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The Glycol & Filtration Experts - Glycol Sales and Service ... Triethylene Glycol TEG 100...

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  • The Glycol &

    Filtration Experts

  • Many customers call to order trusted antifreeze and heat

    transfer fluids, others with maintenance requests for

    specific processes.

    We work with each customer to develop strategies to

    best provide solutions to meet their specific goals and


    With decades of experience and WTO technology from

    our sister company Delta Purification, we have the tools

    and expertise required to conquer the largest of glycol

    system needs.

    Whether that need is diagnostic, service, fluid sales,

    maintenance, procedural, collection or an online system

    to regenerate your own fluids, the experts at Clear GSI

    are the team to call.

  • As an AER approved recycling facility and SARRC registered end user

    with ministerial authorization to import used glycols and antifreeze

    Nationwide - we operate 24/7, 365 days per week accepting and

    delivering product in bulk, totes, pails and jugs via truck, tank truck

    and rail - creating jobs and assisting the business endeavors of many.

    Proudly spearheading the 2016 Alberta Used Antifreeze roundup is just

    one way we have strived to work with businesses, industry and

    communities alike to find and best meet the needs of all. It is part of

    our mandate to extend savings to as many businesses as we can

    reach through our partnerships, affiliations, sister companies and also

    within the NWTP Agreement to assist each of our Western Provinces

    in sustainability, economic survivability and security for the

    communities where we raise our families.

    Clear GSI offers products and services that add value and help conserve resources, reduce waste and

    extend the life expectancy of glycol systems all translates into saving customers time, energy and

    escalading costs while supporting community development, sustainability and success.

  • www.cleargsi.com

    In addition to Delta Purification, we have many business relationships with like minded groups and

    organizations for whom we are most grateful.

    A few of our current partners, affiliates, working relationships and/or customers include:

    Enbridge Apache Pengrowth Husky CNRL

    GFL RBW NEWALTA Terrapure Absolute Waste Solutions

    Encana Cenovus Pinnacle AB Infrastructure Rockwater Energy

    Whitecap Res Baytex Athabasca Oil Rotortech APM Industrial Service

    SARRC registered end user/processor #SARRCPR4050

    Recycling Council of Alberta

    OpenInvoice Comply Works ISN Network ID# 400-221810 GST# 836551176 WCB#708 5860

    Ministerial Authorization to import No. ABR 10119 AER Approval number 365356-00-00

  • The Goal

    Work together, with industry and communities, toward

    environmentally sound solutions increasing efficiency,

    reducing costs & eliminating waste for a sustainable

    economy and a sustainable environment.

    Mission Statement

    Making the difference one liter at a time

    Clear is a team of Glycol Specialists providing a full line of exceptional products & services to

    industries throughout Canada at manufacturer direct pricing.

    100% Western Canadian Owned and Operated, Clear was founded by Calvin Connell & Ryan

    Erickson . Together ,with 30 years combined technical expertise, theyve proudly built an

    industry leader in glycol recycling, sales and unparalleled service!

  • It is Clear GSI corporate policy to continuously improve upon environmental practices, health and safety

    measures and safe knowledgeable performance both onsite and off. Workplace respect and professional

    integrity are paramount within these policies.

    To meet these responsibilities, we pledge to manage our business accordingly;

    Clear GSI communicates with and engages employees, partners and the community to foster

    relationships and gain a greater understanding.

    Clear GSI will make environmental, health and safety and security a priority in our operations for all new

    and existing customers, orders and procedures.

    All employees are trained in EHS&S security responsibilities and promote involvement and

    accountability with full credentials and equipment at all times.

    Clear GSI has always and will continue to make efficient use of resources and time to better serve our


    Transparency, respect in the workplace and working together at all times toward the fair and right

    treatment of all.

    Code of Ethics


  • What We Do

    We supply quality glycol products & unparalleled service to industries across Western Canada

    Saving customers of up to 40% in costs & sharing environmental rewards with all!

    The Clear GSI re3 movement brought about our most

    effective cost saving model.

    Businesses like Enbridge, Apache and hundreds of

    others currently purchase ASTM compliant glycol for

    their systems, then further allow us to collect their

    used glycol for recycling at our state of the art facility

    in Stettler Ab.

    Clear GSI credits each of those businesses for the

    used product collected and has eliminated those

    disposal fees. These customers are saving up to 40%

    off their previous costs.

  • The Clear GSI products and services have

    earned the trust of the largest industries;

    from Heavy Oil and Natural Gas to the

    individual vehicle owners, each realizing

    their previous over expenditures and the

    advantages of working with Clear.

    The Mining , Forestry and Agriculture

    Industries are no exception. Having been

    established initially Alberta these were a

    few of the first Clear GSI loyal customers.

    Clear coolants meet ASTM for their

    industrial fleet needs & both stationary &

    heavy duty equipment while Clears long

    line of heat transfer fluids meet the needs

    of their industrial systems.

    Industries Served


  • Clear GSI offers savings on fluids and

    service to our partners in their water/glycol

    systems in SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity

    Drain) facilities from once-through steam

    generators (OSTG), dew point heaters, and

    other processes within the various Heavy

    Oil facilities.

    Our recent addition of PIG fluid has gained

    the attention of this market as well.

    The massive Wellons systems at Enbridge,

    Hardisty continue to enjoy the clear

    advantage and full rewards & savings in our

    primary re3 business model as well; while

    proudly able to report they too are true

    Environmental Stewards.

    Heavy Oil


  • Solar Energy, Plumbing & Heating and Natural

    Gas Facilities and pipelines are all bulk users

    of Clear glycol, as both heat transfer fluid and

    coolant. Glycol systems of this nature

    especially require our strict attention to routine

    testing for QA and determination of corrosion

    factors as well as a variety of strategies to

    ensure optimal, continued system

    performance we have a procedure for each.

    Boilers, heat recovery units, cogeneration

    plants, process heaters, closed loop heating,

    cooling systems, general freeze protection

    Proudly we have the product, knowledge and

    services to meet the needs of all.

    Solar, Plumbing & Heating

    and Natural Gas Transmission


  • Community infrastructure projects

    including schools, arenas, housing

    complexes, pools and countless other

    facilities are commonly operated,

    heated (and cooled) using closed loop

    glycol systems.

    Clear GSI has proudly served and

    maintained these systems and is seeing

    a steady increase in demand for all that

    we have to offer each.

    These are some of our most treasured

    projects as we see the kids and

    communities directly benefit from the

    economically operational infrastructure

    itself as well as the shared community

    involvement in recycling.

    Community Infrastructure


  • Clear GSI has worked diligently to assist

    the automotive industry in providing

    bulk Clear D-Ice washer fluid and ASTM

    auto compliant Clear Universal

    antifreeze to lube shops and garages

    saving business owners big and small

    over the high costs of other brands.

    Moreover, our drivers collect and credit

    those business owners for the collection

    of the used antifreeze saving them the

    costs of disposal as well as earning

    credits toward their next purchase.

    The response has been overwhelming

    and Clear will continue to listen and

    adapt to the needs of this industry!

    Automotive Industry


  • Clear GSIs 2016 expansions included a pilot

    project - investigating the need and reception to

    change in airports across Canada. Glycol is used

    as runway and aircraft de-icing fluid. ASTM

    testing certifies the fluid for both viscosity and

    sheer factors; whereas even the Clear

    manufactured products will meet this stringent

    criteria, the choice will simply come down to

    price never quality.

    We are excited to report that management of

    eleven Canadian airports have met with Clear GSI

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