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The Girl Scouts Salute

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The Girl Scouts Salute
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    May 9, 2012

    Occultic 'Tells' in TV & Film


    True danger The Girl Scouts Salute

    The secret behind the meaning of the new hand salute

    is introduced by Hunger Games. Its actual dynamic meaning has been reversed engineered onTuesday evening 5-8-2012. This comes after the original blog article appeared in which Ideciphered Hunger Games for Occult messages.

    Companion article: The Hunter (Hunger) Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule posted on 4 -30-2012


    See The Hunger (Hunter) Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule posted on 4 -30-2012for an in depth discussion of the entire symbolic references to the neo-Nazi resurgence.


    Not only is the Girl Scout salute the obvious prelude to Hitlers youthmovement submission to fascism,

    but, it also harbors a containing element more dangerous beneath the surface. Not one personplanet-wide had knowledge of this until now. Otherwise, Id have found it. This is largely due tothe fact that we, myself included, remain outside the think tank global elite circles making even thesimplest answers most elusive. You are empowered today to take this information and apply itagainst them by not adopting it. thank God it is in your hands literally.

    In Hunger Games, we are shown (without admitting their intent) of its incredible secretive energeticforce. We are programmed on how to use the three finger salute among our own peers, but the

    A google image result returnsthe two pictured in a side byside comparison. Thepropaganda illustration to theright is 70 years old. It isnearly identical to the girl onthe left. Is it by purpose thatthese two are of the onlyimages that result whenlooking for the Girl Scout



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    opposite is their aim. It is of incredible importance to understand that we are being deceptivelyinfluenced to practice first on our heroes (in our schools and social settings as well as sportsvenues) before shifted to them. They have installed a new fashionable idea with the hope itbecomes popularized and becomes cemented in our minds.

    The true danger of the Girl Scout hand salute is with its misunderstood force of energy created by aliving human being. It has a parallel meaning to the fascistic Hitlers outstretched arm salute. Thehidden effect that was added 70 years later incorporates an energy support as an underlyingmechanism that yields mal intent. This particular modification to Hitlers salute has been theirsecret weapon all along.


    The Girl Scout salute empowers the recipient with an energy force.

    The person in receipt of this force will not be a rebel leader as the movie Hunger Games depicts. Itis of the New World Order authority. The receiving body will be their whole host of leaders underone antichrist figurehead, whoever it is they install. This will occur after the collapse of the monetarysystem and when we are incarcerated within a virtual prison. Hunger Games is testament to thisthreatening reality.


    The Secret Sign of the Tribute by a Tribute

    Hidden in plain sight by the Occult is a secret. They do not want the commoner to know. Indesperation, they cannot let us learn the truth about the actual power a human being has. Thereason is that it can be used against them in war not yet realized. this hand sign evokes an energyforce that cannot be seen nor is a power that we are taught that we possess.


    Let me explain exactly what the hand sign actually does (we alreadyknow the meaning)

    In the practice of muscle testing using the science of Applied Kinesiology the thousands of yearsold principles for testing the entire body including; organs, tissues, mineral and vitamin deficiencies,hormonal imbalances, meridian blocks, and so forth) there are a myriad of points that can beaccessed to determine the health of the individual. The fingers by both the practitioner and subjectare used in various positions. As an example, by touching the area where a certain organ is andthen conducting a muscle strength test, the potential that the subject has a thyroid issue can bedetected.

    All of these positions and placement of the hands are specific to isolating a problem as well as andrectifying the problem through stimulation. It works by removing or applying energy. Anotherinteresting example is that by touching, rubbing, or tapping the gall bladder or stomach area, theimpending doom fear of snakes can be removed. That means that a person who had for theirwhole life been fearful of snakes is treatable almost instantaneously. Ive seen it in practice and itdoes work. Another of course would be the common fear of heights or enclosed spaces(claustrophobia, etc.)

    The particular hand sign shown in Hunger Games is a Kinesiology testing position. It amplifies anymuscle test performed. It is the one that does something very different than all the rest. Thethousands of other finger and hand positions which fill volumes of books on the subject do notcompare smply because they are specific to the test. This specific one demonstrated in the movieHunger Games happens to be the only one, the very one, that is singularly the most dangerous ifused with malicious intent. Adversarial warlords want everyone to adopt this signal in the form of aseemingly patriotic salute to ourselves, but in fact empowers a fascist leader. Continue for theexplanation.


    It has an ability to empower the one who receives the handgesture

    Salute? Note: Coloradjustment and flipping oneimage are the only noninvasive manipulations madefor comparison purposesonly. These pictures arefound on the internet.

    A nationwide phenomenais firmly rooted in thedeceptive nature of cultfollowings and fans offer thedangerous symbolic salute tothe stars from the film TheHunger Games during anappearance at the Microsoftstore at the Mall of America inBloomington, Minnesota Photo credit: Renee JonesSchneider-The MinneapolisStar Tribune-AP and blendedwith a 70 year old Hitler youthimage.

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  • The function of the thumb to pinky finger is to AMPLIFY the muscle test. This amplification,therefore, gives strength to the person performing this finger position. When it is used collectively bymasses of people as an outstretched direction toward one individual, it has the ability to empowerthat individual with great strength.

    It is the Hitler salute in its most diabolical of hand signals never before revealed to the public for thispurpose until now. It is the signal the Illuminati have hidden in PLAIN SIGHT among the girls of theGirl Scout programs of discipline. It is unrealistic to connect the pinky and thumb tips when usingthe Boy Scout sign, but rather natural using the tribute salute.


    When Jordan Maxwell thought his life was in danger

    for revealing the rising sun sign during an interview with Alex Jones (it was to be disclosed for thepublic anyway when the New World Order was rounding the bend), it was not a dangerous action ofwhistle-blowing. prisonplanet / infowars already knew this fact. Maxwells ego bubble wheninterviewed was burst.. a little lost pride, but at least Maxwell did his best to inform the public of theNWO. This hand sign is different, however, in that it is not a water fountain point of contention in ashow of intellectual prowess. It is imperative that you know of its lethal intent and that because it willbe used wrongly will be as destructive as Tesla ingenuity that was intended to increase the quality ofour lives now used against us.


    In the world of the Occult


    It is known that the basketball, football, baseball, or whatever object of desire used in achampionship game is taken and stored somewhere in the archives of the Elite. It is there that thesecret societal members surround themselves with its power often during occult rituals. Thecollective thought energies from the spectators who focused on the object to go through the hoop,across the goal, or over the wall is contained within the object. This should sound quite absurd tothose who dont understand these principles, but for those of us who have experienced black magic,seen it in practice, or have had spells cast upon them will identify.

    I stood before this muralpictured below at a pointwhen all research had failedme. This hand sign was notin the NWO research files,books, and Im by no means aknow it all when mosteveryone knows but me. Ithought Id hit a wall. I smiledwhen I saw this and actuallytook my fist and symbolicallyhit this wall lightly of course,in absolute humility.

    Pictured is a mural painted onthe west face of the GirlScouts of America building inTucson, Arizona. Im sleepingin an alley (because Im beingtracked by you know who) ablock away and my answerto cracking the lid off theGlobal takeover was a hop-skip and a jump away.

    Above: This series of handsigns are Horus-Ra as theArchontic alien Parasite andthese potent hand signdiagram is from theNecronomicon: These most

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  • Scull & Bones Society

    It is also well documented that the famed Native American war hero Geronimos skull was exhumedfrom burial and is now in the possession of Occultist family members of the Illuminati. Thequestion is why in the world would someone want to steal an Indians skull and bones? Theglobalists have manufactured and then have stolen trillions upon trillions of dollars over afascinating 100 year old shell game. Therefore, grave digging would be sort of a waste of time, no? Ill tell you what in the world theyre in need for.. dominion of the World. To possess the world, theyneed every bit of our power. Those of us who remain living are being conditioned to give this powerso that they can possess the earth over to them by our own will using our outstretched arms. This isthe most valuable and dangerous hand position known to the Illuminati.

    Note: The knowledge of how the kinesiology position of the thumb to pinky is used as an amplifierin body strength as well as sending strength to others is not widely known nor described on theinternet. This information comes to me from a Naturopathic Doctor who has practiced this for fivedecades. While this practitioner practices Rosicrucian doctrines which span far and beyond writtendocumentation and at this point against my spiritual ideals, I trust that his knowledge and intentionis for good. Lets hope. As I explained to this man why I asked how the finger position was used inthe practice of muscle testing (he had seen the film Hunger Games incidentally), he jumped andwas in complete shock. In the years Ive known him, I had never seen him react in this way. Heknew the combination implied dual power forces that when combined wrongly could very well grantultimate strength to a fascist antichrist.

    I hope that having read this that you will reconsider the meaning of the salute by the protagonist,which happens to be a female heroine. While it is an innocent gesture that encourages comraderyamong her peers, it also is the conditioning by which it will be employed to empower evil.


    Update 5-14-2012 The most powerful hand sign known to mankind isalso hidden in plain sight.

    There is a need to defeat the occult energetic power newly introduced to our children. Otherwisetheir destiny is to become the killer drone generation. Theyre already dressed in military fatiguesand black militia suits we think are everyday school attire. Already they are primed and ready havingbeen trained by video game scenario training.. waiting for them is the hand sign that can and willcause us certain demise. Their plot is to use the Girl Scout thumb to finger hand position whichamplifies ill sentiment. Or worse, it transfers power to another individual. Without further ado


    This hand sign happens to be the bringing the hands together in prayer.

    Necronomicon: These mostpotent signs shall be soformed with thy left handwhen thou employeth them inye Rites. Ye first sign is thatof Voor and in nature it be yetrue symbol of ye Old Ones.Make ye thus whenever thouwouldst supplicate Thosethat ever waite beyond theThreshold. Ye second signis that of Kish and it breakethdown all barriers andopeneth ye portals of yeUltimate Planes. In ye thirdplace goeth ye Great Sign ofKoth which sealeth ye Gatesand guardeth ye pathways.

    (Wikipedia) Naturopathy is aform of alternative medicinebased on a belief that aspecial energy called vitalforce guides bodilyprocesses. Rosicrucianism is aphilosophical secret societythat holds a doctrine or builton esoteric truths of theancient past concealedfrom the average man,provide insight into nature, thephysical universe and thespiritual realm.

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  • .

    Bringing all finger tips including the thumb together will defeat all otherhand signs that can and will do damage.

    We have seen this hand position throughout all of time in most every culture in religious venues.When praying, this is the hand position that defeats all others that can do severe damage.

    I am not one to promote any specific religion. I for certain am not a practicing Christian although Ihave always thought the man to be a spiritual higher brother. For good measure this may beappropriate for the reason a process of discrediting a message would ensue.

    Well, there you go.. realnuz set me up so for an opportunity to shove religiondown my throat

    This is far from the truth. Im going to show that prayer while simultaneously performing the mergerof both hands has been the key to our connection to God as well as bestow upon us a power sogreat, we are limitless.

    Ill preface it with this.. Tellinger suggests that Christ was a genetic construct designed to control themasses 2,000 years ago. He said that this immaculately conceived human may have also beenduped into the belief that he was helping man to recover from a spiritual breach when instead, themasses had become uncontrollable by the alien gods. The alien gods had to do something toput people back in line. They anticipated his death in order to install a code of conduct that wouldhold the people in an indoctrinated trance from then on using scribes to write these new codes, theBible, to use as an owners manual. What a mess.


    Energy Circuit

    When the thumb touches the little finger, it completes an energetic circuit. That circuit potentiatesour electromagnetic field and concentrates it through the middle finger. Where ever direction wepoint, our energy is broadcasted. This electrical circuit is an Amplifier of energy. Im assuming itcan also be used against us when we transfer this energy to somebody who may not have our bestintentions in mind. This could be a fascist dictator, antichrist, president

    When all of the fingers come into contact, our hands create a full bodied circuit that goes completelythrough the arms, heart and then back around to the fingertips. The space between the palms of thehands is where this collection of energy is balled. That energy does not necessarily radiatedangerously outward in a single direction unless many people combine in unison and point in onedirection. The use of a single hand that completes this circuit in a localized body part, the right handusually, is easy and directional. It is most dangerous when used on the malintented person. Itslike ray gun antenna that can send a signal. The position of prayer is one that concentrates yourenergies and you can amplify your chakra points anywhere along the meridians and chakra lines. Your heart and your third eye are two of the primary points we amplify during prayer and meditation.

    The body is an electromagnetic generator. It works similarly to a torus. It also works to collectOrgone and etheric energy from our surroundings. If we look at the torus field we can see that weoperate like the earth, fruit that grows from a tree and so forth. The human body as amazing as it ishas even yet another power source more interesting than the heart. Its what drives the heart. It isthe toroid field.

    Kirlian photography shows

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  • Our body has negative and positive points. The front is positive while the backside is negative. Ourfingers since were talking about the hand salute problem, alternates from negative to positive witheach finger. Our opposite fingers on the other hand is a mirror image. When brought together bytouch, negative to positive, then there is a completed circuit. But when there is positive energyflowing not in a circuit then it must go somewhere to seek its completion. This positive flow ofenergy if directed to a negatively charged particle will complete that circuit. Historically, people havebeen punished for various reasons with the lopping off of a hand. I believe this was not so much toteach a lesson as punishment, but to keep people also from their energetic selves.

    The problem is that the positioned fingers for prayer may indeed be superior to the single handcircuit overrides it as the singular most powerful hand position that sends the totality of your energyoutward through the finger tips that are touching. But, this is not a position they have advocated andin fact are actually removing it from our schools and churches. Our educational system is beingturned into prisons as well as their hopeful eradication of all religion world wide. So, hold on to yourfaith and your practices for the reason that hand position we call praying is your only defenseagainst all things evil.


    How did the Catholic church bring down your defense shield?


    Its diabolically simple. One man in front of millions, if not billions, can do it. What does the priestdo when giving you the sign of the cross? Certainly he couldnt be showing you how to swipe awayyour heart energy. Never happen and never will.


    The field of energy that you create when you place your hands together amplifies your spiritualenergy. With the wipe of a hand from top to down the energy that was placed in a ball in front of yourheart is swept away from your heart. To make sure, your hand then moves side-to-side ensuringthat the energy is sent away. Before using a single hand motion to perform this function, yourelectrical circuit becomes broken at the moment you separated your hands. This left you vulnerablein front of the priest.. yes, for all those years. Then, if theyre good at what they do, theyll installsomething good or rotten, or leave you feeling empty for six full days until you come back for moredegaussing

    The priests we observe today see practicing remnants of alien technological understanding of howthese energies were used as well as dismantled. The caretakers of this technology have nounderstanding of what it is theyre doing. Since they are but programmed to continue on with thecustom.. which originally was utilitarian for use as crowd control.. are nothing more thancompartmentalized teachers of the occult. Actually, they are the wizards who create the actions thatwe do.



    What we can do together

    Kirlian photography showsthe energy force around livingthings. It is what is seen fromthe toroid electromagneticfield that surrounds the earth,animals and human beings.

    The Sign of the Cross is asymbolic ritual gesture whichmarks the four points of theCross on Calvary overones body as well asrepresenting loving G(g)odwith all ones heart, soul, mindand strength. The sign is mostoften made at the name of theHoly Trinity and to showreverence for a saint(another Anunnaki god), holyobject (objects that have lowenergy which are Occultic),or person (the priest right infront of you), to show humility

    or agreement (make you dowhat they want). SomeOrthodox may make the signof the cross a hundred ormore times during a DivineLiturgy or lengthy service. The thumb, index, andmiddle finger are brought toa point. They are then placedon the forehead after thatmoved down to the solarplexus (moving to the sternumas other denominations doforms an inverted cross).Finally the hand is moved tothe right shoulder andhorizontally across to the left.

    Click to enlarge: Note thatthe chakras that one wouldbuild energy for are sweptaway when practicing thecross sign in a Catholicservice, driving by anychurch or cathedral,cemetery and just abouteverywhere and witheverything a devout religionistdoes. An added note is thatthe heart chakra is the Star ofDavid.

    Duncan OFinioan wastrained from childhood tobecome a super soldier. Hewas indoctrinated intoultimate warriorship as part ofa highly classifiedgovernment Monarch programcalled PROJECT TALENT.Duncan believes he is one ofa handful whose shelf life asa CIA product expired. He

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  • Holding hands when forming a circle completes a an electromagneticfield circuit of energy. We must put this to good use when it is time.

    Never in my entire life did I ever desire that we should all hold hands. I hated having to do that atthe dinner table or anywhere. I thought I would never fit in anywhere because I was a soullessspiritualy soured creature. But, things have changed and so have I.

    They are attempting to create an energy power plant using the unwitting masses in order to receiveour free energy. We, therefore, are free energy to be utilized by them. Contained in us is the mostpowerful Zero Point Energy resource available. This is what David Icke and many others havebeen trying to tell us all along.. those aliens, through use of their minions, are sapping all of ourinnate energies in the various ways they do. They are killing our high frequency output by loweringit. They are evoking fear in our babies in these ritualistic rapes. They are doing this to absorb lowfrequency energy while distorting our high frequency and so on. Enough on that.. you know whattheyre doing.

    Our children need to relearn how to differentiate out evil intent. If people like Duncan OFinioan knewthis, he would not have participated in something similar to what is being taught to children all overthe world. These teachings or of the theatrical variety promoted by films such as Hunger Games.

    See The Hunter (Hunger) Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule posted on 4 -30-2012


    [email protected]

    a CIA product expired. Heremembers his experience. While he was unclear thatforming a circle thatcompletes a circuit withpeople was effective forkilling everything within amulti-mile radius he now usesthis knowledge to good use. You can listen to hisinterview here. In this story,he describes being part of acollective group of childrenwhose energy potential to beso great that it had the powerto destroy humans.

    Trained under the CIA in ablack project known asProject Talent, an innocentboy was taught to accessenormous powers that allhuman beings have thecapability to manifest. Unfortunately, Duncan wasconditioned to use this poweragainst mankind for theselfish agenda of the NewWorld Orders militarysupersoldier program. This isa strong example as to whywe all must not view thislightly. If there was ever anarmy that could defeat theglobalists then this philosophyis our only hope. Do not letthem take away our power topray. Do not let them take ouryouth for they will be taughtto use it against all ofhumanity. Duncan, if yourereading this and realize thatthis could be put to a globaltest that stops the worldspower elite, well then thishappens to be where youbecome a world class andhighly respected spiritualleader. Youre on my team.

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    Great Find glad you did the ground work people need to know the truth and the details! Thanks I used your info in my blog andlinked it to your stuff!

    Daniel Leach said:September 16, 201211:29 am

    Reblogged this on http://www.AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com Blog! and commented:Good Find!

    Daniel Leach said:September 16, 201211:26 am

    Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. In concept I would like to spot in writing such as this moreover spending time andactual effort to create a exceptional article but so what can I say I procrastinate alot by way of no indicates uncover a strategy togo completed. 966674

    URL said:August 3, 20124:01 pm

    I have realized some essential things through your blog post. One other point I would like to convey is that there are several gamesout there designed especially for toddler age little ones. They contain pattern acceptance, colors, creatures, and shapes. Thesetypically focus on familiarization instead of memorization. This helps to keep children engaged without having the experience likethey are learning. Thanks

    Mel Stackhouse said:June 4, 20122:15 am

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    4-30-12 The Hunter Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule

    Hunger Games: Catching Fire and more

    Breeding Monarchs

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