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THE KENNEDY & JOHNSON YEARS Chapter 18. Democrat Junior Senator Young: 43 Wealthy, Connected Family...

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THE KENNEDY & JOHNSON YEARS Chapter 18 Slide 2 Democrat Junior Senator Young: 43 Wealthy, Connected Family Handsome Catholic Republican VP Youngish: 47 Humble Means Tricky Dick Quaker John F. KennedyRichard M. Nixon Slide 3 Election 1960 Elections first to have televised debates Kennedy & Nixon Debates Kennedy had Hollywood producers to coach Makeup, suit, speaking Nixon refused makeup, grey suit Kennedy played on Cold War Fears claiming the US had fallen behind in the Arms Race said Eisenhower not doing enough Also championed the poor: 17 million hungry Slide 4 Camelot Jack & Jackie Photographs showed JFK strong, athletic, handsome Young, beautiful wife Jackie (31) Two small children (first in White House since 1908) Slide 5 John Glenn: First American to Orbit Earth Slide 6 Slide 7 Foreign Affairs Slide 8 1960: Kennedy learns of a plan to train Cuban Exiles to invade Cuba Kennedy in tough spot: to invade, or not to invade? CIA assures Kennedy that the plan will succeed JFK gave the go-ahead Slide 9 No secret The Perfect Failure April 15: Cuban Exiles, fly bomber planes and attack Cuban airfields, Cuban Exiles also invade beaches April 17: US Navy ships assist Cuban Brigade, but dont fight Cuban Forces, led by Fidel Castro, sink 2 ships, and capture 1,200 men Slide 10 Outcome JFK took the blame got respect from the people Collins Type II Write an article! Describe the Bay of Pigs Invasion What was the lead up to the event? What happened? What was the outcome? What do YOU think?? Slide 11 Vienna Conference JFK invited Khrushchev to meet with him in Vienna, Austria in June 1961 to ease tensions Khrushchev demanded: US and allies recognize Communist East Germany as an independent nation Withdraw from West Berlin Slide 12 West Berlin was an island of freedom surrounded by East Germany 3.5 Million East Germans escaped through West Berlin JFK & advisors afraid East Germany would use force to regain West Berlin Called reserves into active duty, built nuclear shelters in US, troop buildup in West Germany Slide 13 Berlin Wall August 13, 1961: Khrushchev closed crossing points between East and West Berlin Within hours 25,000 troops were in place to guard a barbed wire barrier around West Berlin A proper wall soon followed: 97 miles around the three Western Sectors, 27 miles between West & East Berlin No Mans Land in Between Slide 14 Collins Type II Write a letter What was the Berlin Wall? What led up to its being built? What was its purpose? How will it affect East & West Germans? Slide 15 Cuban Missile Crisis US actions at the Bay of Pigs and Berlin Crisis encouraged USSR to become more aggressive Khrushchev pledged to defend Cuba USSR concerned about nuclear missiles placed in Turkey Convinced Castro to allow Surface - to air missiles (SAM) and nuclear missiles in Cuba JFK accused of being soft on communism Slide 16 Cuban Missile Crisis JFK ordered U-2 spy planes to fly over Cuba 1962: photos showed the building of SAMs JFKs advisors advised an airstrike Followed by an invasion Act of war Robert McNamara & Robert Kennedy wanted a naval blockade This would be an act of war too, less threatening JFK chose blockade For two days the US prepared for war as Soviet ships sailed for Cuba Khrushchev said if we try to stop them, WAR! Slide 17 Khrushchev wrote a letter Slide 18 13 Days John F. Kennedy President Robert Kennedy Attorney General Kenny ODonnell - Advisor Robert McNamara Secretary of Defense Dean Atcheson Secretary of State under Truman Adlai Stevenson Ambassador to the UN Slide 19 November 22, 1963 Slide 20 LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson Powerful Senator from Texas Hated being VP It was my duty to carry on what JFK had planned Master Legislator used the JOHNSON TREATMENT WAR ON POVERTY GREAT SOCIETY: DOMESTIC PROGRAMS, AIMS TO END POVERTY AND RACIAL INJUSTICE MEDICAID: healthcare for poor MEDICARE: healthcare for 65+ DAISY AD: election of 1964 Beat Barry Goldwater Slide 21 Turn to Page 546 Look at the Major Great Society Programs Chart Write a Collins Type II: What was the Great Society & its aims Use three examples from chart to describe its goals (underline examples!)

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