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The ODC Digital Library

Date post:31-Aug-2014
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An overview of the ODC Digital Library for a presentation at the 2013 Cambodia Book Fair, held at the National Library.
  • The ODC Digital Library Presentation for 2013 Cambodia Book Fair
  • Meet Your Presenter Greg Bem, 2013 ODC Library Intern
  • The Library: An Overview Started in January, 2013 Total Records (Nov, 2013): 1,062 Print: 705 Digital: 357 Languages: English and Khmer Translation is Ongoing! Photo by gpoo (Creative Commons)
  • Who can use the ODC Library?
  • Our Digital Catalog Is . . . Free Online Accessible Descriptive Searchable Browseable Growing Persistent Photo by Amie Fedora (Creative Commons)
  • Whats in the ODC library? Some Types of Resources: Some Authors/Publishers: Reports NGOs Articles Royal Government Essays Foreign Governments Book Chapters Independent Researchers Briefings International Organizations Speeches Banks Abstracts Corporations
  • Digital and Print and ODC What is a library? What is a digital library? What is a digital library in the 21st Century? How is ODCs library built for the 21st Century?
  • Small Notes on Open Access
  • Small Notes on Authority
  • Who/what does the library benefit? The Student The Researcher The Publisher The Community
  • Current Tasks and Integration Translation Taxonomy Geo-Tagging Sub-Pages Khmer Editorial Review Additional Syncing
  • What About You?
  • Thank you for viewing!
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