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The Digital Athlete

Date post:08-Sep-2014
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How has social media changed the game for the athlete? There are risks and rewards as well as a need for athletes to be proactive, entrepreneurial and creative in their athletic careers.
  • Janet Doyle @JDtrains @DSportsMedia
  • Why dont you tell us how you really feel? With so many Africans in Greece at least the West Nile mosquitos will eat homemade food. I am still trying to come to terms with what has happened. I am trying to stay calm otherwise I would lose control.
  • Event Regulation: IOC: Social media activity is encouraged and supported must not report on competition or comment on the activities of other participants Team or League Suspensions & Fines: Micky Arison, owner of the Miami Heat, was fined a whopping $500,000 for telling a disgruntled fan they were "barking at the wrong owner in a tweet. Transparency: British Olympic Council warns their athletes against giving competitors a mental edge Trolls / Haters Rebecca Marino quit tennis, suffered from depression, received threats from bookies. Sponsors: Reshard Mendenhall tweets opinion on Osama Bin Ladens death, loses Champion endorsement. Risky Business:
  • Opportunity: Power of Suggestion Sports fans who follow their favourites athletes on social media are 55% more likely to purchase a brand if an athlete mentions it on Facebook or Twitter 2011 Catalyst Fan Engagement Study #1 #2 Parents Athletes 81% use the internet for sports news 68% love, like, or are indifferent about sports personalities posting sponsorship messages. Game on: 83% check social media during the event Companies that uses Athletes see a 4% revenue increase for that specific product to about $10,000 million increase/year and % increase in stock price. 2011 Journal of Advertising GMR Marketing
  • The Power of Suggestion People dont buy what you do; people buy why you do it. (How great leader inspire action, Simon Sinek) Neocortex: the What-Rational, language ie features, benefits, facts and figures. Limbic Brain-Trust, loyalty, behavior, decision making, no capacity for language. Gut decisions Establishing a personal brand is making a statement about beliefs and values.
  • "I think a lot of times brands want athletes to be 100 percent neutral so they don't run the risk of offending anyone. We want to stand for things, we want to vote for change. I think strong personalities are really good. People who are complete drips, who lack personalities, are not interesting to follow. Sally Bergesen, founder and CEO of Oiselle
  • The Team: The Original Brand Humans have a desire for belonging. Put on a jersey or a hat with a logo and you become part of the team. You share the struggles and successes with genuine emotion. You experience the story. Fighting is a common theme, but doesnt have to be violent. Competition is in essence, a fight. Personal, family, injuries, the theme is the persistence of the human spirit.
  • Direct messaging: Brocas area and Wernickes areas in the brain get activated. Language decoded to meaning. Storytelling changes the way the brain processes the information - any other area in our brain that we would use when experiencing the events of the story are activated. Whenever we hear a story, we want to relate it to one of our existing experiences. #1 sports marketing tactic: behind the curtain
  • Call Me Maybe by USA Swim Team Uploaded 26 July 2012 (1 day before opening ceremonies), 4.4 million views in 1 week (currently 11,439,815 views)
  • Insights from London 2012 54% increase Teen Girls 12-17, overall age group up 29% Teen girl ratings more than double the rating of the No. 1 primetime shows on remaining competing broadcast networks. And they are mobile for the first time: 68% of People ages 13-24 live streamed on a tablet 53% of People ages 13-24 live streamed on A smart phone NBC & NBC Live Extra App Users
  • How the UFC smashed into the Sports Entertainment Industry $40 million in debt with empty arenas, niche MMA communities lived online in forums 2005 Dana White and Zuffa, Ultimate Fighter TV show provided education and storytelling. Now IS THE fastest growing sport in the world; content in over 354 million homes in more than 145 countries & 19 different languages HBO followed in 2007 with 24/7; record 2.4 million PPV (21% over Holyfield/Tyson record)
  • UFC: Social Livestream undercards on Facebook Quarterly Social Media Incentives for fighters, Most followers, Biggest % growth, most creative. #UFC Hunt Dana White Nate Diaz suspension
  • Bearing It All: The Boston Bruins
  • Beard-A-Thon
  • The Money Team/Floyd Mayweather From Pretty Boy Floyd to Money Mayweather, previously with HBO now 6 fight contract with Showtime; airs all content online. Common,CBS & Ice Cube, Kobe Bryant, 50 Cent. Justin Bieber: Mayweather has also established a connection with Justin Bieber (PHOTO) May 4th: 477k likes, 25.8k comments PPV buys for #MayDay were down but a developing a strong brand with TMT which will most likely lead to greater successes when he retires from boxing and concentrates on the boxing business as a promoter.
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