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The Changing face of Communications Infrastructure

Date post:06-Nov-2014
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A presentation for a Communications Class at The University of Technology, Sydney on the role of Social Media within a Communications Strategy.
  • 1. University of Technology, SydneySocial Media An IntroductionThe Changing Face of Communications Infrastructure 1994-2011
    Gareth Llewellyn
    Senior PR Manager, ANZ
  • 2. A Career in Technology PR
    1994 Agency-sideBritish Telecom & Avery.
    1996 In House America Online (AOL)
    1997 FreelanceDot Com Boom
    2001 Agency-side ConsumerHardware & Business Software
    2006 In house Oracle Corporation
    2010 In houseSalesforce.com
  • 3. Communications High Technology c. 1994
    The Mailshot
  • 4. The Ring Around
    Have you got two minutes?
  • 5. Faxing Hell
  • 6. The Interwebs
  • 7. The More Things Changed
    Still based on mass-distribution. Direct Mail maxim - 3% success rate.
    Still only about the message, and persuading the medium to run with that message. The more email and the internet changed PR, the more it remained about distribution.
    Today - RIGHT NOW - a far bigger revolution is taking place: as well as developing the message:
  • 8. Webs One, Two and Three
    1995: Web 1.0 - Linking pages. The Hyper-text link. Focus on attracting "HITS" (how idiots track success). Emphasis on making web sites "sticky". PR not greatly different. Online Publishing. Online press releases vs mail/fax.
    2005: Web 2.0 - Linking people. The social revolution. The power of social networks. Facebook blah blah blah.
    2010: Web 3.0 - Linking words. The Semantic Web. Adwords, SEO, Tags. = Relevance
  • 9. Social Networking Surpasses Email
    July 09!
    Source: Comscore, 2010
  • 10. Social Statistics
    • 43% = Percentage of companies using blogs for marketing by 2012
    • 11. 59% = Percentage of companies using Twitter today
    • 12. 1 in 4= Proportion of Americans who watch a You Tube video every single day
    • 13. 252% = Growth in number of Tweets per day 2011 over 2010 (to 200 million in June)
    • 14. 86% = Percentage of Americans aged 18-29 using social networking sites
    Source Search Engine Journal Infographic
  • 15. A Game of Two Halves
    The Art
    Leveraging the Social Web (Manual). Collate your network, comprehend your network. Contribute content to your network based on relevance. Micro-blogging, video, infographics, podcasts - BLOGGING.
    The Science
    Leveraging the Semantic web (Automatic). Tagging, RSS feeds, SEO, Adwords, Word Clouds (Radian6). Seed blog post with proven relevant language.
  • 16. Part A Lets get Social
  • 17. Part B WordPower (SEO)
    Google Juice
    Google Processes 1,000,000,000 search queries every day (March 2011)
  • 18. Content 2.0
    White papers
  • 19. The Hub & Spoke Blueprint
    Whats the point?
  • 20. Reading List?
  • 21. The Message?
    Be the Medium!
    Built itand they will come!
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