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The Claude Clan - Descendants of Claude Smith...

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The Claude Clan Descendants of Claude Smith French by Marvin L. French United French Organization 2010 1879-1951
  • The Claude Clan Descendants of Claude Smith French

    byMarvin L. French

    United French Organization2010


  • Contents

    Introduction.......................................................................................................2 Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey........................................................3 Family Group Sheet - Claude & Ethel Dailey ................................................11

    Family Group Sheet - Verda & Andy Bodfield........................................13 Family Group Sheet - Marvin M. & Jessie St Andre ...............................14 Family Group Sheet - Glenn & Ruth Knight...........................................15 Family Group Sheet - Elberta & Lee Howard ..........................................16 Family Group Sheet - Forrest & Lee Wood .............................................17 Family Group Sheet - Warren & Margaret Wade.....................................18 Family Group Sheet - Dean & Vivian Moore ..........................................19 Family Group Sheet - Dorothy & Eldon Janssen .....................................20

    Ancestor Tree - Claude & Siblings.................................................................22 Ancestor Tree - Ethel & Siblings....................................................................26 Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey.....................................................28 Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum .....................................................36 Ancestors of Mary Ethel Dailey .....................................................................44 Descendant Outline - Claude French & Ethel Dailey.....................................63 Genealogy Report - Claude French & Ethel Dailey .....................................70 Index ...............................................................................................................94

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    This is one of a series of "Clan" books that document the genealogical records of the childrenof James Gentry French (1755-1939), who went by his middle name, Gentry. A "clan" isdefined as all the descendants of a child of Gentry's by one of his three wives: MargretAmanda Burgner, Louisa Jane McCollum, and Sadie Nancy Shively. Gentry's sons Archieand Waldon had no children, so they will not have a clan book. That means the clans areClaude, Sabra, Gilbert, Leonard, Emmett, and Fred (children of Margret); Crawford andPresley (children of Louisa); Beatrice, Virginia, Viola, and Lu Etta (children of Sadie).

    The Claude Clan comprises the descendants of Claude Smith French (1879-1951), Gentryand Margaret's oldest child, and his wife Mary Ethel Dailey (1880-1971), known as "Ethel."Ethel's ancestry is included in this book, while Claude's may be found in the book JamesGentry French and His Three Wives. Gentry's ancestry is included in the book UnknownFrench to Gentry French - Five Generations.

    The children of Claude have Louisa McCollum, Ethel's mother, as both maternal grandmotherand paternal step-grandmother. When Louisa, widow of William Millard Dailey and motherof Ethel Dailey, married Gentry, Ethel and Gentry's son Claude became stepbrother andstepsister. Ethel and Claude must have hit it off well, since they were married two monthsaf te r the i r paren ts 'ma r r i a g e . C l au d ethereupon had Louisaas both stepmother andmother-in-law.

    The Dailey family isresearched by SylviaM a r c o t t e([email protected]),a descendant of W. M.Dailey.

    Marvin L. [email protected]

  • 3

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Claude SmithFrench

    1879 - 1951

    Mary Ethel Dailey

    Ethel1880 - 1971

    Andrew LaurenBodfield


    1895 - 1970

    Verda LoletaFrench

    1899 - 1977

    Shelley GeorgeRudolph


    1898 - 1973

    Cont. p. 4

    Opal DorisBodfield

    1917 - 1972

    John WilliamSimola, Sr

    John Guy Simola

    1951 - 2005

    Pearl Bodfield

    1920 - 1980

    John Gilegan

    Floyd LoranBodfield, Sr

    1921 - 1961

    Arlene L.Whitehead

    1928 - 2007

  • 4

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Claude SmithFrench

    1879 - 1951

    Mary Ethel Dailey

    Ethel1880 - 1971

    Cont. p. 3 Marvin MaxwellFrench

    1901 - 2002

    Marie Jessie St.Andre

    Jessie1906 - 1999

    Ambrose WadeFrench

    1903 - 1905

    Glenn ArchieFrench

    1906 - 1977

    Ruth Adele Knight

    1913 - 2003

    Cont. p. 5

    Mary Ann Lohnes

    1932 -

    Marvin LouisFrench

    1927 -

    Alice ChristineLeicht

    1932 -

    Cont. p. 6 Kent KnightFrench

    1935 -

    Margaret AnnaHurst

    1940 -

    James DouglasFrench

    Jimmy1941 -

    Jennifer BowmanMawhinney


  • 5

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Claude SmithFrench

    1879 - 1951

    Mary Ethel Dailey

    Ethel1880 - 1971

    Cont. p. 4 Raymond G.Steeves, Sr

    - 1930

    Elberta RoseFrench

    1908 - 2007

    Ora Lee Howard

    Lee1897 - 1990

    Vera Wells

    Forrest WayneFrench

    1914 - 1973

    Myrna Lee Wood

    Lee1922 - 1986

    Cont. p. 7

    Raymond GilbertHoward

    1928 -

    Mary Lou Jensen

    1928 -

    Kathleen SusanKlubben

    Kathy1950 -

    Dennis ScottFrench

    1947 -

    Linda Hagenlock

    Casey BradfordFrench

    1957 - 1986

  • 6

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Marvin MaxwellFrench

    1901 - 2002

    Marie Jessie St.Andre

    Jessie1906 - 1999

    Cont. p. 4 Ralph Mason

    Robbie Nelson

    Joan PatriciaFrench

    1930 - 2007

    Tom Kimball

    John Wilcox

    Jack- 1995


    Jeanne MarieFrench

    1933 -

    Clyde Flynn

    Mickey1929 -

    Cont. p. 8

  • 7

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Claude SmithFrench

    1879 - 1951

    Mary Ethel Dailey

    Ethel1880 - 1971

    Cont. p. 5 Warren MerleFrench

    1918 - 2005

    Margaret RuthWade

    Ruth1920 - 1964

    Orland DeanFrench

    Dean1921 -

    Vivian IreneMoore

    1921 -

    Cont. p. 9

    Richard W. Snell

    1945 -

    Robin RuthFrench

    1943 -

    John Schroder

    Denise IreneFrench

    1959 -

    Michael G. Lynch

    Deborah YvonneFrench

    Debi1959 -

  • 8

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Marvin MaxwellFrench

    1901 - 2002

    Marie Jessie St.Andre

    Jessie1906 - 1999

    Cont. p. 6 Patricia AnnFrench

    Patt1939 -


  • 9

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Claude SmithFrench

    1879 - 1951

    Mary Ethel Dailey

    Ethel1880 - 1971

    Cont. p. 7 Eldon FrankJanssen

    1920 - 2004

    Dorothy MarieFrench

    1923 - 1993

    Harold C.McBride

    1913 - 1985

    Linda Kline

    Gary Lee Janssen

    1943 -

    Marilyn Croan

    Jerry L. Betts

    1940 -

    Mary MarcellaJanssen

    1943 -

    Duane AllenAndersen

    1948 - 2001

    Nancy MayJanssen

    1946 -

    Bennie CarsonRichardson


    Larry DeanJanssen

    1947 - 1960

    Cont. p. 10

  • 10

    Descendant Tree - Claude & Ethel Dailey

    Dorothy MarieFrench

    1923 - 1993

    Eldon FrankJanssen

    1920 - 2004

    Cont. p. 9 Pamela Hendricks

    John Ray Janssen

    1953 -

    Marilyn Kay Rose

    James GaylandJanssen

    1955 -

    Judith AnnCunningham

  • 11

    Claude Smith FrenchHusband:

    3 Aug 1879Born: Norborne, MOin:2 Oct 1898Married: M. E. Church, Parker, SDin:21 Dec 1951Died: Douglas, NEin:James Gentry FrenchFather:Margret Amanda BurgnerMother:

    Mary Ethel DaileyWife:

    1 Jun 1880Born: Lineville, IAin:16 Feb 1971Died: Douglas, NEin:William Millard DaileyFather:Louisa Jane McCollumMother:

    CHILDREN1 Verda Loleta FrenchName:

    18 Dec 1899Born: Watson, MOin:11 Feb 1977Died: Muskegon, MIin:Abt. 1917Married:Andrew Lauren BodfieldSpouse:Abt. 1927Married:Shelley George RudolphSpouse:


    2 Marvin Maxwell FrenchName:6 Sep 1901Born: Douglas, NEin:6 Jan 2002Died: San Diego Co., CAin:11 Aug 1926Married: in: Waukegan, ILMarie Jessie St. AndreSpouse:


    3 Ambrose Wade FrenchName:21 Feb 1903Born: Hamburg, IAin:4 Sep 1905Died: Watson, MOin:


    4 Glenn Archie FrenchName:8 Sep 1906Born: Thurman, IAin:4 Jul 1977Died: Clear Lake, CAin:28 May 1931Married: in: Reno, NVRuth Adele KnightSpouse:


  • 12

    5 Elberta Rose FrenchName:24 Oct 1908Born: Bennett, Lancastershire County, NEin:22 Oct 2007Died: Providence Marianwood, Issaquah, WAin:Abt. 1927Married:Raymond G. Steeves, SrSpouse:Aft. 1928Married:Ora Lee HowardSpouse:


    6 Forrest Wayne FrenchName:24 Jan 1914Born: Douglas, NEin:19 Dec 1973Died: San Pablo, CAin:Abt. 1936Married:Vera WellsSpouse:15 Sep 1946Married: in: Oakland, CAMyrna Lee WoodSpouse:


    7 Warren Merle FrenchName:11 Jul 1918Born: Douglas, NEin:15 Jan 2005Died: Nevada City, CAin:24 Jun 1940Married: in: Papillion, NEMargaret Ruth WadeSpouse:


    8 Orland Dean FrenchName:24 Sep 1921Born: Douglas, NEin:31 Dec 1944Married: in: Los Angeles, CAVivian Irene MooreSpouse:


    9 Dorothy Marie FrenchName:31 Dec 1923Born: Douglas, NEin:4 Jun 1993Died: Warsaw, MOin:Abt. 1940Married:Eldon Frank JanssenSpouse:13 Apr 1972Married:Harold C. McBrideSpouse:


  • 13

    Andrew Lauren BodfieldHusband:

    Abt. 1895Born:Abt. 1917Married:Abt. 1970Died:

    Verda Loleta FrenchWife:

    18 Dec 1899Born: Watson, MOin:11 Feb 1977Died: Muskegon, MIin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:Other Spouses: Shelley George Rudolph

    CHILDREN1 Opal Doris BodfieldName:

    22 Jun 1917Born:2 Jun 1972Died: Santa Clara Co., CAin:

    Married:John William Simola, SrSpouse:


    2 Pearl BodfieldName:1920Born:Abt. 1980Died:

    Married:John GileganSpouse:


    3 Floyd Loran Bodfield, SrName:15 Jan 1921Born: Nebraskain:14 Jul 1961Died: Roseburg, ORin:12 Feb 1944Married: in: Norton, KSArlene L. WhiteheadSpouse:


  • 14

    Marvin Maxwell FrenchHusband:

    6 Sep 1901Born: Douglas, NEin:11 Aug 1926Married: Waukegan, ILin:6 Jan 2002Died: San Diego Co., CAin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:

    Marie Jessie St. AndreWife:

    12 Oct 1906Born: Ishpeming, MIin:9 Sep 1999Died: San Diego, CAin:Augustine Adilord St. AndreFather:Nora LajoieMother:

    CHILDREN1 Marvin Louis FrenchName:

    13 Apr 1927Born: Waukegan, ILin:18 Feb 1960Married: in: Ensenada, MexicoMary Ann LohnesSpouse:16 Aug 1990Married: in: Rabac, Croatia (Istrian Peninsula)Alice Christine LeichtSpouse:


    2 Joan Patricia FrenchName:15 Oct 1930Born: Chicago, Ilin:15 Jun 2007Died: San Diego, CAin:Mar 1948Married: in: San Diego, CARalph MasonSpouse:Bef. 1958Married:Robbie NelsonSpouse:Abt. 1958Married:Tom KimballSpouse:9 Nov 1968Married: in: San Diego, CAJohn WilcoxSpouse:


    3 Jeanne Marie FrenchName:3 Dec 1933Born: Chicago, Ilin:17 Dec 1959Married: in: Bangkok, ThailandRichard GreenbaumSpouse:22 Jan 1983Married: in: San Diego, CAClyde FlynnSpouse:


    4 Patricia Ann FrenchName:21 Aug 1939Born:1 Aug 1959Married: in: San Diego, CADonald RosenberrySpouse:


  • 15

    Glenn Archie FrenchHusband:

    8 Sep 1906Born: Thurman, IAin:28 May 1931Married: Reno, NVin:4 Jul 1977Died: Clear Lake, CAin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:

    Ruth Adele KnightWife:

    16 Apr 1913Born: Portland, ORin:31 Dec 2003Died:George Thomas KnightFather:Rose Nellie MartinMother:

    CHILDREN1 Kent Knight FrenchName:

    10 Jun 1935Born: Oakland, CAin:18 Jun 1960Married: in: Berkeley, CAMargaret Anna HurstSpouse:


    2 James Douglas FrenchName:24 Nov 1941Born: Oakland, CAin:18 Oct 1997Married: in: Lodi, CAJennifer Bowman MawhinneySpouse:


  • 16

    Family Group Sheet

    Ora Lee HowardHusband:

    28 Aug 1897Born: Winterset, IAin:Aft. 1928Married:24 May 1990Died: Bellevue, WAin:

    Elberta Rose FrenchWife:

    24 Oct 1908Born: Bennett, Lancastershire County, NEin:22 Oct 2007Died: Providence Marianwood, Issaquah, WAin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:Other Spouses: Raymond G. Steeves, Sr

    CHILDREN1 Raymond Gilbert HowardName:

    23 Feb 1928Born: Willis, KSin:8 Jul 1949Married: in: Bellevue, WAMary Lou JensenSpouse:


  • 17

    Family Group Sheet

    Forrest Wayne FrenchHusband:

    24 Jan 1914Born: Douglas, NEin:15 Sep 1946Married: Oakland, CAin:19 Dec 1973Died: San Pablo, CAin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:Other Spouses: Vera Wells

    Myrna Lee WoodWife:

    30 Dec 1922Born: Seattle, WAin:May 1986Died: Ventura Co., CAin:Unknown WoodFather:Unknown TurnerMother:

    CHILDREN1 Dennis Scott FrenchName:

    26 Jul 1947Born: San Francisco, CAin:13 Nov 1971Married:Kathleen Susan KlubbenSpouse:25 Jun 1995Married:Linda HagenlockSpouse:


    2 Casey Bradford FrenchName:25 Dec 1957Born: San Francisco, CAin:7 Dec 1986Died:


  • 18

    Warren Merle FrenchHusband:

    11 Jul 1918Born: Douglas, NEin:24 Jun 1940Married: Papillion, NEin:15 Jan 2005Died: Nevada City, CAin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:

    Margaret Ruth WadeWife:

    11 Dec 1920Born: Weeping Water, NEin:Oct 1964Died: Alameda, CAin:Lonnie WadeFather:Nettie HarveyMother:

    CHILDREN1 Robin Ruth FrenchName:

    15 Feb 1943Born: Alameda, CAin:4 Aug 1963Married:Richard W. SnellSpouse:2001Married:John SchroderSpouse:


  • 19

    Orland Dean FrenchHusband:

    24 Sep 1921Born: Douglas, NEin:31 Dec 1944Married: Los Angeles, CAin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:

    Vivian Irene MooreWife:

    1 Jan 1921Born: Brownville, NEin:Robert Florence MooreFather:Minnie Thora SpellerbergMother:

    CHILDREN1 Denise Irene FrenchName:

    17 Mar 1959Born: Seattle, WAin:12 Jun 1993Married: in: Locust Dale, Madison County, VAMichael G. LynchSpouse:


    2 Deborah Yvonne FrenchName:17 Mar 1959Born:F

  • 20

    Eldon Frank JanssenHusband:

    20 Aug 1920Born: Burr, NEin:2004Died:Abt. 1940Marriage:Fred Gerhart JanssenFather:Alma MossMother:Other Spouses: Hazel Unknown

    Dorothy Marie FrenchWife:

    31 Dec 1923Born: Douglas, NEin:9 Jun 1993Burial: Shawnee Cemetery, Warsaw MOin:4 Jun 1993Died: Warsaw, MOin:Claude Smith FrenchFather:Mary Ethel DaileyMother:Other Spouses: Harold C. McBride

    CHILDREN1 Gary Lee JanssenName:

    10 Aug 1943Born: Leon, Decatur County, IAin:Aug 1964Married:Linda KlineSpouse:6 Mar 1971Married:Marilyn CroanSpouse:


    2 Mary Marcella JanssenName:5 Oct 1943Born: Leon, Decatur County, IAin:19 Oct 1962Married:Jerry L. BettsSpouse:26 Nov 1998Married:Duane Allen AndersenSpouse:


    3 Nancy May JanssenName:24 May 1946Born:26 Aug 1961Married:Bennie Carson RichardsonSpouse:


    4 Larry Dean JanssenName:22 Jun 1947Born: Leon, Decatur County, IAin:17 Dec 1960Died:


  • 21

    5 John Ray JanssenName:22 Sep 1953Born: Nevada, MOin:18 Nov 1973Married:Pamela HendricksSpouse:6 Mar 1977Married:Marilyn Kay RoseSpouse:


    6 James Gayland JanssenName:10 Apr 1955Born: Nevada, MOin:

    Married:Judith Ann CunninghamSpouse:


  • 22

    Ancestor Tree - Claude & Siblings

    Claude Smith French1879 - 1951

    Archie Cleveland French1885 - 1959

    Sabra Sabesta French1887 - 1936

    Gilbert Weaver French1890 - 1968

    John Leonard FrenchLeonard

    1892 - 1935

    Emmett Daniel French1893 - 1946

    Frederick Lee FrenchFred

    1897 - 1948

    James Gentry FrenchGentry

    1855 - 1939

    Margret Amanda BurgnerMattie

    1858 - 1897

    John Peter French II1836 - 1912

    Sabra Jane ColyerSabra Collier

    1836 - 1916

    Cont. p. 23

    William Lewis French1795 - 1864

    Sarah Ann Glass1806 - 1887

    William Colyer1811 -

    Elizabeth Dyche1807 -

    Henry French I1755 -


    Samuel Glass

    Elizabeth Unknown

    Unknown French

    John Glass1710 -

    Samuel Glass

  • 23

    Ancestor Tree - Claude & Siblings

    Cont. p. 22

    Margret Amanda BurgnerMattie

    1858 - 1897

    Daniel Forney Burgner1817 - 1902

    Camola Terring Snapp1829 - 1881

    Peter Christian Burgner1773 - 1824

    Ann Elizabeth ClineElizabeth

    1776 - 1852

    John Snapp, Jr1788 - 1830

    Elizabeth Cook1792 - 1874

    Christian Peter BurgnerPeter

    1750 - 1830

    Anna Maria Burkhardt1755 - 1800

    Cont. p. 24

    Henry Cook Sr

    Mary Magdelene Hudlow

    Christian Burgner1717 - 1754

    Barbara Bauman1721 -

    Peter Burgener IPeter Burgner1693/94 - 1768

    Christian Burgener II1657 - 1700

    Christina Grunisen

  • 24

    Ancestor Tree - Claude & Siblings

    Cont. p. 23

    John Snapp, Jr1788 - 1830

    John Snapp, Sr1746 - 1818

    Mary Ann WindleAnna Maria Wendell

    1750 - 1829

    Lawrence Snapp, SrLorentz Schnepp

    1723 - 1782

    Margaret Gaines Stevens1725 - 1801

    Christopher WindleChristophel Wendell

    1716 - 1791

    Catherine Brumbach1720 - 1798

    Cont. p. 25

    Hans Peter Stephens

    Maria Christina Unknown- 1801

    Phillip Wendell1680 -

    Anna Margaretha1680 -

    Melchior BrumbachMelcherd

    1695 - 1746

    Mary Elizabeth Fischback1696 - 1760

    Hans Jacob Wendell1650 - 1697

    Unknown1654 -

    John George BrumbackJohann1669 -

    Anna Barbara Wurmbach-Merten1670 -

    Phillipp Fischbach1661 -

    Elizabeth Heimbach1662 - 1683

  • 25

    Ancestor Tree - Claude & Siblings

    Cont. p. 24

    Lawrence Snapp, SrLorentz Schnepp

    1723 - 1782

    John Snapp SrJohannes Schnepp Sr

    1695 - 1762

    Barbara Dutt1696 - 1758

    Lorentz Schnepp1669 - 1731/32

    Anna Catherina HuberCatharina

    1669/70 - 1725

    Philipp Dutt

    Christina Unknown

  • 27

    Ancestor Tree - Ethel & Siblings

    Cont. p. 26

    William Millard Dailey1818 - 1892

    John Wiley Dailey1787 - 1874

    Mary DeWees1795 - 1865

    Peter Dailey II1753 - 1804

    Mary Ann Wiley1766 - 1837

    Abraham DeWees1770 - 1840

    Jane McCollum

    Peter Dailey I1724 - 1762

    Richard Wiley

    Rachel Van Meter1751 - 1801

    Henry Van Meter1720 - 1803

    Martha Moore1730 -

    Abraham Van Meter1700 -

    Elizabeth Unknown1700 -

  • 28

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    John WileyDailey

    1787 - 1874

    Peter Dailey II

    1753 - 1804

    Cont. p. 30

    Mary AnnWiley

    1766 - 1837

    Cont. p. 29

    Mary DeWees

    1795 - 1865


    1770 - 1840


    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    Mary Collins

    1828 - 1850

    Cont. p. 32

    Cont. p. 31

  • 29

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    Cont. p. 28

    Mary AnnWiley

    1766 - 1837

    Richard Wiley

    Rachel VanMeter

    1751 - 1801

    Henry VanMeter

    1720 - 1803

    Martha Moore

    1730 -

    Cont. p. 28

  • 30

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    Cont. p. 28

    Peter Dailey II

    1753 - 1804

    Peter Dailey I

    1724 - 1762

    Cont. p. 28

  • 31

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    Cont. p. 28

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Effie LynetteDailey

    1882 - 1892

    Mary EthelDailey

    Ethel1880 - 1971

    Claude SmithFrench

    1879 - 1951

    Ruth AlmaDailey

    Alma1885 - 1972

    Jay WillardThompson

    1883 - 1965

    Joseph GeorgeBallon

    1883 - 1961

    Cont. p. 34

    Cont. p. 33

  • 32

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    Mary Collins

    1828 - 1850

    Cont. p. 28 Elijah ManualDailey

    1849 - 1914

    Ella PhebaDoze

    1864 - 1934

    Amanda A.Dailey

    1847 - 1920

    Harrison AArnold

    1843 - 1931

  • 33

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    Cont. p. 31

    Eunice BlairWoodman

    1824 - 1878



    1853 - 1940

    Mary E.Kennedy

    1855 - 1901

    Myrtie AddaNelson

    1870 -

    Lucy A.Dailey

    1852 - 1940

    William C.Little

    1847 - 1930

    Roxa EllenDailey

    1855 - 1891


    1845 - 1900

    Elizabeth A.Dailey

    1857 - 1860

    Cont. p. 35

  • 34

    Hourglass Tree of William Millard Dailey

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    WilliamMillard Dailey

    1818 - 1892

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Cont. p. 31 Earl SheridanDailey

    1887 - 1984


    1886 -

    Helen MyrtleBartlett

    1895 - 1972

  • 37

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Cont. p. 36

    William Vinzant

    1800 - 1878

    James Vinzant


    Cont. p. 36

  • 38

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Cont. p. 36

    Sarah Spoon

    1810 - 1860

    Christian Spoon

    1788 - 1860

    Nancy Chaplin

    - 1853

    Cont. p. 36

  • 39

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Cont. p. 36

    James GentryFrench

    Gentry1855 - 1939

    Homer French

    1900 - 1900

    Crawford HunterFrench

    "Deacon"1899 - 1981

    Ida MaurineDughman

    Maurine/"Sub"1901 - 2001

    Jocie French

    1900 - 1900

    Cont. p. 42

    Cont. p. 41

  • 40

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    William MillardDailey

    1818 - 1892

    Cont. p. 36 Earl SheridanDailey

    1887 - 1984

    Zona Unknown

    1886 -

    Helen MyrtleBartlett

    1895 - 1972

    Cont. p. 43

  • 41

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Cont. p. 39

    James Steen

    Arnold Steen

    1895 - 1901

  • 42

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    James GentryFrench

    Gentry1855 - 1939

    Cont. p. 39 Presley MilfordFrench

    "Dutch"1901 - 1990

    Ruth Beeheimer

    Gwendolyn Barr

    Gwen1911 - 1985

    Hattie FriedaKell

    1905 - 1997

  • 43

    Hourglass Tree of Louisa Jane McCollum

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    Louisa JaneMcCollum

    1861 - 1909

    William MillardDailey

    1818 - 1892

    Cont. p. 40 Ruth AlmaDailey

    Alma1885 - 1972

    Jay WillardThompson

    1883 - 1965

    Joseph GeorgeBallon

    1883 - 1961

  • 44

    Ancestors of Mary Ethel Dailey

    Generation No. 1

    1. Mary Ethel Dailey, born 1 Jun 1880 in Lineville, IA; died 16 Feb 1971 in Douglas,NE. She was the daughter of 2. William Millard Dailey and 3. Louisa Jane McCollum.She married (1) Claude Smith French 2 Oct 1898 in M. E. Church, Parker, SD. He was born3 Aug 1879 in Norborne, MO, and died 21 Dec 1951 in Douglas, NE. He was the son ofJames Gentry French and Margret Amanda Burgner.

    Notes for Mary Ethel Dailey:From Ethel's son Dean:

    My memory of meals my mother made is quite dim. I do know that we had homemade bacon, sausage, bread, cake, cookies, and croissants Then too wehad other pork cuts, and all the cuts of beef which were usually roasted in theoven; barbecue grilling was unknown. Milk came from our cows, butter waschurned from the separated cream, flour came from the mill where we took wheatto be milled into flour. At the store, we bought yeast, shortening (likeCrisco), sugar, salt, peanut butter in glass jars, flavorings, etc. In short,because of the very considerable talents of my parents, we were very well fed andalmost self-sustaining. We also bought rolled oats (oatmeal) in a roundcardboard container, cream of wheat in a box, and flour sometimes in 50-poundsacks.

    Breakfast was pancakes with sausage or bacon in season, or cream -of-wheat or oatmeal both of which had to be cooked for several minutes. Great homemade soda biscuits were often on the table. Lunch and supper was not thatvaried - heavy on mashed potatoes and gravy. Always we had delicious homemadebread and butter at every meal. Most of the gravy was 'cream,' i.e., made in alarge cast iron skillet with a tablespoon of bacon drippings into which acouple tablespoons of flour was stirred and browned, then whole milk was added andcooked and simmered until the desired consistency was reached. Delicious.Potatoes came from the cellar where a year's supply from a large potato patchwas stored every early fall. Also, in the cellar we had turnips, carrots,beets, and all kinds of home canned vegetables and meats. For snacks we hadpeanut butter and home made jelly sandwiches; our school lunches were commonlypeanut butter sandwiches, with a couple cookies or a piece of cake, andsometimes an apple, orange, or banana. In sum, our menus were simple and mostly of homemade ingredients; there were no pre-packaged or instant anythingavailable. All bakery items were made from scratch - sift the flour, mix in the yeastand shortening, and salt, knead the dough for 10 or 15 minutes, roll thedough out on a board, shape it into loaves or cake or cookie mode, let it 'risefor half hour or so, place it in the appropriate pan, stick it in the oven ofthe wood-burning kitchen stove and bake it until 'golden' brown. In the

  • 45

    summer time, we often had fresh grapes, peaches, plums, apples and pears from thegarden as well as watermelon and muskmelon. For special treats, we madehomemade ice cream with a hand-cranked freezer (using ice delivered to the kitchenicebox once or twice a week). In winter we often had home grown popcorn aftersupper as we played some kind of card games. Our entertainment was very basicas there was no TV, and radio was by crystal set (no electricity) which was ofpoor and intermittent reception. In the 30's, radios powered by lead-acidbatteries (like heavy car batteries) were available and provided 2 or 3 hours ofbetter but not good reception of programs of limited cultural content beforethe batteries were exhausted. Otherwise, our time was spent growing, gathering,and reaping and storing the fundamental necessities; and preparing thefoodstuffs for the table.

    Prepare the meals by adding a pinch of this, or a spoonful of that, stirring and mixing andcooking or baking by instinct and experience. There were no exotic dishes.

    Notes for Claude Smith French:Claude was a jack-of-all-trades. More than a farmer, he was a blacksmith, carpenter, butcher,cobbler, mechanic, and could do almost anything one might want to do around a farm, e.g.,shoe horses.

    According to his obituary, he was a resident of the Douglas, NE area for 40 years, and was amember of the Christian Church.

    Generation No. 2

    2. William Millard Dailey, born 24 Oct 1818 in Morrow Co., OH; died 7 Dec 1892 inPowersville, Putnam Co., MO1. He was the son of 4. John Wiley Dailey and 5. MaryDeWees. He married 3. Louisa Jane McCollum Abt. 1879 in Missouri?.

    3. Louisa Jane McCollum, born 2 Dec 1861 in Hoosier, IN2; died 4 Jun 1909 in Panama,Lancaster Co., NE. She was the daughter of 6. Enos Francis McCollum and 7. AnnaVinzant.

    Notes for William Millard Dailey:In 1849 William moved from Ohio to Illinois. In 1869 he was in Wayne County, IA, asindicated by a mortgage dated 23 Mar 1869. On 17 Jan 1877 he paid off mortgage of $1800for farm. In 1885 he was in Mercer County, Mo. All this information from an unknowngenealogist in World Family Tree Vol 1.

    Inscription on his tombstone: "Kind angels watch his sleeping dust till angels come to raise thejust"

    Inscribed on the memorial near his grave is the picture of a dove flying through gates (?).Above are the words "at rest."

  • 46

    Notes for Louisa Jane McCollum:Louisa's name was prounounced with a long "I" (Lou-wise-a). According to a note on the backof Louisa's picture, written by either daughter Mary Ethel or by Gentry, Louisa was born in1861, not 1860, as her tombstone says.

    Children of William Dailey and Louisa McCollum are:1 i. Mary Ethel Dailey, born 1 Jun 1880 in Lineville, IA; died 16 Feb 1971 in Douglas, NE;

    married Claude Smith French 2 Oct 1898 in M. E. Church, Parker, SD.ii. Effie Lynette Dailey3, born 25 Nov 1882 in Lineville, IA; died 4 Oct 1892.

    Notes for Effie Lynette Dailey:The inscription on Effie's tombstone, south of the main Dailey stone, is: "Added on earth tobloom in heaven."

    iii. Ruth Alma Dailey, born 15 Jul 1885 in Sumerset Township, Mercer County, NE; died 14Sep 1972 in Lincoln, NE; married (1) Jay Willard Thompson 13 Jul 1903 in Douglas, NE;born 19 Apr 1883 in Syracuse, Otoe County, NE; died 28 Apr 1965 in Creve Coeur, IL4;married (2) Joseph George Ballon Abt. 1934; born 19 Mar 1883 in West Point, Cuming Co.,NE; died 9 Feb 1961 in Lincoln, NE.

    Notes for Ruth Alma Dailey: OBITUARY

    Mrs. Ruth Alma Ballon was born July 15, 1888, at Lineville, Iowa, to Louisa (McCollum)and William Dailey. She spent her girlhood at Lineville, later moving with her parents to theDouglas - Syracuse, Nebraska area. Here she was united in marriage to Jay W. Thompson,Sr. Nine children were born to this union. In 1934 she was married to Joseph G. Ballon. Shemoved with Mr. Ballon to a ranch south of Atkinson, Nebraska, and lived there until 1955when they retired and made their home in Lincoln, Nebraska. Since 1961 she made herhome at Alliance, Nebraska, with her son, Richard Thompson and his family. Throughouther lifetime she was a devoted and wonderful mother to her children. She departed this lifeSeptember 14, 1972.

    Prom early womanhood she held a constant appreciation for all of nature, communityinvolvement, her family and their edacation. She was eager to be involved with teachingSunday School, dramatics and school plays, creative writing of prose and poetry, art andfancywork, gardening, raising animals and was an outstanding homemaker. She was a pastpresident of the National Iris Society and was widely known for the beautiful flowers whichshe raised. She especially loved the beauty of Nebraskas Sandhills.

    She had a special interest and concern for the welfare of all children, especially hergrandchildren. Her home was always open to friends, the stranger, the weary and thehungry. Community involvement was her forte. As a good mother, she reared her childrenin the Christian faith, took them to Sunday School and church, and encouraged the readingof the Holy Bible. Many of her children had read this sacred book completely through byher knee by the time they had reached the age of nine. She loved to play hymns on the pianoand organ and had her family and friends join her to sing together. She encouraged andhelped her children with their education.

    She seemed never to grow old and pursued most of her hobbies and interests until the veryday the Lord called her home.

  • 47

    Mrs. Ballon is survived by six children: Mrs. Ruby Warta, Portland, Oregon, Mrs. FrankieMcClees, Lincoln, Nebraska, Mr. Virgil Thompson, Springfield, Illinois, Mr. DarlThompson, Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Marilyn Skinner, Lincoln, Nebraska and Mr. RichardThompson, Alliance, Nebraska. She is also survived by three brothers: Mr. Earl Dailey,Smolan, Kansas, Mr. Crawford French, Grand Island, Nebraska, and Mr. Presley French,Central City, Nebraska. She was preceded death by Mr. Jay W. Thompson, Sr., Mr. JosephG. Ballon; brothers Rev. W. 0. Dailey, Mr. John Dailey and Mr. Austin Dailey; threechildren, Keith, Joy and Claudia; and by her sister, Mrs. Ethel French. Other survivorsinclude thirty one grand children, forty great-grand children, and six great-great-grandchildren.

    Services Saturday, September 16, 1972 10:00 A. M. Umbergers 48th and Vine Streets,Lincoln, Nebraska. Rev. Dale Fletcher officiating. Pallbearers:Darwin Jensen, Ivan Jambur, Darl W. Mc.Clees, Waldo McPherson, James Glisan, SanfordNelson. Internment: Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln, Nebraska. Memorials to The ChristianChurch, Douglas, Nebraska.

    iv. Earl Sheridan Dailey, born 21 Sep 1887 in Haddam, KS5; died Jun 1984 in Topeka, KS6;married (1) Zona Unknown Abt. 19077; born Abt. 1886 in Missouri; married (2) HelenMyrtle Bartlett 18 Oct 1913; born 14 Oct 1895 in Carbondale, KS; died 29 Dec 1972 inSalina, KS7.

    Notes for Earl Sheridan Dailey:Earl and Zona had no children. It is not known how their marriage ended, but they fought allthe time and it is not surprising that it did end.

    Generation No. 3

    4. John Wiley Dailey, born 3 Aug 1787 in Merricks Mill, Greene Co., PA; died 1874 inWest Liberty, Muscatine Co., IA. He was the son of 8. Peter Dailey II and 9. Mary AnnWiley. He married 5. Mary DeWees 17 Oct 1815 in Grandview, OH.

    5. Mary DeWees, born 24 May 1795 in Greenbrier Co., VA; died 29 Jul 1865 in KnoxCo., Rio Township, IL. She was the daughter of 10. Abraham DeWees and 11. JaneMcCollum.

    Notes for John Wiley Dailey:From Family Tree Maker website http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/t/o/Cheri-A-Storlieschmidt/index.html

    John and his father Peter and some other men went out on patrol, got captured by Indians,tortured, and Peter got burned at the stake. John Wiley Dailey got away and lived to have hisgrandson pass on the story.

    Children of John Dailey and Mary DeWees are:2 i. William Millard Dailey, born 24 Oct 1818 in Morrow Co., OH; died 7 Dec 1892 in

    Powersville, Putnam Co., MO; married (1) Mary Collins 10 Oct 1844 in Marioon County,OH; married (2) Eunice Blair Woodman 28 Aug 1851 in Knox County, IL; married (3)Louisa Jane McCollum Abt. 1879 in Missouri?.

    ii. Phoebe Dailey, born Abt. 1820 in Washington Co., OH.iii. Almeda Dailey8, born 28 Apr 1821 in Washington Co., OH; died 13 Sep 1865 in Westfield

  • 48

    Twp., Morrow Co., OH8; married William Rowan; born Abt. 1820 in Virginia.iv. Jane Dailey, born 20 Jan 1824; died 27 Sep 1836 in Ohio.v. Sarah Dailey, born 23 Mar 1826 in Ludlow Twp, Washington Co., OH; married (1) A. J.

    Poorman; married (2) Jack Peyton.vi. Leander Alexander Dailey, born 3 Oct 1828 in Washington Co., OH; died 9 Oct 1907 in

    Stratton, Hitchcock, NE8; married Senath Ann Chase; born Oct 1833 in Morrow Co., OH;died 9 Oct 1907 in Stratton, Hitchcock, NE.

    vii. Elizabeth G. Dailey, born 13 Apr 1831; died Abt. 1892 in Ohio?; married Calvin Smith1852; born 9 Dec 1827 in Morrow Co., OH; died Abt. 1900.

    viii. Isabel Ellen Dailey, born 1 Sep 1833; married John Brenizer.ix. Eleanor N. Dailey, born 15 May 1836; died 11 Jul 1911; married Jacob H. Payton.x. Nancy Rebecca Dailey, born 21 Oct 1838 in Morrow Co., OH; died 9 Jul 1926 in Grant

    City, Worth Co., MO; married Francis Marion Crawford.

    6. Enos Francis McCollum9, born 22 Sep 1834 in Randolph Co., NC10; died 16 Aug1926 in Haddam, Brandford Township, Washington Co., KS11. He was the son of 12.William McCollum and 13. Sarah Spoon. He married 7. Anna Vinzant 6 Mar 1859 inHenricks Co., Indiana.

    7. Anna Vinzant12, born Abt. 1834 in Indiana13; died 23 Nov 1880 in Lineville, WayneCo., IA. She was the daughter of 14. William Vinzant and 15. Louisa King.

    Notes for Enos Francis McCollum:Enos's birthplace is shown as "Nashville, Indiana" on his death certificate, which seemsunlikely. Date of death on his headstone is incorrect.

    During the Civil War, Enos was enrolled as a private on 12 August 1862, in Company H of the99th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. He was honorably discharged at Indianapolis on 5 June1865. (Declaration for an Original Disability Pension, 1890). He served as a musician.

    Enos's line is tracked by Patricia McCrae, [email protected], who has copies of hisvoluminous pension-application file. She believes that Elizabeth Hines and ElizabethGoodwin were the same person, Elizabeth Hines having had a previous husband namedGoodwin.

    Notes for Anna Vinzant:Enos's wife is listed as "Anna" in the 1880 census, which shows that her parents were born inOhio. Going by the census, she was about 46 when she died (from childbirth) in 1880, but PatiMcCrae shows her age as 42 at time of death, presumably based on tombstone information.She is buried together with daughter Mary, who died when only 10 days old. A twin brother,unnamed, was probably stillborn.

    From Vernon Vinzant, 913 Stafford Casper, WY 82609-3204:

    It appears that all of Anna's older siblings were born in Ohio. Primary reason for identifyingAnna as born in Indiana is the 1850 census, but other data supports a move to Indiana about1832.

    From Donna Hunter, Anna's great granddaughter:

    It was told to the family by an older relative of Grandma Renshaw's [Cinderella McCollum]that her mother [Anna] was Indian, and that grandma's parents were married in a Catholic

  • 49

    church at Watson. Her [Anna] Indian name was Rosella Whitehorse. The church burned--records unknown. Also my dad remembered Uncle Jim [Anna's son James] and a sister. Dadsaid Jim looked like an Indian Scout. When I was a young girl I remember pictures atgrandma's. She said they were relatives, and they were Indian! Don't know more. She was noteager to talk about them.

    [Now we have another mystery, as Cinderella's mother is named Mary Raven in her obituary. -mlf]

    Children of Enos McCollum and Anna Vinzant are:i. Sarah E. McCollum14, born 28 Dec 1859 in Hendricks Co., IN14; died Aft. 1926; met (1)

    James William Vinzant; born 7 Feb 1853; married (2) Unknown Moore.

    Marriage Notes for Sarah McCollum and James Vinzant:Patricia McCrae says that Sarah and James may not have been married, as they were firstcousins.

    3 ii. Louisa Jane McCollum, born 2 Dec 1861 in Hoosier, IN; died 4 Jun 1909 in Panama,Lancaster Co., NE; married (1) William Millard Dailey Abt. 1879 in Missouri?; married (2)James Steen Abt. 1894 in Missouri; married (3) James Gentry French 1 Aug 1898 inMissouri.

    iii. William Sherman McCollum15, born 9 Dec 1863 in Hendricks Co., IN16; died Bef. 1917 inNevada?17

    iv. James Henry McCollum18, born 10 May 186619; died 22 Jan 1921 in Twin Falls, ID.

    Notes for James Henry McCollum:Notes from Pati McCrea:

    Died in Twin Falls Co, ID 22 Jan 1921, buried 26 Jan 1921, death certificate #33219, Stateof Idaho, occupation laborer, widowed, age 55 years, 8 months, 20 days, father "Ennis"McCollum. Informant Harry McCollum. Also known as George McCollum

    [If the age data is correct, James was born 2 May 1865, not 10 May 1866, which comesfrom Mary Jane Forney.]

    Newspaper article: "Gun Used With Deadly Effect - Shooting in Room at St. Regis HouseResults in Death of H.B. McCollum" H.B. McCollum is dead, J.L. Wenger is sufferingfrom serious injuries on the head, and Ed. I. Slagle is held by the criminal authorities toanswer a charge of murdering the former and assaulting the latter. The affray took place onSaturday night in the St. Regis rooming house on shoshone Street South. Statements as tocauses which led to the shooting are conflicting, as made by Slagel, Wenger, and Jensen.Former alleges that an attempt was made by McCollum, Wenger and Jensen, and that heshot to protect his property and possibly his own life. Wenger, who resides with his wife at644 Elm Street, says the assault was entirely unprovoked, and had all the aspects of adeliberate attempt to hold up the three men. In this statement, Jensen gives some support.Wenger was beaten about the head with a revolver, used in the shooting of McCollum.Wenger states he grappled with Slagle after McCollum had been shot down, in an effort tosave himself from a similar fate. All the men implicated admit that they had arranged toplay a game of poker in a St Regis house room engaged by Wenger. The latter, McCollumand Jensen reached the room ahead of Slagle, Wenger and Jensen say. A fire was started ina small stove and other preparations were making for the game when, according to Wenger,Slagle appeared at the door. McCollum, it is said, met Slagle at the door and invited him in,but the latter, after taking note of the number of the room, passed down the hall to alavatory. In a few minutes, according to an account detailed today by Wenger, Slagle

  • 50

    returned and as he entered the room drew a revolver from his shirt and ordered the men toput up their hands. Wenger, at the time the order was issued was stooped over picking uppoker chips which he had spilled. McCollum is related to have imemdiately complied withthe order and then was shot. The missle struck immediately under and to one side of theheart, ranging upward in passage through the body until it passed out of the back just belowthe shoulder blade. Jensen, it is said, crawled under a bed, while Wenger attacked Slagle,seizing the revolver to save his own life. In the struggle that ensued Slagle got uncontrolledpossession of the weapon and smashed his victim on the head a number of times, inflicting anumber of bad scalp gashes. While the fight was on Wenger attracted attention of personson the street and in the house by shouting for help. Jensen came to his aid and the two menmanaged to push the fighting Slagle from the room, down the hall to the head of the stairs,where Policeman Frank Austin took Slagle in custody. Wenger, bleeding profusely from hismany hurts, hastened to Dr. Clouchek's office where the injuries were treated. He was laterarrested by Deputy Sheriff H.C. Van Ausdein at his home on Elm Street. Jensen wasimmediately taken in charge as a witness and is being held for the preliminary examination.Following his arrest, Slagle is said to have advised the sheriff that the three men attackedhim as he entered the room and that he pulled the gun to defend himself. He says he carriedthe weapon in his hip pocket. Slagle is a sheep camp tender, and came here some monthsago from Washington state. Wenger is a concrete finisher by trade, but of late, he admits, hehas not had much employment at anythning. He picked apples and topped beets during thefall, and lately has been employed by Dr. Gilbert Telford as janitor, he says. He has onechild, a boy of nine years. Slagle says he was last employed by Case and Schildman ofFiler. Wenger says he had never played a game of cards with Slagle before, but thisstatement is denied by Slagle. McCollum, the dead man, worked at common labor, wasabout 60 years of age and has a son about 25 years old living in Twin Falls. Slagle is 48years of age and Jensen slightly younger. a raid of the St. Regis roomsthe first of the yearyeilded some undesirable men and women in the dragnet of the sheriff's forces. CarlDavidson is the proprietor. (copy of newspaper clipping sent by Mary Jane Fortney)

    v. Lovey Ann McCollum20, born 15 Sep 1868.

    Notes for Lovey Ann McCollum:Lovey was named after her Aunt Lovey Ann, Enos's sister.

    vi. Enos A. McCollum21, born 15 Jun 1871 in Iowa22; married (1) Ellen Armina ElizabethLamb; born 6 Jan 1878; died Aug 1968; married (2) MaryElla Elizabeth Ekiss Sep 1907;born 26 Jan 1885 in Mercer Co., MO.

    Notes for Enos A. McCollum:Enos deserted his large family 1 September 1906 after the birth of his seventh child, Hiram,taking seven-year-old Myrtle with him. He later remarried (to Mary) and had two daughtersand one son before leaving her too. About that time Myrtle returned to her mother. It isunknown what became of Enos after that.

    vii. Cinderalla Ann McCollum22, born 2 Feb 1874 in Lineville, Wayne Co., IA23; died 14 Jan1959 in Hamburg, IA; married Charles W Renshaw; born 1 Sep 186824; died 28 Jan 1957 inHamburg, IA25.

    Notes for Cinderalla Ann McCollum:Marvin Maxwell French recalls family trips in the car to see "Aunt Cinny" in Iowa. Hismother Ethel and Cinny were very close, which accounts for Cinny's giving the name Ethelto her daughter.

    Obituary, Hamburg Reporter, 5 Feb 1959:

    Cinderella A. McCollum Renshaw, daughter of Enos and Mary Raven McCollum, was bornFeb. 2, 1874, at Lineville, Iowa, and died Jan. 14, 1959, at the Community Hospital inHamburg at the age of 84 years, 11 months, and 12 days.

  • 51

    She was united in marriage to Charles W. Renshaw, Nov. 24, 1888, at Keokuk, Illinois, andto this union seven children were born, Mrs. Ethel Aden of Lincoln, Nebr., Mrs. AdaChambers of Paola, Kans., Lawrence Renshaw of Casper, Wyo., Mrs. Myrtle Cowles ofHamburg, Lee Renshaw of Rock Port, Mo., and Mrs. Oleta Gillete of Gurnee, Ill. She waspreceded in death by her husband Charles, and a daughter, Blanche.

    Mrs. Renshaw is survived by her six children, 24 grandchildren, 38 great grand children,and one great great grandchild.

    Services were held Friday, Jan. 16, at 2 p.m. at the Rash Funeral Home with Rev. JimNealeigh officiating. Interment was in the Hamburg Cemetery.

    ["Blanche" must have been the Mrs. R. E. Scoles listed as a survivor in Charles Renshaw'sobituary two years earlier, although it is odd that her last name wasn't included here. -mlf]

    Notes for Charles W Renshaw:Orland Dean French recalls: I remember Charlie and Cinny very well--visited them last inthe early 50s. They were fairly wealthy for that era. They financed my parents' home inDouglas, NE, in the early 40s. I repaid them in small amounts in the 40s and 50s. They werea fun couple, always jolly and joking, very nice people.

    He also wrote: I have discovered more details of my parents' later years in Douglas whichincludes info as to Aunt Cinny's buying their home in Douglas - paying cash - and with noparticular repayment mentioned. That sure bailed my parents out in a time of urgency sincethat was the only house for sale in Douglas and they were being evicted by the youngorphan owner who wanted to live in his house. I knew before that Charlie and Cinny weregreat people, but that deal was the clincher beyond all doubt (for me at least).

    His obituary, The Hamburg Reporter, Feb 14, 1957

    Charles W. Renshaw, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Renshaw, was born Sept. 3, 1869, atKeokuk, Ill., and died at the Hamburg Community Hospital Jan. 28, 1957, at the age of 88years, 4 months, and 27 days.

    On Nov. 24, 1889, he was united in marriage to Cinderella McCollum and to this unionseven children were born. Mr. and Mrs. Renshaw were married 68 years. He was a retiredfarmer. Mr. Renshaw was a real estate broker in this community for the past 35 years.

    He is survived by his wife, Cinderalla; five daughters, Mrs. R. R. Aden, Lincoln, Nebr.,Mrs. Orville Chambers, Paola Kans., Mrs. R. E. Scoles, Waukegan, Ill., Mrs. ArchieGillette, Waukegan, Ill, Mrs. Myrtle Cowles, Hamburg; two sons, Lawrence Renshaw ofCasper, Wyo., and Lee Renshaw of Rock Port, Mo.; 24 grandchildren, 37 greatgrandchildren and one great great grandchild.

    Services were held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Jan 31, at the Rash Funeral Home with Rev. JimNealeigh officiating. Interment was at the Hamburg cemetery.

    [Mrs Aden was Ethel, Mrs. Chambers Ada, Mrs. Gillete Oleta, Mrs. Cowles Myrtle, and"Mrs. R. E. Scoles" was no doubt the Blanche listed as deceased in Cinderella's obituary -mlf]

    viii. Francis Marion McCollum26, born 20 Nov 1878 in Wayne Co., IA27; died 11 Jun 1971 inConcardia, KS27; married (1) Vivian V Unknown; born 1910; died 1987; married (2) RosaLea Green; born 2 Dec 1882; died 19 Apr 1920.

    ix. Mary McCollum28, born 12 Nov 1880 in Lineville, Wayne Co., IA29; died in Lineville,Wayne Co., IA29

    Generation No. 4

  • 52

    8. Peter Dailey II, born 1753 in Pennsylvania30; died 17 Feb 1804 in Ohio Co., WV. Hewas the son of 16. Peter Dailey I. He married 9. Mary Ann Wiley 1786 in Pennsylvania31.

    9. Mary Ann Wiley32, born Abt. 1766 in Pennsylvania33; died Abt. 1837 in WashingtonCo., OH. She was the daughter of 18. Richard Wiley and 19. Rachel Van Meter.

    Notes for Peter Dailey II:Peter Dailey served in the Revolutionary War in Captain James Archer's Militia Company ofthe first Battalion in Washington Co., TN

    Some of Peter and Mary's children were born in Washington Co., then Green County, PA.This was not that the family moved, but that the boundaries of the counties were redrawn.

    Notes for Mary Ann Wiley:Mary Wiley's ancestry has been traced back to the beginning of the Christian era. Thisgenealogical record was discovered by Kent French, who does not vouch for its authenticity.A file containing this information is available is included in the collection of UFO Bookscreated from this Family Tree Maker file.

    Children of Peter Dailey and Mary Wiley are:i. Sarah Sally Dailey, born 12 Sep 1785 in Washington Co., OH34; died 1839 in Muscatine

    Co., IA34; married Joseph Dickerson 18 Oct 180734.

    Notes for Sarah Sally Dailey:Sarah Sally and Joseph Dickerson had 11 children. Their first child, Maria, died in Ohio atage 14. Around 1830 the family moved to Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Joseph died there in1832. Sally, daughter Nancy and nine sons settled in Bloomington (now Muscatine), Iowa in1836. My gr grandfather wrote that when they arrived he found but one shack that had beenabandoned there. The first white settlers arrived about 1831. Sally died in Muscatine in1839. Nancy Dickerson Welch wrote in her journals of how she had to care for her ninebrothers after Sally died. Nancy married James Welch of Kentucky in Muscatine on3/12/1840. Her first two children were born in Iowa. The Welches walked the Oregon Trailin 1845 settling in Astoria. They were forced to stay in St. Joseph, Missouri for a year due toIndian uprisings. A third child was born in Missouri. Now picture the scene in 1845. Nancy,age 27, is walking the 2,000 miles to Oregon with two teams of oxen, three children underthree, and her 19 year old brother, Luther Dickerson. They survived the trek and Nancygave birth to her fourth child and first white child born in the Oregon territory Feb 19, 1846.

    4 ii. John Wiley Dailey, born 3 Aug 1787 in Merricks Mill, Greene Co., PA; died 1874 in WestLiberty, Muscatine Co., IA; married Mary DeWees 17 Oct 1815 in Grandview, OH.

    iii. Peter Dailey III, born Abt. 1789 in Pennsylvania; died 1844 in Switzerland Co., IN34;married Abigail Smith 17 Oct 1815 in Washington Co., OH34; born Abt. 1790.

    iv. Esau Dailey, born 28 Feb 1791 in Washington Co., OH; died 9 May 1854 in Matamoros,Washington Co., OH.

    v. Jacob Dailey, born 28 Feb 1791 in Washington Co., PA34; died 22 Feb 1885 in Boone Co.,IA34; married Mary Ann Watson 16 Aug 1814 in Monroe Co., OH34.

    vi. Mary Polly Dailey, born 20 Nov 1792 in Ohio Co., WV; died 4 Dec 1840 in Noble Co., OH;married Aaron Vorhies 20 Oct 1814 in Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH34.

    vii. Jesse Vanmeter Dailey, born 1794 in Green Co., PA; died 10 Jul 1866; married Margaret E.Byers 16 Jun 1817 in Brackin Co., IN; born 1797 in Brackin Co., KY; died 21 Aug 1877 inSwitzerland Co., IN.

    viii. Nancy Dailey, born 10 Jun 1796 in Ohio Co., WV; died 20 May 1867 in Spencer Co., IN;married Stephen Parr 6 Nov 1817 in Washington Co., OH34.

    ix. Isabel Dailey, born 30 Jun 1798 in Ohio Co., WV; died 13 Oct 1881 in Spencer Co., IN;

  • 53

    married Charles McIntire 1820 in Washington Co., OH34.x. Phoebe Dailey, born 1800 in Ohio Co., WV; died 20 May 1865 in Spencer Co., IN; married

    William McIntire 1820 in Washington Co., OH34.

    10. Abraham DeWees35, born Abt. 1770 in Pennsylvania35; died Aft. 1840 in Lewis Co.,WV. He married 11. Jane McCollum Jun 1792.

    11. Jane McCollum35.

    Child of Abraham DeWees and Jane McCollum is:5 i. Mary DeWees, born 24 May 1795 in Greenbrier Co., VA; died 29 Jul 1865 in Knox Co.,

    Rio Township, IL; married John Wiley Dailey 17 Oct 1815 in Grandview, OH.

    12. William McCollum36, born 1 Oct 1806 in North Carolina; died Sep 1846 inRandolph Co., NC37. He was the son of 24. John McCollum and 25. Margaret Elliot. Hemarried 13. Sarah Spoon 31 Mar 1827 in Randolph Co., NC37.

    13. Sarah Spoon37, born 1 Aug 1810; died Aft. 1860 in North Carolina37. She was thedaughter of 26. Christian Spoon and 27. Nancy Chaplin.

    Notes for William McCollum:William's two youngest children were living with their maternal grandmother in 1850, andwife Sarah was living in a household with a young man, perhaps a boarder, William havingdied in 1846.

    Notes for Sarah Spoon:The 1850 census shows Sarah (McCellum, obvious misspelling) living in a household with 25-year-old M. Pugh, a laborer who could not read or write. At that time her children Enos andLovey were in her parents' household. Perhaps Mr. Pugh was just a boarder. At this time theolder Susannah was married to Josiah Bray and had 3 children.

    The 1860 census shows Sarah living with a young recently married couple, James W. andLaura A. Foster. Since she was not to be found in the 1870 census, she had probably died bythen.

    Children of William McCollum and Sarah Spoon are:i. Susannah McCollum37, born 4 Aug 1828 in Randolph Co., NC; married Josiah T. Bray 28

    Aug 1842 in Randolph Co., NC38.6 ii. Enos Francis McCollum, born 22 Sep 1834 in Randolph Co., NC; died 16 Aug 1926 in

    Haddam, Brandford Township, Washington Co., KS; married (1) Anna Vinzant 6 Mar 1859in Henricks Co., Indiana; married (2) Elizabeth W. Hines Abt. 1881.

    iii. Lovey Ann McCollum38, born 1839 in Randolph Co., NC39; married (1) Hiram C. York 11Jan 1857 in Randolph Co., NC39; born Abt. 181140; married (2) James Foster 29 Mar 1860in Randolph Co., NC41.

    Notes for Hiram C. York:A Hiram York in the 1850 census was 39 at the time, married to 25-year-old Mary, with 5children. If this is the Hiram York who married Lovey in 1857, he would have been 46 andshe 17. It is not unlikely that Lovey would have been glad to have some security after beingplaced in her grandparents' home, which she may have disliked (an illiterate grandmother),by her mother. Or maybe her grandparents just palmed her off on Mr. York, to get rid of theresponsibility.

  • 54

    14. William Vinzant42, born Sep 1800 in Kentucky; died 3 Oct 1878 in Centerville,Appanoose, IA42. He was the son of 28. James Vinzant and 29. Margaret Unknown. Hemarried 15. Louisa King.

    15. Louisa King

    Notes for William Vinzant:On April 15, 1832, William and Louisa purchased 16 acres of farm land fromthe U.S. in Hendricks County, Indiana, SE 1/4 of Section 27, Township 16,Range 1 West. Sold to Thomas H. Bonifielo.

    William and Louisa sold the land purchased on June 9, 1832 on Feb. 15, 1834through his brother, James Jefferson Vinzant, to Thomas Barker for $113.00.

    His daughter, Hannah, was born September 9, 1832, in Ohio and he probablymoved to Indiana about this time. William's next daughter, Anna, was born inIndiana (ca 1834). Even though he had sold his 16 acres, he was in MiddleTownship, Hendricks County, Indiana, in 1840 (census).

    In 1843, William bought 80 acres of farm land from James and Deborah Vinzantin Jackson Township, Parke County, Indiana. Whether he actually moved toParke County is not known.

    1850 Indiana, Hendricks County, Middle Township census page 2, census takenSept. 5, 1850 (3 adjacent family homes) (last name error for William, thus anindex search for Vinzant does not get him):

    Family Number 742NAME AGE SEX OCC. BIRTHPLACEWilliam Vizant (sic) 51 M Farmer KentuckyLouisa 51 F VirginiaLydia 22 F OhioJames 21 M OhioHannah 17 F OhioAnna 16 F Indiana

    Notes for Louisa King:ELIZA, LEWIZA, OR LOUISA?

    For William Vinzant and Eliza King's marriage on March 20, 1820 in Highland County, Ohio,the marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio 1805 to 1880 by David McBride give thewife's name as Eliza. In March 27,1832, William and Lewiza Vinzant sold land in HighlandCounty, Ohio. In the 1850 Indiana census, William's wife is listed as Louisa. Her tombstonegives her name as Louisa. It appears probable that this is only one person; that one is either

  • 55

    her preferred nick name or middle name; and that different spellings arise because theyapparently could not read or write (no known signatures). This is further supported by variouscensus records where the ages for William's wife are consistent (see census informationrecorded for William). Further, in the 1850 Hendricks CountyIndiana, census, an older King family is living next door to William. It may be that this isLouisa's (Eliza's) parents who have also moved here from Ohio. Louisa is an oft-repeatedname in later generations, is the name given on her tombstone, and therefore is the name ofchoice. Another point might resolve Lewiza as the pronouncing of Louisa--in the DawsonCounty Museum in Lexington, Nebraska, in 1995, there was a display for a pioneer family ofFrench-Canadian descent that illustrates pronunciation and spelling of "Louisa" -- it reads inpart: "Daniel Freeman and his wife Louisa(pronounced Lew Eye' Za), the first permanent residents of Dawson County...." This museumalso has displays that relate to Vinzant families of that area.

    Child of William Vinzant and Louisa King is:7 i. Anna Vinzant, born Abt. 1834 in Indiana; died 23 Nov 1880 in Lineville, Wayne Co., IA;

    married Enos Francis McCollum 6 Mar 1859 in Henricks Co., Indiana.

    Generation No. 5

    16. Peter Dailey I, born Abt. 1724; died Aft. 1762.

    Notes for Peter Dailey I:The most complete records on the descendants of Peter Dailey seem to be on the Gary SharpFamily Home Page, in the "User Home Page Book." Sylvia Marcotte ([email protected])also researches the Dailey family.

    Child of Peter Dailey I is:8 i. Peter Dailey II, born 1753 in Pennsylvania; died 17 Feb 1804 in Ohio Co., WV; married

    Mary Ann Wiley 1786 in Pennsylvania.

    18. Richard Wiley43. He married 19. Rachel Van Meter Abt. 1790.19. Rachel Van Meter43, born 1751 in Greene, PA44; died Aft. 180144. She was the

    daughter of 38. Henry Van Meter and 39. Martha Moore.

    Child of Richard Wiley and Rachel Van Meter is:9 i. Mary Ann Wiley, born Abt. 1766 in Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1837 in Washington Co., OH;

    married Peter Dailey II 1786 in Pennsylvania.

    24. John McCollum45, born Aft. 1789 in Randolph Co., NC46; died 14 Apr 1868 inMorgan Co., IA. He was the son of 48. Jonathan McCollum and 49. Eleanor York. Hemarried 25. Margaret Elliot Nov 1816 in Randolph Co., NC46.

    25. Margaret Elliot, born Abt. 1792 in Morgan Co., IA.

    Notes for John McCollum:From Larry Cates, [email protected]:

  • 56

    John McCollum (b. c. 1781) moved from Randolph County and died in Morgan Co., IN. Iunderstand that there is a will there for him. I have a copy of it, but can't put my hands on itjust now. John died in April of 1868. His son Jonathan went with him to Indiana and he hadseveral additional children who were still rather young in 1850.

    Patricia McCrae shows six children of John and Magaret, of which William was the second.She also writes:

    John was probably his father's only heir, as by 1813 he was shown on the tax list on hisfather's land. John gave his sons his Randolph County property through vairous deeds.Jonathan, who later accompanied him to Morgan Co, IN, was given 428 acres on Mt PleasantCreek, and two slaves: Peggy (21 in1830) and Riley (15). His son William received 273acres on Mt Pleasant Creek and slaves named Phyllis (39 in 1830) andMilly (13). Hisgrandson Orris recieved a girl named Hala, aged 2. In 1847, he sold his last property inRandolph County in company with his son Jonathan and Jonathan's wife Elizabeth (Staley).John was living in Morgan Co, IN, by that time.

    According to the 1850 census, Susannah, Mary and John Jr. would be his children with Polly.Also listed in the census are Margaret, Elizabeth, Wesley and Rachel, all born before hemarried Polly in 1834. In 1850, John gave his age as 69 and Polly's as 49.

    This may be the John McCollum who served in Nixon's NC Militia during the War of 1812.

    Marriage Bond ("Margarat" Elliott) XX Nov 1816, Randolph Co, NC, bondsman WilliamDougan, witness B. Marman, JP, Bond #000113187.Marriage Bond (Polly Myrick) 7 Jul 1843, Randolph Co, NC, bondsman John Aldredge,witness Jno. B. Troy, bond #000113182.

    Will of John McCollum, Sr (Morgan Co, IN):

    In the name of the benevolent Father of All:I, John McCollum, Senr. of Morgan County and State of Indiana do make and publish this mylast will and testament.I. I give and bequesth to my Grand Son John Oliver Smith one note calling for three hundreddollars executed by John McCollum, Jr. Payable in three years.II. I give and devise One dollar each to the following named persons to wit to: JonathanMcCollum Senr. one dollar, 2. to William McCollum, Senr. One dollar. 3rd to SusannahDorsett one dollar. 4th to John McCollum, Jr. one dollar. 5th to Mary Smith one Dollar.III. I give and devise all the residue of my estate to beloved wife Polly to have and to hold ather own disposition.IV. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made.V. I make and appoint Ephraim B. Chenowith executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony here of I have her unto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of April innthe year of our Lord One thousand and Eight hundred Sixty Eight.

    John (X) McCOLLUM

    Signed and acknowledged by the said John McCollum, Senr. as his last will and testament in

  • 57

    our presence and signed by us in his presence. Joseph J. Smith JamesDorsett

    State of IndianaMorgan County

    Be it known that on the 5th day of November 1868 before me John Hardwick Clerk of theMorgan Common Pleas Court formally came Joseph J. Smith who being duly sworn andexamined states that said deceased John McCollum Senr. did in his presence and in thepresence of James Dorsett on the 14th day of April 1868 sign, seal, publish and declare theforegoing writing to be his last will and testament. That said James Dorsett an affidavit signedthe same as witness in the testators presence and in the presence of each other. That thetestator was at the time of sound mind and memory of full age to devise his property and notunder coercion or restraint.

    James J. Smith

    Withness my hand and seal of said court at Martinsville the 5th day of November 1868. JohnHardwick.

    On 1 May 1820, John was shown as a witness to a charge against William Dick, merchant, forretailing liquor without a license.

    Child of John McCollum and Margaret Elliot is:12 i. William McCollum, born 1 Oct 1806 in North Carolina; died Sep 1846 in Randolph Co.,

    NC; married Sarah Spoon 31 Mar 1827 in Randolph Co., NC.

    26. Christian Spoon47, born 1788 in North Carolina48; died Nov 1860 in Randolph Co.,NC48. He married 27. Nancy Chaplin 9 Jun 1801 in Guilford Co., NC48.

    27. Nancy Chaplin49, died 1853 in Henry, IA49.

    Notes for Christian Spoon:The 1850 census shows Enos and Lovey McCollum, his grandchildren, in Christian'shousehold. By 1860, when he was 70, Nancy was no longer in his household, but Pertina, age28 was listed there as a "domestic" (which usually meant wife on these census forms). Theyevidently had a 1-year-old son, Isaac E.

    Later information provided by Kent French is that the IGI shows a marriage for Christian andPeritnea Routh on 20 March 1856. So Christian married a 24 year-old woman at age 68 andproduced a child with her three years later. Her name on the 1860 census form was misspelledas Pertina.

    Notes for Nancy Chaplin:According to the 1850 census, Nancy (possibly known also as Margaret) could not read orwrite.

    Children of Christian Spoon and Nancy Chaplin are:13 i. Sarah Spoon, born 1 Aug 1810; died Aft. 1860 in North Carolina; married William

  • 58

    McCollum 31 Mar 1827 in Randolph Co., NC.ii. Lovey Spoon50, born 1813 in Randolph Co., NC50; died in Indiana; married Lorenzo Dow

    Craven 17 May 1833 in Randolph Co., NC50.

    28. James Vinzant51. He married 29. Margaret Unknown.29. Margaret Unknown51.

    Notes for James Vinzant:According to Kent French, James moved all around the country during his life.

    Child of James Vinzant and Margaret Unknown is:14 i. William Vinzant, born Sep 1800 in Kentucky; died 3 Oct 1878 in Centerville, Appanoose,

    IA; married (1) Louisa King; married (2) Judith Ratcliffe.

    Generation No. 6

    38. Henry Van Meter, born Abt. 1720 in Greene, PA; died 2 Feb 1803 in Greene, PA.He was the son of 76. Abraham Van Meter and 77. Elizabeth Unknown. He married 39.Martha Moore.

    39. Martha Moore, born 1730 in Maryland.

    Child of Henry Van Meter and Martha Moore is:19 i. Rachel Van Meter, born 1751 in Greene, PA; died Aft. 1801; married Richard Wiley Abt.


    48. Jonathan McCollum52, born 1761 in Randolph Co., NC; died Bef. 1813 in MtPleasant Creek, Guilford Co., NC. He was the son of 96. Duncan McCollum and 97. EstherUnknown. He married 49. Eleanor York.

    49. Eleanor York52, born 10 Apr 1769 in Randolph Co., NC; died 14 Oct 1842 in MtPleasant Creek, Guilford Co., NC53. She was the daughter of 98. Thomas York and 99.Elinor Aldridge.

    Notes for Jonathan McCollum:From Larry Cates, [email protected]:

    Jonathan McCollum, was, of course, the son of Duncan McCollum of Sandy Creek, who diedwith a will in 1784. His wife at death was named Esther. To my knowledge, no one knowswhere they came from or who Duncan's parents were, but he was likely a near relation of LeviMcCollum (wife Mary) who sold him the property on Sandy Creek in the mid 1770's.(Guilford Co., NC Dbk 1, p. 417.) Levi had purchased it in 1770 from David and ElizabethJackson.

    There are a number of criminal action cases regarding both Jonathan and Eleanor and mattersof assault with neighbors. For a while, they seemed to be really mixing it up with the peoplearound them. It is interesting that Jonathan and Eleanor only seem to have had one childtogether. At least the 1800 census only shows a single male 10 to 16 in their household.Eleanor MAY be the person buried at McMasters Cemetery near Mt. Pleasant Creek. Thestone is made of soapstone and hard to decipher, but the inscription appears thusly, "----n---

  • 59

    McCollum, 10 Apr 1769--14 Oct 1842 I wonder if the age of John given in Indiana wasaccurate. If so, Eleanor is unlikely to be his mother. If his age agreed more with the 1800census (b. 1784 to 1790), it seems more likely.

    [We have made the very tentative assumption that the tombstone was indeed Eleanor's and thattheir son was born between 1784 and 1790, not in 1781 - MLF]

    Shown on the Randolph County, NC, Tax List of 1779 (single man). Listed in the 1785 taxlist, the 1799 tax list in Randolph Co, NC. It appears he died before 1813 as he is not on thattax list. No probate records were found for him and all his land passed into the hands of aJohn McCollum, probably his son.

    Jonathan's Revolutionary War Pension was disapproved due to "partisan or tory war notprovided for", more than likely because he had only North Carolina service and no Federalservice.

    Census: 1800, Randolph Co, NC: Military service: 1776, CPT Hind's NC Militia Occupation:Miller

    Jonathan b 175? is found in "Heads of Families at the first U.S. Census, NC" published by theU.S. Bureau of the Census, Washington D.C. 1908 (292 p):98; Vol 113, page 319

    Child of Jonathan McCollum and Eleanor York is:24 i. John McCollum, born Aft. 1789 in Randolph Co., NC; died 14 Apr 1868 in Morgan Co., IA;

    married (1) Margaret Elliot Nov 1816 in Randolph Co., NC; married (2) Mary Myrick 7 Jul1834 in Randolph Co., NC.

    Generation No. 7

    76. Abraham Van Meter, born 1700 in Raritan, Somerset, NJ. He married 77. ElizabethUnknown.

    77. Elizabeth Unknown, born Abt. 1700.

    Child of Abraham Van Meter and Elizabeth Unknown is:38 i. Henry Van Meter, born Abt. 1720 in Greene, PA; died 2 Feb 1803 in Greene, PA; married

    Martha Moore.

    96. Duncan McCollum53, died 1784. He married 97. Esther Unknown.97. Esther Unknown

    Notes for Duncan McCollum:Duncan had seven children with Esther. Jonathan was the fourth.

    Duncan bought land in Sandy Creek, NC, from Levy McCollum and his wife Mary. Duncanserved in the Revolutionary War. Military service: 1776, CPT Hind's NC Militia

  • 60

    Found in "Colonial America 1607 - 1789 Census Index"; Randolph Co, NC 1779 Tax List;North Carolina Wills 1665 - 1900 page 335; "Compendium of American Genealogy", page318

    It is not known where Duncan McCollum came from, he seems to have arrived in the early1770s. Other McCollum families in the area came from New Jersey and Lancaster County,PA.

    Randolph County, NC, Will Book I, page 3: In the name of God Amen, I Duncan McCollumof Randolph County and State of North Carolina Being in a low State of health but of Perfectmind and memory, blessed by God, and calling to mind that is is appointed for all men Onceto Die do make this my last Will and Testament, Imprima I most Humbly bequeath my Soul toGod my maker and my Body to the Earth from Whence it wast taken in full assurance of itsresurrection for the Dead at the Last day as for my burral I Desire it may be Decent at thedescretion of my Dear Wife and my Executor hereafter named who I Doubt not will manage itwith prudence. As to my worldly Estate wherewith God hath blessed me I do first Will andOrder that all my Just Debts and Funeral Charges be paid.

    Item: I give to my Dear & beloved wife Esther for term of life or widowhood the plantationwhereon I now Dwell with all my personal Estate for her use and maintenance (except for myWaggon and carpenter Tools) and if my wife should change her Widow State and marry I doorder and will that she have all her wearing apparel one bed and furniture, one Cow & afterher death or marriage I order that my Executor hereafter named do Sell and dispose of all myEstate both real and personal (except my Waggon and Carpenter tools) as shown Excepted forthe best advantage and make proper and sufficient conveyance or Conveyances for the sameaccording to the Custom of the State and the money so derived from the Sale of the Estate Idispose of in the form and manner following to wit:

    I give and bequeath to my son Isaac my Waggon and carpenters tools and one Equal half partof the money that may arise from the Sale of the plantation whereon I now live.

    Item. I give and bequeath to all my sons, viz., James, Isaac, Joanthan, Benjamin, and Stephenten pounds each and the remainder of my estate I will and order that the Same be Equallydivided between all my Children viz. James, Isaac, Jonathan, Benjamin, Stephen, Margaretand Mary. and further more I do order and will that my Executor hereafter named and they arehereby required to keep in their hands the legacy Bequeathed to my Son Benjamin and pay thesame to him as they at their discretion shall think he stands in need of the same & I do orderthat my Executors do settle my Estate and pay all other legacies to my Children in One Yearafter the death or marriage of my wife and I do hereby revoke all other wills heretofore madeby me and I do hereby Constitute my dear Sons Issac and Jonathan McCollum Executors ofthis my Last Will and Testament.

    In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Eighth day of March in theYear of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred eighty four - - 1784- -W/ Enoch Davis Duncan McCollum(seal) Robert McClain William Walker

  • 61

    Randolph County June Court 1784The last will and testament of Duncan McCollum was proved in Open Court by all thesubscribing witnesses and on motion ordered to be recorded. A. Tatom, Clk

    The McCollum family tree is tracked by Patricia McCrae, [email protected]

    Children of Duncan McCollum and Esther Unknown are:48 i. Jonathan McCollum, born 1761 in Randolph Co., NC; died Bef. 1813 in Mt Pleasant Creek,

    Guilford Co., NC; married Eleanor York.ii. Ann McCollum, married Robert McClain.

    98. Thomas York He married 99. Elinor Aldridge.99. Elinor Aldridge

    Child of Thomas York and Elinor Aldridge is:49 i. Eleanor York, born 10 Apr 1769 in Randolph Co., NC; died 14 Oct 1842 in Mt Pleasant

    Creek, Guilford Co., NC; married Jonathan McCollum.


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  • 62

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  • 63

    Descendant Outline - Claude French & Ethel Dailey

    1 Claude Smith French b: 3 Aug 1879 in Norborne, MO d: 21 Dec 1951 in Douglas, NE .. +Mary Ethel Dailey ETHEL b: 1 Jun 1880 in Lineville, IA d: 16 Feb 1971 in Douglas, NE

    m: 2 Oct 1898 M. E. Church, Parker, SD Father: William Millard Dailey Mother: LouisaJane McCollum

    .. 2 [6] Verda Loleta French b: 18 Dec 1899 in Watson, MO d: 11 Feb 1977 in Muskegon, MI

    ...... +Andrew Lauren Bodfield ANDY b: Abt. 1895 d: Abt. 1970 m: Abt. 1917

    ....... 3 Opal Doris Bodfield b: 22 Jun 1917 d: 2 Jun 1972 in Santa Clara Co., CA

    ........... +John William Simola, Sr John Guy SIMOLA b: 11 Sep 1951 d: 8 Oct 2005

    ............ 4 John William Simola, Jr b: 1952

    ............ 4 Sally Simola

    ................ +Unknown Butts

    ............ 4 [1] Karen Jane Simola d: 13 Nov 2005

    ................ +Baldwin

    ............ *2nd Husband of [1] Karen Jane Simola:

    ................ +Schmidt

    ............ *3rd Husband of [1] Karen Jane Simola:

    ................ +Schmidt

    ....... 3 Pearl Bodfield b: 1920 d: Abt. 1980

    ........... +John Gilegan

    ............ 4 Five Children Gilegan

    ....... 3 Floyd Loran Bodfield, Sr b: 15 Jan 1921 in Nebraska d: 14 Jul 1961 in Roseburg, OR

    ........... +Arlene L. Whitehead b: 21 Jan 1928 in Calaway, NE d: 4 May 2007 m: 12 Feb 1944Norton, KS Father: Lester Whitehead Mother: Esther Malcolm

    ............ 4 [2] Loleta E. Bodfield b: 5 Nov 1944

    ................ +William David Ledbetter m: 15 Dec 1962

    ................. 5 Karen Ledbetter b: 18 May 1963 in Roseburg, OR

    ..................... +Steven Bruggeman m: 1 Aug 1981

    ...................... 6 Justin Bruggeman

    ...................... 6 Jason Bruggeman

    ................. 5 David W. Ledbetter b: 30 Mar 1964 in Roseburg, OR

    ................. 5 Gregory D. Ledbetter GREG b: 17 Aug 1965 in Albany, OR

    ..................... +Lily Unknown

    ...................... 6 Christopher Ledbetter

    ...................... 6 Katrina Ledbetter

    ................. 5 Jeffrey S. Ledbetter JEFF b: 18 May 1968 in Roseburg, OR

    ..................... +Cindy Unknown

    ............ *2nd Husband of [2] Loleta E. Bodfield:

    ................ +Milton D. Restoule b: 1943 in Aberdeen, WA m: 24 May 1975 Carson City, NVFather: Milton B. Restoule Mother: Norma Small Singleton

    ................. 5 Michelle L. Restoule b: 30 Jun 1975 in Roseburg, OR

    ................. 5 Bradley A. Restoule b: 15 Feb 1979 in Roseburg, OR

    ............ *3rd Husband of [2] Loleta E. Bodfield:

    ................ +Roy Carey m: Aft. 1980

    ............ 4 [3] Loreta Bodfield b: 23 Dec 1945

    ................ +David Sherwood

    ............ *2nd Husband of [3] Loreta Bodfield:

    ................ +Ronald P. McBee b: 27 Apr 1943 m: 13 Jul 1963

    ................. 5 Kimberly A. McBee b: 6 Nov 1964 in Roseburg, OR

  • 64

    ................. 5 Kari L. McBee b: 3 Aug 1966 in Roseburg, OR

    ................. 5 Roger F. McBee b: 6 Dec 1967 in Roseburg, OR

    ................. 5 Kandi Ray McBee b: 30 Sep 1970 in Roseburg, OR

    ............ 4 Floyd Loran Bodfield, Jr b: 9 Jun 1947 in Lexington, NE

    ................ +Frances Wilson FRAN b: 25 Dec 1949 in Myrtle Creek, OR m: 27 Jul 1967Father: Edward Wilson Mother: Mary Montgomery

    ................. 5 Kamra M. Bodfield b: 17 Apr 1969 in Roseburg, OR

    ................. 5 Shelly R. Bodfield b: 22 Mar 1971 in Roseburg, OR

    ................. 5 Floyd Edward Bodfield b: 23 Apr 1978 in Roseburg, OR

    ............ 4 Roger J. Bodfield b: 14 Jul 1950 in North Platte, NE d: 26 May 1999

    ............ 4 Lorraine A. Bodfield b: 18 Dec 1953 in Ashland, OR

    ................ +Edd D. Crabtree, Sr b: 22 Jan 1944 in Stunks, KY m: 3 Apr 1971 Reno, NV

    ................. 5 [4] Amber D. Bodfield b: 24 Jul 1970 in Roseburg, OR

    ..................... +Ben King m: Bef. 1993 Divorce: 22 Aug 1996

    ...................... 6 Dylan Scott King b: 5 May 1993

    ................. *2nd Husband of [4] Amber D. Bodfield:

    ..................... +Robert Bernard Gilliam BO b: 6 Mar 1972 m: 31 May 1997 Father: RusselBernard Gilliam Mother: Evelyn Sue Ann Patton

    ...................... 6 Robert Denny Gilliam b: 25 Jan 1998

    ................. 5 [5] Edd D. Crabtree, Jr EDDIE b: 13 Jul 1971 in Roseburg, OR

    ..................... +Christian Baker b: 14 Dec 1975

    ...................... 6 Delora Ione Crabtree b: 23 Apr 1998

    ................. *2nd Wife of [5] Edd D. Crabtree, Jr:

    ..................... +Billie Stewart b: 14 Dec 1975

    ...................... 6 Kody Crabtree b: 16 Sep 2001

    ................. 5 Ronnie M. Crabtree b: 1 Aug 1975 in Roseburg, OR

    ..................... +Sara Rose Parker b: 29 Aug 1978 m: 13 Jun 1996

    ...................... 6 Makeala Marie Crabtree b: 11 May 1996

    ...................... 6 Emma Lee Cheyenne Crabtree b: 14 Oct 1998

    ................. 5 Misty A. Crabtree b: 1 Mar 1977 in Roseburg, OR

    ..................... +Bradley Keith Tharp b: 29 Aug 1969 Father: Wayne Tharp Mother: JaneUnknown

    ...................... 6 Ronnie Keith James Tharp b: 30 Jun 1999

    .. *2nd Husband of [6] Verda Loleta French:

    ...... +Shelley George Rudolph GEORGE b: 1898 d: Oct 1973 in Muskegon, MI m: Abt.1927

    .. 2 Marvin Maxwell French b: 6 Sep 1901 in Douglas, NE d: 6 Jan 2002 in San Diego Co.,CA

    ...... +Marie Jessie St. Andre JESSIE b: 12 Oct 1906 in Ishpeming, MI d: 9 Sep 1999 in SanDiego, CA m: 11 Aug 1926 Waukegan, IL Father: Augustine Adilord St. Andre Mother:Nora Lajoie

    ....... 3 [7] Marvin Louis French b: 13 Apr 1927 in Waukegan, IL

    ........... +Mary Ann Lohnes b: 1932 m: 18 Feb 1960 Ensenada, Mexico Father: James LohnesMother: Ruby Jamison

    ............ 4 Mimi Marlene French b: 25 Jan 1965 in San Diego, CA

    ................ +Max French Templeton b: 4 Aug 1959 in Indianapolis, IN m: 6 Dec 1987 Portland,OR

    ................. 5 Zoe Templeton ZOEY b: 11 Jul 1993

    ............ 4 April Ann French b: 18 Dec 1965

  • 65

    ................ +Andrew Haines ANDY m: 28 Aug 1999 San Diego, CA

    ............ 4 Renee Ruby French b: 28 Sep 1967 in San Diego, CA

    ................ +Rick Teems b: 4 Nov 1962 in San Diego, CA m: 14 Feb 2004 San Diego, CA

    ................. 5 Ryan Jamison Teems b: 5 Jul 2004 in Kaiser Hospital, San Diego, CA

    ................. 5 Randy Christopher Teems b: Jun 2009 in Kaiser Hospital, San Diego, CA

    ....... *2nd Wife of [7] Marvin Louis French:

    ........... +Alice Christine Leicht b: 26 Jul 1932 in Buffalo, NY m: 16 Aug 1990 Rabac, Croatia(Istrian Peninsula)

    ....... 3 [8] Joan Patricia French b: 15 Oct 1930 in Chicago, Il d: 15 Jun 2007 in San Diego, CA

    ........... +Ralph Mason m: Mar 1948 San Diego, CA

    ............ 4 David Edward Mason b: 21 May 1950 in San Diego, CA

    ....... *2nd Husband of [8] Joan Patricia French:

    ........... +Robbie Nelson m: Bef. 1958

    ....... *3rd Husband of [8] Joan Patricia French:

    ........... +Tom Kimball m: Abt. 1958

    ............ 4 Francesca Coe Sherill b: 1958 in San Jose, CA

    ....... *4th Husband of [8] Joan Patricia French:

    ........... +John Wilcox JACK d: 31 Mar 1995 m: 9 Nov 1968 San Diego, CA

    ....... 3 [10] Jeanne Marie French b: 3 Dec 1933 in Chicago, Il

    ........... +Richard Greenbaum m: 17 Dec 1959 Bangkok, Thailand

    ............ 4 Fritz Martin Greenbaum b: 2 Apr 1963 in Honolulu, HI

    ................ +Carol Allison

    ............ 4 [9] Carre Marie St Andre Carre Marie GREENBAUM b: 2 Feb 1965 in San Diego,CA

    ................ +Daniel Seawalker m: Bef. 1993

    ................. 5 Kaya Seawalker b: 30 Aug 1993

    ............ *2nd Husband of [9] Carre Marie St Andre:

    ................ +Dean Weischedel m: Jan 1997

    ................. 5 Dylana Grace Weischedel GRACE b: 11 Jun 1998

    ....... *2nd Husband of [10] Jeanne Marie French:

    ........... +Clyde Flynn MICKEY b: 18 Mar 1929 in San Diego, IL m: 22 Jan 1983 San Diego,CA

    ....... 3 Patricia Ann French PATT b: 21 Aug 1939

    ........... +Donald Rosenberry m: 1 Aug 1959 San Diego, CA Father: Bud Rosenberry Mother:Rose Dixon

    ............ 4 Denise Marie Rosenberry DENI b: 6 May 1960 in San Diego, CA

    ............ 4 Jeanne Louise Rosenberry b: 25 May 1961 in San Diego, CA

    ................ +Michael Raymond Berry b: 21 Jun 1968 in Ft. Walton Beach, FL m: 23 Mar 1997Sternwheeler, Bahia Resort, San Diego, CA Father: Kenneth Raymond BerryMother: Hannelore Wahl

    ................. 5 Lydia Jayne Berry b: 31 Jan 1998 in Riverside, CA

    ................. 5 Dayna Marie Berry b: 7 Feb 2000 in Palm Springs, CA

    .. 2 Ambrose Wade French b: 21 Feb 1903 in Hamburg, IA d: 4 Sep 1905 in Watson, MO

    .. 2 Glenn Archie French b: 8 Sep 1906 in Thurman, IA d: 4 Jul 1977 in Clear Lake, CA

    ...... +Ruth Adele Knight b: 16 Apr 1913 in Portland, OR d: 31 Dec 2003 m: 28 May 1931Reno, NV Father: George Thomas Knight Mother: Rose Nellie Martin

    ....... 3 Kent Knight French b: 10 Jun 1935 in Oakland, CA

    ........... +Margaret Anna Hurst b: 16 Oct 1940 in Maud, P, Oklahoma m: 18 Jun 1960Berkeley, CA

  • 66

    ............ 4 Patricia Lynn French b: 20 Dec 1966 in Oakland, CA

    ................ +Todd Garrett Peterson m: 3 Jan 1986 Oakland, CA

    ................. 5 Marisa Peterson b: 28 Apr 1987 in Modesto, CA

    ................. 5 Maren Peterson b: 1 Sep 1993 in Clovis, Fresno Co., CA

    ................. 5 Rachael Peterson b: 21 Feb 1997 in Visalia, CA

    ............ 4 [11] David Knight French b: 29 Dec 1969 in Oakland, CA

    ................ +Gina Davis m: 11 May 1996 Lake Tahoe, NV Divorce: 1998

    ............ *2nd Wife of [11] David Knight French:

    ................ +Lizabeth Anne Sibley LIZ b: 6 Jan 1974 in Navato, Marin Co., CA m: 28 Aug1999 South Lake Tahoe, NV

    ................. 5 Maxwell Owen French MAX b: 15 Feb 2000 in Sacramento, CA

    ............ 4 [12] Rebecca Faye French b: 4 Oct 1971 in Chico, Butte Co., CA

    ................ +Jacob Russell Hoffman JAKE b: 2 Apr 1971 m: 22 Oct 1994 Sandy, UT Divorce:3 Dec 1998

    ................. 5 Jacob Knight Hoffman b: 25 Jul 1995 in Salt Lake City, UT

    ................. 5 Spencer Hoggan Hoffman b: Feb 1997

    ............ *2nd Husband of [12] Rebecca Faye French:

    ................ +Daniel Richard Savage b: 21 Mar 1971 in Salt Lake City, UT m: 4 Sep 1999 LasVegas, NV

    ................. 5 Mikayla Anna Savage b: 4 Apr 2000 in Murray, UT

    ............ 4 April Lynn French b: 16 Apr 1975 in Modesto, CA

    ................ +Brian Royal Leavitt b: 13 May 1971 in Price, UT m: 25 Apr 1997 Elk Grove,Sacramento Co., CA

    ................. 5 Tyler Kent Leavitt b: 11 Feb 2000 in Orem, UT

    ....... 3 James Douglas French JIMMY b: 24 Nov 1941 in Oakland, CA

    ........... +Jennifer Bowman Mawhinney JENNY m: 18 Oct 1997 Lodi, CA Father: CharlesWilliam Nauts Mother: Florence Mawhinney

    .. 2 [13] Elberta Rose French b: 24 Oct 1908 in Bennett, Lancastershire County, NE d: 22 Oct2007 in Providence Marianwood, Issaquah, WA

    ...... +Raymond G. Steeves, Sr d: Aft. 1930 m: Abt. 1927

    ....... 3 Raymond Gilbert Howard b: 23 Feb 1928 in Willis, KS

    ........... +Mary Lou Jensen b: 25 Sep 1928 in Medina, WA m: 8 Jul 1949 Bellevue, WAFather: Hans Christian Jensen Mother: Esther Brown

    ............ 4 Linda Jean Howard b: 22 Jun 1950 in Seattle, WA

    ................ +Jimmie L. Kuhlmann b: 15 Mar 1950 in Tonasket, WA m: 8 Aug 1970 Bellevue,WA Father: Leonard Henry Kuhlmann Mother: Maybelle Jeanette Harneit

    ................. 5 Douglas James Kuhlmann b: 30 Dec 1975 in Portland, OR

    ..................... +Sara Catherine Hartman b: 9 Dec 1977 in Missouri m: 8 Jul 2000 Missouri

    ...................... 6 Grace Kuhlmann b: 27 Apr 2006

    ...................... 6 Olivia Kuhlmann b: 14 Jan 2009

    ................. 5 Gregory Mark Kuhlmann b: 6 Sep 1978 in Portland, OR

    ..................... +Julie Christina Doering b: 26 Dec 1977 in Missouri m: 1 Mar 2003 JeffersonCity, MO Father: Dennis Doering Mother: Nancy Unknown

    ...................... 6 Benjamin Kuhlmann b: 11 Aug 2006

    ...................... 6 William Kuhlmann b: 24 Jul 2008

    ............ 4 Dennis Lee Howard b: 31 Oct 1952

    ................ +Joan Riba

    ............ 4 Raymond G. Howard b: 30 Jun 1955 in Seattle, WA d: 25 Jun 1990 in Washington

  • 67

    ................ +Holly Hammersberg b: 13 Dec 1954 in Seattle, WA m: 16 Jun 1979 WashingtonFather: Clifford Hammersberg Mother: Eileen Dykes

    ................. 5 Jeffrey David Howard JEFF b: 19 Oct 1979 in Bellevue, WA

    ................. 5 Melissa Rae Howard b: 19 Oct 1979 in Bellevue, WA

    ..................... +Charles Dinning b: 2