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The emerging practice of ultrasound

Date post:19-Oct-2014
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The emerging practice of 3D Ultrasound.

Presented By: Dr. Syed Shoaib MuhammadThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.

Definition of Ultrasound:The emerging practice of Ultrasound.

Sound whose frequency is greater than that perceivable by humans (>20kHz)Medical UltrasoundImaging 1-12MHz (>40MHz in specialized applications)1.5 mm 0.125 mmTherapy: 100kHz-1MHz Heating, cauterization, cavitation US Capabilities & LimitationsProvides Real-Time imagingColor Doppler Non-invasive flow measurementEssentially non-toxicInexpensivePoor or no imaging through bone, gasOperator dependent image quality Images more difficult to interpret than CTThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.3Medical applications of 2d ultrasoundThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.

CarotidUltrasoundTransesophagealUltrasoundBreastUltrasoundUltrasonic Dental CleaningLithotripsyObstetric UltrasoundMore Medical applicationsThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.Medical applications of 3d ultrasoundThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.Fetal ImagingGynecologic ImagingPower Doppler ImagingMore Medical applicationsThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.Prostate ImagingBreast ImagingBiopsy Related ImagingCustomer Wishes.

What will my baby look like?Is it a boy or a girl?Is my baby healthy and normal?The emerging practice of Ultrasound.What will my baby look like??The emerging practice of Ultrasound.

Is it a boy or a girl??The emerging practice of Ultrasound.

2-dimensional Female3-dimensional Female2-dimensional Male3-dimensional MaleIs my baby healthy and normal??The emerging practice of Ultrasound.



The emerging practice of Ultrasound.Cleft lips at the 34 weeks.Some Anomalies.The emerging practice of Ultrasound.

Thin limbs in at 17 weeks. US reconstructed images. Small for date baby with abnormal proportion, large head and thin limbs and trunk, is demonstrated. (lower) Postmortem -CT scan image of surface anatomy (left) and bony structure (right) of the same baby.

The emerging practice of Ultrasound.Syndactyly in a case of Apert syndrome at 31 weeks. reconstructed images of the foot and hand. All of toes and fingers are sticked together. Postnatal appearance of foot and hand. The same appearance as prenatal imaging is seen.2D V/s 3d Ultrasound.Clearer to the untrained eye.Mothers are better able to recognize their baby.Visual image, stronger emotional connection.

The emerging practice of Ultrasound.

2D Ultrasound advantagesThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.The emerging practice of Ultrasound.2D Ultrasound disadvantages

The emerging practice of Ultrasound.3D Ultrasound advantagesThe emerging practice of Ultrasound.3D Ultrasound disadvantagesBest time to get ultrasound:The emerging practice of Ultrasound.Gender check ---------- at least 17 weeksOffered between ------- 17 32 weeksIdeal time ----------------- 24 30 weeksThank You

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