grew up with the tenderest sensibility of a woman’s nature. He received just such an education as the country and a well to-do father afforded, but his best education was his constant association with the most refined people, the reading of the best books and periodical literature of the times.

His father married the second time, and the young man left the parental roof to seek his fortune among comparative strangers. He did not long remain a stranger, however, as his pleasing manners and gentlemanly bearing soon made friends amongst such people as it was pleasant and profitable to know. He went into the house of Messrs. Wallace, McClung & Co., on his arrival in Knoxville. He remained with this firm for several years and gained the confidence and esteem of all who knew him.

May 10th, 1848, he married Mary C. Lyon, daughter of Capt. William Lyon, one of the oldest and best known families in this State. Their married life was one of perfect happiness and continued in this relation over forty-five years; a beautiful illustration of how two persons can contribute to each other’s happiness. During all these forty-five years Col. Craig never failed to remember the 10th of May as one that had brought him so much happiness. For years they had annual celebrations of their marriage at the place where they first met, and each year Col. Craig presented the Lones Institute with some handsome present. Several years ago he presented the Institute with a beautiful bell with the understanding that on the 10th of each May the bell should be rung to commemorate his happy marriage day. The influence of his devoted wife’s constant religion was a living power with her husband; leading him gently and lovingly over the rough places and temptations of the world.

Col. Craig was a man of spotless life, pure as a woman and as decided as a man who knew his own mind and dared to do what he knew to be right. His views of life were exalted; regardful of others as he would have others regard him; in a word, he was a gentleman of the Old School. He came to Knoxville the second time, in 1854, as cashier of the Union Bank of Ten-nessee, and continued in that position until the bank closed on account of the war. Afterwards he was engaged in business in Cincinnati and New York, but returned to his own adopted home in 1869 and spent the remainder of his life among those who loved him for his worth. He was the pioneer of the marble industry of Tennessee.

Col. And Mrs. Craig had born to them seven children, only three living to mature years: Mrs. W. B. McMullen, W. L. Craig and John J. Craig, Jr., all residing in this city.

He had an exalted idea of life and its duties, and his last days gave us full evidence of the purity of his life. For five long weeks he was a patient sufferer, awaiting the end with a calm resignation; willing to meet his maker, feeling fully satisfied in his own mind that he was ready to go. Kind friends kept him constantly reminded of their affection by sending a profusion of beautiful flowers each day. He often spoke of their kindness and expressed the hope that he would meet them in the beautiful beyond, and sending them loving messages of gratitude. While his journey through this vale of tears is ended, we feel confi-dent that his noble soul is resting peacefully in that beautiful home—the abode of the Pure and Just.

J. A. R.

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The following biographies of the John James Craig, John James Craig, Jr., and John James Craig III are from the book HeartoftheValley: AHistoryofKnoxville,Tennessee, pp. 510-512, edited by Lucile Deaderick, 1976, and published by the East Tennessee Historical Society.

Craig,JohnJames (Sept. 20, 1820 – July 31, 1892), pioneer marble dealer and quarrier, was born in Lauderdale County, Ala., and came to Knoxville in 1839. He married Mary C. Lyon (1820 – 1904), of Knox County, whose family home was where Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital is now located on Lyons View Pike. For a while he was cashier of the Union Bank in Knoxville. In 1858 he began the construction of a house, named Lucknow, which was designed by an eastern architect and situated on a broad hill of eleven acres not far from East Tennessee University. The building was almost completed when the Civil War broke out. John J. Craig sold the house and went to Cincinnati and later to New York. (After the war Oliver P. Temple bought the property from Thomas J. Powell and renamed it Melrose.) In 1869 the John J. Craig family returned to Knoxville. The first John J. Craig and Company, quarries and dealers in marble, began in 1878; the city directory for 1882 lists the office location as Gay and Main streets. Children (who grew to maturity) of John J. and Mary (Lyon) Craig were W. L. Craig (1854 – 1904), John J. Craig, Jr. (1860 – 1904), and Mary (Mamie) Craig (Mrs. W.B. McMullen). The Craigs were buried in Old Gray Cemetery.

Craig,JohnJames,Jr� (Sept.20, 1860 – Oct. 10, 1904), marble dealer and quarrier, was born in Knox County. He was educated at East Tennessee University and at Queen City Commercial College. He married Lucy H. Cage (1863 – 1927), a native of Canton, Miss. During his early career he was associated in the banking business in Canton, Miss., and in Hel-ena, Ark. On his return to Knoxville in 1886 he engaged in the marble business with his father. John J. Craig, Sr., built up the business until it was among the largest of its kind in the South; after separating from the Tennessee Producers Marble

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Company, the John J. Craig Company was reorganized in 1896 and has continued operations ever since. The family resi-dence was at 1415 Highland Ave. Children of John J. Craig, Jr. and Lucy (Cage) Craig were John J. Craig, III (1885 – 1944), Lucile Craig (1887 – 1904), Albert Lyon Craig (1893 – 1953), and Emily Craig (Mrs. William Jay Donaldson).

Craig,JohnJamesIII (Feb. 17, 1885 – July 18, 1944), marble quarrier and dealer, was born in Canton, Miss. He was educated in the public schools of Knoxville but did not attend college because of the early death of his father. He worked in the family business as secretary and treasurer for a while, becoming president in 1914 and holding that office until his death in 1944. The Candoro Marble Company was born in 1914 as a marble manufacturing plant to saw and finish the marble blocks being quarried by the John J. Craig Company. The two companies always have been closely affiliated, and now (1975 ) they are consolidated, with the John J. Craig Company as the parent company and Candoro Marble Company as a wholly-owned subsidiary. They controlled quarries in Knox, Blount, and Loudon counties, and became the nation’s foremost producer of Tennessee pink marble and one of the largest importers of marble in the United States. They have furnished marble for buildings in Knoxville and in other cities. In Knoxville these include the U.S. Post Office (Main Avenue), State Office building (617 Cumberland Ave.), Criminal Court Building (South Gay Street), and interior marble for some University of Tennessee buildings. In Washington, D.C., several buildings were constructed of marble from Craig quarries: the Smith-sonian’s Museum of History and Technology, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations Head-quarters, Australian Chancery, and, most notably, the National Gallery of Art, the largest marble building in the world. Two other marble producers of Knoxville also furnished marble for the last-named building, which was designed by the New York architectural firm of John Russell Pope. Representing this firm in the selection of marble was Malcolm H. Rice, who came to Knoxville for this task in the late thirties. Mr. Rice’s daughter, Joan, later married John J. Craig IV. In 1971, Mr. Rice again selected Craig and other marbles for an addition to the National Gallery of Art.

The home of John J. Craig III and his family was at 6406 Westland Drive (which had been part of the old Lyon property), built in 1926 and designed by Barber and McMurry. He was a member of the Second Presbyterian Church, as preceding generations of the Craig family were. He was buried in Highland Memorial Cemetery. His widow, Mrs. Louise (Lennon) Craig, served as president of the companies for several years. There were two sons: John J. Craig IV, who became president about 1954 and still serves in that capacity; and William Donaldson Craig, who was killed in an automobile accident in 1949. Among the grandchildren are John J. Craig V and Jeffery Lyon Craig who are associated with the family business.

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The complicated and colorful life of John Nicholson pres-ents an excellent example of the pitfalls of the circumstantial evidence that researchers must sometimes use to fill gaps in the records. Born in Bute County, North Carolina in 1762 or 1763, he left a Revolutionary War pension claim that details his service at the battles of Camden and Guilford Courthouse. Surviving records, however, fail to similarly document the details of his life and various adventures in at least three states after the war. He would, for example, be arrested for being a leader in the movement to claim as part of Georgia what would much later become today’s Transylvania County, North Carolina, in what came to be called the “Walton War.”1

His genealogy has proven to be no less complicated with no clear or documented evidence of his ancestry or his mar-riage/marriages. Nicholson’s descendents have a story, going back to at least 1916, that he married Susan Brown, the aunt of the famous Georgia governor Joseph E. Brown. No docu-mentation of that relationship has been found although these Browns and Nicholsons would be neighbors for generations in Pendleton District, South Carolina, and Cherokee County, Georgia. Genealogists of John’s numerous descendents have tried to reconcile this family lore with other John Nicholson records to create a complex scenario wherein John Nicholson married at least three times, including to a Nancy Freeman and to Susan Brown. Several John Nicholsons, not all even clearly related to each other, lived at the same time and area of North Carolina. Sorting out who is which in any record is speculative.2

Depositions in the Revolutionary War pension claim of Ebenezer Fain’s widow may shed light on the facts of John Nicholson’s marriage. In those papers, John Nicholson and a Susannah Nicholson filed separate depositions on June 26, 1846 in Union County, Georgia, about how each separately came to know Fain in Washington County, Tennessee. John swore that he knew Fain before the war and ever since; that

Fain married sometime before he did. Susannah deposed that Ebenezer married in Washington County in 1781 and that she married two years later. Taken together, the depositions imply that John and Susannah married in Washington County in 1783 and never married anyone else.3

A search made of the Helen Hoskins Rugeley, Descen-dantsofWilliamandMargaret(PeggyFleming)Brown (2 vols., Austin, Tx.: H. H. Rugeley, 1983), a copy of which is in the Georgia Archives in Morrow, failed to identify this Susan-nah in Governor Brown’s family tree although his Browns lived in Washington County at the time of Susannah’s 1783 marriage. The will of Joseph Brown, Governor Brown’s grandfather, clearly rules her out as the governor’s aunt although Susannah could have been a cousin. That idea draws indirect support from the extensive letters and diaries of Gov-ernor Brown and his family in the Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscripts Library of the University of Georgia. Although filled with family information, those papers make no mention of the respective deaths of the Browns’ sometimes neighbors John (December 20, 1858) and Susannah (before the 1850 census) Nicholson.

This case study represents how the Revolutionary War pension claims contain a vast amount of information not directly related to just the pensioners. Often the old soldiers or their widows would mention unrelated officers, comrades, and even Loyalists in their claims for pensions. The state-ments made by witnesses, such as the Nicholsons, also can often answer questions, or at least present possibilities, about events that occurred when and where records were all too deficient. No index to the witness statements has yet been compiled. One crude way of searching for such depositions is to search the published 1840 list of pensioners for all claims filed by veterans and widows in the county where your family resided in that year.4

Endnotes1 Revolutionary War pension claim of John Nicholson, S31882, RevolutionaryWarPensionandBountyLandWarrantApplicationFiles,1800-1900 (National

Archives microfilm M804, roll 1820); Mary Jane McCrary, TransylvaniaBeginnings (Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1984), 106-21; Leah Townsend, SouthCarolinaBaptists1670-1805 (Florence: Florence Printing, 1935), 200-201.

2 Jerry A. Taylor, HearthstonesofHomeFoundationsofTownsCountyGeorgia (Young Harris, Ga.: The Author, 1984), 193-94. 3 Revolutionary War pension claim of Ebenezer Fain, R3421 (National Archives microfilm M804, roll 948); Travis H. McDaniel, EbenezerFain:SouthernAppalachianPioneer (n. p., 1996), 25-26.

4 ACensusofPensionersforRevolutionaryorMilitaryServices (Washington: Blair & Rives, 1841). For another example of what is not indexed in pension claims see “George W. Moore in Georgia: an Example of the Unexpected in Pension Claims,” GeorgiaGenealogicalSocietyQuarterly 24 (1988): 182.

by Robert S. Davis, DirectorFamily & Regional History Program

Wallace State CollegeHanceville, AL 35077-2000

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While it is true that Tennessee did not begin to record birth and death records statewide until 1914, most people are only dimly aware, if at all, that many Tennesseans born before1914filed a delayed application for an official birth record with the state of Tennessee. They did this for a variety of reasons—employment records and social security being only two of the most obvious.

Official birth records are closed to the public for 100 years by Tennessee state law. The Tennessee Delayed Birth Re-cords for those persons born before 1908 have recently been microfilmed and released for research use by the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville. The McClung Historical Collection has acquired these microfilm records.

There is a singlealphabeticalindexforall900,000applicants, based on the soundex system used with census record indexes. The index itself is a good research tool, even for records still officially closed, since it lists the name, birth date, county of birth, and mother’s first name and surname initial for each applicant. Some birth dates in this record group are as late as 1913. Records for those born prior to 1900 are in one series. Those born after 1900 are arranged in one group for each year, 1901-1913. Records on microfilm currently are available for births through 1907.

Most individual files will contain a copy of the official Delayed Birth Certificate issued by the state of Tennessee to the applicant, along with the name and residence of the applicant at the time the certificate was issued. A summary of the evidence provided as proof for the birth record is also a part of the file. Unfortunately the family bible records often cited as proof were not copied to be included in the file. Usually one or more individuals provided affidavits as part of the proof. These records open up an exciting new realm of family documentation for thousands of researchers with Tennessee ancestors born prior to 1914. The records should be especially helpful for those individuals born in the 1880s, whose first census records, which should have been taken in 1890, were destroyed by fire in 1921.

by Steve Cothan, Manager of McClung Collection

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 81


ReprintsofSelectedArticlesEchoes from the East Tennessee Historical Society, 1942-1984

Register of Persons Who Wish Reservations under the Cheroke Treaty of July 8, 1817reprinted from Echoes, July 1981, Volume 27, Numbers 2-4

In 1816 the United States Congress passed an act that would make each Cherokee head-of-household eligible to receive a free section (640 acres) of land, provided he took the oath of allegiance to the United States. This act was confirmed by Treaty with the Cherokee Nation, July 8, 1817, 7 Stat. 156, Proclamation, Dec. 26, 1817 1817, Article 8:


This list as originally printed in Echoes was located (1981) by the late Loudon County Historian, Rhea Alexander, in the “Journal and Account Books of the Cherokee Agency, 1801-1807” kept by Return Jona-than Meigs, who was the federal Indian agent to the Cherokee from 1801 to 1823, headquartered at South West Point, now Kingston, Roane County, Tennessee. This transcription was likely by Jesse Mills, then editor of Echoes the head librarian for the Tennessee Valley Authority offices located in Knoxville. Mr. Mills worked with Ms. Alexander to identify the source and importance of the document. The work in identifying and transcribing the document and in locating information illustrates the contributions of these early genealogists to the field. They labored in the days before computers and databases brought these important resources instantly to our fingertrips.

The following is a transcription of the 100 or so names on the list.

From 1942 to 1984, the East Tennessee published a quarterly newsletter known as EchoesfromtheEastTennesseeHis-toricalSociety. The newsletter featured not only organization news but also articles of interest to genealogists. Realiz-ing that these publications are no longer generally available to a new generation of researchers, we are featuring a series of select articles that we judge will be of most interest to our readers. Ed.

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82 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


July 1817 1 James Lasley in right of his wife o 5 Coosa River o - 23 2 White Man Killer x 3 ditto ditto e - 38 3 John Rogers Junr in right of his wife o 8 East of Chatahooche 4 Parker Collin in right of do o 5 West of ditto 5 Thomas Cordery in do do e 4 do do 6 David Cordery do do e 1 do do 7 Henry Vickery in right of wife o 4 do do 8 William Blythe in do do o 5 South side of Tennessee 9 George Fields, a native e 2 North side of ditto 10 Thomas Foreman (Native) x 11 On the road from McNairs to Knoxville 11 Bark Foreman e 2 ditto ditto 12 Archy Foreman e 7 ditto ditto 13 James Bigby e 9 ditto ditto 14 Mr. McDonald in right of wife x 1 Look Out Mountain 15 Daniel Ross in right of do x 4 do do 16 Mrs. Cody x 6 do do 17 Mrs. Nave x 4 do do 18 Eliza Ross x 1 do do 19 John Ross x 1 20 Lewis Ross x 2 South bank of Highwassee opposite the agency 21 Andrew Ross x 1 22 Walter Adair 6 East side of Chatahoochee 100 acres to include a\ lime kill and five hundred forty acres where he lives 23 Mrs. T. Guermeau o 2

[end of page] Amount Brot Over 1817 July 10 24 David McNair o 7 Both sides of Connasauga 25 Edward Odier x 2 Connasauga River 26 William Burgess e 5 ditto do 27 Joseph Phillips in right of wife e 6 Tellico Plains 28 James McDaniel in do o 3 Coyeeta old Fields 29 William Keys in right of od e 3 Waters of Mud Creek 30 Samuel Keys do do e 3 do do 31 Isaac Keys do do e 3 do do 32 John McNary do do x 3 Between Sawta & Crow Creek to include his improvements 33 William Barnes do do o 5 Long Savannah 34 Capt. John Woods (Native) x 1 Boxes cove 35 Nathaniel Peak in right of wife e 5 Island on Highwassee 36 John Langley do do x 4 Chesteetee Waters 37 Daniel Short do do x 5 Chatahoocee 38 Wm. Rackley do do o 9 Ootsterer (Ootstever?) 39 Moses Alberty do do e 4 Hightower 40 Taylor Eldreidge do do x 3 Sweet Water 41 Martin Maney do do e 4 do do 42 John Maney e 3 do do 43 Wm. Henson in right of wife e 5 A,coo,ee 44 Wm. England x 5 Near Chatahoochee 45 Buffington e 6 Head of Highwassee 46 Isaac Vann e 2 Sweet Water

No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks


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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 83


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

47 Wm. Maney e 1 Sweet Water 48 David Taylor in right of wife o 2 On south side of little Tennessee & about 12 miles below Morganton Bigbys old place 49 Thomas Starr, a Native x 2 Connasauga north bank of Highwassee, Enrolled for Arkansas 1818 Feb 50 Uriah Hubbard x10 Wau hough Creek 51 David Duncan 3 do do 52 Edmond Duncan o 6 do do 53 John Duncan x 3 do do 53 (sic) Charles Gordon Duncan o Had been omitted [end page 2] Amount Brought Over 1818 Feb. 24 54 Drury Jones x 2 Battle Creek Mar. 11 55 Daniel Thorn in right of wife x 7 Crow Town 11 56 Alexander Brown, native x 2 Creek Path ______ old place Enrolled for Arkansas 57 John Brown Jnr x 7 Late residence of his father’s Colonel Richard Brown on Tennessee River 58 Thos Jones in right of wife x 7 Where Bill Brown formerly lived 59 James Jones x 3 do do 60 Wm Jones e 2 near do Apr. 9 61 Caleb Starr in right of wife e 8 Long Savannah 62 Austin Rider Do o 8 Tellico Plains 63 John Bean Do o 4 Highwassee 11 64 John Wilson in right of wife x 6 Blue Spring Tennessee River 17 65 Reubin Tiner do do x 6 Highwassee River Enrolled for Arkansas 20 66 John Pace x 5 Wills Creek Enrolled for Arkansas 67 Ahamah e 2 do do 27 68 Samuel Riley in right of wife x 8 South side of Tennessee opposite Southwest Point May. 1 69 Andrew Taylor Do Do e 2 Sitico old town 10 70 Eli M. Holt Do Do x 5 Running Water Town 71 Robert B. Vann ( a native) x 1 Near Creek path May. 14 72 James Doharty Junr e 9 Hightower 73 Charles Tucker 6 Highwassee River 74 David McGloherlin x 7 Hightower 75 James Doharty Senr o 5 ditto 76 John Martin in right of wife o 2 ditto 77 Nancy Graves o 2 ditto 17 78 Benjamin Thompson e 3 Head of Highwassee River 79 Swimmer (a native) x2 Tusquit lah 18 80 Alex. McDaniel o11 Nottlee 81 Thomas Raper in right of wife x 5 Tusquilah 82 Jessee Raper do do o 3 Coosa Town 19 83 She leskee, or Beard x Nottlee 84 Ches quah, or the Bird x Nottlee 85 Kal la ta tee, or Fermament x Ditto 20 86 B. Robert Rogers in right of wife x 5 Cho as to ee 87 W. David England do do 4 on Chatahoochee [This entry has been crossed through with pen] 88 James Ward x 7 Mouth of Deep Creek 89 George Ward x 6 ditto ditto

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84 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

90 [illegible] widow e 3 Chatahoochee Entered proxy for Wm. England 91 Lucy Briant, do x 7 Chunan nee do do per B. R. Rogers 92 Samuel Ward x 4 Soqued (?) 93 Charles Ward o 2 Deep Creek 94 Bryant Ward x 2 Chatahoochee 22 95 Amos Robinson x 3 Little Paintrock Creek 96 Edward Adair e 5 Sase quee 97 Samuel Adair x 5 Chestatee 98 Benj. Cooper in right of wife x 4 Waters of Chatahoochee 23 99 Reubin Daniel do do e 2 Hightower River 100 Evan Nicholson do do e 6 Soc quee 101 May. 25 102 103 104 105 106 107 May. 26 108 27 109 110 Amount Brought Over 1818 May. 27 111 Washing Face, a native x 8 Long Savannah near the pond creek 28 112 Uriah Wilkerson o 3 Pond Creek 113 John Drew x 5 Creek Path 29 114 Catharine Lacy x 4 On Lydrinkers Creek above Sawtee Cave 115 John Thompson x 9 Thompsons ferry north side of Tennessee River 116 Alexander Thompson x 4 North Side of Tennessee at place known by the race paths 30 117 Nancy Merrill x 4 Creek path near paint rock 118 Catharine Cheek e 7 do do above do 119 John Brown Senr x 4 Creek path Enrolled for Arkansas 120 Isaac N. Wade in right of wife e 4 Near Fort Deposit, Tenn. 121 Willis Stephen do do x 2 do do 122 Jno. Shoemake in do do x 3 Crow Town June. 1 123 George Harlin (a native) o 4 Coosawattee River 8 124 John Harlin in right of wife x 4 Little Kiuka Creek west side of Highwassee River Enrolled for Arkansas 125 Samuel Candy, a native o 6 ditto ditto do Enrolled for Arkansas 9 126 The Bird do xx 6 Shooting Town Highwassee River 16 127 Jenney Wolf do o 4 Big Spring on Georgia Road July. 11 128 William Wilson in right of his wife x 3 on Flint River 22 129 Alexander Carter x 2 Mouse Creek Enrolled for Arkansas 28 130 John Stile x 2 Headwaters of the west fork of Flint River 131 Thomas Wilson x 5 Hurricane fork of ditto 132 Giles McAnutly in right of wife x 2 do do do 133 Wm. McDaniel in do x 7 Ool tee wah Enrolled for Arkansas Aug. 4 134 Abraham Davis do do e 5 About 1-1/4 miles south of E Gunters 11 135 Moses Elders o 3 About 1/2 mile from Gunters landing 28 136 Elijah Sutton in right of wife e 4 Tus quit ah 29 137 Kan a noo luskee or Chalange x 2 Flint River Sept. 13 138 Jesse Scott in right of wife e 4 At a spring 4 miles above John Wilsons

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 85


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

Sept. 14 139 Betsey Woodward, a native e 2 Ool te wah Creek 15 140 John Looney (a native) x 4 Creek path to include the place where Black Fox lived and died 23 141 Oo loo cha, a widow x 3 Near Jack Thompsons Creek path Oct. 6 142 Charles Thompson, a native o 3 Paint rock ferry 14 143 Wm Richey in right of his child x 1 Near Tennessee River Nov. 2 144 Iyastah or Spoiler x 4 Long Savannah 3 145 John Hilderbrand e 6 At the mouth of the creek where the public mill in right of his children stands on Highwassee River 6 146 Edmund Fawlin (Fallen), a native x 6 Out the path leading from Crow town to Gunters ferry the center 1-1/4 miles west of Saml Riley & 12 miles on the west from Crown town 10 147 John Cockram in right of wife e 6 South side of Chatahoochee river near the shallow ford 14 148 William Ratley x 8 On Wills Creek 149 George Fields Snr., a native e 8 Southside of Thompsons creek 17 150 Owen Brady in right of wife x 5 Head of Browns Creek 21 151 Silas Shoat in right of do x 3 Near the ford on Willis creek 25 152 Robert Parris a native e 5 Chatahoochee Dec. 4 153 Joel Kirby in right of wife x 3 On Yellow Creek waters of Chestatee 6 154 Elizabeth Walker a native e 5 Pumpkin town late residence of A. Miller dec’d 10 155 Daniel Thorn in right of wife x 6 Lying between Battle Creek & Widow Annatois creek [Possibly Medow Armatois creek] The subject of this reserve was discussed in the presence of Gov’r McMinn, Col Meigs the agent & Wm Walker as approved. This remark was made 18 Nov 1818. Dec. 19 156 Nancy Ward a native e 1 One mile below John McIntoshes on Mouse Creek where the old trace crosses said creek leading from Tellico Block house to Highwassee Garrison beginning at the ford and running down said creek for complement. Which reservation is by her for known causes & considerations bequeathed to her beloved daughter Jenny McIntosh & to her heirs forever. Witness James G. Williams Amount Brot Over 1818 Dec. 28 157 John Speers a native e 7 To include the place where John Miller lives near the Cherokee Agency Treaty made 27 of Feb Ratified 10 March 1819 1819 Mar. 21 158 John Miller a native x 4 Opposite the lower end of Cooyawah at the old ford on Highwassee May. 26 159 Charles McIntosh a native e 5 About 3 miles from Capt. John McIntoshes on the path leading from Cherokee Agency to Tellico 26 160 Betsey McIntosh in right of her children x 5 On Mouse Creek to include the place where she lives 31 161 Nancy Goard a native e 3 On the west side of said creek at the mouth of Battle creek 162 Bold Hunter Junr a native x 2 On Little Tellico at the mouth of Little Notcha Creek

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86 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

163 Auguee [Anguee?], a widow, native x Near the Boundary line above Highwassee old town to include the place where she lives June. 7 164 James Cody e 3 Opposit the loer end of the first Isle and above the mouth of Clinch River 165 Path Killer a native e 5 On the main Tennessee River about 2-1/2 miles above the mouth of Sweetwater creek. There is a ferry on the place 166 Toka Will a native e 6 At Toka where he now lives about three miles above Tellico Block house and 1/2 mile from the river 167 The Pidgeon a native x 3 On Battle creek one mile from George Lowrys 168 The Eight Killer a native o On fier Gizzard (sic) waters of Battle Creek 169 John Langley x On the north fork of little river 170 James McIntosh a native x On Sweetwater creek where he now lives 171 Arthur Burns x At Sawta Cove 172 William Jones e On a small creek between Cowee & Watoga 173 John Welsh x Adjoining Jones place 174 The Trout x Below Cowee town on a small creek 175 Edward Welsh x On Watoga 3 or 4 miles above Cowee 176 Whipperwill x At Cowee on a small creek near the Trouts place Amount Brot Over 1819 July. 1 177 Au to weh a native x Cowee town on the river 178 Ah see nee a do x do below also on the river 179 Axe do x Cowee town do 1819 July. 29 180 Allen Bard in right of his children x 2 On the creek above Major Walkers mills about 2 miles 1819 July. 29 181 Sutton Stephens o On yellow branch waters of Paintrock 182 Joseph Elliot x At the double branch spring waters of paintrock west of Sawta on the road to Huntsville 7 183 Oos te ka he tee o The yohee near Tuckaleechee 184 Tee tah le a x do do do 185 Quaty a widow do do do 8 186 Anthony Billegus a 3 Two or three miles above A. B. Grubbs place on spainard in right of his Cherokee family Walkers mill creek 10 187 Peggy Shory a widow At Big field on Battle Creek 18 188 Tall 0 tees kee a native 11 Highwassee Creek 189 Mouse Pain x 7 Adjoining Tall 0 tees kee 190 Alexander Kell in right of wife Lying in Tuckaleechee old town 20 191 Sour John a native o On chestatee beginning at the mouth of a creek below his house & to include his improvement 21 192 Chocktaw a native x 3 Goodfield Creek between the south and middle fork 193 Bell Rattle do x 4 Little Tellico River 194 Smoke do 6 do adjoining Bell Rattle 195 Situ wakee 9 do one mile below Smokes 196 Tee las koask 3 do below Situwakees 197 Kus kee lies kee 8 do opposit ro caty Harkins 198 Oo wa hoos kee 4 do adjoining Kus kee lies kee 199 Kee loo na hah 5 adjoining Oowa hoos kee 200 Oo wah hah 8 do opposit Bell Rattles

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 87


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

201 Deer in the Water 2 At Wests old mill place Amount Brought Forward 1819 July. 21 202 George Wilson 4 Two miles from Austin Riders Sweetwater creek to include his improvement 203 Alexander Drumgold 204 Gideon Morgan Jur. 3 At or near the mouth of Sitico creek 205 Sally Lowry a native On small creek between 2 and 4 miles below the mouth of Battle Creek provided said place shall not have been taken by some other person there in that case between 4 & 7 miles below said Battle Creek 22 206 Tah esk tusk 2 Little Tellico River 28 207 John Terrell in right of wife 8 On Chatahoochee 8 or 10 miles above the shallow ford 208 James Landrum do do 6 On Wahoo creek 2 or 3 miles above Ed Duncans 209 Delilah Welsh in right of her children On Yellow Creek waters of Chestee at the big shoal on said creek 29 210 Willie Maw 4 Waters of little Tellico Aug. 3 211 Gideon F. Morris in right of wife 3 On headwaters of Tennessee river 212 Ool lah Nettee a native 5 Below the Governors Island on headwaters of Tennessee 213 Yoon ne gis kah do 16 At the Governors Island 214 June Luskey 7 Above Sugar Town to include the place where John Odle formerly lived 215 Jack 5 On Tussenty Creek waters of Tennessee 216 Ca te hee 8 Above Sugar Town on Tennessee 217 Roman nose 7 Near the Governors Island 218 Too le noos tah 6 On Tuckaseedge river 219 Parch corn flour 9 Yekarkey creek waters of Tennessee 220 Steu es tah 7 On Deep Creek 221 Thomas 3 On Tussenty creek 222 Cul Sow wee 7 Adjoining Thomas on Tussenty 223 John Quchey 17 At Cowee Tennessee River 224 Jacob 13 On Shoal Creek 225 Connaughty 9 On Tuckaseedge river 226 Big Tom 10 At Tuckseedge river 227 Antee hale John 2 Oocoonelufta 228 Bag or Sap Sucker 10 On Tuckaseedge river 229 Ark a look 2 On Bighead Creek 230 Coo lee chee 5 On Tellico Creek Amount Brot Forward 1819 Aug. 9 231 We ah skullah or Shell On Cowee River 232 Standing Turkey do do do 233 The Bear Going in the Hole On a creek above Cowee Old Town 234 John do do above do do Town 235 The Wolf On Cowee River 236 John Walker At the mouth of Scotch Creek 237 Tees to eskee or Shaved Head On ditto ditto 238 Kah Kullah or the Thigh Steecoy Old Field 239 John Ben On Cany fork of Tuckaseedge 240 Old Nanny a widow Tennessee Old Town on Tuckaseedge

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88 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

241 Toqentasy On Culloughhee Creek 242 Wha ya kah or Grass Grow On do do 243 William Reed in right of wife On Tuckaseedge below Tennessee Old Town 244 Andrew Bryson do do Near the War ford on Tuckaseedge 245 Terrell Henson do do At Eastertoy head waters Tennessee 246 Templin W. Ross do do On Mill creek about 5 miles from Major Walkers residence 15 247 Polly Smith a native 7 Between 2 & 3 miles from the ford of Paint Rock Creek at the big pond where Law lives 16 248 Andrew Lacy in right of wife Sweet water creek adjoining Taylor Eldridge 17 249 Otter a native About 3 miles above Hilderbrands mill at the mouth of a branch or brook there --Upwards of 4 score years old 250 Wally do do do do 251 Nelly do Lying at the head of a branch above Hilderbrands mills 252 Colo ness kee do About 3 miles above Hilderbrands mill at the mouth of a branch or brook there --Upwards of 4 score years old 19 253 Thomas Harrison in right of his children About 2 miles below John Gunters on Tennessee River 25 254 Peter Johnson in right of wife On the head of Widows Creek Boxes Cove 28 255 Shedrick Biddy 5 On Ball Play Creek Sept. 6 256 Cealy a native (widow) 8 On Sugar town creek 257 Ca to qeeskee 9 do do do 258 Wallee 11 do do do Amount Brot Forward 1819 Sept. 6 259 The Bear going in the hole 5 Near Cowee Town house 260 John Colson 6 On Cah luga cha creek 261 Little Deer 4 Burning town Creek 262 The Tarapin 5 Waters of Do Do 263 Jenny (a widow) 4 On Tennessee 264 Tom 5 Sugar Town 265 Buffalow 2 At the mouth of Tessenty 266 Skeken 4 Tellico Creek 267 Dick 6 On Bighead Creek 268 Too chos too tah 6 On Sugar Town Creek 269 The Snale 7 do do do 270 Six Killer 6 On Tennessee 271 Chu allu gah 3 Sugar Town 272 Ha ne Lah 6 On Tennessee 273 Betsey (a widow) 18 Headwaters of Tennessee 274 Wallee do 3 Burning town Creek 275 Oo san tee take 5 On Tellico Creek 276 Su a ga 2 do do do 277 Ah leach 3 On the headwaters of Tennessee 278 Jack 3 On Tennessee 279 Yellow Bear 9 Burning town Creek 280 The Cat 4 Near Sugar Town 281 The Club 2 Sugar Town 282 Ne ne tu ake 5 Near Cowee 283 Sharp Fellow 4 Tennessee 284 Tah noo ah 3 do

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 89


No�of No�inDates Reservations Names Family PlaceofResidence Remarks

285 Ou noch or Trout 6 do 8 286 Too naugh he ale 8 Near Cowee Town 287 The Old Mouse 5 Below do do 288 The fence 6 Cowee Town 289 Eu chu lah 3 in do do 290 Panther 4 On Tennessee River Amount Brot Forward 1819 Sept. 8 291 Am macher 5 On Tennessee 292 Johnson 4 On Tuckaluchee 293 Old Chunalusky 6 On Deep Creek 294 Back Water 6 do do do 295 Cahu car, a widow 7 Aqua nalufta 296 Will 10 On Tuckaseedge river 297 Chi ule 6 do do do 298 Beaver Toter 9 At a place called the Peach Orchard 299 Chu nes teetee 8 On Tensee River 300 Big George 4 On the waters of do 19 301 John Gunter Senr On the north side of Tennessee 302 The Musk rat On Catuga joy Creek 303 Chiula On the waters of ditto 304 Oo ne was tah On Catuga joy Creek 305 My chutta On ditto ditto 306 Richard Downing At Eastertoy 307 Little Betty (a widow) at ditto Nov. 8 308 The Mink 2 In the bounds of Chota 12 309 Us quelusquiee or Squire 2 To include the place where Cheuve formally lived on a creek called Mulberry 27 310 Moses McDaniel (a native) 2 On Chattahoocha below the mouth of Mud CreekDec. 6 311 Lundy Riley 2 On the South side of Tennesee River opposit South West Point -- Reservee not in possession of land In different hand (ed) 53 duplicates thus making 312 names, 87 erased thus making - 311 In Dec. 1818 157 Deced’ed 140 In 1819 156 Total 311 161

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90 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010



An early Greene County settler and his fatherserved in the Virginia militia from almost the beginning of the Revolutionary War. His mother and sister served as lookouts and ammunition makers in the fort known as Fort Henckel in far western Augusta County, Virginia, deep in the Allegheny Mountains. The location is in present-day Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Johann Christian Biebel (Bible) and his father, Johann Adam Biebel, were both on the muster roll of Captain John Skidmore’s militia company of forty-seven men which operated out of the fort. The fort had been built by German immigrant Johann Justus Henckel and was under his overall command.

Maria Eva Margaretha (Mueller) Biebel, the wife of Adam Biebel, and their daughter Eva Catherine Biebel, born in Pennsylvania in 1756, both are listed as ammunition makers with the mother named as “head of ammunition.”

Less than two months after British redcoats fired on the citizens of Lexington and Concord in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775, starting the Revolutionary War, the Virginia militia company of Captain John Skidmore held a muster on 6 June 1775 at Fort Henckel.

The fort was built by the family of German settler Johann Justus Henckel in the years between 1760-1762 for the protection of his family and other families in the surrounding area along the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River.

The settlement later came to be called Germany Valley because of the large number of German families from Pennsylvania and other parts of Virginia who migrated to the beautiful isolated valley where they felt more secure from Indian attacks.

A few years ago a French language New Testament dated 1672 was discovered, that had once belonged to Joseph Louis Cheuvront, a young blacksmith who served at Fort Henckel, and later married the

granddaughter of the builder and commander of the fort. The New Testament was discovered by Dr.

Stephanie Wolfley-Mitchell of Taylor, Missouri, who earned Master Degrees in history and biology in 2001 from Trinity University and later doctorates in the philosophy of history and the philosophy of biology from Trinity University in 2003. Dr. Wolfley-Mitchell is a descendant of Joseph Louis Cheuvront and other members of the families at the fort. She is in the process of writing the story about the discovery of the


by Donahue Bible

Page 35: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 91


historic book, and making known all the genealogical information it contains about the families of the forty-seven militiamen in the company of Captain Skidmore. Copies of the pages from the old book are in the Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and in the Archives of The Library of Virginia. Photo Library of Virginia.

On blank leaves and on the blank margins of the pages, Joseph Louis Cheuvront, who is said to have spoken seven languages, wrote records in English of each man who served in the militia company of Captain John Skidmore.

He recorded the name, date of birth, name of wife, marriage date, and names and birth dates of the children of the militiamen. He sometimes recorded the origins of the family in the old country, especially those who came from his native Alsace, like the Biebel, or Bible family.

He wrote into the record much about the organization of the fort, and how all the able-bodied women served their turn at lookout duty and also what other duties they performed such as caring for horses, making ammunition, bandages, etc. Two women were selected as nurses at each muster.

It appears to have been a well-organized operation that served the small community well, while sometimes quartering and feeding troops and horses that were passing through for duty farther west. It was utilized for that purpose in 1774 during Lord Dunmore’s War against the Indians.

Among the names and family records of militia members written down by Joseph Louis Cheuvront, were those of father and son Johann Adam Biebel (Bible) and Johann Christian Biebel.

The name, marriage date, and birth date of Maria Eva Margaretha Mueller, the wife of Johann Adam Biebel (Adam Bible) were recorded although Adam Biebel and his wife were born and married in Goersdorf,

Alsace, France.Even the death of their infant son Johann Georg

Biebel in 1749 in Alsace was entered as the first child of their marriage. Cheuvront in various entries about this family called them Biebel, Bible and Biewel. The spelling used in Alsace church records is Biebel.


Page 36: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

92 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


In 1775, Adam Bible was 47 years old and his oldest son Christian Bible was 23 years old—both of military age and both on the muster roll of Captain John Skidmore of the Augusta County, Virginia militia stationed at Fort Henckel. They are listed as Adam Biewel, and Johann Biewel. In German this would have been pronounced as Beeveel.

The names and birth dates of all their children were duly recorded. Christian Biebel and his sister Eva Catherine Biebel were born and baptized in 1752 and 1756, respectively, in Philadelphia County (now Montgomery County), Pennsylvania.

Johann Adam Biebel and Maria Eva Margaretha Mueller were married in the small farming village of Goersdorf, Alsace, in November of 1748. After the loss of their first child in 1749, they emigrated to America by way of Rotterdam where they boarded the English ship Sandwich and arrived in Philadelphia in November 1750.

They soon moved north of Philadelphia to the

German settlements in what is now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where they remained for at least six years. Their son Johann Christian Biebel was born there on 7 January 1752. The record of his birth is found in the New Hannover Lutheran Church. The last record found for them living in Pennsylvania is the birth record of their daughter Eva Catherine Biebel, born on 31 October 1756, and also found in the church records of New Hannover Lutheran Church.

Prior to the discovery of the Joseph Louis Cheuvront records in the French language New Testament from Fort Henckel, the earliest known record for the family of Hans Adam Biebel (Bible) was his 1773 purchase of land in Augusta County, Virginia. This left a “gap” of over fifteen years during which there was no accounting for the whereabouts of the family.

Records for Hans Adam Biebel who by then had become known in Virginia as simply Adam Bible, and his two sons Christian Bible and Adam Bible, Jr., can be located in Rockingham County, Virginia, and


Page 37: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 93


adjoining Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia), in the 1782 and 1784 Virginia State Census.

In the early 1790s as immigrants and their first generation children began to move farther west in search of land, brothers Phillip Bible, Christian Bible, and John Bible came down the Shenandoah Valley and continued their journey to what is now Greene County, Tennessee.

Christian Bible was an early settler on Little Chucky Creek in western Greene County, near Warrensburg. Hundreds of his descendants still live in Greene and surrounding counties, as well as in many other states.

The name of 15 year-old Adam Bible, Jr., is listed with the younger family members of the Adam Biebel family on the pages of the Joseph Louis Cheuvront family records in the old French language New Testament.

Adam Bible, Jr., served later in the Revolutionary War in the 8th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line commanded by Colonel Peter Muhlenberg, the son of their old pastor, Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, back in Pennsylvania. Adam Bible, Jr., remained in Rockingham County, Virginia, until his death about 1826.

Some of the other Biebel children remained in the part of Virginia that later became West Virginia, while others migrated to Ohio.

Phillip Bible, born 1763, and John Bible, born 1767, are also listed in the Cheuvront New Testament as being at Fort Henckel.

Phillip Bible and John Bible later came to Greene County, Tennessee. Phillip remained on Little Chucky Creek near Warrensburg, and John married Rebecca Coffelt in Greene County, Tennessee, 12 July 1796, and later moved farther west to Marion County, Tennessee.

The births and marriages information recorded by Joseph Louis Cheuvront, matches perfectly with information that Bible family genealogists have

gathered from the records of the village church in Goersdorf, Alsace. Today those records are in the Archiv du Bas Rhin in Strasbourg, France.

The baptismal records for Johann Christian Biebel and his sister Eva Catherine Biebel are in the records of New Hannover Lutheran Church in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, founded in 1703 and the earliest Lutheran Church in America.

The Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, father of Colonel (later brigadier general) Peter Muhlenberg, was pastor of the New Hannover Lutheran Church when the Hans Adam Biebel family attended.

Joseph Louis Cheuvront recorded the exact same dates of birth for both Biebel (Bible) children in his 1672 French language New Testament, as those found on the records of New Hannover Lutheran Church.

Joseph Louis Cheuvront recorded the names of other children of Hans Adam and Eva Margareth Biebel (Bible) that were previously unknown to Bible family researchers. Two of them, Susannah Bible and Henry Henckel Bible, were born at Fort Henckel, Virginia in 1770 and 1772.

It was previously known by Bible family historians and genealogists that Adam Bible (Johann Adam Biebel), who died in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1795, had furnished provisions to the cause of the American Revolution. DAR and SAR memberships have been approved on his record as a Patriot.

Although it was known that his son Christian Bible (Johann Christian Biebel) had served in 1774 with Augusta County, Virginia, troops in Lord Dunmore’s War, it had never been known before the discovery of the Joseph Louis Cheuvront records in his New Testament, that both father and son had been in the Augusta County, Virginia, militia company of Captain John Skidmore as early as June 1775, in the beginning



Page 38: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

94 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


months of the American Revolution.Joseph Louis Cheuvront had been the militia

company clerk at Fort Henckel, as well as the blacksmith.

Christian Bible lived in Greene County from about 1795 until his death at his home near Warrensburg in July 1832. His first wife Catherine Folman (Volmann?) died in Virginia. They had six children. He then married Margaretha Speegle(?), and they had six more children. Most of the children were born in Virginia, with probably three of them born in Tennessee.

In his will written in Greene County in July of 1824, Christian Bible named the following persons to share in his estate: his wife, Margaretha, sons John, George, Adam, Lewis, Jacob, Abraham, and Isaac. His other heirs were the children of his deceased son Christian Bible, Jr., who died in 1806, and his daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Sarah.

Christian Bible is buried in Gum Spring Cemetery beside Tennessee State Route 349 near Warrensburg. Also buried here are several of his children who came to Greene County with him in the 1790s, including his oldest son John Bible, who was a lieutenant in Captain Daniel Jones’ Company of East Tennessee Drafted Militia in the War of 1812.

The two brothers of Christian Bible who came to Tennessee, have left only a few descendants in East Tennessee.

The family line of Phillip Bible has pretty much ceased to exist with only two or three known descendants still living. One of the last, Flora Edna

“Blossom” (Bible) Woods, recently died at the age of one hundred and one.

John Bible has descendants in Marion County, Tennessee, and in much of the west, as his sons married into the Cherokee Nation of Indians.

Their father, old Johann “Hans” Adam Bible, who had his entire family at Fort Henckel in 1775, remained

in Virginia. He and his wife, Maria Eva Margaretha, are buried in the Bible Cemetery just over the mountain from the site of Fort Henckel, on their old farm at Bible Run near Brock’s Gap in Rockingham County, Virginia. Their son Adam Bible, Jr., and his wife Magdelena (Shoemaker) Bible are also buried there.

The farm is now owned by John Henry Ritchie of

Fulk’s Run, Virginia, who is a descendant of Johann “Hans” Adam Bible and Maria Eva Margaretha (Mueller) Bible, through their son Adam Bible, Jr.

Maria Eva Margaretha (Mueller) Bible was the daughter of the Goersdorf miller, Otto Phillip Mueller—thus the name. The mill of Otto Phillip Mueller is now gone, but the old home still stands in Goersdorf, Alsace, France. It is still a working farm in a beautiful valley location with a small rushing river running across the front of the property.

The still inhabited home of Hans Georg Biebel, the father of Johann Adam Biebel, Sr., still stands beside the village Lutheran Church in Goersdorf, Alsace, France. This is the home that Johann “Hans” Adam Biebel left when he came to America with his new wife in 1750.

Donahue BibleMohawk, Greene County, Tennessee

The photographs of the village of Goersdorf Alsace, and the ancestral homes there of Adam Bible and Maria Eva Bible, were made by Donahue Bible while on a genealogy trip in November of 2000.

This was long before it was known about the family of Adam and Maria Eva Bible having served at Fort Henckel, Virginia, prior to, and during, the American Revolution.

Portions of this story by Donahue Bible were published by TheGreenevilleSunof Greeneville, Tennessee, in its Weekend Edition, July 31-August 1, 2010.



Page 39: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 95




April 12, 2011, is the 150th anniversary of America’s plunge into its bloodiest war. Known as the Civil War or War Between the States, it resulted in upwards of 600,000 casualties. On that date in 1861, Fort Sumter was fired upon by Confederate batteries in Charleston, South Carolina. South Carolina was the first state to leave the Union, doing so on December 20, 1860.

The purpose of this article is not to provide a recap of the history of that conflict. To do so would be beyond the scope of this essay. Instead, as the Sesquicentennial of Tennessee’s own secession from the Union approaches on June 8, 2011, results on how the electorate in Knox County voted may be of interest to readers of this journal. To those researching their family history, the lists below may help determine whether or not an ancestor participated in this historic vote.


by Frank WeathersAssistant, Knox County Archives

Page 40: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

96 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


The Knox County Archives is privileged to maintain many of the early voting records recording the elections that took place since the county was incorporated in 1792. What follows are the voting lists and results of the secession vote that took place across Tennessee on June 08, 1861. The lists, unfortunately, are not complete. For example, the voter list from the 10th Civil District is missing completely. In other cases, such as in the polling of the 1st Civil District, tallies of the vote are not available, or the list of names is incomplete.

Despite not having all of the voting data at our disposal, it is apparent from the data that follows that Knox County voted predominantly to stay within the Union. Adding up the total number of votes cast in districts where there are accu-rate tallies of the results show a total of 3282 votes cast. Of that total, 2538 voted to stay in the Union while 744 voted for secession. Using this data, 77% of voters cast ballots to stay in the Union while 23% of voters cast ballots for secession.

Almost all of the votes for secession came from the 1st Civil District, which comprised the area of downtown Knoxville. As the lists below will show, in other districts, such as the 9th and the 18th, votes were evenly split between secession and remaining in the Union. In every other district within the Knox County, the vote was overwhelmingly against secession. In some districts there of was not a single vote cast for secession. In most districts, less than 10% of the votes were cast for secession.

Several of the districts have no tally to show which way their votes were cast. For example, in the 1st Civil District, there were two polling places: The Recorders Office (467 votes) and the Market House (311 votes). How did the vote go in that second polling place? It would be speculative to guess, but doing so would not have much effect on the results of this election. For example, 506 votes from this election were not tallied. Of these, 311 are from the 1st District downtown, and 195 are from the 11th District.

Given that the election results in the 1st District in the Recorder’s Office were a landslide for secession, it may be that the remaining ballots cast at the Market House could have been cast in a similar fashion. In the same light, the votes in the 11th District may have been cast in a similar manner as happened throughout the rest of Knox County. The table below represents these hypothetical results,

In conclusion, as the earlier results of the tallied votes show, the results of this election would still have been predomi-nantly a vote against secession by the residents of Knox County. The surviving lists of voters and the polling result in each district may be found in the following lists.

Votes Against For Total VotesTallied 2538 744 3282Estimates 195 311 506Model 2733 1055 3788% of Tally 72% 28% 100%

Page 41: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 97


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District1-R5 Against 462 For

Page 42: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

98 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Gipson, E.Glover, BenGodley, G.P.Godsey, WilliamGoins, W.A.Graham, J.R.Graham, G.W.Grant, J.H.Gray, JonathanGreen, JonathanGregg, N.Gregg, S.Hagens, W.H.Hale, F.S.Hale, C.D.Hale, W.Hall, AlexHall, T.J.Hall, J.Hamey, T.J.Hamilton, S.P.Hamilton, SamHamit, SamuelHamit, MartinHamlin, W.Hampton, J.Hampton, W.Hannen, R.L.Hanner, J.H.Hare, J.C.Harper, A.N.Harr, D.Harris, B.Havely, J.Hazelwood, J.Helbert, J.H.Henderson, T.J.Henry, S.R.Henry, C.W.Heron, GeorgeHickey, H.Hieskel, C.W.Hill, E.F.Hilton, J.Hodge, A.B.Hodges, J.C.Holden, G.L.Holmes, A.C.Holt, J.C.Holt, G.W.Hood, L.Hood, J.M.Hook, R.Hooper, W.F.Hopson, J.Horn, Jacob.Howard, R.T.

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Page 43: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

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District1No TallyTherewereatotalof311votescastatthispollingplace.Thereisnotallyoftheresult.Inaddition,asheetofnamesismissingfromtherecord.


Adkisson, JohnAlander, William B.Alander, J.P.Alander, I.W.Anderson, R.M.Anderson, JamesArmour, A.Aurin, F.

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Blackwall, W.A.Bohan, M.V.Bolin, B.F.Boond, WilliamBooth, ZachariahBosworth, JamesBowman, WilliamBowyer, Lewis

Page 44: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

100 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 101


Reynolds, E.R.Rice, Charles A.Rice, J.M.Ristine, O.C.Roberts, L.R.Rogan, S.H.Russell, MosesRussell, J.A.Sanders, WilliamSanders, W.B.Sands, WilliamScott, FrankSeay, ThomasSeay, R.H.Sharp, AndyShepard, L.C.Simpson, AdamSise, JohnSkagg, R.R.Skinner, L.W.Smith, JohnSmith, Andy

Smith, JamesSnow, P.B.Sortin, ThomasStaub, PeterSterchi, J.H.Sterchi, IS.A.Stillings, GilbertStine, B.F.Stinnett, John W.Stringnell, JoabStrong, B.R.Swan, William G.Swan, M.C.Templeton, JohnTonakin, W.C.Tracy, PatrickVallely, ThomasVinson, F.M.Waddle, SamuelWaddle, DanielWaldron, John M.Waldron, M.W.

Walker, JosephWalker, Thomas J.Wallace, RobertWallace, CampbellWallace, C.B.Waters, JohnWatkins, GeorgeWatson, J.H.Wault, JacobWeatherford, J.W.Wederine, T.White, G.Mc.White, SamuelWickart, F.A.Wickart, JamesWilliam, R.P.Williams, George W.Williams, HenryWillis, William M.Wilson, W.T.Woods, JosephWright, Sam

District2145 Against 4 For

Anderson, James C.Anderson, James C.Ault, J.K.Ault, F.B.Ault, G.M.Ballard, D.Barnett, JohnBell, S.N.Bell, WilliamBird, AlexanderBrooks, J.A.Burger, CharlesBurnett, BlackburnBurnett, G.W.Caldwell, S.A.Chervannes, LeonChevannes, AlberCinsell, H.J.Clibourn, J.F.Clibourn, H.SR.Coker, James P.Coker, JamesConner, W.AA.Crawford, JosephCrawford, J.J.Crawford, J.W.Davis, S.Davis, RobertDavis, VanceDurham, J.P.Durham, JohnDurham, Thomas

Ferguson, JamesFord, James M.Ford, ElishaFoust, JohnFoust, S.Frazier, G.French, A.B.Gamble, M.L.Gamble, CharlesGault, R.W.Gault, JohnGeorge, L.M.Givens, D.Givions, P.W.Givions, M.W.Givons, JamesHarris, S.K.Harrison, ValentineHarvey, IsaacHaynes, A.Hessey, E.S.Hill, WilliamHill, MatthewHill, John H.Holbert, ArchibaldHolder, HendersonHowell, SilvanasHowell, William P.Hutsell, WilliamJones, W.H.Karns, James C.Karns, John.M.

Karns, M.G.Karns, JohnKinsell, John C.Knox, JohnLarew, B.F.Larew, JosephLarew, JosephLarew, BenjaminLarew, Thomas J.Linster, G.W.Love, W.A.Masterson, T.W.McCampbell, JohnMcCampbell, William E.McCampbell, B.McCampbell, John A.McCampbell, IsaacMcCampbell, AndrewMcCampbell, J.LH.McCampbell, JohnMcCampbell, William H.McCampbell, S.S.McCampbell, James M.McIntire, RobertMcMillan, J.Michael, IsaacMinton, P.Mitchell, R.P.Moffat, ThomasMorrow, JohnMurphy, William A.Murray, William B.

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102 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Murray, RobertNorwood, JohnNorwood, T.D.Osbourn, W.T.Parker, J.C.Parker, JamesPreston, E.Ramsey, John M.Ray, R.Roach, J.B.Roach, JamesRobinson, William E.Rodgers, ThomasRoss, WilliamRutherford, J.W.Sanders, DavisScott, J.G.Scott, J.F.

Scott, A.Shadar, FrederickShowaltersShutterly, P.Simpson, MatthewSimpson, Thomas C.Simpson, William M.Simpson, Andrew C.Sloan, JohnSmith, I.O.Smith, JohnSmith, P.Smith, HarveySnoddy, W.AG.Stephens, ThomasSusby, Moses H.Tarwater, WilliamTharp, W.

Tharp, NathanielTharp, WilliamTillery, William A.Tillery, R.M.Tindell, BeriahTindell, William C.Toney, G.Warters, Thomas L.Weatherford, D.Weaver, G.W.Webb, SamuelWilliford, LewisWillis, JohnWood, WilliamWood, M.Wood, M.Yarnell, J.S.

District3140 Against 24 For

Adair, AlexanderAdair, AlexanderAdair, R.A.Adair, DavidAllred, H.T.Anderson, JamesArmstrong, A.W.Ashley, H.N.Banks, JohnBarker, HenryBarnet, RobisonBledsoe, JohnBooker, DanielBounds, J.W.Brannam, LeaBurkhart, PeterBurkhart, G.P.Burkhart, T.J.Burnett, W.J.Burnett, T.C.Byerley, JamesCardwell, John N.Cardwell, W.P.Cardwell, Thomas G.Chanaberry, FrederickChumlea, JohnClower, AndrewCoke, William E.Coke, W.N.Cole, S.D.Collins, J.E.Copeland, W.C.Copeland, WilliamCrawford, Jonathan P.Crawford, ThomasCrawford, T.E.

Crawford, AndrewCrawford, H.F.Crawford, T.J.Crawfrod, P.M.Crippen, James F.Currier, NathanDouglas, James W.Douglas, Jesse H.Edmondson, John S.Edmondson, A.C.Edmundson, J.C.England, PaneEpps, J.D.Foster, Samuel B.Foster, HenryFoust, ChristianFraker, J.W.Francisco, William B.Glasscoke, G.F.Goans, DruryGoans, R.S.Harris, J.J.Harris, James L.Hoffer, W.A.Holder, F.M.Householders, SamuelHuges, WilliamJackson, J.Jackson, WilliamJackson, ThomasJohnson, R.D.Johnson, A.M.Johnson, TommyJohnson, J.C.Johnson, E.H.Johnson, J.P.

Kirk, HenryLarew, H.Larew, G.AJ.Lawson, B.Lea, P.J.Legg, WilliamLegg, A.J.Little, GeorgeLuttrell, Joseph W.Luttrell, J.C.Luttrell, L.M.Major, GeorgeMartin, FoustMathes, BenjaminMcCampbell, RobertMcGoldrick, J.W.McKamy, J.M.McMillian, AlexanderMeek, W.EA.Meek, RobertMiller, WesleyMiller, SamuelMiller, JacobMiller, F.N.Miller, AdamMiller, ThomasMiller, J.Mills, W.Moore, A.H.Morgan, JoshuaMowry, JonathanMowry, GeorgeMurphy, AlexanderMurphy, H.Mc.Murphy, Thomas G.Murphy, J.N.

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 103


Murphy, JonathanMyers, DavidNeal, JohnOglesby, RobertOwens, GeorgePatterson, William H.Peters, JohnReeder, WilsonReeder, A.Roach, A.Roberts, Z.M.Roberts, Jonathan C.Roberts, E.W.Roberts, R.H.Robison, IsaacRutherford, IredellSands, WilliamSheard, W.L.Sheard, William

Sheard, DanielSheard, A.A.Shipe, WinstonShipe, HenryShipe, J.W.Shipe, WilliamShipe, JoshuaShipe, S.NS.Shipe, R.Smith, JohnSmith, T.F.Smith, R.J.Sparks, JacobSparks, JamesSparks, SolomonSparks, LeviStalling, HyramStarr, Joseph N.Starr, John

Starr, DavidStoffell, AbramStoffell, S.VR.Tindall, HyramTindell, FrankTindell, SamuelTroutman, Jacob C.Webster, W.White, BenbinWhite, A.H.White, G.H.Wilson, J.L.Wise, IsaacYardley, RichardYardley, H.Yardley, BenjaminYearout, DavidZachery, James

District4174 Against 19 For

Adkins, A.Adkins, E.Adkins, E.Banker, R.Bleadsow, E.F.Bleadsow, K.K.Bledsoe, G.P.Booker, N.Booker, WilliamBooker, J.A.Booker, P.Booker, G.Booker, G.W.Booker, B.F.Booler, F.M.Buler, SamuelBunkum, JohnBuress, J.O.Caldwell, F.Campbell, B.B.Carter, WilliamCasady, E.Cassedy, JamesChamberlain, N.N.Childers, S.Chiles, H.Clapp, SamClapp, EliasClapp, W.A.Clapp, EwellClapp, H.R.Clapp, HenryClapp, H.Clibourne, C.M.Collet, W.E.

Collett, L.A.Colwell, JohnCooper, GeorgeCooper, WilliamCoram, H.Coram, C.L.Coram, E.M.Coram, F.Corum, J.W.Crofford, E.M.Crofford, H.G.Crofford, StevenDamewood, BostonDavault, M.Dunagin, DavidDyer, William H.Eperson, S.M.Epison, P.L.Falkner, T.Falkner, W.Falkner, JohnFelkner, CarvelFergeson, AndyFitzgerald, JohnFitzgerald, G.Four, H.Foust, L.L.Foust, G.Foust, J.N.Fraker, W.A.Garrett, C.Gibbs, CarrolGibbs, W.S.Gibbs, W.C.Gibbs, R.B.

Gibbs, L.M.Gibbs, N.G.Graham, A.Graves, JohnGraves, JamesGrubb, P.T.Hall, G.W.Harris, JamesHarris, R.M.Harris, J.Hayes, R.Heden, JohnHeziah, TharpHickey, P.Hubbs, H.M.Hubbs, H.Hubbs, JamesImglan, WilliamIngram, P.S.Johnston, J.P.Jones, J.Karns, W.K.Kearney, T.W.Kearns, JohnKeeler, N.Keley, C.Kelley, W.Kelley, N.Knoluton, C.B.Lamb, JosephLemons, A.Luster, W.Meltabarger, A.MC.Meltabarger, G.Mowrey, F.

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104 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Mynatt, H.LW.Mynatt, A.K.Mynatt, PrestonMynatt, K.G.Mynatt, I.Mynatt, W.A.Mynatt, JamesMynatt, M.SL.Mynatt, H.IC.Mynatt, L.M.Mynatt, P.W.Mynatt, N.Mynatt, SawyersMynatt, H.W.Mynatt, R.Mynatt, M.L.Mynatt, G.P.Nash, G.W.Needom, JamesNorris, C.Owens, R.R.Owens, JohnOwens, P.Owens, P.Rails, JasperReach, R.M.Realers, N.Reed, T.Roberts, A.W.

Roberts, T.J.Roberts, J.A.Roberts, HenryRoberts, H.G.Rodgers, W.A.Rumphree, J.Runch, J.J.Rutherford, R.K.Rutherford, JamesRutherford, N.C.Rutherford, W.Rutherford, A.C.Rutherford, W.M.Rutherford, P.D.Rutherford, T.N.Rutherford, A.M.Sawers, WilliamSawyers, N.Sawyers, J.CH.Sawyers, J.H.Sawyers, P.G.Sharp, IsaacSharp, W.S.Sharp, T.Sharp, V.R.Sharp, JohnSharp, JamesSharp, JohnShipe, John

Skaggs, Eli.Skaggs, W.L.Slagal, JosephStair, A.Tailer, JohnTarver, W.H.Tarver, R.R.Taylor, J.Tharp, J.Tharp, JohnTharp, JaryThompson, J.JA.Thompson, W.Tittles, C.Trout, M.F.Trout, W.Troutt, WilliamWalker, A.EC.Walker, JohnWard, S.V.Warick, A.Weberster, W.Weberster, S.Willison, P.Willson, A.K.Willson, G.Wurick, M.VB.Zachery, G.Zachery, John

District5A128 Against 11 For

Akims, JonathanBarnwell, J.P.Bayless, G.C.Bayless, T.Blain, William W.Brack, H.Bradley, G.W.Bright, DanielBright, WilliamBright, H.Bright, E.R.Bright, J.W.Bright, M.Bright, R.H.Bright, W.Brock, H.Caldwell, W.Caldwell, H.Caldwell, R.Campbell, J.C.Carnes, William B.Carnes, M.Carnes, T.H.Carns, A.C.

Carpath, AlexanderCarpenter, JamesCarpenter, L.Clapp, JamesClapp, N.Coonts, J.E.Cox, Joseph R.Cox, M.Cox, D.C.Crippen, JamesCrippen, O.H.Davies, W.H.Davis, T.Draper, T.Draper, P.S.Faulkner, J.G.Faulkner, EzekielFlaye, J.Foust, DanielFoust, JohnGaut, R.George, P.Gett, J.N.Gibbs, R.M.

Gibbs, G.W.Gibbs, P.W.Gibbs, JohnGibbs, W.D.Gibbs, N.T.Graham, J.C.Graham, G.W.Hall, G.C.Hall, Z.Hansard, A.G.Hansard, F.J.Hansard, J.Harbison, G.W.Harbison, W.B.Harbison, J.AM.Hartley, B.J.Hill, W.Hutchison, G.W.Ingraham, J.T.Johnson, A.Johnson, W.E.Johnson, G.W.Jones, WilliamKirkpatrick, F.M.

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 105


Kirkpatrick, R.Kirkpatrick, R.M.Kirkpatrick, C.Kirkpatrick, J.Larew, J.M.Legreece, SamuelLewis, C.Lingo, J.Luster, G.Luster, J.Luttrell, J.H.Major, EliMajor, J.S.Major, C.M.Major, JohnManley, I.A.Martin, J.M.Mawry, JohnMcClain, J.H.Mchaffey, W.R.McPatrage, W.Meltaberger, J.Meynath, M.H.

Miller, J.D.Monday, W.Mynatt, J.H.Neal, J.F.Neel, JamesNelson, D.W.Nelson, J.Nelson, P.L.Norris, M.Ouseley, C.Parker, J.H.Parker, R.M.Peterson, W.Picke, J.Picks, B.Plaster, G.W.Rady, J.N.Rady, W.B.Rady, JosiahRady, N.L.Rentfro, J.Rutherford, GeorgeSharp, William I.

Sharp, E.Shell, James S.Shell, S.FT.Shell, L.C.Shell, W.Shelton, W.R.Skaggs, F.Smith, J.T.Smith, C.M.Smith, B.F.Tindell, G.W.Tindell, G.W.Underwood, T.Underwood, J.Warren, M.C.Warren, HenryWarwick, C.S.Weaver, DavidWilliams, J.Woods, R.S.Woods, D.M.

District5B136 Against 9 For

Adkins, NathanAilor, JamesAilor, NicholasAilor, WilliamAilor, SamuelBayles, IsaacBayles, WilliamBledsoe, RibenBradun, WilliamBranson, EnochBright, JohnBrown, HughBuckhart, M.T.Buckner, J.C.Bullard, HenryBullard, JohnBullard, IsaacBullard, IsaacBurton, JesseCarey, A.N.Casity, GeorgeCasity, AndrewChandler, JospehClap, CalvinCooper, ThomasCooper, NicholasCooper, C.R.Cox, CaswellCox, JohnCox, S.C.Cox, Isaac

Damewood, McCasterDavis, ClaiborneDavis, WesleyDavis, ClaborneDelap, SamuelDraper, ThomasEvans, JesseFalkner, James M.Garret, ReubenGentry, adisonGentry, IsaacGentry, CharlesGentry, IsaacGeorge, T.WL.George, HenryGeorge, GabrielGeorge, JamesGeorge, WilliamGeorge, ElisaGideon, RandolphGraves, ChristianGraves, GideonGraves, AkilenGraves, GeorgeGraves, HenryGraves, CalvinGraves, JohnGraves, George W.Gwin, FranklinHancock, OstenHankins, Eli

Hankins, DanielHansard, A.B.Hardy, HenryHardy, Thomas J.Hill, JohnHill, AprilHills, DavidsonHubs, StevenHunley, GordonIrick, JohnJenkins, S.D.Jenkins, JosephJohnson, GeorgeJohnson, C.L.Johnson, John T.Johnson, SterlingJohnson, LewisKeese, WilliamLangwith, ThomasLay, JacobLay, JohnLedgerwood, A.P.Ledgerwood, E.M.Ledgerwood, J.L.Lewis, James H.Longwith, JohnLovell, Samuel M.Marten, GeorgeMarten, JonathanMarten, P.A.Martin, James

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106 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Mclane, AmbresMcLane, AsaMeltabarger, RilyMeltabarger, JacobMeltabarger, W.C.Miller, WilliamMiller, JohnMiller, JacobMiller, R.M.Miller, JacobMiller, F.W.Miller, AlfredMiller, John W.Miller, J.W.Narress, BlainOaks, IsaacOusley, JosephOusley, Christian

Ousley, ElaOusley, G.P.Pratt, WillesRoberts, JosephRoberts, W.L.Salling, JosephSalling, JohnSharp, F.B.Sharp, JacobShelton, JohnShort, JamesSkaggs, JohnSkaggs, WilliamSkaggs, ElvinSkaggs, CharlesSmith, DavidSnodgrass, NewtonStevens, Wright

Tharp, SamuelTrout, A.J.Tucker, MatthewTurner, WilliamWalles, WilliamWarwick, HadenWarwick, EwellWarwick, HarrisonWawls, WilliamWilliams, BenjaminWilliams, SilesWood, JohnWood, SolomonWorwick, SamuelWyrick, RufusWyrick, Jefferson

District6186 Against 0 For

Alley, E.T.Anderson, JohnAultam, N.Baker, A.Beech, J.Beeman, B.Beet, G.Bell, W.Birdwell, C.Birdwell, J.Blackburn, L.Blanton, W.Bradley, J.W.Bradley, E.Bradley, J.Bradton, W.Brown, G.D.Brown, W.Brown, J.N.Brucuthos, A.Cale, T.Cales, J.Caleston, P.Camen, J.M.Cames, H.Canen, R.Canen, J.W.Caner, I.Y.Caplan, W.Carew, R.J.Carns, H.Childes, C.Childes, J.H.Childress, J.Childress, A.B.Childress, W.M.

Childress, Dowel TP.Childress, E.Childress, R.Cockrum, M.Cocks, W.Coffman, D.Cofman, T.A.Conen, R.Coner, J.Coner, W.R.Coplin, H.Y.Cots, W.Y.Cots, J.Cots, S.Cots, R.Cots, H.Cox, S.Cox, J.Cox, C.Cox, L.Daile, J.Davis, A.Davis, W.Davis, A.Dickens, W.Draper, J.B.Foust, C.Fraken, G.Fraker, J.Fraker, H.Gamon, W.C.George, L.Gilby, F.N.Gillem, J.Gilpit, S.Graham, R.

Graham, M.Graham, J.Graham, W.Grahamhan, R.Grasser, T.Griff, J.Guess, J.Hackney, T.C.Halburt, S.Hall, W.HB.Hanens, J.Hansan, F.C.Hansard, R.Haven, J.Heath, E.Hensley, C.Henson, W.Hill, T.Hill, M.Hill, J.M.Hill, M.Holben, J.Hulburt, S.Hull, J.M.Hunson, J.N.Hupland, J.Hutchison, J.Inick, S.Irick, W.Jackson, A.Jackson, J.Jett, J.W.Jett, W.H.Jett, J.W.Jett, J.Jett, William

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 107


Jett, W.F.Jinkins, W.B.Julian, C.H.Kamers, F.Kirk, A.M.Kirk, J.W.Kirk, W.R.Kirk, J.Lawson, W.T.Lay, G.Lay, D.Lecy, W.B.Lewis, J.Luttrell, g.Maguire, C.M.Mare, W.Markum, J.Mayes, P.Mchaffey, J.Mchaffey, W.F.Mchaffey, J.Mcot, J.Meredith, J.Miller, J.Miller, H.Minet, P.C.

Napel, J.Nelson, H.Nickles, R.Pauler, J.W.Paxton, J.Poole, J.E.Powel, W.N.Powell, N.Rads, M.Reden, W.Roberson, E.Roberts, DJ.Robertson, T.Rocklakel, T.Roels, J.SSander, M.Seay, A.J.Smith, W.Somers, W.Spissen, J.Stanlen, W.Stanley, W.Stanley, J.Thomas, A.Tunner, J.

Vanatt, P.G.Vandergriff, J.Vandergrift, C.Vandergrift, J.Wallace, S.Wallace, C.W.Wallace, L.Warick, M.E.Warunch, W.Weaver, JohnWeaver, W.M.Weber, J.White, J.B.Williams, H.Williams, S.Williams, JacksonWilliams, G.Williams, J.Williams, S.Williams, J.Wood, R.H.Wood, N.Woods, J.F.Wyrick, B.Yall, J.

District7166 Against 9 For

Alley, John W.Alley, T.E.Allred, E.D.Atkins, MartinAyles, James M.Bayless, LeroyBelo, P.D.Bile, J.CS.Blackwell, J.G.Blackwell, J.ES.Bolton, TandyBradley, ElijahBradley, WileyBradley, JamesBradley, M.G.Bradley, ThomasBright, J.M.Brown, J.G.Brown, Van.Brown, J.L.Brown, J.F.Brown, R.L.Caldwell, WilliamCaldwell, ThomasCaldwell, FranklinCaldwell, JohnCaldwell, BenjaminCaldwell, Alexander

Carnes, G.W.Cline, ArchibaldCoffman, T.K.Coner, JosiahConor, ThomasCoupland, F.M.Coupland, W.B.Cox, JamesCox, MosesCox, JohnCox, CurdCunningham, W.M.Demarcus, BradfordDew, G.R.Dozier, B.Duke, G.W.Edmison, G.R.Elkins, JamesElkins, SpencerElkins, PatenEzell, JohnEzell, LouisFarmer, IsomFlanagan, SamuelFoust, LouisFoust, IsaacFrazier, BariahGammon, Louis

Gault, H.P.Gault, T.M.Gault, T.A.Graybill, JacobGraybill, JamesGraybill, AlexanderHale, AbsalomHale, A.C.Hale, W.B.Hale, S.A.Hale, B.R.Hale, T.C.Hale, W.M.Hale, JamesHall, EdmondHall, W.RK.Hall, B.T.Hall, PulaskiHall, WilliamHall, E.W.Hankins, JohnHankins, J.G.Huckinson, WilsonHunter, JohnHunter, W.H.Hunter, J.L.Hunter, JamesHunter, Jackson

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108 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Hutchinson, WilliamJett, JeffersonKirkpatrick, JohnKirkpatrick, RobertLammie, W.R.Larew, G.W.Larew, HoraceLarew, JosephLarew, ShanonLedgerwood, WilliamLong, ThomasLosson, ElishaMcCall, D.N.McClane, AlanMcCloud, LeviMcCloud, J.M.McCloud, JohnMcCloud, JohnMcCloud, WilliamMcMillen, AlexanderMiller, LouisMitchele, W.A.Mitchell, A.H.Moneymaker, PhilipMynatt, J.C.Mynatt, M.S.Mynatt, JohnMynatt, Joseph A.Mynatt, JohnMynatt, JosephMynatt, Spencer

Mynatt, J.B.Mynatt, RichardNelson, JamesOdell, O.A.Ogg, James A.Ogg, H.C.Ogg, M.Parker, D.A.Parker, JohnParker, JesseParker, JesseParker, J.R.Parker, Willson M.Parker, H.C.Powell, AlexanderRentfrow, JohnRentfrow, F.M.Rentfrow, CalvinRentfrow, StephenRiley, ThomasRoberts, G.M.Roberts, JamesRoberts, E.S.Rooms, GeorgeSmith, GeorgeSmith, R.M.Smith, A.F.Smith, WilliamStanley, J.M.Stanley, G.W.Stephens, Allen

Stormer, HughStrader, C.H.Strader, JamesStrader, P.N.Strader, DanielSumpter, HiramTillery, JohnTindell, JohnTindell, CharlesTindell, G.T.Tindell, AbnerTolston, JohnTucker, S.B.Umfreys, JosephVarner, P.P.Varner, G.T.Weaver, BuckWeaver, CalvinWeaver, DuncanWeaver, WilliamWeaver, WilliamWeaver, WilliamWelch, TandyWelch, PeterWilliams, ThomasYork, K.B.York, JohnYork, C.B.York, J.B.

District8180 Against 28 For

Alison, J.M.Armstrong, F.A.Arthur, WilliamBeets, W.Bell, S.B.Bell, W.Bell, J.S.Bell, F.N.Bell, James D.Bell, R.M.Benson, S.D.Berry, Joseph D.Berry, Hu.L.Bill, James S.Bishop, F.D.Bishop, A.P.Bishop, E.Bishop, AlexanderBishop, J.M.Brown, J.D.Brown, J.M.Brown, MaxwellBrown, H.R.

Brown, L.W.Brushinham, DanielBryant, S.Burchell, ThomasBurchell, WilliamCalahan, DanCasey, T.J.Cay, PartickChenowith, RichardCoal, JamesConie, TimConner, JerryConner, JonathanCooper, RobertCooper, IsaacCooper, JamesCooper, SamuelCox, A.Cox, EliCrawford, EnochDavidson, H.Davis, DanielDoud, Daniel

Dowell, E.W.Eagon, BatEdington, JonathanFerreter, JamesFitzgerell, EdmondFoley, JonathanFox, J.W.Fox, Jonathan C.Gentry, WilliamGentry, G.W.Gentry, James O.Gentry, P.F.Graham, WilliamGrills, P.R.Groner, WillsonGwire, PatrickHaise, JamesHall, A.G.Hanes, W.F.Hanes, B.B.Hanes, JamesHarrison, R.A.Hase, James

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 109


Hase, E.Hedgepath, ThomasHerrell, A.Herrell, JonathanHester, H.Hickey, C.Higgins, DanielHill, James A.Hill, WilliamHilland, NoahHodge, W.Hoover, A.Ingram, J.G.Johnson, NathanJohnson, IsaacJohnson, ElijahJohnson, JonathanKarnes, PatrickKarnes, C.W.Keith, ThomasKeith, A.S.Keith, A.J.Keith, S.S.Keith, S.H.Keith, AndrewKennedy, DanielLawhorn, J.ThomasLealey, A.Leasly, MartinLeesan, R.E.Lones, Jonathan H.Loud, JosephLove, SamuelLucas, A.J.Lucas, JonathanLusmell, JonathanMalone, DennisMangrum, JamesMarshal, RichardMcBee, AlexanderMcBee, C.McBee, H.McCane, James H.McCane, JamesMcCarty, DennisMcClane, A.G.McClellan, William

McDaniel, JonathanMcDonnell, WadeMcLane, SamuelMcNutt, H.S.Medlock, W.D.Medlock, J.C.Messimore, J.D.Minor, DanielMonday, R.A.Moriatta, MichaelMoriatta, JamesMurray, CharlesMusie, JamesNeily, JonathanNorman, H.Norman, S.S.Norman, M.J.O'Conner, MichaelO'Conner, P.Offutt, J.F.Offutt, M.A.Offutt, Jonathan D.Osburn, JamesOsburn, J.M.Parham, BenjaminParker, D.W.Parker, WilliamPerson, G.B.Pilleaux, JacobPollard, GeorgePorterfield, RichardPrice, JamesPrince, R.Ragsdale, L.F.Ragsdale, J.M.Ramsey, William S.Ray, S.D.Redic, JonathanRey, JonathanReynolds, W.W.Rhodes, MatthewRhodes, RichisonRoberts, J.M.Sartin, JoshuaSartin, C.Sartin, AlexSartin, Eli

Schoolfield, JosephShay, JonathanSpradlin, J.M.Spradlin, NathanStallcup, SamuelSterche, F.H.Stonecipher, A.Stonecipher, T.H.Sulivan, JonathanSusan, J.W.Swaine, DanielSweet, VincentTanner, F.Terrell, Jonathan D.Tillery, A.C.Tillery, R.C.Tipton, JonothanTrout, WilliamVailen, PatrickVaughn, JeffersonWaldron, JonathanWates, WilliamWeaver, TimothyWeaver, D.Weaver, A.M.Weaver, J.Weaver, JonathanWeaver, WilliamWilkinson, B.F.Williams, H.Williams, JamesWing, E.N.Wolfenbarger, A.Wolihan, M.Wood, F.M.Wood, CalvinWood, AlfredWood, R.M.Wood, R.K.Wood, JonathanYarnell, F.M.Yarnell, M.W.York, R.A.York, SamuelYork, N.A.

District938 Against 42 For

Bird, N.Bird, RobertBurger, JamesChambers, IsaacCobb, C.Y.Cobb, E.A.Cobb, S.L.

Cocks, J.L.Craig, JamesCrase, JacobCristain, W.L.Deavers, JohnDickey, BenjaminDickey, D.D.

Galaher, DavidGalaher, WilliamGilbert, JohnGrant, Isaac C.Grant, IsaacGrub, I.G.Gruber, Joseph

Page 54: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

110 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Hall, A.B.Harden, J.S.Harden, G.G.Harden, JacksonHarden, R.W.Hardin, GeorgeHardin, JosephHardin, AmosHardin, JamesHardin, HerschelHedgecock, TomasHedgecokck, W.E.Herren, LeonardHoalt, JoelHoward, C.L.Johnson, FrancesKincade, W.S.King, G.H.Lawhorn, N.

Ledsinger, A.J.Ledsinger, L.P.Ledsinger, WilliamLee, SamuelLee, LewisLee, NinuenMcanah, PhilipMcClure, WilliamMcClure, RobertMcClure, HamiltonMoats, JonathanMoats, AlbertMorkins, N.C.Munger, G.G.Orr, SandersParton, RilaScarberry, WilliamScarberry, T.C.Scarbery, James

Seciners, TillerySmith, WilliamSmith, JamesSmith, JamesSmith, AdamSoward, JoshuaSpears, WashingtonStallcup, EliasSteel, NinuenStubs, JersySwan, G.M.Taylor, J.S.Taylor, J.L.Vincent, G.W.Vincent, DanielWalker, WilliamWatt, J.I.Wilkins, RichardWilliams, George

District11No Talley

Adel, H.D.Ault, Stephen B.Austin, SamuelBadgett, S.E.Baker, L.B.Baker, JamesBaker, MorganBaker, W.J.Baker, HarryBallard, JohnBallard, JamesBarger, JacobBarger, John P.Barger, JmaesBeal, WilliamBean, Henry A.Bean, WilliamBean, John P.Bean, Riley B.Bean, JohnBean, Samuel F.Bearden, CharlesBearden, W.H.Bearden, T.J.Bearden, B.F.Bennett, Rufus M.Blanton, George W.Bleurier, JohnBond, GeorgeBowman, JosephBowman, CarterBrandon, William C.Browder, DoriasBunton, WilliamCaton, Levi

Coker, WilliamCoker, JoelCoker, JohnCoker, M.P.Coon, MichaelCottrell, SamuelCottrell, J.H.Cottrell, William L.Crawford, Irodell H.Currier, JohnCurrier, JamesCurrier, WilliamCurrier, WilliamDaly, James H.Daniel, WoodsonDay, ThomasDebusk, BenjaminDoughty, BenjaminDuncan, S.H.Duncan, W.S.Ellis, BenjaminEngland, RichardFarr, GreenFifer, JohnFifer, James M.Fitzgerald, Andrew J.French, John F.Gardner, L.Gheen, JannsGheen, WilliamGheen, ThomasGilson, S.L.Granite, Francis M.Gravitt, F.O.Gray, James

Gray, MarshalGrey, IsaacGrey, Samuel M.Grey, RobertGrills, James R.Hackney, James A.Hackney, HiramHall, J.C.Hankins, D.S.Harrison, William H.Harrison, WilliamHeiskill, F.S.Hensley, JohnHensley, JacobHenson, William O.Henson, WilliamHerson, JohnHolbs, Samuel H.Hunt, JohnHunt, HenryJohnson, John A.Johnson, R.P.Jordon, ThomasKeller, F.S.Kennedy, WilliamKennedy, JamesKennedy, WilliamKidd, MicagaKing, Robert F.King, DanielLea, MarkLea, William L.Lea, SethLogan, John M.Lonas, Joseph

Page 55: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 111


Lonas, S.R.Lonas, G.H.Lonas, W.B.Loudon, John G.Luttrell, James C.Lyon, Thomas C.Lyon, WilliamMalone, WilliamMalone, WilliamMarcuell, H.N.Marcum, W.T.McClain, StephenMcClelland, NealMcClelland, James M.McClelland, MatthewMcCulloh, A.N.McMullen, DanielMcMullen, JamesMcMullen, John M.Miller, John H.Moore, WilliamMountcastle, WilliamsMusic, DavidNealey, RalstonNealy, W.B.Nelson, DavidNelson, DavidNewbill, G.W.Nott, EmmetOdell, E.G.Ogle, Thomas

Ore, JacobOre, R.P.Osborne, WilliamParham, ThomasParham, B.W.Poston, WilliamPrice, G.W.Price, IsaacPrice, JamesPrice, ThomasPrice, JamesReeder, G.H.Reynolds, GeorgeReynolds, JamesRoberts, JoshuaRouse, Henry H.Rudder, R.P.Scates, ZebedeeScates, ZachariaScates, JosephScott, M.A.Scott, H.B.Scott, JohnScott, ReubenScott, William T.Scott, M.T.Scott, AlexanderSheats, CharlesSmith, JasperSmith, ElizaSmith, Marchus L.

Smith, JamesStansberry, AaronSterling, JamesStinnett, JohnStory, AndersonStrange, JohnSwan, William H.Thompson, M.A.Tillery, John L.Tool, WilliamTool, B.W.Trundell, DanielTucker, JosephTurner, James L.Vanuscem, F.W.Waddle, Thomas J.Waker, Thomas.L.Walker, WilliamWalker, P.H.Walker, E.J.Walker, A.L.Walker, L. HughWalker, Samuel H.Walker, ElijaWalker, ReubenWalker, WestWells, A.Z.Williams, CraftonWimberly, Albert

District1299 Against 17 For

Armstrong, M.M.Bailey, T.R.Baker, WilliamBaker, IsraelBandy, JohnBradley, JamesBrown, JohnBrown, James H.Brown, R.H.Cash, R.P.Ceventor, WilliamChappy, MarkCheck, R.Coker, J.P.Coleman, JamesCovenington, JohnDavis, John M.Davis, Samuel H.Degroat, WilliamDinkens, JohnEsperandieu, F.Felts, J.W.Fergerson, Sidney

Fergerson, LinerFergerson, JamesFergeson, WilliamFitzgerald, G.P.Francis, George W.Gammitch, FrederickGardner, M.Y.Gardner, WilliamGilson, WilliamGriffin, J.W.Guin, AlexanderHaithcox, B.M.Hall, R.C.Harman, JacobHarmon, WilliamHarper, MinerHarris, AaronHazen, G.M.Hensley, HendersonHickey, GeorgeHollaway, HenryKeith, WilliamKidd, Hezekiah

Knott, Peter R.Knott, AndrewKnott, J.H.Logan, DavidLonas, HenryLones, J.A.Lones, SamuleLones, CharlesMatlock, NathanielMatlock, WilliamMcCall, HughMcCall, DuncanMinton, J.W.Minton, WilliamMoneymaker, WilliamMoneymaker, WilliamMoneymaker, TelsisMoneymaker, JamesMorrow, GeorgeMullens, JosephMurray, James M.Murray, WilliamMurrey, James D.

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112 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Nelson, LuttyNewcomb, JamesNewcomb, WilliamNicholds, F.B.Nickel, G.L.Nickle, F.M.Nickolds, J.H.Phibbs, ThomasRalston, S.B.Reed, JamesReed, JoelReed, JacobReed, RobertReynolds, Martin L.Rodges, Samuel R.Roth, Frank

Roth, JosephSands, AndersonScott, J.T.Scott, PeterSharp, ThomasSharp, AlfredSmaling, Soloman M.Stevens, R.M.Strong, C.C.Thompson, P.G.Thompson, DavidThompson, SamuelThompson, MatthewThompson, JamesThornton, JohnTillery, Jefferson

Tillery, CharlesTillery, ThomasTillery, R.M.Tillery, ThomasTrent, RobertVowel, TandyWaddle, D.G.Waddle, JosephWaddle, JamesWade, ZionWalker, W.W.Weaver, H.H.Webb, JohnWebb, RobertWykle, Charles

District13129 Against 6 For

AndersonBadgett, B.F.Badgett, B.F.Badgett, B.F.Badgett, R.D.Barry, M.D.Bean, I.D.Bean, JohnBerry, George C.Berry, ErasmusBerry, JamesBerry, N.M.Berry, H.L.Berry, G.W.Berry, L.T.Berry, R.Berry, M.Berry, J.P.Bruer, A.Bunker, J.F.Burnett, LemuelChildress, SamuelCottrell, A.T.Darmond, RichardDavenport, HenryDavis, J.H.Davis, M.Davis, JohnDavis, AlexDavis, EdmondDeakins, R.B.Doyle, J.T.Durges, NicholasEvans, JohnFlenniken, William P.Flenniken, E.H.Flenniken, SamuelFlenniken, John

Franklin, William B.Franklin, J.H.Franklin, W.B.Fulweiler, F.I.Furgeson, I.Gibbons, A.G.Ginn, J.B.Gum, J.Hall, W.B.Hall, ThomasHanby, C.C.Harman, J.H.Harmon, JohnHeath, JohnHenson, Nathan T.Hinton, GeorgeHull, J.W.Hummel, DanielHumphrey, J.Hunter, J.M.Jett, J.F.Johnson, W.D.Johnson, MichaelJohnson, DavidJohnson, PeterJohnson, JosephJohnson, ThomasJohnson, WilliamJohnson, P.E.Johnson, P.T.Jones, WilliamKidd, M.H.Kidd, L.A.King, G.T.King, G.T.Lingenfelter, JohnLones, P.L.Looney, John

Looneys, A.P.Maloney, J.W.Martinson, R.Maxey, John.D.Maxey, T.AG.Maxey, E.Maxwell, JamesMaxwell, I.A.Maxwell, JohnMay, T.J.McCarrol, J.McCarroll, J.C.McCarroll, J.Mingy, T.T.Mullen, JohnMullins, J.Murry, J.Neubert, F.Odell, E.F.Owens, JohnOwens, WilliamParker, P.M.Parker, D.M.Pate, A.Pedigo, E.P.Pedigo, E.Poe, J.Rickets, B.R.Roddy, SamuelRodgers, J.Rudder, A.A.Rudder, E.Smith, G.W.Smith, AllenStansbury, J.M.Stinnett, W.Summers, C.M.Summers, G.W.

Page 57: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 113


Thurman, H.C.Thurman, JabesThurman, R.Tipton, G.M.Tipton, JacobTipton, W.C.Tipton, J.Tipton, A.B.

Tipton, G.C.Waddell, G.Waddle, M.Waddle, WilliamWells, J.J.Wicer, P.T.Williams, J.D.Williams, E.G.

Williams, WilliamWilliams, L.E.Williams, JasonWilloughby, JohnWilloughby, I.S.Wurtenburger, D.Yearout, John

District14230 Against 0 For

Anderson, L.Anderson, J.W.Anderson, J.W.Anderson, JamesAnderson, JohnAnderson, SamuelAnderson, D.Anderson, M.N.Anderson, J.P.Anderson, SamuelAnderson, N.M.Baker, C.B.Baker, C.H.Barbara, WilliamBarford, E.C.Bean, J.T.Bean, S.Bean, WilliamBean, WilliamBell, W.F.Bolinger, Jo.Bolinger, W.F.Brakebill, PeterBrown, A.J.Brown, W.L.Brown, JohnBrown, J.C.Brown, GeorgeBrown, J.N.Burnell, DavidBurnett, B.B.Burnett, S.H.Burnett, W.H.Burnett, H.O.Burnett, A.A.Burnett, WilliamCrews, LeeCrews, WilliamCrews, A.B.Crews, J.C.Crews, W.R.Crews, W.W.Crews, J.N.Crews, WilliamCrews, C.Crews, R.

Cunningham, P.Davenport, JohnDavenport, ThomasDavenport, ThomasDavenport, J.D.Davis, A.Davis, A.Davis, L.Dean, A.Doyle, WilliamDoyle, E.S.Doyle, W.C.Dyre, S.Dyre, A.Dyre, S.Edington, J.N.Edington, J.H.Edington, T.D.Edington, R.H.Edington, WilliamFord, B.B.Ford, JohnFord, J.P.Ford, E.S.Ford, W.Ford, J.Ford, J.M.Ford, B.B.French, J.N.French, W.H.French, HenryFrench, M.French, JoshFrench, A.French, GeorgeFrench, M.French, JacobFrench, PeterFrench, J.D.Giffin, J.C.Giffin, WilliamGiffin, .Giffin, BartGiffin, JohnGoddard, A.Goolsby, John

Goolsby, L.Griffen, GeorgeGriffin, B.Griffin, JohnGriffin, J.H.Haddox, J.Hall, A.A.Harris, JamesHawn, A.L.Haynes, Z.Haynes, W.F.Haynes, JordanHaynes, HenryHedrick, IsaacHedrick, J.H.Henderson, W.Henderson, ThomasHerby, G.Hickey, DavidHickey, ThomasHickman, WilliamHill, D.G.Hinton, F.Hood, ParkerHood, ThomasHouser, JohnHouser, Jo.Houser, M.Houser, DavidHouser, J.S.Houser, A.Houser, J.V.Houser, JamesHouser, J.W.Houser, JonathanHouser, J.H.Houser, I.Hughes, C.L.Johnson, R.B.Johnson, W.B.Johnson, LabanJohnson, Jim.Johnson, W.H.Johnson, L.A.Johnson, D.Johnson, Boyd

Page 58: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

114 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Johnson, L.D.Johnson, W.B.Johnson, J.Johnson, J.T.Johnson, B.Johnston, P.A.Jones, W.Julian, WilliamKeyhill, JohnKeyhill, C.B.King, J.R.King, M.King, S.N.King, J.L.King, J.W.Kirby, J.N.Kirby, IsaacLacy, C.Love, B.SB.Loveless, WilliamLoveless, ThomasMarine, GeorgeMcCall, G.H.McCall, S.A.McCall, W.H.McCall, A.McCammon, JohnMcCammon, WilliamMcCammon, SamuelMcMurray, B.McNutt, R.H.

McNutt, F.AR.Michael, WilliamMichaels, J.Michaels, M.Michaels, J.Michaels, WilliamMinger, PeterMinger, JohnMoose, J.C.Murphy, M.W.Murphy, R.F.Payne, JosephPedigo, JohnPryor, IsaacPryor, W.N.Pryor, S.Quinn, JamesRambo, A.P.Rhea, P.Rhea, M.Rich, GeorgeRule, F.Rule, M.Rule, J.Russell, G.C.Rust, JohnRutherford, J.Ryne, H.Sayne, JosephSayne, JohnSayne, Daniel

Sayne, JohnSettle, H.Sharp, B.A.Simpson, JimSimpson, JesseSimpson, Peter D.Simpson, D.L.Simpson, J.P.Slattery, WilliamSmith, J.L.Spangler, SolomonSpangler, D.Spangler, F.Suttles, N.Tarwater, JamesTarwater, L.Tarwater, J.Tipton, J.Vineyard, N.Walker, GeorgeWalker, ThomasWalker, R.Walker, WilliamWalker, ThomasWalker, H.Willhite, JamesWright, M.Wright, WilliamWrinkle, J.Wrinkle, J.L.

District15173 Against 0 For

Baker, JamesBaker, WilliamBaker, A.J.Beard, JamesBoles, H.Bowman, S.Brewer, A.J.Bridges, R.Brown, JamesBrown, J.Brown, R.Brown, ThomasBrown, WilliamBrumett, E.DG.Brumett, J.R.Burnett, JosephBurnett, E.M.Burnett, Z.H.Burnette, ZachBurnette, W.Burnette, JesseCapshaw, W.Childress, William

D'Armond, D.F.D'Armond, L.D.D'Armond, D.Dickson, W.Donaldson, A.C.Donaldson, JohnDonaldson, R.Dukes, C.Dunlop, W.C.Dunlop, WilliamDunn, E.Ervin, JohnFergerson, J.Finger, J.Frazier, S.Frazier, JohnFrazier, `M.Frazier, J.Frazier, M.Fryer, J.N.Fryer, JamesFryer, I.A.Furgeson, R.

Galian, D.Galian, A.H.Galion, G.Galion, WilliamGreen, J.P.Green, JamesGreen, S.F.Griffen, JeffersonGriffen, R.Grizzle, John.Grizzle, T.Grizzle, A.Gulian, JoshuaHickey, CalvinHickey, WilliamHines, J.Hines, WilliamHines, A.DC.Hines, RobertHodges, B.M.Houser, JohnHouser, JacobHuffaker, L.B.

Page 59: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 115


Huffaker, J.Huffaker, H.Huffaker, A.Hunter, J.Irvin, IsaacJackson, W.W.Johnson, J.Johnson, JeremiahJohnson, A.R.Johnson, A.Johnson, J.L.Johnson, L.D.Johnson, JamesJulian, L.D.Julian, M.Julian, H.Julian, JamesJulian, G.Keener, W.P.Keener, L.S.Kennedy, J.Kennedy, JacobKennedy, JamesKing, M.King, R.King, WilliamLoposen, E.McMillan, A.W.Meeks, JonasMonday, J.E.Monday, S.Monday, CampbellMonday, CharlesMonday, WilliamMonday, James

Monday, T.G.Monday, J.N.Murphy, A.B.Myers, JohnNelson, D.P.Nelson, WilliamNewcomb, A.Newman, JamesNickels, A.CB.Nickles, H.Palmer, B.Parsley, J.Payne, J.W.Payne, W.B.Payne, E.Payne, G.W.Payne, E.Payne, W.Payne, A.J.Payne, D.W.Payne, J.R.Payne, D.Payne, A.C.Porterfield, WilliamProctor, H.Reed, Jacob.Reed, A.Reed, L.W.Rice, WilliamRodgers, WilliamRose, L.Rose, A.W.Rose, E.Rose, J.Runnels, G.R.

S, John.Simpson, WilliamSing, JosephSlatry, A.P.Sliger, J.Stansbury, P.L.Swagerty, C.Swagerty, S.Swagerty, ClaibournSwagerty, JacobSwaggerty, JamesSwaggerty, WillisSwaggerty, A.Tarwater, J.A.Wade, I.Webb, ReubenWelsh, A.F.Wheeler, P.Wheeler, H.White, William N.White, A.L.Widener, WilliamWidener, J.H.Widner, W.R.Wilhite, JohnWilhite, WilliamWills, G.W.Wilson, JamesWolf, J.Wolf, F.Wrinkle, A.M.Wrinkle, E.WD.Wrinkle, James C.Wrinkle, J.

District16246 Against 18 For

Adcock, JamesAdcock, JohnAdcock, William H.Alexander, J.C.Arms, JohnArmstrong, A.W.Arnold, WilliamArnold, JohnAult, A.M.Bales, RobertBaley, J.C.Ballard, JesseBarber, AndrewBeal, RobertBeale, GeorgeBeale, DavidBlake, A.B.Boles, W.L.Boles, John

Boles, JacobBoles, WilliamBoles, MortonBolis, SamBolis, J.W.Bounds, W.W.Bowman, J.W.Brady, J.T.Brook, W.L.Brooks, CalvinBrooks, I.A.Brown, AbelBrown, AbnerBrown, AbnerBrown, J.H.Brown, William D.Browning, G.W.Byers, BryantCallen, A.

Cammon, E.F.Cannon, W.F.Cannon, I.R.Cannon, J.R.Cannon, E.L.Carragen, C.H.Carter, PaschalCarter, PeytonCash, JohnChanaberry, F.Chesney, NathanChesney, EdwardChesney, PayneCliff, H.L.Clifton, GreenCoker, JamesColeman, JohnCormack, A.R.Cote, Joshua

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116 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Covington, J.B.Croft, JesseCunningham, AaronDavis, JosephDavis, BerryDavis, ThomasDeacon, JamesDeaton, WilliamDeoton, SpencerDerinnx, J.B.Deveraux, PeterDoone, T.M.Douglas, W.R.Draper, JosephDunlop, SamuelEarnhart, DavidFarmer, JohnFarmer, AlexanderFisher, C.N.Forbus, JohnFulton, JohnFulton, HughFulton, M.Gallion, WilliamGallion, Thomas Y.Goddard, W.L.Gottin, RayfordGriffin, G.WilliamGriffin, JacobHellord, RichardHickman, A.J.Hodges, W.C.Householder, A.J.Howell, J.A.Huffaker, W.L.Huffaker, George F.Huffaker, JohnHuffaker, GeorgeHuffaker, G.CP.Huffaker, M.A.Huffaker, J.W.Hyden, J.A.Janeway, I.B.Johnson, JamesJordan, MosesKedrick, A.Kellin, SamKenneday, SamuelKennedy, JohnKing, GeorgeKing, WillisKing, SamKing, JohnKing, DavidKirby, WilliamLane, H.L.Lane, William

Lane, H.Lane, N.C.Langherty, G.W.Lawning, StevenLivingston, JohnLone, JohnLong, JamesLong, WilliamLong, IsaacLong, JobLougherty, ThomasLove, J.C.Loveday, JamesLupen, William K.Luttrell, J.M.Luttrell, James L.Lyke, LeviLyke, RufusLyke, DavidLyle, DavidMaloney, NormanMaloney, JamesMcBee, MiloMcCarthy, JamesMcCarty, J.W.McCubbins, A.McCubbins, G.W.McCubbins, JakeMcMillan, J.D.McMillan, A.MM.McMillan, JamesMcMillan, J.J.McMillan, WilliamMcMillan, PeterMcMillan, J.R.Monday, William R.Monday, AlfredMonday, J.E.Moore, WesleyMoren, AhazMoulden, W.J.Moulden, PeytonMoulden, JohnMouldin, WilliamMountain, WilliamMulramy, JacobMulvaney, AhazMulvaney, JohnMulvaney, A.P.Newman, HughNewman, JohnNewman, P.W.Newman, E.Newman, JesseNickels, WilliamOglesby, ThomasOglesby, Robert

Packet, W.G.Packet, JohnPage, William D.Parker, E.Parker, J.E.Pattillo, SamuelPilont, R.Pilont, J.R.Perry, PendulumPerry, H.L.Perry, E.Pharrow, WilliamPinnen, N.B.Pollord, GeorgePratt, JamesPratt, MosesPratt, R.A.Pratt, CalvinPratt, JohnPruitt, C.A.Reed, MooreReed, JosephReeder, ThomasRoberts, JohnRoberts, BerryRogers, ElijahRose, SterlingRose, T.J.Saylor, JohnSharp, R.A.Sherod, PhillipSherrod, John A.Sherrod, JesseShouh, WilliamSmart, L.R.Smith, John M.Smith, AbrahamSmith, W.J.Smith, EllisSmith, S.Smith, GeorgeSmith, DavidSmith, PleasantSmith, JohnSmith, AlvinSmith, JesseSmith, WilliamSmith, W.H.Smith, JesseSmith, JohnsonSmith, G.W.Smith, L.A.Smith, A.P.Snead, R.Southern, BuckStansbury, LukeSterling, James

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TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 117


Steveant, JamesThomas, I.L.Thompson, AndrewTigne, IsaacTrott, JamesTrott, WilliamTurner, RoyalTurner, R.O.Underwood, JoelUnderwood, KirbyUnderwood, JesseUnderwood, William

Underwood, HenryUnderwood, ThomasUnderwood, G.W.Underwood, J.B.Vance, J.K.Vance, SamVance, JohnWalker, WilliamWalker, C.B.Walker, J.D.Walker, B.V.Walker, Thomas

Walker, J.W.Walker, S.K.Weaver, WilliamWitt, WilliamWitt, MiltonWitt, GeorgeWoodsides, HenryWright, W.A.Wright, F.E.Wright, W.G.Wyrick, L.A.Wyrick, Valentine

District17148 Against 12 For

Armstrong, L.W.Armstrong, E.W.Armstrong, AaronArmstrong, JamesArmstrong, J.G.Armstrong, AlexArmstrong, MosesArmstrong, F.B.Bales, AherBales, JacobBeall, WilliamBeall, JacksonBeall, SamuelBeall, JamesBlake, JamesBlake, JonathanBlake, WilliamBonian, M.Bounds, T.F.Bounds, C.H.Bounds, SamuelBrakebill, AdamBurkhart, EliBurkhart, JamesBurnett, AlexCampbell, M.A.Campbell, JamesCampbell, JohnCampbell, ThomasCampbell, A.J.Campbell, HughCash, AlexCash, GeorgeCash, JamesClonenger, MikelCloninger, DanielCloninger, HenryDavis, WilliamDavis, JohnDikes, WilliamDikes, WesleyDikes, James

Fisher, W.B.Fisher, J.B.Fisher, WilliamFisher, D.C.Fisher, WilliamFisher, SamuelFord, JonathanFortner, A.I.Frazier, HenryFrazier, AlexHackney, BenjaminHam, WilliamHamm, ElishaHamm, WilliamHamm, MikelHamm, JacobHamm, JacobHammons, JohnHart, LouisHatcher, ArmsterHaun, A.Huckens, R.A.Huffaker, U.W.Huffaker, JamesHunter, CampbellJenkins, T.E.Johnson, G.G.Johnson, W.S.Johnson, J.C.Kemwade, SamuelKennedy, JamesKennedy, SamuelLeeke, JamesLeeke, AlexLikes, W.H.Lusk, J.P.Luttrell, P.J.Luttrell, JohnLuttrell, L.U.Luttrell, D.F.McLemore, WilliamMcLemore, Green

McLemore, JamesMcLemore, JonathanMcMillan, WilliamMcMillan, ThomasMcMillan, AndrewMcMillan, JohnathanMcMullan, AlexMcNutt, RobertMcNutt, JamesMcNutt, GeorgeMerimann, AlexMonday, C.Monday, ConstanceMorgan, H.Murrey, Jonathan S.Nichodemus, JesseNichodemus, JamesOglesby, HarveyOsburn, JonathanParker, MarkParker, AndrewParker, JohnPerry, MadisonPerry, WilliamPerry, JamesPerry, EnglishPerry, O.Perry, JamesPerry, WilliamPickle, JohnPickle, SamuelPickle, AmosPickle, JacobPickle, WileyPickle, ChristopherPickle, WilliamPierce, PleasantPlumlee, JosephPlumlee, WilliamPlumlee, PerryPlumlee, JonathanPlumlee, William

Page 62: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

118 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


Plumlee, W.H.Plumlee, JonathanPlumlee, JosephPoter, H.Pratt, W.W.Pratt, DavidPratt, WilliamPratt, JamesPratt, JamesRamsey, JonathanRamsey, F.A.

Rule, J.J.Schribner, JamesSexton, G.W.Sharp, OswaldSnickey, F.H.Stuart, R.Swaggerty, G.H.Sylvester, T.Vail, L.B.Vail, Y.C.Vail, James

Vermede, WilliamWalker, CharlesWarranton, WileyWatt, SamuelWauer, IsaacWeber, ZellWeisgerber, JacobWhite, T.G.Willhite, JohnWilson, JohnWoods, George

District1882 Against 69 For

Arnold, P.W.Bailey, William C.Bailey, L.G.Bailey, W.C.Barnet, AndrewBarnwell, James M.Boggs, F.L.Bovice, N.B.Breeden, A.H.Breeding, ThomasBurchwell, J.T.Burton, ByronCarter, J.E.Carter, Jonathan D.Carter, James M.Carter, M.B.Carter, W.H.Chamberlain, D.C.Chamberlain, J.J.Chanaberry, James M.Chanaberry, GeorgeClapp, GeorgeCobb, B.H.Cooke, Charles R.Copeland, JohnCrawford, JoelCroft, SamuelCrumpley, G.H.Daniels, WesleyDavault, SolomonDavis, Wilson N.Davis, JohnDosier, James H.Ellis, EdwardEllis, NehemiahEppes, R.M.Evans, JohnEverett, ParkerFoust, JohnGlenn, G.A.Harper, JohnHarris, Stephen G.Heath, M.C.Henderson, JohnHill, Eli

Hixon, RobertHixon, WilliamHowel, J.K.Howel, J.H.Howell, T.R.Jenkins, WilliamJones, HughJones, WilliamJones, RichardJones, ReubenJones, JohnKeeland, FerdinandKelin, ElijahKyle, AaronLawson, Jesse R.Lawson, JonasLegg, EdwardLegg, J.W.Legg, H.LW.Lewis, W.JN.Little, WilliamLooney, BenjaminLove, S.A.Love, James K.Lowe, D.G.Lowe, ThomasLusby, J.P.Luster, HughLuttrell, RichardLuttrell, JamesLuttrell, E.A.Luttrell, HughMacinturf, G.W.Maget, RobertMajet, JamesMajor, G.W.Major, WilliamMajor, William C.Major, SmithMarshall, John C.Mathis, D.A.May, Jonas M.McBee, G.C.McBee, R.L.McBee, William C.

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Page 63: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 119


Trout, JohnTrout, William H.Trout, IsaacTrout, G.W.Vincent, JohnWalker, Calvin

Washam, W.J.Webster, JohnWebster, K.W.Webster, JamesWebster, AlfredWebster, William

Westerfield, JohnWhite, JamesWilkins, NoahWright, William

District19133 Against 14 For

Barker, PaulBell, JamesBird, John W.Bird, JohnBird, GeorgeBird, DavidBishop, JonathanBlack, DruryBradley, William T.Brown, S.R.Brown, Alex.Brumit, AndrewCalloway, J.S.Calloway, I.D.Chamberlain, W.H.Childress, M.J.Chumlea, John W.Collier, ThomasCollier, JamesCook, JoelCorum, J.F.Corum, J.S.Cox, JosephCross, B.W.Denton, WilliamDunlap, JohnDunn, J.C.Dunn, E.Estes, H.D.Fox, A.A.Fox, A.F.Fox, W.M.Gallaher, GeorgeGallaher, T.J.Garner, J.B.Garrison, SolomonGentry, J.A.Gibson, J.C.Gideon, A.Gideon, JamesGray, RobertGray, JamesGreer, J.O.Greer, WilliamHall, RoyalHall, John P.Harper, RobertHarper, JamesHarper, Andrew

Harper, W.A.Helbert, JacobHenderson, J.Y.Hendrix, T.Hendrix, MarkHendrix, N.B.Hendrix, J.H.Hodges, JesseHodges, A.Hodges, MarkHodges, JamesHolloway, Z.Hood, JonathanHood, JamesHutchison, IsaacJohnson, ThomasJohnson, S.H.Jones, T.A.Keith, RussellKeith, B.H.Kelly, G.W.Knox, JohnKosier, JohnMangrum, A.Manis, C.May, EliMay, A.May, JohnMay, J.M.McBath, J.R.McBath, WilliamMcBath, RobertMcBath, RussellMcBath, W.R.McKinney, G.W.McLain, AndrewMcLain, James.McLain, Andrew C.McLain, HustonMcNight, CharlesMonday, J.G.Monday, T.Moore, J.A.Morris, WilliamMorris, J.H.Morris, C.Morris, WilliamNelson, N.Nickelson, Thomas

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120 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


All materials noted here have been received for review as gifts to the Society and the McClung Historical Collection. The Society is not an agent for the sale of these books, but complete publishing information is given when known. When forwarding copies to us for review, please include the price, as well as the ordering address and any additional costs, such as shipping and tax. Please submit review copies to TennesseeAncestors, East Tennessee Historical Society, P.O. Box 1629, Knoxville, TN 37901.

Cocke County Citizens of the Century: A Presentation of The Newport Plain Talk. By Edward Walker III, Duay O’Neil, and TheNewportPlainTalk. Compiled from the 2000 Newspaper Series. (Newport, TN: TheNewportPlainTalk, 2001. 119 pp. Paper. $16 includes shipping and tax. Order from TheNewportPlainTalk, 145 East Broadway, Newport, TN 37821.)The general public was invited to make nominations for citi-zens who had made Cocke County a better place to live, 100 of whom would be selected for the 2000 millennium series of the NewportPlainTalk. Those chosen come from all walks of life, from military heroes, such as Floyd Arrowood, the first Ameri-can soldier decorated for bravery in World War I, to performers such as opera star Grace Moore and country musician Homer Harris to doctors, statesmen, educators, clergy, civic leaders, and businessmen. Cocke County Citizens of the Century fea-tures a biography on each of these 100 selfless citizens, judged by their peers to have “made Cocke county a better place to live.” Down Divers Meanders: Heard-Tales of Rose Hill Cabin. By Rosemary Lee Potter, art by Joan Beaver. Third Edition Cel-ebrating East Tennessee History Cocke County 1788-present.(Clearwater, FL: Rose & Lee Press, 2010. 162 pp. Paper. $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Order from TheNew-portPlainTalk, 145 East Broadway, Newport TN 37821.)Alfred P. Lea erected a log cabin in the 1830s on land which had been a land grant registered to John Huff in 1788. John Huff and wife Mary Elinor Corder and their daughter, Jane, came to the French Broad area which was at the time Greene County, now Cocke, in 1783. The author relates information of the cabin which she bought in 1992 and had moved and reconstructed in Del Rio. A list of owners and residents with dates and some information includes the families of Lear, Mc-Mahan, Hensley, Cutshaw, Runnion, Freeman, Bible, Stokely, Lamb, and Harrison. She named it Rose Hill Cabin. The book includes illustrations of construction details, photographs, art work, and stories told to her by the more than 50 people she interviewed. In addition to oral information from native Cocke countians, she included research done in libraries and public records. This third edition has an expanded index and an ad-ditional appendix. There is a list of 54 interviews and activities. The stories included tell of objects found in the cabin, the Huff quilt made about 1870, and Native Americans and Civil War stories. This is an interesting account of a place which holds a lot of history of the Del Rio community and its residents.

Our Gray Ghosts: The Story of James Gray and His De-scendants of Cocke County, Tennessee. By Duay O’Neil. (Newport, TN: Author, 1995. 290pp. Paper. $45.00 includes shipping and tax. Order from Duay O’Neil, P.O. Box 1152, Newport, TN 37822.)Given the 1876 destruction by fire of Cocke County records, any well-researched volume of work is an addition to the histo-ry of that county and a welcome aid to researchers. OurGrayGhosts traces the family of James Gray, Sr. and his wife Nancy Campbell Gray, who, with their young children, left Madison County, Virginia, and came to Cocke County, Tennessee, in 1805. Through two centuries of life here, the family, over time, has developed extensive connections to other prominent families. The volume also covers the families of many Gray descendants who left the region. Social history, transcriptions of correspondence and records, and a wealth of photographs over time make this an important resource for researchers for the Gray and collaborative families. Wilmoths in America, 1623-2009, Volume #4, John Wesley Wilmoth, 1814-1870. By Walter James and Wanda Mills Wilmoth. (Heiskell, TN: Author, 2009. 793 pp. Cloth. $85 if picked up, $95 with shipping and handling. To order contact Walter Wilmoth, P.O. Box 163, Heiskell TN 37754.)Many years of research on the Wilmoth family resulted in this large volume of which the subject is John Wesley Wilmoth, the author’s great grandfather. He was born in 1814 in Halifax County, Virginia and died in 1870 in Claiborne County, Ten-nessee. He was married three times: 1. Nancy Thomas in Vir-ginia in 1835; 2. Mary Elizabeth Spriggs in 1852 in Hawkins County, Tennessee; 3. Sarah Sallie Shropshire in 1862, and is said to have fathered 30 children. The book has three chapters of extensive genealogy, each with its own index and covering families up to the 1930 census. The chapters are “John Wesley Wilmoth and His Descendants”; “Ancestors of Mary Elizabeth Spriggs and Peter Willmoth”; and “Ancestors of Willie Hodge Wilmoth.” Also included is some general history, personal information, maps, and 112 pages of photographs, as well as information on the home place in Gnat Hollow, Tazewell, Clai-borne County. The information is from libraries, tax lists, and other public records, individuals, obituaries, and other sources. An individual section lists resources. This book would be a valuable tool to those interested in this branch of the Wilmoth family. Later volumes will cover different lines of the family.

by Fran Allison Young

Page 65: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 121


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Page 66: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

122 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


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Page 67: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 123


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Page 68: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

124 TennesseeAncestors,August 2010


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Page 69: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

Civil War Families of Tennessee seeks to identify and honor the sacrifices of the valiant soldiers on each side of the nation’s greatest conflict. By entering your ancestor, you will pay tribute to his service and assure that his contributions are remembered. Most importantly, you can help identify and preserve special family artifacts, diaries, photographs, and documents for the benefit of future generations.

If you are a descendant of any individual who served either in or from Tennessee during the Civil War—Union or Confederate—you are eligible to join. In order to recognize the service of the many young men who died unwed or without children, CWFT membership is available through collateral descent (service of a brother of an ancestor).

Members receive a certificate featuring their names, along with the names of their ancestors, rank, regiment, and company.


Applications for both programs are available from ETHS.P. O. Box 1629, Knoxville, TN 37901

Phone: 865-215-8824; email: [email protected]


We invite you to join one of the state’s oldest and most active historical societies.

Members receive• Tennessee Ancestors—triannual genealogy magazine• Journal of East Tennessee History—annual scholarly publication with articles on Tennessee and East Tennessee history • Newsline—history news from across the region• Announcements and invitations to conferences and special events• Discounts on tours, conferences, and museum shop purchases

AnnualMembershipCategories Individual $ 35.00 Family $ 45.00 Contributing $ 75.00 Sustaining $125.00 Student $ 25.00

Gift memberships available—The gift that gives all year. The recipient will receive a special gift card.

For more information, visit www.east-tennessee-history.orgor contact us at [email protected]

or call 865-215-8824.

East tEnnEssEE Historical sociEty

601 S. Gay StreetP.O. Box 1629

Knoxville, TN 37901

The easT Tennessee hisTorical socieTyMaking history personal

Heritage Programs from

The easT Tennessee hisTorical socieTy

Were your ancestors in what is now Tennessee prior to statehood in 1796? If so, you are eligible to join the First Families of Tennessee. Members receive a certificate engraved with the name of the applicant and that of the ancestor and will be listed in a supplement to the popular First Families of Tennessee: A Register of the State’s Early Settlers and Their Descendants, originally published in 2000.

Applicants must prove generation-by-generation descent, as well as pre-1796 residence for the ancestor. The more than 14,000 applications and supporting documentation comprise a unique collection of material on our state’s earliest settlers and are available to researchers at the McClung Historical Collection in the East Tennessee History Center, 601 S. Gay St. in downtown Knoxville.

Civil War Families oF Tennessee

RecoRding tHe State’S HiStoRy one family at a time

Page 70: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

East Tennessee Historical SocietyP.O. Box 1629Knoxville, TN 37901-1629

Non-Profit Org.U.S. POStage

PA I DPermit No. 341Knoxville, tenn

August 2010

A Tri-Annual Publication of The East Tennessee Historical Society

Vol. 26, No. 2









Page 71: TENNESSEE ANCESTORS, East Tennessee Historical Society

TennesseeAncestors, August 2010 125


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