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THE MORE YOU SELL, THE MORE YOU EARN! EARN …...Fellowes ® Platinum Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card:...

Date post:16-Jul-2020
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    Fellowes® Platinum Rewards

    Visa® Prepaid Card:


    SELLING FELLOWES® PRODUCTS! For every qualifying product you sell from January 1

    through December 31, 2020 you’ll earn a cash reward*.

    To start earning your rewards,

    register at www.fellowesrewards.com*

    Once your enrollment has been approved, you can log in

    and begin submitting claims. Check the website regularly

    for current promotional offers

    Once registered and your first claim is confirmed, you’ll

    receive your Fellowes® Platinum Rewards Visa Prepaid

    Card in the mail within 10-14 days after the funding date

    * Please note: This site will require IE version 10.0 and above, Chrome or FireFox.


  • Earning Platinum Rewards Has Never Been Easier:

    • To submit a claim, log on to www.fellowesrewards.com with the username and

    password you were sent at registration. Click on the Claims Menu and select

    “Enter a Claim.” All claims must be filed within 60 days of invoice date.

    • During the claim process, you may be asked to provide proof of your sales via

    portal, fax or email.

    • Once you file a claim and your sales have been confirmed, your cash rewards*

    will be loaded to your prepaid card account within two - three weeks of claim

    approval. You may view the status of your claims at any time after submission at


    • Once your rewards are loaded, these funds are available for use wherever

    Visa debit cards are accepted.

    The card can be used everywhere Visa

    debit cards are accepted. Each card is

    issued by enrolling in the program and

    submitting your �rst approved claim only

    at www.fellowesrewards.com

    This card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. If you have any questions about the Platinum Rewards Program,

    please call 1-888-485-3867 (8:30 – 5:00 CT) or email Program Headquarters at [email protected]

    * Obtained via ATM or over the counter transactions, cash withdrawal fees apply — see Cardholder Agreement.


    Your prepaid card allows you to set up a Personal Identi�cation Number (PIN) for prepaid card transactions and ATM access. To set up your PIN, call 1-877-840-1083 • If you use your

    prepaid card to hold a hotel room or rental car, the charge will be immediately deducted from your available balance. If you use another form of payment when settling your bill, the reservation amount

    will go back on your card. It may take several business days before the balance returns to your card • Restaurants sometimes authorize transactions for up to 20% or more gratuity. For authoriza-

    tion to be successful, your card balance must also be able to cover the gratuity • If you use the Card at an automated fuel dispenser (“pay at the pump”), the transaction may be preauthorized for

    an amount up to $100.00 or more • Deposits to your card can only be made through the Platinum Rewards Program. You will not be able to transfer money to your prepaid card from other accounts

    • Online purchases can be made using your prepaid card. The billing address used will be the address where the card was initially sent, whether it is a company or home address.

    © 2020 Fellowes, Inc.

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