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Date post: 06-Jan-2017
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Tentacool visiting E1 class
Page 1: Tentacool e1


visiting E1 class

Page 2: Tentacool e1

In geography class I am looking at a map of Greece. Greece is surrounded by sea. You know how much I love sea!!!

Page 3: Tentacool e1

My first stop was at Nikoleta’ s house. I had a wonderful time with her!!! See what we had been doing together!!!

Page 4: Tentacool e1

Hi everybody!! I΄m with my

friend Nicoleta out of her school.

Page 5: Tentacool e1

I am climbing on a tree to see the view!

Page 6: Tentacool e1

We are reading in the living room….relax time!

Page 7: Tentacool e1

We are playing music! I am excited! If only you

could listen to me playing!!

Page 8: Tentacool e1

We are going for basketball!

Page 9: Tentacool e1

A photo with the famous NBA player Atatocoubo….Filathlitikos was the first team of his career!

Page 10: Tentacool e1

Filathlitikos is also Nicoleta΄s basketball team!!!

Page 11: Tentacool e1

We are doing Nikoleta΄s homework in her room.

Page 12: Tentacool e1

In Nicoleta’s bedroom, we are discussing about what we are going to do next! WHAT AN ADCENTURE FOR ME!!!

Page 13: Tentacool e1

We are playing basketball in her brother΄s room.

Page 14: Tentacool e1

Brushing our teeth before bedtime!

Page 15: Tentacool e1

We are eating traditional Crete food for breakfast. Delicious!!!

Page 16: Tentacool e1

A perfect day for a car ride in Athens!!!

Page 17: Tentacool e1

A beautiful day!!!

Page 18: Tentacool e1

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining and there is no traffic jam!!!

Page 19: Tentacool e1

For lunch in Nicoleta΄s grandmother Sunday noon.

Page 20: Tentacool e1

I tasted all the Greek recipes that her grand mother had cooked. There were delicious!!!

Page 21: Tentacool e1


We are seeing the view from the balcony of her house. You can see Ymitos mountain at the background!

Page 22: Tentacool e1

Bye Nicoleta!!! It was a pleasure to meet you and your family!!! Thank you for your generous hospitality!!!

I just loved her!!!

Page 23: Tentacool e1

Then I visited Harry’s house! I had a wonderful time with him too!!!

Page 24: Tentacool e1

We played basketball in his room.Harry always plays for a while when he comes home from school! I liked it very much!!!

Page 25: Tentacool e1

Harry has solved Rubik’s cube!!! Can you believe it!!! I admire him!!!

Page 26: Tentacool e1

Time to bed! We have to get up early tomorrow and go to school!!!

Page 27: Tentacool e1

Thanks Harry!!! Nice to meet you!!!

Page 28: Tentacool e1

My adventure continued at Eleni’s house!

Page 29: Tentacool e1

Her father took us from school with his car to go to Eleni’s home. A new adventure begins!!!

Page 30: Tentacool e1

At the front door of her apartment! Come on Eleni, let us in!!! I want to see your place and get to Know to your family!!!

Page 31: Tentacool e1

Eating with Eleni and her family, her favorite food, pasta with cheese! Thank you God, I was starving!!!

Page 32: Tentacool e1

Time for homework! She is studding English.

Page 33: Tentacool e1

As she was writing her exercises I had an idea!!! I could write too and help her finish them quickly. So we could play together!!! I am smart!!!

Page 34: Tentacool e1

Time to sleep! I am sure I will dream beautiful dreams, as I am sleeping in her arms!!! Goodnight!!!

Page 35: Tentacool e1

Thank you Eleni!!!

I had a wonderful time with


Page 36: Tentacool e1

Getting to know my three new friends better was a great experience! I feel happy and ready for new adventures!!!