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Date post:27-Apr-2020
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  • The perfect mix for the cement industry: Saving money, energy and CO2 Finnsementti cement plant, Parainen, Finland Case story

    When Finland’s only producer of cement, Finnsementti, needed to replace its flue gas waste heat recov- ery equipment, it turned to Alfa Laval Aalborg for a cost-effective, energy- saving solution with a return on investment of less than a year.

    Finnsementti’s Parainen plant is located on the South-Western coast of Finland. When their existing flue gas waste heat recovery (WHR) boiler reached the end of its lifecycle, project engineer Berndt Karlsson started sourcing for a replace- ment that had to fit into the existing limited space: “We were looking for a WHR boiler with better output, and the task was complicated because of tight space restrictions.”

    The Aalborg WHR boiler solution With tentative plans to replace their flue gas WHR equipment, Berndt Karlsson contacted Alfa Laval Aalborg’s sales manager Suvi Luoti.

    “We agreed to do some evaluations and calculations, and presented Finnsementti with our proposal. The Aalborg AV-6N water tube WHR boiler has an optimised heating surface, improved output, and we were able to design a boiler that fit into the limited space available at the customer site. After follow-up discussions and meet- ings, they made the decision to replace their WHR equipment and we got the order,” says Suvi Luoti.

    Berndt Karlsson says that there were several reasons why Finnsementti chose Alfa Laval Aalborg. “We consider- ed several flue gas WHR solutions.

    Yet Alfa Laval Aalborg had a custom- ized unit that was cost effective and could be easily installed.”

    Reduced costs and CO2 emissions Finnsementti is now using less water and energy and has been able to reduce its CO2 emissions. Energy recovered from the flue gases is used in district heating for the plant, with excess heat being sold to the local town’s district heating network. Without the WHR boiler solution, oil would have to be burned in a fired boiler in order to

    create the same amount of heat.

    There was limited space for the Aalborg AV-6N waste heat recovery boiler, seen here being lifted by a crane to be installed 30 meters above ground.

    Finnsementti´s Parainen plant in Southwest Finland.

  • PEP00045EN 1501

    How to contact Alfa Laval Up-to-date Alfa Laval contact details for all countries are always available on our website at www.alfalaval.com.

    Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.

    Finnsementti’s maintenance engineer Jörgen Björkqvist was satisfied with the solution. “Alfa Laval Aalborg provided us a tailor made solution where our ideas were taken into account. For instance, it is possible to isolate part of the tube sections during use when necessary.”

    A good partner Berndt Karlsson is pleased. “Our relation- ship with Alfa Laval Aalborg is very good, in fact it couldn’t be better. We greatly appreciated that we could visit the factory and see the boiler before delivery.”

    According to Berndt Karlsson, the project ran smoothly. “From the very beginning we have had an open coop- eration, and it has been very easy to communicate with the people involved from Alfa Laval Aalborg. The project ran according to the agreed timeline, and it went quickly with no problems.”

    “With the outlet temperature now being lower, less water is needed in the con- ditioning tower for flue gas cooling. And besides the reduction in our CO2 emiss- ions, we’re saving a significant amount on costs with the WHR boiler com- pared to generating the same amount of energy with an oil-fired boiler,” says Berndt Karlsson.

    In addition, pressure drop is taken into account in the design. With lower pres- sure drop over the boiler, the fan motor uses less electricity, which saves on energy costs.

    Easier maintenance When it comes to maintenance, Alfa Laval Aalborg’s WHR boiler is conveni- ent, for instance with several manholes in the boiler construction that allow for inspections. In addition, the boiler is equipped with soot blowers for auto- matic cleaning during operation.

    About the solution

    The Aalborg AV-6N waste heat recovery boiler is a robust, highly efficient boiler that improves a plant’s total efficiency.

    With the AV-6N WHR boiler, waste heat from flue gas is recovered from various sources such as industrial processes or diesel and gas engines, and generates steam and/or heated water. It is flexible and easy to install - even in existing facilities.

    The financial aspects match the techni- cal advantages and the smooth imple- mentation of the project. “The return on investment is less than one year,” says a satisfied Berndt Karlsson.

    Fast facts

    The customer Finnsementti Oy is Finland’s only cement manu- facturer. The majority of the cement supply in Finland is produced by Finnsementti’s Parainen and Lappeenranta plants. With 100 years of

    experience, the company produces a consistent quality of cement, and offers a range of concrete admixtures and additives, as well as crushed rock.

    The challenge Finnsementti Oy, needed to replace the flue gas waste heat recovery boiler at its Parainen plant. Space for the new equipment was limited by the existing layout of the plant.

    The solution The Aalborg AV-6N water tube WHR boiler was designed for the limited space available and the flue gas conditions at the Finnsementti plant. It

    recovers waste heat from flue gas, and heats water to 115°C for use in the plant’s district heating system. Excess heat is sold to the local town for district heating.

    The benefits • Return on investment of less than one year • Manholes and a special tube side design simplify maintenance • Recovered energy means reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel costs

    The Aalborg AV-6N waste heat recovery boiler prior to installation, with manholes and soot blowers visible.

    Flue gas WHR boiler


    Raw mill

    Electric filters


    Conditioning tower

    Waste heat recovery process at Finnsementti Oy.




    Flue gas from furnace


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