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The 3 Suns

Date post: 07-Apr-2018
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  • 8/4/2019 The 3 Suns


    that each elign,ns brscd.rpon hesecft doctrines f ts predecessor.

    The ThPee sunsThe solar o.b. lil

  • 8/4/2019 The 3 Suns



    systen). t is possiblelut thephilosophical lpothesisofthe existencefthethreesuns s based Pona peculiarnanrral henomenon hichhasoccurrednnny tines jn history" n the fifr,v-lirslyear afrerChrist threesunswere seenaronce n thc sky andalso n the sixty-si\th year' n the si-xty-ninthyar' {o sunswereseen ogcther. ccording o Williun Lilly,betweenh vars1156and1648 wclry sjnilaroccurrencescre ecorded'

    Recognizinghesun as hc srrprenebenefactorol thematerialwo d' Her-netistsbelie\'dhat here 'asa spiritual unvhicb mi tered o theneeds ftbe invisible anddivine part o{ Natur human and unirersal Ane t this sub-ject, thegreatPancelsus rote: There s anear$lvsun'thich is thecause iaI heat, Jl whoareabte oscemaysee resun;ard thosewhoareblindardcannot ee in nay feelhisheat.There s anEtevnal un'which s thesource lall wisdon,and hose hosespirinral ensesaveawaLnedo life will see hatsunandbe conscnrusf His *istence;but thosewho havenot attained piri-tual consciou*tessmay yet feel His power by an inner facultv which is calledIntuition."

    CertainRosicruciur scholarshavegiven specialapPllationso thse hreephasesofthe surr the spiritual sur theycalled l/z/raq thesoulat andintellec'tualsun.CnrisfandZarrlr respectivel);nddrmaterialun dleJewish emLtyys Jehotah. Lucifer herc rePreseutshe ;rtellectualmind without tbeillumination fthe spiritLral ind; herel

  • 8/4/2019 The 3 Suns



    the ScandilavianSolar Deiry This sun reflected l light ofthe invisible {in,zal sun,which was the true sourceol lifc. light, and nrrh. The physicatnatureof dreuniverses receptire;t is a realrn feflicts.' l'henwisible ausesftheseellbctsbelong to the spiritual world. Hence,the spiritual world is the sphereofcau.lation; \e mateial world is the sphereof rfi.cfq while dre irtellectuat orsoul world is the syierc of metliation. Thus Christ. the personified LigheriDteliect d soulnature,is alled'1heMediator"who, y virtueofHis positionand power,says: No nan cometh o the Father,but by me."

    \Vhat the sul is to thesolar system. he spirit is to the bodiesofrnan; for lisnatures,organs.Dd functioru are as ptanetssurrounding the centrat tife (orsun) and living upon its enanations.TLe solar power in rnar is divided intothreparts,wlich are termed the tlueefold human spirit ofman. AI three ofthesespirihral naturesarsaid o bendianr and tramscendenqnited, rhey onnthe Divinity n man.Marfs dueefoldowerDarue-consistingofhis physicatorganisn, his enroriondlnarure,ard his nntal faculties reflects he ight ofhisthree{bldDivirnty and bears witless oflt in dre p}rysicalworld. Man,s threebodiesareslnbolizedby upright tiangle; his threefold spirirual natue byannNrtedrriangle.Theseiwo triangles.when united irr dre form ofa sir-ponrtedstar,werecalled y theJews the Starol'David,,,,theSignet f Solonon,'arrdaremore conmonly known todayas rhe Starofzion.,' These trianglssyn'tol-ize t}e spir;tual and narerial universes inled together x theconsrirutioDofrtrchurnancreature,who partahesofboth Nature and Diviniry Man,s aninal naturepa.rtaLesf rheearth; }ris divine natureof the heavens; is hunan natureof the

    The elestial inhabitants of the SunThe Rosicruciansand the Illminati, describing dre angels,archansels,andothr celestialreaturesjdcclareddlat they resenbledsrnall suns,beingcentersofndiant energy unounded y streaners fVrilic force.Fron these utpour-ing streamers ffirrce isderived drepopuiarbeliefdnt mgeb havwilrgs.Thesewings are coronatike fansoftight, HymeansofwLich thcelestialcreatures ro,pel thenselvesdrough thesubtle essences f thesuperphysicalworlds.

    Tme mysticsue unanimous n their denial ofthe dreoryr.harhe argels Ddarchargelsare humar form, as so often pictured. A hurnan frgurewoutd beutrerly uslessn dre etherealsubstanceshroughwhich dey nDifest. SciDchas ongdebatrd he probabilityofthe otherplanets eing nhalited.Objec-tions to the deaarebasedupon the argumentdrat creatureswith human orsan-