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The American Revolution The American Revolution Causes Causes

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  • TheAmericanRevolution

  • Causes

  • French and Indian WarAka: Seven Year WarGreat Britain vs. France

    Fought over control of land and fur trading

    Colonists fought for the British > felt united against a common enemy

    ResultsFrance lost Canada & land East of Mississippi River

    Colonists develop landPopulation increasesWomen outnumber men why?

  • King George III of EnglandRefused to listen to colonists demandsIssued Proclamation Line of 1763Lands West of Appalachian Mtn. reserved for Native AmericansResponse by Natives? By colonists?

  • Proclamation of 1763

  • TaxationColonists forced to pay taxes to ease British war debt Paid taxes without representationSugar Act: tax on sugar, coffee, textiles, wine > effect on prices?Stamp Act: All official documents were taxed & money used to pay British soldiers in AmericaNavigation Act: restrict colonial trade with British

  • Boston MassacreBased on the title & visual, how would you describe this event?

  • Colonial ResentmentSons of LibertySamuel Adams led group of those opposed to BritishLed attacks on British & urged boycotting British goods (i.e. Boston Tea Party after Tea Tax)Boston MassacreBritish troop presence increasedMar. 1770 a mob taunted British troops by throwing rocks & snow > troops fired shoots & 3 colonists died

  • American LeadersThomas JeffersonAuthor of Declaration of IndependenceBenjamin FranklinWent to Europe to gain support (& money) for colonistsThomas Paine (Common Sense)

  • The Course of the War

  • British AdvantagesBetter army and navy (best in the world)Financially secureLocal support from loyalists

  • American AdvantagesHome-field advantageMotivation to win IndependenceMany European nations supported colonistsGeorge Washington brilliant strategist & military leader who tried to draw out the war to make it expensive for Britain

  • Colonist Propaganda

  • Effects

  • Treaty of ParisTreaty signed that recognized independence of the United StatesWestern border set at the Mississippi RiverNative American issues with borders

  • Effects for the BritishLose colonies in New WorldForced to search for new markets

  • Effects for the United States25% of the population either dead or left the colonies

    No established government in place

    Westward expansion began

  • Other IssuesDisputes over territory between the United States & Great Britain; United States & SpainFrance nearly bankrupt from helping the USDutch navy destroyed

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