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    THE GAMES JOURNALwww.gamesjournal.at

    ISSUE 481 - JULY 2015ISSN 0257-361X

    Volume 39


    2 ISSUE 481 / JULY 2015 www.gamesjournal.atColor codes, target groups, features, icons and GABIS areexplained on page 5 and at the bottom of pages 46 and 47

    You have always wanted to delve into the world of magic and to brew potions or ride high up in the air on a broomstick? Then you are exactly right with Broom Service, because here you can do exactly that, brew potions and deliver them within the realm to princesses, dragons and magicians.Broom Service is the sequel game to the popular game of Wie verhext by Andreas Pelikan. Contrary to Wie verhext, you play on a board on which you deliver your po-tions for a profit using your witches and Druids, and the first player is not forced to be brave.

    You take up the roles of gatherers, witches, druids or fairies. Your goal is to brew po-tions and deliver them all over the magic realm for a profit with your Broom Service. But take care, sometimes clouds block your passage and you must remove them with magical means before you can deliver your potions.In each round you have ten role cards to choose from and you choose four of them for the current round. Those role cards al-ways provide one brave and one cowardly action. The brave action is very rewarding, but you run the risk of being left empty-handed. When choosing a cowardly action you are never left empty-handed, but they are less rewarding. Whoever has most victory points at the end of seven rounds, wins the game.

    Andreas Pelikan opens the box and shows us the nicely designed game board that fea-tures five different landscape types - there are forests, prairies, hills, mountains and also water. On those landscapes you find round and square towers in different colors and cloud spots, which are empty at the start. He also summoned a lot of other com-ponents from the box - there are figurines, playing pieces, event cards and role cards in four different colors as well as various clouds and colorful hexagonal tiles.

    The designer recommends - for your first game of Broom Service - to choose the ba-sic game with the red flags on the castles on the board, that is, the front side of the board. All players choose their favorite color - blue for me, and we all take the cor-responding role cards and playing figurines which are placed on the large castles. After I chose blue, there is red for Clara, yellow for

    Anita, black for Gnther, and as Andreas is also playing, he very restrainedly chooses last and takes the last remaining color on offer, green.Now Andreas hands out one potion of each color and one magic wand to each player. The markers for victory points are placed on the little witch on the track for victory points. The event cards are laid out ready for use - should there be fewer than five play-ers, there are between one and three en-chanted roles in each round, which can be played, but do cost three victory points, as explained by Andreas.Now we have seven rounds to try and to brew as many potions as possible and to deliver them for a profit to the population of the realm. At the start of each round a new event card is revealed. Such an event card can provide victory points for you at the end of the round, but take care, bad planning by you can leave you with penalty points.

    But before we can start Andreas has to ex-plain the roles in detail:

    The realm of Broom Service is populated by ten different characters who bear re-ally funny names and can do two different actions each. You can choose for of those characters for each round. To brew potions you need ingredients - for this purpose you can choose one of three different gathering characters, which give you different potions and/or magic wands.The herb gatherer Krautvornix gives you - when played bravely - two green potions and one magic wand, but only one green potion when played cowardly.Wurzelsepp the root gatherer brings two magic wands and one potion of orange col-or, when you play him bravely. Should you opt to play him cowardly you can choose between a wand and an orange-colored potion.The last gatherer of the trio is Fruchtzw-ergi the gatherer of fruits. He gives you two purple potions and also one potion of your choice for brave play. For playing him cow-ardly he gives you one purple potion.

    To move around on the game board and maybe deliver potions at the same time you must choose one of the witches.Witches Heidi (With of the Prairies), Hy-azinthe (Witch of the Hills), Walpurga (Witch of the Forests) and Bernadette (Witch of

    the Mountains) let you fly into an adjacent region of the same color. If you play them bravely, you may also deliver a potion.Druids offer another opportunity to get rid of your potions and to collect a few vic-tory points. There are two different types of druids, which may deliver potions to regions for which they are experts. Should they be brave druids, you even score three extra points. For hills and mountains you play Gipsdir, the Druid of the Peaks and can, should your figurine be in place, deliver a corresponding potion. Talismanni, the Dru-id of the Valleys, is used when your locations is on the prairies or in a forest.And, finally, there is Donna Wetta the Fairy of the Weather. With her help you can magic away the troublesome clouds. To to do you discard as many magic wands as the small

    white star indicates. Now you have a clear path to travel across the land. The collected lightning bolts from clouds will earn you important additional points at the end of the game. In case you manage to play the Weather Fairy bravely, you will earn three additional victory points.

    Which leaves us now with one question only: To whom and how do you deliver your potions?Only witches and druids are allowed to de-liver potions. Should you choose a witch for the job, you can only deliver a potion when you played bravely. If this is the case you travel to the respective area - but, take care! This area must be adjacent and free of cloud and you can never move across wa-ter. When you have arrived in the new area you take a look around and find yourself a tower that, on the one hand, corresponds to a color in your personal stock, and on the other hand, is located in the new area or on a neighboring border. If you have a suitable potion, you can now deliver it to a suitable tower and take your reward.Druids must already be in a suitable region to be able to deliver. The Mountain Druid delivers on hills and mountains, the Valley Druid delvers to towers in woods and in the prairies. If you did play a druid bravely, you rake in three extra points.

    Rewards for delivering a potions are always victory points, and could sometimes also be magic wands. Those wands you simply pick up and play continues. There are two different kinds of towers, round towers and square towers. Square towers have a high demand of potions and you can do deliver-



    A cute excursion into a land full of magic that has something to offer to the casual player as well as to the experienced frequent player.

    Kati Knoll

  • WIN The Games Journal now also available as eBook!For all information on that check our website.www.gamesjournal.at 3ISSUE 481 / JULY 2015


    40 Lines for Meeples Dagmar de Cassan, Editor -in-Chief

    Already last month I have mentioned our Game Designer Meeting of many years stan-ding. That our initiatives for game designers are successful is clearly stated in the success of our designers; our two most successful game designers have won this years Ken-nerspiel des Jahres with their game BROOM SERVICE. Our most cordially congratulations on this wonderful achievement. Already last month, too, I have mentioned that among the winners of the awards in the Austrian Game Award there are eight games by Austrian designers or artists. 2015 is the year of Austrians in games. Please support us, too, and recommend those games with Austrian origins or participation.Austria seems to be turning into a country where not only great musicians and and wri-ters are renowned but where game designers are becoming part of the cultural landscape.Some information on the Game Designer Competition: This year we will again publish two games for our Games Charity.In our data base LUDORIUM you can find all prize-winning games.Take a look and find games that you are mis-sing in your collection, http://www.ludorium.atIf you like our WIN? Until we have caught up with our delay, we do not accept new subscri-bers! The reading is free for all our visitors,http://www.gamesjournal.at. Our Games Companion GAME BY GAME 2015 is available, http://www.gamescompanion.at

    ies there at any time, you simply put your delivered potion back into general stock. The round towers can only take one deliv-ery, but usually give you higher rewards. Po-tions delivered to those towers are put on the towers and indicate that no more deliv-eries are possible there.

    After seven rounds the game ends. Now you add to your score special points for lightning bolts and remaining resources. If you managed to collect most points, you win. In case of a tie you win with most re-sources.

    Armed with those information we can be-gin; all players choose their roles and after they made their choice, Andreas reads out the first event; Gefllige Gebiete - Protect-ed Places.Gnter is starting player, chooses the Herb Gatherer and reads out the top text on the card: I am the brave Herb Gatherer and want to create two green potions and a magic wand. As he is an experienced Wie verhext player, he of course playes bravely and hopes for the big profit. Now all other players in turn must choose the Her

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