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The Nature Meditations. sufism islam

Date post: 03-Jun-2018
Author: abdullah
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  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    THE NATURE MEDITATIONSOF HAZRAT INAYAT KHANAnyone who has some knowledge of mys!"!sm and of he l!#es of he

    mys!"s knows ha whaalways a$a"s he mys!" mos !s na%$e& Na%$e !s h!s '$ead andw!ne( na%$e !s h!s so%l)s no%$!shmen(na%$e !ns*!$es h!m+ %*l!fs h!m+ and g!#es h!m he sol!%de fo$ wh!"hh!s so%l "on!n%allylongs& E#e$y so%l 'o$n w!h a mys!"al enden"y !s "onsanly d$awnowa$ds na%$e+ fo$ !n na%$eha so%l ,nds !s l!fe)s demand& As ! !s sa!d !n he -adan. /A$ !s dea$o my hea$+ '% na%$e !s nea$o my so%l&0U*on hose who a$e w!ho% any enden"y owa$ds mys!"!sm na%$e

    has a "alm!ng e1e"( o hem! means a *ea"ef%l amos*he$e& 2% o he mys!" na%$e !se#e$yh!ng& No wonde$ ha he mys!"s+sages+ and *$o*hes of all ages so%gh $ef%ge !n na%$e f$om all hed!s%$'!ng !n3%en"es of da!lyl!fe& They "ons!de$ed he "a#es of he mo%na!ns o 'e 'ee$ han*ala"es( hey en4oyed he shele$%nde$ a $ee mo$e han 'ea%!f%l ho%ses( hey l!ked look!ng a he$%nn!ng wae$ 'ee$ han wa"h!nghe *ass!ng "$owds( hey *$efe$$ed he seasho$es o he g$ea "!!es(hey en4oyed wa"h!ng he

    $!s!ng and he fa!l!ng of he wa#es mo$e han all he show ha hewo$ld "an *$od%"e( hey lo#ed olook a he moon+ a he *lanes+ a he sa$s !n he sky mo$e han a allhe 'ea%!f%l h!ngs made 'yman&To a mys!" he wo$d na%$e has a w!de$ mean!ng& A""o$d!ng o hemys!"al *o!n of #!ew na%$ehas fo%$ d!1e$en as*e"s& The fo$es+ he dese$+ h!lls and dales+mo%na!ns and $!#e$s+ s%n$!se ands%nse+ he moonl! n!gh+ and he sh!n!ng sa$s a$e one as*e" ofna%$e& 2efo$e a mys!" hey sand

    l!ke lee$s+ "ha$a"e$s+ ,g%$es made 'y he 5$eao$ o $ead !f one !sa'le o $ead hem& The s%$a ofhe 6%$)an wh!"h "ona!ns he ,$s $e#ela!on of he 7$o*he !n"l%deshe #e$se+ /Read !n he nameof yo%$ 8o$d & & & who a%gh w!h he *en&0 The mys!"+ he$efo$e+$e"ogn!9es h!s man!fesa!on asa w$!en 'ook( he $!es o $ead hese "ha$a"e$s and en4oys wha hey$e#eal o h!m& To he mys!" !

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    !s no only he wa:!ng and wan!ng of he moon+ ! has some ohe$s!gn!,"an"e fo$ h!m( ! !s noonly he $!s!ng and he se!ng of he s%n+ ! ells h!m someh!ng else( !!s no only he *os!!ons ofhe sa$s+ '% he!$ a"!on and he!$ !n3%en"e $elae someh!ng o he

    hea$ of he mys!"&The mo%na!ns sand!ng so s!lenly+ he *a!en $ees of long $ad!!on+he 'a$$en dese$+ he h!"kfo$es+ no only ha#e a "alm!ng e1e" %*on he mys!"+ '% heye:*$ess someh!ng o h!m& The3%e$!ng of he lea#es "omes o h!s ea$s as a wh!s*e$+ he m%$m%$ ofhe w!nd falls on h!s ea$s asm%s!"+ and he so%nd of l!le s$eams of wae$ $%nn!ng !n he fo$es+mak!ng he!$ way h$o%gh$o"ks and *e''les+ !s a sym*hony o he ea$s of he mys!"& No m%s!""an 'e g$eae$ and h!ghe$ and

    'ee$ han h!s& The "$ash!ng of he h%nde$+ he so%gh!ng of he w!nd+he 'low!ng of he mo$n!ng'$ee9e+ all hese "on#ey o a mys!" a "e$a!n mean!ng wh!"h !s h!dden'eh!nd hem& Fo$ a mys!"hey make a *!"%$e of l!fe+ no a dead *!"%$e '% a l!#!ng *!"%$e wh!"ha e#e$y momen "on!n%ally$e#eals a new se"$e+ a new myse$y o h!s hea$&And hen we "ome o he ne: as*e" of na%$e+ an as*e" wh!"hman!fess h$o%gh he lowe$ "$ea!on&The s!len l!le "$ea%$es "$awl!ng on he ea$h+ he '!$ds s!ng!ng !n he$ees+ he l!on w!h !s

    w$ah+ he ele*han w!h !s g$ande%$+ he ho$se w!h !s g$a"e+ and hedee$ w!h !s 'ea%y. all heseell he mys!" someh!ng& He 'eg!ns o see he mean!ng of he w$ahof he l!on and of he modesyof he dee$( he l!sens o he wo$ds ha "ome o h!s ea$s h$o%gh hes!ng!ng of he '!$ds+ fo$ o h!m! !s no a wo$dless song& The an"!en mys!"s !n+ he!$ sym'ology %sedhe head of he !ge$+ hefo$m of he l!on+ he !mage of he eagle+ and also *!"%$es of he snakeand he "ow& They *!"%$edhem as a "ha$a"e$ wh!"h hey had $ead h$o%gh o'se$#!ng h!s as*e"

    of na%$e&The$e !s an as*e" of na%$e wh!"h !s s!ll mo$e !ne$es!ng+ and o see !he mys!" need no go away+fo$ he sees ! !n he m!ds of he wo$ld& ;ha !s !< I !s o $ead h%manna%$e and o wa"h !s"on!n%al "hange+ !s *$og$ess+ !s deg$ada!on+ !s !m*$o#emen& I !sso !ne$es!ng ha !n s*!e of

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    all he d!="%l!es ha he wo$ld *$esens+ one feels l!fe wo$h l!#!ngwhen one 'eg!ns o no!"e howhose who we$e go!ng fo$wa$d 'eg!n o go 'a"kwa$d+ and how hosewho we$e go!ng 'a"kwa$d'eg!n o go fo$wa$d( when one o'se$#es how a *e$son+ w!ho% s!nk!ng

    !n he wae$+ !s d$owned !nl!fe+ and how a *e$son who was d$own!ng 'eg!ns o sw!m and !s sa#ed(when one sees how f$om heo* a *e$son "omes down o he 'oom !n a momen+ and how a*e$son >NM 7age [email protected] who was"$ee*!ng on he g$o%nd has a las a$$!#ed a he o*( when one seeshow f$!ends %$n !no '!e$enem!es+ and how '!e$ enem!es one day 'e"ome f$!ends& To one whoo'se$#es h%man na%$ekeenly+ ! g!#es s%"h an !ne$es !n l!fe ha he 'e"omes s%="!enlys$ong o 'ea$ all+ o end%$e all+

    o sand all h!ngs *a!enly& One may o'se$#e h!s mo#!ng *!"%$e allh$o%gh l!fe+ and ! !s ne#e$eno%gh( one ne#e$ !$es of !&And he fo%$h as*e" of na%$e !s see!ng he d!#!ne na%$e+ $eal!9!nghe mean!ng of he say!ng haman *$o*oses and Bod d!s*oses& ;hen one !s a'le o see he wo$ks ofBod !n l!fe+ anohe$ wo$ld !so*ened 'efo$e one& Then a man does no look a he wo$ld ase#e$y'ody else does+ fo$ he 'eg!ns osee no only he ma"h!ne go!ng on '% he eng!nee$ sand!ng 'y !ss!de+ mak!ng he ma"h!ne wo$k&

    Th!s o1e$s a s!ll g$eae$ !ne$es+ he g$eaes !ne$es !n l!fe& If onewe$e o 'e 3ayed o$ "$%"!,ed onewo%ld no m!nd+ fo$ one $!ses a'o#e all *a!n and s%1e$!ng+ and onefeels ! wo$hwh!le o 'e l!#!ngand look!ng a h!s *henomenon ha g!#es one !n one)s l!fe!me he*$oof of he e:!sen"e of Bod&I !s hese fo%$ as*e"s of l!fe ha a$e "alled /na%$e0 'y he mys!"s( oa S%, hey a$e h!s holys"$!*%$e& All he ohe$ sa"$ed 'ooks of he wo$ld+ howe#e$ h!ghlyeseemed 'y he followe$s of hed!1e$en $el!g!ons+ a$e !ne$*$ea!ons of h!s 'ook+ g!#en 'y hose who

    we$e g$aned "lea$ #!s!onand who $!ed he!$ 'es o g!#e al hey had lea$n f$om ! o h%man!y!n o%$ h%man lang%age+wh!"h !s a lang%age of l!m!a!ons&Na%$e does no ea"h he glo$y of Bod( ! need no ea"h h!s+ asna%$e !self !s he glo$y of Bod&7eo*le w!sh o s%dy as$ology and ohe$ s%'4e"s !n o$de$ o%nde$sand 'ee$& 2% !f we s%dy

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    as$ology hen we a$e s%$e o a$$!#e a an !ne$*$ea!on wh!"h !s g!#en'y a man( whe$eas wha wesho%ld $ead f$om na%$e !s wha na%$e g!#es %s+ no wha any 'ookea"hes %s&The$e "omes a !me+ w!h he ma%$!y of he so%l+ when e#e$y h!ng

    and e#e$y 'e!ng 'eg!ns o$e#eal !s na%$e o %s& ;e do no need o $ead *eo*le)s l!#es( we dono need o $ead he!$ heo$!es&;e know hen ha h!s w!de na%$e !n !s fo%$ as*e"s !s e#e$C$e#eal!ngand ha one "an always"omm%n!"ae w!h !+ '% ha !n s*!e of h!s ! !s no he *$!#!lege ofe#e$y so%l o $ead !& Manyso%ls $ema!n 'l!nd w!h o*en eyes& They a$e !n hea#en+ '% no allowedo look a hea#en( hey a$e!n *a$ad!se+ '% no allowed o en4oy he 'ea%!es of *a$ad!se& I !s 4%sl!ke a *e$son slee*!ng on a

    *!le of gems and 4ewels& F$om he momen man)s eyes o*en and he'eg!ns o $ead he 'ook ofna%$e he 'eg!ns o l!#e( and he "on!n%es o l!#e fo$e#e$&Note: The following phases are given so that they can be repeatedsilently on the breath. This is indicated byregular type for the inhalation, parentheses where the breath is held,and italics for the exhalation.

    TREEST$ees w!h '$an"hes downwa$ds.I see Thy hand

    blessing me.T$ees $!s!ng %*wa$ds.7$ay!ng fo$ mewith hands raised upwards.

    T$ees !n he n!gh.My hea$ sands !n wa!!ng and ho*eas the trees stand still through the darkness of night.FOR THE 2EAUTY OF S7RINB+ FIE8DS ;ITH F8O;ERSI see Thy 'elo#ed 'ea%yin all colors and forms.

    8e my s*!$! $e3e"+ 2elo#ed+the beauty of Thy color and form.FOR A88 THAT BI-ES SEED AND FRUITA feld with corn:

    Tho% a$ he l!feand Thou are lifes sustenance.8ANDS5A7E

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    I feel Thy *$esen"e !n h!s lands"a*ewhich draws my heart so close to Thee.

    Th!s lands"a*e !n my hea$is a reection of Thy beauty.

    MOUNTAINS8e me sand 'y $%h !n all "alam!!esas the mountain stands unshaken through storms.S$enghen my hea$ !n Thy fa!has the rock of the mountains.Hel* me o "l!m' he mo%na!n *ahwhich leads to Thy shrine.I look %* o Thee w!h $a!sed head and hands s$e"hedin worship as the mountains.S7A5E

    s invisible as space>and as !n"on"e!#a'le as !me!s Thy 'e!ng+ O 8o$dTo rise above worry and ear:

    Tho% a$ *$esenall through space.To seek the truth in mystery:I 'ehold h$o%gh s*a"ethy limitless presence.

    8e me g$ee hee !n s*a"e+! formless and colorless "od.Artistic:F!ll my hea$ w!h Thy 'ea%yas Thou #llest with thy creation empty space.SKYEn#elo*e me as !n he l!gh of Thy d!#!ne s*!$!(raise me from the denseness of the earth.SUNSunshine:8e he s%n of Thy glo$yshine in my heart.Sunrise:Ra!se my so%l owa$ds Theewith the rise of the sun.Sunset:

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    8e me %n!e w!h Theeat the sunset.MOONMoonlight:

    8e my hea$ $e3e" Thy l!ghas the moon reects the sun.Rising moon:8e my so%l ad#an"e owa$ds Theeas the rising moon progresses towards fullness.Waning moon:8e Thy l!gh 'e my o$"hthrough the darkenss of mind.>Aga!ns $o%'les of wo$ldly l!fe&

    8e Thy l!gh g%!de my *ah

    Through the darkness of mind.>Aga!ns "onf%s!on !n he s*!$!%al *ah&

    Fo$ he day of he f%ll moon.F!ll my hea$ w!h Thy l!ghso fully as the full moon.DARKNESS OF NIBHT

    Th$o%gh he da$kness of n!ghmy soul seeks for Thee.SKY ;ITH STARS8e my hea$ 'e"ome a *lanein Thy heaven.8e me $e"e!#e Thy d!#!ne messageas the stars receive light from Thy hidden face.Poetical:F!ll my hea$ w!h Thy lo#e+that my every teardrop may become a star.>emal ask!ng fo$ w!sdom and 'ea%y&

    58OUDSStill clouds flled with color and light:

    8e me $e3e" Thy l!gh h$o%gh my ho%ghsas the clouds reect in color the light of the sun.8e f$om my hea$ $!se "lo%dsbringing to view Thy beauty and color.8e Thy 'ea%y sh!ne h$o%gh my hea$as through the clouds come and spread out the rays of thesun.

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    Rain clouds and clouds o storm:$hile the clouds of Thy mercy are to be sent on earth,he feel!ngs of my hea$ as"end owa$ds Thee&$hen dark clouds surround the sky and people seek for the

    sun,so !n my da$k ho%$s I look fo$ Thee&The sky is surrounded by dark cloudsand my hea$ 'y gloom+ seek!ng afe$ Thy l!gh+ my 'elo#eds%n&$hen the sun is covered by clouds and darkness prevails,hen my hea$ "$!es alo%d+ /My s%n+ my 'elo#ed s%n&0The dark clouds brought romance'eween Thee+ my 2elo#ed+ and me&RAIN

    Send he showe$ of Thy me$"y and "om*ass!onon humanity.SNO;8e Thy knowledge "o#e$ my hea$as the snow covers the ground.8e my hea$ mel !n Thy l!ghas the snow before the sun.8e my hea$ show he *%$!y of snowin the path of righteousness.

    7o%$ on me Thy ee$nal l!feas snow on earth.%ake my heart delighted'y he snowfall of Thy knowledge of T$%h&;ATERSring:8e he s$eam of Thy w!sdom and 4oy $!se !n my so%las the spring of water.O*en my hea$that Thy stream may rise up as the spring.8e my l!fe 'e"ome he s*$!ng of Thy !n,n!e l!fe+running eternally forever and ever.Running water:My l!fe !s $%nn!ng owa$ds Thee+ my o"ean+as the river runs to the sea.Still water:

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    8e my hea$ $e3e" Thy "almas the stillness of the water.Note: The most inspiring is the spring& next comes running water& andthe least inspiring is still water'divinity is not in still water(.

    ;INDStrong wind:My so%l 'lows owa$ds Theeas the wind.!entle" sot wind #the wind $uttering in leaves%:

    Tho% 'lowes my hea$)s ,$eby fanning it with the uttering leaves.E#e$y leaf 'e"omes Thy ,nge$when Thou #llest the ute with Thy breath.

    8e me $e"e!#e Thy messageas the branches which swing in ecstasy.STORMMy so%l !s s!ll *o!n!ng o Theethough my life is going through a storm.

    Thy !n#as!on as ho%gh he so$marouses my deepest passion for Thee.I hold o he de*h of Thy 'less!ngwhen the storm breaks through lifes sea.O5EAN8e my hea$ 'e"ome he o"eanof Thy divine perfection.My head 'ends !n h%m!l!y and $!ses w!h Thy m!ghas the ever)rising waves of the sea.

    The wa#es of 4oy $!se !n my hea$when * see Thy nature manifest in the sea.I sand l!ke he '%''lein Thee, my ocean.My l!fe !s a wa#e

    of the ocean of Thy eternal life.Tho% a$ he o"eanand * am the wave.8e me no 'e d$ownedin the sea of mortal life.

    Tea"h me+ 8o$d+ o walkover lifes sea.

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    AIRS*eak+ Bod+ o methrough the air.Heal me+ Bod+

    by the waves of the air.*n the air * hearThy "onsol!ng #o!"e&*n the touch of the airI feel Thy sym*ahe!" "a$ess&8!f my so%l+ a!$+and carry it to +is divine spheres.

    The a!$ mo#es my hea$to tears in Thy love.

    The a!$ '$!ngs Thy message

    and turns me into ecstasy.I $!se a'o#e '!$h and deahthrough the waves of the air.FIREF!$e+ d!#!ne *%$!,e$+

    purify my heart.F!$e+ O *owe$ of Bod+

    purify my mind from all evil.ire, in thee * see

    he make$+ 7%$!,e$+ and Heale$+ Bod&8e lo#e)s ,$e $ema!n !n my hea$and all else be burnt.8e me l!#e !n Thy wa$mh(raise me above the coldness of the earth.K!ndle+ 8o$d+ ,$e !n my hea$+that life may become clearer to me.8e he o$%$es of l!fe '%$n %* allwhich keeps me from rising to Thy spheres of freedom and

    peace.-estroy, ord, my in#rmities'y he ,$e of Thy lo#e&Ra!se my so%l %*as the rising of the ame.et my false self be turned into ashesha my $%e self 'e 'o$n as a *hoen!:&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    ANIMA8S!rou o animals:I am s%$e ha Tho% "a$es fo$ meas Thou lookest after Thy speechless creatures.

    / 0hepherd of humanity,Tho% lookes afe$ all Thy "$ea%$es&HUMAN NATURE&uman beings #or both men and women%:In man I see+ my 'elo#ed 8o$d+Thine own image.I sand a Thy gaewhen * am in the presence of man.$hen * greet man,I 'ow a Thy gae&

    I ,nd Thy sh$!neat the heart of man.Woman #meditations or man on woman%:* gently approach womanles I may d!s%$' Thy womanly ende$ness&

    Thy d!#!ne me$"y !s $e3e"edthrough the heart of the mother.I $e"ogn!9e Thy d!#!ne g$a"ein the tenderness of womans heart.

    *n womans virtueI $e"ogn!9e Thy d!#!ne *%$!y&I e:*e$!en"e Thy d!#!ne *e$fe"!onwith woman who completes my life.Man #meditations or woman on man%:*n man * recogni1e

    Thy lo#!ng *$oe"!on&My so%l)s !deal !s man!fes o mein the form of man.*n the arms of manI e:*e$!en"e Thy d!#!ne em'$a"e&I e:*e$!en"e Thy d!#!ne *e$fe"!onwith man, who completes my life.2aise me above the denseness of lifeand allow me o $e"ogn!9e man !n Thee&

    Tho% a$ he man+

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    all souls look to Thee for love.'hildhood:I see Thy d!#!ne *%$!yin the innocent face of the child.

    Thy message I $e"e!#ethrough the happy smiles of the infant.The a!$ of hea#en he "h!ld '$!ngs o mewhen it comes on earth.I de*end en!$ely on Thy *$oe"!on+ my 8o$d+as an innocent child.B%!de me a$!gh+ my 8o$d(* am as a child in Thy divine path.7%$!fy my hea$as the heart of an innocent child.

    (ld age:8e me a**$oa"h nea$ o Theeas * grow old.In my #ene$a!on fo$ he aged+* worship Thee, / ord.in the grey hair of the agedI see Thy *%$!y+ 8o$d&The aged are my messengerso Thee+ 8o$d&

    2less me h$o%gh he k!nd glan"e of he agedand teach me in their words.

    The Sage o$ godly man.To the godly man to whom all angels bow,I 'ow&et Thy servant, / ord,'e my mase$&My holy *!lg$!mageis the sacred dwelling of the sage.

    The *$esen"e of he godly manfor me is the holy river.I !s Tho% who "omes on ea$hto save humanity in the form of the sage.8e my hea$ $e3e"the spirit of the holy ones.8e me ene$ Thy dwell!ng

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    through the heart of Thy holy one.8e me 'e"ome Thy 'ody+thou become my spirit, / holy one.On he *$o*he.

    8e me $e"ogn!9e Thy #!sagein the image of Thy avatar.Tea"h me+ 8o$d+through the words of Thy messenger.;a$n me+ 8o$d+ h$o%gh Thy *$o*he+before * step into error.Heal my so%lthrough the inspiring glance of Thy messiah.I see Thy s*!$!+ $as%l+under the veil of my spiritual guide.

    D!#!n!y I seein Thy spirit of risalat.

    Th!ne own !deal I seein the perfection of rasul.%y heart is no more mine,! !s h!ne own+ my s*!$!%al g%!de&My so%l !s hy s*!$!+ $as%l(now * exist no more.I ga#e hea$ and so%l o my g%!de+ my ea"he$+

    and what remains now is Thine, / ord.ON THE SI8EN5E AND STI88NESS IN NATUREThrough the silence of nature,I aa!n Thy d!#!ne *ea"e&/ sublime nature,!n hy s!llness le my hea$ $es&

    Tho% a$ *a!enly awa!!ng he momento manifest through the silence of sublime nature. na%$e s%'l!me+ s*eak o me h$o%gh s!len"e+for * am awaiting in silence like you the call of "od./ nature sublime,h$o%gh hy s!len"e I hea$ Thy "$y&My hea$ !s %ned o he G%!eness+that the stillness of nature inspires.ON 8IBHT AND SHADO;All l!gh !s Thy $ad!an"e+

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    and shade is the shadow of Thy beauty.Tho% a$ !n 'oh. !n l!gh as $ad!an"e+in the dark as shade.Thou changest thy place,

    '% no hyself+ l!gh&8!gh !s Thy man!fesa!on(shade is Thy withdrawing.In he l!gh Tho% a$ man!fes(in the shade Thou art hidden.8!gh !s Th!ne eyeand shade is its pupil.

    The shade adds o he l!ghas 1ero adds to the #gure.8!gh $e*$esens Thy hea#ens

    and shade Thine earth.ON 5O8ORS

    Yellow.*n yellow * seehe 3ame of Thy l!gh&* see in yellow

    Thy lo#e and Thy l!gh&Tho% has ado$ned w!h yellowthe earth and Thy heavens.

    8e my hea$ $!*enas a green leaf ripens to yellow.I see Thy wo w!ngsin the green water and the yellow earth.8e he yellow 3ames of Thy d!#!ne l!ghturn my false ego into ashes.>Yellow !s a wonde$f%l "olo$+ a "olo$ of s!llness&Sa1$on.*n sa3ron shinethhe l!gh of Thy ma4esy&0a3ron is the colorof Thy k!ngly g$ande%$&*n sa3ron * feel

    Thy *ass!onae lo#e&0a3ron bringsen"hanmen and hea#enly 4oy o my hea$&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    2$own.*n brown * watch

    Thy sof sm!les *$o#!ng o me Thy m!ld na%$e&Thy ripe nature

    man!fess !n '$own&*n brown * seeThy "onsan end%$an"e&Thy "ha$!y of hea$manifests in the color brown.Bold./ lchemist eternal,%$n my hea$ !no gold&O$ange.*n orange * see

    Thy l!gh "%lm!naed+ *e$fe"ed&The s%n '$!ngs o meThy greetings, clad in an orange garb.* see in orangehe glo$!o%s #!s!on of Thy hea#enly $!"hes&

    Th$o%gh o$ange Tho% '$!nges del!ghto my yearning heart.*n orange * see

    Thy w!sdom and Thy "om*ass!on&

    Red.*n the red color * see

    Thy glow!ng "o%nenan"e&*n red * seehe 'leed!ng of Thy hea$ !n sym*ahy fo$ Thy "$ea%$es&2ed shows me

    Thy l!fe !n !s *e$fe" glow&Red '$!ngs l!feto my hungry)heart.-ye my heart red,ha ! may ake he "olo$ of Th!ne own l!fe&-!ole./ ever)youthful 4eloved, from violet * hear

    Thy s!len g$oan of hea$&2elo#ed+ I hea$ Thy sof lamena!onin violet.

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    >In #!ole !s no l!gh( ! !s G%!e anohe$ h!ng f$om he ohe$"olo$s+ mo$e on hes!de of 'la"k&7%$*le.

    *n purple * #ndThy dee*es woes&I sym*ah!9e w!h Thy g$!efseeing it manifest in purple.S"a$le.

    Thy dee* so$$ow s*ea$es h$o%gh my hea$+rising through the scarlet blood.0carlet brings to my heart

    Thy ee$nal ma$y$dom&>-!ole+ s"a$le+ and *%$*le a$e a $!n!y&

    7!nk.The color pink raises in my heartlo#e fo$ Thy 'e!ng&2l%e.*n the blue color * gethe gl!m*se of Thy hea#ens&I see hea#en sh!n!ng o%in Thy blue eyes.I 'ehold he 'l%e of Th!ne eyes

    in the sky.O% of 'l%e "omes Thy %*l!f!ng !n3%en"e+which raiseth me from earth.*n blue * seehe *%$!y of Thy na%$e&2aise me high!n he 'l%e s*he$es of Thy hea#en&I feel Thy *$esen"e moswhen all is blue to me.B$een.*n the green color * see

    Thy l!fe s*$!ng!ng&I see Thy wo w!ngsin the green water and the yellow earth.

    The g$een "a$*e of Thy hea#enis spread on the earth.

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    Re3e"+ Bod+ Thy "om*ass!onin the tone of the green nature.

    Thy hea$)s emo!onsare expressed in the ever)rising waves of the green sea.

    Th$o%gh g$een Tho% s*eakes(through blue Thou art silent.8e my so%l mo#e !n Thy ho%ghas the green in the forest.B!#e me he *a!en"e of he g$een $eesthat stand still, awaiting Thy command.* ask for the bowl of green poisonha '$!ngeh he l!fe ha follows deah&>F$om he !n!!a!on of Sh!#a( "om*a$e 'owl of '!e$ness&


    In wh!e I see Thy *%$!ymanifested to my eyes.*n white lilies * bring Theean o1e$!ng of my o*en hea$&2la"k.*n the color blackI feel he de*h of Thy 'e!ng&Thou showest in black

    Thy ee$nal 'e!ng&

    *n black Thou givest me a proofof 'e!ng a'o#e all "hanges&$ho is behind utter darkness,

    Thy endless self&4lack is death,ye l!fe ee$nal&B$ey.I $e"ogn!9e Thy fa"ecovered under the grey veil.in grey * see the sign

    of he ma%$!y of Thy s*!$!&*n the heart of greyhe wo$ld !s $e3e"ed&

    Thy hea#ens a$e s%**o$edby grey ceilings.%y deep sigh rises as a grey vapor

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    fo$ Thy "onsol!ng wo$ds as $a!n&ON BOD

    Tho% knowes all my needsand Thou shalt grant them.

    Knowe$ of my hea$+ful#ll my desires.I !s Tho% whom I seein all names and forms.

    Tho% a$ "lose$ o methan myself.8e Thy m!gh s$enghen me+>Thy l!gh !ns*!$e me+and let Thy love move my soul to the ultimate 5oy.Make me "ons"!o%s of Thee+

    that * may lose the consciousness of my being.8e e#e$y mo#emen of l!fewhisper Thy name to my ears.Bod+ 'e Tho% 'efo$e me when I am awake+and with me when * am asleep.In Thy na%$e* feel Thy presence. 5$eao$+who art hidden under Thy wonderful creation.

    S*eak+ Bod+ o methrough Thy nature.I sand as a '$!dgebetween Thee and Thy nature.8!f+ Bod+ he "%$a!nwhich divides Thee from me.Remo#e he wall f$om my s!ghthat * may attain Thy presence.Un#e!l Thy fa"e+ 8o$d+that * may behold Thy vision.BENERA8Fo$ gene$al "ases and o $a!se he fa"%ly o ,nd new ones.8e ea$h $e3e" hea#en+that * may read life as an open book.8e he s%n of Thy d!#!ne s*!$! $!se f$om my hea$that man may break out of the darkness of life.

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    8e Thy wo$ld 'e"omemy lifes expression.

    Talk h$o%gh me+ my 8o$d(the ears of my heart are listening.

    8e my l!fe 'e f$%!f%lin its every aspect.ON MO-EMENTI o%"h Thy l!fe !n mo#emen+and feel Thy spirit in stillness.8e Thy e#e$y mo#emen 'e"ome a wo$d fo$ me+which was lost for me so long.6very movement of nature!s a s!gnal f$om Thee&6very movement covereth

    Thy #o!"e&The whole universe is an instrumentwhose $hyhm !s "ond%"ed 'y Thy 'aon&8e me see Thy d!#!ne mo#emenin all moving things of the universe.8e me see he se"$ehidden behind Thy movement.DIFFERENT MO-EMENTSInwa$d mo#emen means s$engh and "on$ol&

    O%wa$d mo#emen means e:ha%s!on and e:*%ls!on&Z!g9ag mo#emen means s$engh '% des$%"!on&S!de mo#emen d!$e"ed f$om $!gh o lef means s$enghand *owe$&S!de mo#emen d!$e"ed f$om lef o $!gh means genlenessand modesy&S!de mo#emen d!$e"ed %*wa$ds means lo#e and *%$!y&S!de mo#emen d!$e"ed downwa$ds means a1e"!on andh%m!l!y&ON STRAIBHT 8INES*n the straight line

    Tho% a$ s!ll&The straight line tells me

    Tho% a$ he Only 2e!ng&The straight line speaksof Thy 4%s!"e&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    The straight line shows mehe *ah o Thee&The straight line expresseshe 'eg!nn!ng of "$ea!on&

    The straight line tells usha Tho% a$ One Alone&The straight line cries aloudha he$e !s none 'es!des Thee&The straight line promisesH!s ease&The straight line represents"lea$ness&ON HORIZONTA8 8INES

    The ho$!9onal l!ne e:*$esses he h!nd$an"e on he *ah&

    The ho$!9onal l!ne "on#eys deah&The ho$!9onal l!ne s%ggess s!llness&The ho$!9onal l!ne !s he o'sa"le&The ho$!9onal l!ne !s *$e#en!#e of a"!on&The ho$!9onal l!ne !s he s!gn of des$%"!on&The ho$!9onal l!ne shows ann!h!la!on&The ho$!9onal l!ne !s e:*$ess!#e of mo$al!y&The ho$!9onal l!ne !s a& s!gn of fa!l%$e&THE 5ROSS

    The ho$!9onal l!ne w!h he #e$!"al !s he s!gn of *e$fe"!on&The ho$!9onal l!ne w!h he #e$!"al !s he s!gn of l!fe&The ho$!9onal l!ne w!h he #e$!"al !s he s!gn of *e$fe" 4oy&The ho$!9onal l!ne w!h he #e$!"al !s he s!gn of e:*e$!en"e&The ho$!9onal l!ne w!h he #e$!"al !s he "a%se of$es%$$e"!on&

    The ho$!9onal l!ne w!h he #e$!"al !s he means of d!#!ne*e$fe"!on&

    THE 5IR58EThe "!$"le !s he s!gn of Bod&The "!$"le !s he s!gn of *e$fe"!on&The "!$"le !s he s!gn of %n"hangea'leness&The "!$"le !s he s!gn of he 'eg!nn!ng of l!fe and of hee:!n"!on of l!fe&

    The "!$"le !s he s!gn of 'eg!nn!ng and of end!ng&The "!$"le !s he s!gn of he so%$"e and of he goal&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    The "!$"le means noh!ng+ e#e$yh!ng+ and all h!ngs&The "!$"le !s l!fe and !s deah&The "!$"le !s $!"hness&The "!$"le !s an %nend!ng *a!n and an e#e$las!ng 4oy&

    The "!$"le !s he lake !n wh!"h he so%ls a$e los and hefo%na!n whe$e he so%lsa$!se&

    The "!$"le e:*$esses he wh!$lw!nd h$o%gh all he as*e"s ofl!fe&

    The "!$"le $e*$esens he wo$ld&The "!$"le $e*$esens he *lanes&The "!$"le $e*$esens he se"$e&The "!$"le $e*$esens he o*en!ng and he "los!ng&The "!$"le $e*$esens he a'so$*!on and he e:*%ls!on&

    F8O;ERSI see Thy myse$yhidden under the petals of the owers.lowers are

    Thy dan"!ng $hyhm&*n owers * seehe female 'ea%y of Thy s*!$!&The owers tell mehow 'ea%!f%l Tho% a$&

    *n the color of owersI see he "olo$ of Thy "o%nenan"e&*n the form of owersI 'ehold Th!ne !mage&I see Thy sk!ll+ *e$fe" A$!s+in the making of owers.Flowe$s s*eak o meof Thy lo#el!ness&O% of 3owe$s "omes a f$ag$an"ewhich moves my heart to ecstasy.The sweet fragrance of the owers'$!ngs o me he message of Thy sweeness&;ho made he 3owe$s so 'ea%!f%l+>"olo$ed hem and ga#e hem f$ag$an"e+it is Thee, my ord.>The syle of Za$ah%sh$a&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    ROSESThe $ose o1e$s o me Thy message of lo#e(* o3er to Thee my devotion in rose.*n the rose * see

    Thy del!ghf%l "o%nenan"e&8e my hea$ 'loom !n Thy lo#eas the rose.My l!*s a$e "losed w!h *$aye$ !n hemas the rosebud.Em*owe$ my hea$ ha I may *%ll myself ogehe$like the heart of the rose controlling its petals.8e me $ea!n Thy 'ea%y+which * have as the rose.

    The d!#!ne s*a$k !n me !s as a d$o* f$om Th!ne o"ean(

    let me preserve it as the rose preserves the dewdrop.*n the red rose * see

    Thy hea$ 'leed!ng o#e$ he "o$$%*!on of h%man!y&*n the white rose * seehe *%$!y of Thy d!#!ne 'e!ng&*n the pink rose * see

    Thy d!#!ne lo#e and "om*ass!on&*n the cream rose * see

    Thy w!sdom+

    *n the yellow rose * seeThy d!#!ne l!gh&Oh+ %$n my hea$ $edlike Thy lovely red rose.%y heart turns into a pink rose!n Thy d!#!ne lo#e&7RAYERS FOR THE 7ASSINB STABEA se"ond se* !s no !n wo$ds+ '% !n look!ng a he *!"%$e !nhe m!nd& A f%$he$ sage!s no say!ng he *$aye$s alo%d '% hold!ng he *!"%$e !n hem!nd and h!nk!ng o$say!ng he *$aye$ w!ho% e:*$ess!ng ! !n wo$ds& Kee* ! !nfeel!ng and $e"ogn!9e !n !he d!#!ne 'e!ng& Make yo%$ '$eah $hyhm!" as yo% do h!s&A sage !n *ass!ng f$om he ,$s se* o he se"ond one !sno see!ng ea"h se*a$ae

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    h!ng as an a"!on !n Bod+ '% see!ng he whole na%$e asone l!#!ng fa"e of Bod&

    The *$aye$s of h!s *$a"!"e a$e.6very form * see is

    Th!ne own fo$m+ my 8o$d&6very sound * hear isTh!ne own #o!"e&*n the fragrance * smellhe *e$f%me of Thy s*!$!&*n every word spoken to meI hea$ Thy #o!"e+ my 8o$d&

    ll that touches me isTh!ne own o%"h&*n everything * taste

    I e:*e$!en"e he sy$%* of Thy del!"!o%s s*!$!&*n every placeI $e"ogn!9e Thee+ my 8o$d&E#e$y wo$d ha o%"hes my ea$s !sThy message.6verything that touches me thrills mew!h he 4oy of Thy k!ss&$herever * roamI need Thee(

    wherever * reachI ,nd Thee+ my 8o$d&$herever * look * see

    Thy glo$y!ng fa"e(whatever * touchI o%"h Thy 'elo#ed hand&$homever * see,I see Thee !n h!s so%l&rom whomever * take anything,I ake ! f$om Thee&$homever * give something,I g!#e ! h%m'ly o Thee&$hoever cometh to me,o me ! !s Thy "all&To whomever * call,I "all a Th!ne own gae&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    $henever * nod to anyone,I 'ow 'efo$e Thy h$one&*n showing my sympathy to anyoneI e:*$ess my lo#e o Thee+ my 'elo#ed&

    THE SE5OND 7RO5ESSIn he se"ond *$o"ess no wo$ds a$e %sed& The$e a$e woways of do!ng h!s+ w!h o*eneyes ,:ed %*on na%$e o$ w!h "losed eyes "$ea!ng he*!"%$e of na%$e !n one)s ownm!nd& In"l%d!ng he *$aye$s+ he$e a$e h$ee d!1e$en*$o"esses+ w!h a *ass!ng se* f$omhe ,$s o he se"ond&;HAT 5O8OR F8O;ERS ONE SHOU8D BI-EOne sho%ld %se.

    Fo$ a dy!ng *e$son+ wh!e 3owe$s+ w!h he ho%gh ha h!s *ass!ngsho%ld 'e *ea"ef%l&Fo$ d!so$de$s of he 'lood+ wh!e 3owe$s+ *$efe$a'ly 4asm!ne&Fo$ ne$#o%s yo%ng *eo*le of an emo!onal na%$e who ha#e no fo%ndhemsel#es+ wh!e l!l!es&Fo$ ne$#o%s *e$sons %nsa'le !n m!nd and 'ody+ yellow 3owe$s& T%l!*sa$e 'es+ '% all k!nds ofyellow 3owe$s a$e good&Fo$ anem!a+ $ed %l!*s+ $ed $oses+ $ed 3owe$s of any k!nd&Fo$ a *e$son who fea$s deah+ who !s $esless and !n des*a!$ on h!ss!"k'ed+ *!nk $oses o$ *!nk

    3owe$s&Fo$ *e$sons who a$e so s$ongly !m*$essed 'y !llness ha hey "an)ge 'ee$+ 'l%e 3owe$s&Fo$ o'sessed *e$sons o$ hose who a$e !ll f$om some e#!l s*!$!)s!n3%en"e+ any k!nd of o$"h!d&>2% always $emem'e$ he ho%gh 'eh!nd he 3owe$&

    ;HAT DIFFERENT F8O;ERS BI-EThe $ose g!#es de#elo*men&The o$"h!d g!#es a$!s$y&;h!e 3owe$s g!#e de#elo*men of "ha$a"e$&

    Flowe$s w!h *e$f%me g!#e *e$sonal!y&Yellow 3owe$s g!#e '$!ll!an"e&Sa**h!$e 3owe$s g!#e 4oy&7%$*le 3owe$s g!#e we!gh o he *e$sonal!y&STONESEme$ald *$og$ess+ *$od%"!#!y+ es*e"!ally !n 'ea%y anda$&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    Sa**h!$e a$ and !ns*!$a!on&R%'y lo#e( so$$ow and d!="%l!es&

    To*a9 ha$mony&D!amond $!gheo%sness&

    Ne#e$ %e a *ea$l& I sands fo$ !m*$!sonmen 'e"a%se !"omes o% of a shell& I '$!ngs"on,nemen and wealh+ w!h all he so$$ows wh!"h 'elong o!&Do no wea$ an o*al& I has all "olo$s( ! $e*$esens *os!!#eand nega!#e+ and ha !sno good& The$e m%s 'e e!he$ one o$ he ohe$& They a$e'oh good+ '% no a hesame !me&USE OF 5O8ORS

    Heal!ng "olo$s a$e l!gh "olo$s. ;h!e+ "$eam+ s*$!ng g$een+sky 'l%e+ 3owe$ yellow&Fo$ sk!n d!sease. ;h!e+ "$eam&Fo$ ne$#o%s !llness and "ons%m*!on. Sky 'l%e&Fo$ ne$#o%s !llness. Flowe$ yellow&Fo$ wo$nCo%+ de*leed+ and old *eo*le. S*$!ng g$een&Fo$ "$!**led *eo*le. Sandalwood "olo$ >yellowC'$own ea$h&Fo$ o$*hans. S*$!ng g$een+ yellow+ *!nk+ sky 'l%e&Fo$ he 'l!nd. Sky 'l%e&

    Fo$ he !nsane. Sandalwood "olo$&Fo$ "$ema!on halls. Smoke "olo$+ f$om g$ey o wh!e go!ng%*wa$ds&>Ne#e$ %se ma%#e fo$ h!s o""as!on& I !s he "olo$ ofmo%$n!ng and !s 'ad fo$ hedead& A *e$son who !s e:*e"!ng dange$ o$ so$$ow has ama%#e a%$a&Fo$ s%dens) '%!ld!ngs. Da$k am'e$ and $ed+ w!h an am'e$l!gh fo$ !ns*!$a!on+ fo$yo%h+ !mag!na!on+ !nelle"%al s%d!es&Fo$ *$!sons. 2l%e of all shades&Fo$ '%s!ness *la"es. Dee*+ s$!k!ng "olo$s( 'l%e+ *!nk&Fo$ "h%$"hes and de#o!on. Red+ *!nk+ 'l%e+ g$een+ yellow+s!l#e$+ gold&Fo$ he h!ghe$ as*e" >!ll%m!na!on. Yellow&Fo$ he $el!g!o%s emo!on >fa!h. Red&

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    Fo$ as*!$a!on. 2l%e&Fo$ s*$ead!ng a $el!g!o%s message. B$een&Fo$ #!$%e >*!ey. S!l#e$&Fo$ g$a"e and 'ened!"!on. Bold&

    Fo$ "loh!ng. In da!ly l!fe do no wea$ *%$*le+ es*e"!ally no*%$*le !n wh!"h $eddom!naes+ fo$ ! '$!ngs des$%"!on& Fo$ mys!"!sm ands*!$!%al *%$*oses *%$*le !sgood+ '% no fo$ da!ly l!fe&Do no wea$ $ed and 'l%e !n "om'!na!on& Th!s '$!ngsh%nde$+ and when ,$e !s !nhe a!$ ! '$!ngs des$%"!on&Fo$ "on#ens n%nsJ. Ma%#e >no s"a$le&Fo$ monase$!es monksJ.7!nk+ "$eam&

    Fo$ #!$g!n g!$ls. T%$G%o!se&Fo$ f%%$e '$!des. 5o$al $ed&Fo$ "onsol!ng. S*$!ng g$een+ yellow&

    To "alm down.The leas s$!k!ng "olo$s+ yellow!sh '$own& Mo%na!ns+ h!"kly"o#e$ed w!h g$een+dee* #alleys&Aga!ns melan"holy.A*$!"o& The mo$e sky+ sa$s+ s%n+ moon+ he 'ee$&

    To ge a'o#e lowe$ ho%ghs. 5$eam& Angels+ "h%$"hes+domes&HIBHER 5ONTEM78ATIONSThe med!a!ons follow!ng we$e des!gnaed /fo$ h!ghe$ !n!!aes >!n heS%, O$de$ only0 !n heo$!g!nal man%s"$!*.

    TREES8e my m!nd 'ea$ swee f$%! and f$ag$an 3owe$s+as this tree is planted on the soil of Thy spirit.MOUNTAINS

    8e Thy m!gh 'e my m!ghto lift the mountains of lifes responsibility.EARTHI 'end owa$ds he Mohe$ Ea$hin delight of the ather in heaven.S7A5E

    Ea$h !no ea$h+ wae$ !no wae$+

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    le my so%l !mme$se !n Thee h$o%gh s*a"e&SUN8e he s%n of Thy d!#!ne s*!$! $!se f$om my hea$+that morn may break out of the dance of life.

    MOON8e Thy *e$fe"!on 'e m!ne+and my imperfection be lost as the darkness in the fullmoon.SKY ;ITH STARS!pen a way through Thy heavens,ha I may a$$!#e a Thy dwell!ng *la"e&et my soul reect Thy light,ha e#e$y glan"e I "as may 'e"ome a "ome&>elal ask!ng fo$ *owe$&

    58OUDSI shall *ene$ae he 'la"k hea$of the clouds to reach Thee, my ord.AIRA!$+ "a$$y he message of my feel!ng hea$far and beyond.FIRE8e he 3ame ha $!ses !n my hea$illuminate my path.

    HUMAN NATURE;oman med!a!ons fo$ man on womanJ.$oman, my steppingstone!n he as"en owa$ds Thy sh$!ne&I e:*e$!en"e Thy *e$fe"!onin the union with my other half.>Fo$ 'elo#ed and ma$$!ed ones&

    5h!ldhood.Tea"h me !nno"en"e+ 8o$d+through the child, an angel on earth.

    I $!se a'o#e all wo$$!es and '!e$ness of l!feas a child.Old Age.My so%l !s ge!ng o 'e agedand my hea$ !s %$n!ng g$ey 'y Thy s!l#e$ l!gh&

    The Sage o$ Bodly Man.I lose my self !n he self of he godly man

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam


    o %n!e w!h Thee&ON THE SI8EN5E AND STI88NESS IN NATURE/ nature sublime, pregnant of divine spirit,man!fes as a *$aye$+ wh!"h $!ses f$om my hea$&

    S*eak+ Bod+ !n s!len"e+this moment my heart is in tune with the stillness of Thynature.Though the ever)moving is my nature,ho% a$ my #e$y 'e!ng+ s!llness&ON 8IBHT AND SHADO;In he l!gh I see Thy 'ea%y(in shade * #nd Thy mystery.8!gh !s Thy fa"e+and shade is Thy bosom.

    ON BOD8e my self %$ninto Thy being.8e my l!fe 'e"omeThy soul.8e me fo$ge myselfin Thy consciousness.I d$!nk he w!ne of Thy *$esen"eand lose myself in its intoxication.

    One mo$e "%*+ my 'elo#ed+that * may entirely lose myself.8e me 'e d$owned !n Thy d!#!ne o"eanas a pearl in wine.BENERA8Unfold Thy se"$e h$o%gh na%$eand reveal Thy mystery through my heart.>Th!s one w!ll $o%se he fa"%ly of ,nd!ng ohe$ na%$e *$aye$s fo$ oneself( !fhe *$aye$ !s "on!n%ed+ one,nds ohe$s&

    8e my m!nd 'ea$ swee f$%! and f$ag$an 3owe$s+as this tree is planted on the soil of Thy spirit.NATURE MEDITATIONS ?L 'y S%, O$de$& All $!ghs $ese$#ed&S%, O$de$ 7%'l!"a!ons7&O& 2o: 8e'anon S*$!ngs+ NY [email protected]

  • 8/11/2019 The Nature Meditations. sufism islam