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The Local Join us for some Gluten Free Goodness! We will have lots of wonderful (local) samples...

Date post:24-Mar-2020
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  • The Local Harvest Volume 2 Issue 5

    May 2017



    All Month:

    Member/Owner Sales

    Fresh Deals

    Co-op Deals

    These run Wed. to Tues.

    Make sure you are on our email list to stay in

    the know!

    5/3 - Gluten Free Goodness Event

    Wellness Wednesday

    5/13 - Pastries & Painting Class World Fair Trade Day 5/14 - Mother’s Day Brunch on our Hot Bar 5/17 - Wellness Wednesday 5/29 - Memorial Day Hours 7:00 am - 5:00pm


    We at the Co-op would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all of you who

    are continuing to support us! With road construction in full swing we have

    seen our business continue to grow steadily. As I have mentioned in the past

    few newsletters, we know that a disruption like this can have a large negative

    impact on a business. We know that your time is valuable and that you are

    making a conscious choice to shop with us, and we thank you for that!

    We are also thankful for all of the folks are made the decision to JOIN US and

    become Member-Owners! We welcomed 17 new households into our Co-op

    family, that is one of the highest numbers of new Member-Owners joining in a

    month since the Co-op opened! Growing the number of our Member-Owners

    is one of the fundamental ways that we will be able to grow! We are excited

    about the level of dedication and commitment this shows.

    We are looking forward to a fun and exciting spring/summer season. We have

    a lot in store for you! We are working diligently to improve what we do to

    make the Co-op your place to shop!

    Our local Produce season is gearing up, we are working to expand our Meat

    and Cheese departments, we are going to be adding some excitement to our

    Bread section, and we are adding new items in our Deli - salads, pizzas, wraps,

    dinner to go options, and wait until you see our new baked goods. (And it’s

    only May!!)

    Enjoy what we have planned for the month, continue to support us and we will

    continue to grow for you!

    We are all in this together & from where I sit, I am thankful for that!

    Yours in Co-operation!

    Carrie Miller & the Co-op Team!

    General Manager

  • Join us for some Gluten Free Goodness! We will have lots of wonderful (local) samples &

    Totally Baked Donuts will be here to show you just how

    delicious Gluten Free can be!

    Celebrate Mother’s Day weekend at the Co-op! Harvest Moon Co-op is hosting a fun painting event for

    Ages 8+

    Join Marla Mullaney, local professional artist for a great step-by-step painting experience!

    Register on line at: ArtViaVino.com

    Cost is $35 ~ includes: art supplies, pastry & beverage!

    World Fair Trade Day

    May 13th What is Fair Trade?

    Come find out all of the fabulous Fair Trade

    products that Harvest Moon Co-op carries

    and enter for a chance to win some!

  • Please welcome our new Co-op


    Sara Greenwald Rebecca Fogelson Jennifer Pieper

    Courtney Paulsen Susan McGreevy Kimm Ehlen

    Colleen Regnier Andrea Rhame Melba Simonson

    Christina Langhans Jennifer Wilson Michelle Larson

    Pat France Megan Anderson Derek Beininger

    Heidi Clear Debbie Benson

    What makes the Co-op thrive?

    New Member/Owners!

    Becoming a Member/Owner of Harvest Moon Co-op has great

    benefits for YOU!

    Stop in the Co-op today to learn more about what Co-op

    Ownership is all about!

    We are Stronger Together!

    THANK YOU for helping us GROW!

    These are just a few reasons

    why shopping at YOUR Co-op

    helps continue to grow

    your community THANK YOU!

  • Board of Directors:

    Jennifer Weiss, President

    Michael Otto, Vice-President

    Jay Malmquist, Secretary

    2380 West Wayzata Blvd.

    Long Lake, MN 55356



    [email protected]

    Monday - Friday 7:00am - 9:00pm

    Saturday- Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm

    General Manager

    Carrie Miller Tim Alexander, Treasurer

    Linda Thrasher, Member

    Greg Reynolds, Member

    Alvin Berger, Member



    Supporting moms from pregnancy to parenthood in

    creating wellness one family at a time.

    Located at

    520 Tamarack Ave., Long Lake

    They are extending a GREAT offer to

    Harvest Moon Co-op Member-Owners

    75% off an Initial Visit for Member-Owners in May!

    Please have your Member-Owner number and

    schedule your visit to get this great deal!

    Learn more about what My Healthy Beginning has to offer!


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