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The g post year 1 issue 2 (april,2012)

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  • YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012

    Dr. D. K. Jha

    Dr. P.K.S. Nain

    Dr. A.K.Jain

    Dr. Bhim Singh

    Dr. Ankit Gandhi

    Ms. Anita Charles

    Ms. Vinnie Mathur

    Dr. Ekta Srivastava

    Ms. Anshima P. Srivastava

    Ms. Anindita Sahoo

    Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy

    Mr. Kiran Verma

    Dr. Hemraj Verma

    Mr. Ayush Balooni - B. Tech

    Ms. Vertika Anand - MCA

    Mr. Rahul Kapoor - B.Tech

    Mr. Prakhar Mathur - B. Tech

    Ms. Niharika Singh - B. Tech

    Mr. Kantinath Bannerjee - MBA

    Welcome to the second issue of The G-Post , a quarterly newsletter of Galgotias

    University. After the successful launch of our

    first issue in January 2012, it undeniably

    excites us to stay all geared up to bring to

    you the second edition which will serve as a

    knowledge capsule that would recharge your


    Technology and Creative Arts do not run

    transverse to each other in the present world. Steve Jobs, former

    CEO of Apple Inc., once said, Apple has always been at the intersec-

    tion of technology and liberal arts. And that, many people think, is

    the single greatest factor differentiating Apple from its competitors.

    The technology with which Apple created products such as iPad,

    iPod, Mac and the concepts that had gone behind Genius Bars, WWDC, etc. were all driven by focusing on what resonates with


    This is precisely the reason with publication of this newsletter that

    is a humble endeavor on our part to make people aware and known

    with all probity and sincerity about the various activities we and our

    students are engaged in, also gives space to express creative abilities

    of our students and faculty members. Imagination and creativity

    also play a vital role in identifying areas where technological

    developments could bring maximum benefits to the society and

    bridge the huge gap that exists between the haves and the

    have-nots. It is great therefore that our students are getting trained

    early in their career in blending together creative arts and

    technology in their mind.

    The second issue is coming out with more strength and more

    support from the students and my colleagues. I congratulate all

    those whose efforts have helped produce the current issue of The G-

    Post and wish happy reading.

    Dr. Deependra K. Jha

  • 2 YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012

    Workshop on Leadership

    Management and Total Per-

    sonality Development.3

    Know Your Teacher...4

    Global Pursuit.5

    Participation in EDEX-2012,

    Sri Lanka ..6

    Is it always rude to say


    Science & Technology..8

    Orientation of PhD


    Cool Apps to hang out

    with ...powered by


    Launching of book on


    FACEBOOK :The other

    side !...................................10

    Importance of Lean in

    Building Professionals.10

    Abraham Lincolns letter to

    his sons Teacher...11

    One Wish...11


    Academic Excellence ..13

    Sometimes you have to

    stand alone to prove that

    you can stand.14


    Inaugration of Clubs at

    Galgotias University...15

    Can Linguistics be

    considered as a Science?...16

    Life under flyovers .17

    Green World Green Talk.18

    A 5-day Mission 10X Faculty Empowerment

    Workshop was organized from 21st to 25th

    February, 2012 at GCET campus in collaboration

    with WIPRO Technologies. 20 faculties from

    Galgotias Universities and 8 from Ideal Institute of

    Technology participated in the said workshop.

    The objective of the workshop was to supplement

    faculties existing facilitation skills and enable them

    nurture students innovation, higher level of understanding of the subject being taught

    while developing key technical and behavioral skills in parallel. It helped to unleash

    facultys full potential and gave insight into Interactive Teaching Methodology & teaching

    aids. It also aimed to develop key employability skills in students. Mission 10X portal is a

    faculty community portal exclusively built for Indian engineering faculty that provides

    many learning material and continuous engagement plan. It also provides interaction

    forum and gives opportunity to share their experience.

    Inaugural session of the workshop was held on 21st at 9:30 AM and valedictory session

    was organized on 25th at 2:00 PM. Mr. Aaditya Sharma head WIPRO Technologies

    Academic Initiative (north India) was the chief guest of the valedictory session and Prof.

    D.K. Jha, Dean GU presided over the session. Certificates were distributed jointly by Dean

    GU and Mr. Aaditya Sharma to all the participants. Faculties also shared their 5 day experi-

    ence and were delighted to be the part of the workshop. All participants enjoyed the

    workshop and it was a great learning experience for all of them.

    This 5 -day workshop will be followed by advanced workshop of 2 day duration for

    practice of the innovative approaches in subjects of ones interest by the end of the

    current semester or early next semester.

    Winning doesnt always mean being first, Winning means youre doing better than youve done before.

    - Bonnie Blair

  • 3

    Leadership Management and Total Personality Development

    CEL Centre for Evolutionary Learning a non-profit global research network organized a workshop on Leadership Management and

    Total Personality Development for faculty members at Galgotias University from January 10 - 18, 2012. The programme kicked off on

    January 10, 2012 in the presence of Prof.(Dr.) K.N. Tripathi, Vice

    Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) D. K. Jha, Dean, and Mr. Dhruv Galgotia,

    CEO, Galgotias University. Prof.(Dr.) Jha, welcomed and

    introduced the speakers, Mr. Dinesh Rai a retd. IAS officer

    working as Chairman, Warehousing Development and

    Regulatory Authority (WDRA), Col K.S. Mohan, Head Research,

    Analytics and Innovation at the AIBS, Mrs. Neeta Rai , founding

    member on Leadership Board of CEL International, India Chap-

    ter and Mr. Nischal Kapoor, IBMs Worldwide Insurance Indus-

    try Leader. The workshop was conducted through four sessions

    of 90 minutes each. In this interactive workshop, the role of

    leadership along with research was emphasized through various

    exercises, so that teachers can provide encouraging,

    empowering and supporting learning environment to the

    students and enhance their performance in various fields. The

    programme aimed at total personality development through self

    -awareness, self-confidence, self-control, empathy, motivation

    and social-competency.

    The valedictory session on 18th January witnessed the faculty members discussing with the key speakers of the workshop. Faculties

    also shared their experience of participation in the workshop and expressed that they were looking forward to more of such

    interactive and learning workshops.

  • 4 YEAR 1 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL, 2012

    What constitutes a university ? A University is recognized by the students it produces, who spread the

    light of their Alma Mater with their achievements in the world. But more importantly they throw a light

    on the talent of the torch bearers of their institute, their faculty members who nurture them. Galgotias

    University is reputed to have the most deemed faculty members. In continuation to our efforts of

    introducing these torch bearers, we are presenting another four faculty members in this issue to our

    readers viz. Prof. (Dr.) S.K.Sinha, Research Coordinator, Prof. ( Dr.) Babita Tyagi, Head Department of

    Mathematics, Dr. Ramarcha Kumar and Dr. Dhiraj Sinha.

    received his B.Sc Engineering

    (Electrical) from M.I.T Muzzaffarpur, Bihar ,

    M.Tech from RIT Jamshedpur (Now NIT Jam-

    shedpur) and Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee with spe-

    cialization in Power System. He has 18 years of

    teaching, research and industrial experience.

    Presently, he is professor in the Electrical Engi-

    neering Department. He is also coordinating the

    research activities at Galgotias University.

    Dr. Sinha started his career in industry and after working for 8 years he

    switched over to academics. During his academic and industrial career

    he held various key administrative positions. As a convener he has orga-

    nized several workshops and lectures. His research interests include

    Automatic Generation Control, Power System Stability, Power System

    Transients, Power System Operation & Control etc. He has published

    several research papers in reputed international journals and confer-

    ences. He is an active researcher and has research interactions with the

    faculty of IIT Roorkee. He has delivered several lectures related to his

    research area during his academic career.

    received her M.Sc ( Applied

    Mathematics) from University of Roorkee (Now IIT

    Roorkee) . After qualifying NET exam in 1989, she

    joined the department of Mathematics , University of

    Roorkee as JRF and ava

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