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The Bayeux Tapestry

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The Bayeux Tapestry. Its history and origins. Origins of the Tapestry. Bayeux Tapestry (faliszőnyeg) French: Tapisserie de Bayeux 50 cm by 70 m (3 swimming pool) long embroidered cloth Represents events of the Norman invasion (1066) Latin annotations (képaláírás). Modern history. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • The Bayeux TapestryIts history and origins

  • Origins of the TapestryBayeux Tapestry (falisznyeg) French: Tapisserie de Bayeux50 cm by 70 m (3 swimming pool) long embroidered clothRepresents events of the Norman invasion (1066)Latin annotations (kpalrs)

  • Modern historyRediscovered in the late 17thcenturyPublished int the 1730s by Bernard de MontfauconBayeux wanted to use it as a cloth to cover an ammunition (lszer) wagon1803-Napoleon transported it to Paris, he wanted to use it as an inspiration for his planned attack on England.

  • Later the tapestry was returned to BayeuxThe tapestry spent much of World War II. in the basement of the Louvre.Now: it is in a special dark room, protected from light and air with a special glass

  • TheoriesTraditional legend: the tapestry was created by Queen Matilda, William the Conquerors wife 20thcentury analysis:the tapestry was made by William the Conquerors half brother Bishop Odo It was used for propaganda by the Normans to legitimize the conquest of the British Isles

  • Reasons3 of the Bishop followers appear on itIt was found in Bayeux Cathedral which was built by OdoIt may have been made at 1070 at the same time as the Cathedral

  • Assuming Odo created the tapestry:It was probably designed in England by Anglo-Saxon artistsAnglo-Saxon needlework Latin:Opus Anglicanum (famous across Europe)

  • The Bayeux Catherdral

  • Bayeux CathedralCathdrale Notre Dame - de BayeuxNorman-Romanesque cathedral It was the home of the TapestryNational monument of FranceOnce it was occupied by RomansBuilt in 1077

  • Construction and techniqueIt is not a true woven (szvs) tapestryEmbroidered in: wool yarn (gyapj fonl) on a tabbly-woven linen groundOutline or stem stitch (lts) for letteringOutlines of figuresCouching or laid work for filling figures

  • Main coloursTerracotta or russet(srgs-vrses-barna)Blue-greenDull goldOlive greenBlueSmall amounts of dark blue or black Sage greenLater:light green,yellow and orange.

  • Detail showing outlines in stem or outline stitch and fillings in laid work

  • The plot of the TapestryTells the story of the Norman conquest of EnglandAnglo-Saxons:Harold Godwinson(mustaches)Normans:William the Conqueror(shave-headed)Main character:William

  • Did you know?It includes 623 people, 202 horses, 41 ships and 55 dogs .There are more than 500 mythical creatures along the borders. There are more than 2000 words

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