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The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X in Ireland ... - fsspx.ie .The Priestly Society of Saint Pius

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  • 20 St John's Bulletin October 2012

    The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X in Ireland

    Very Reverend Paul Morgan, Superior Saint Georges House

    125 Arthur Road, Wimbledon Park GB - London SW19 7DR

    Telephone : 00 44 208 946 7916

    Saint Pius X House 12 Tivoli Terrace South Dn Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Telephone: (01) 284 2206 Very Rev. Ramon Angls, resident Rev. Rgis Babinet Saint Johns Church 1 Upper Mounttown Road Dn Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Telephone: (01) 280 9407 Rev. Paul Birer

    Corpus Christi Church Connaught Gardens

    Athlone, Co. Roscommon Telephone: (090) 649 2439

    Rev. David Sherry, Prior Rev. Francis Gallagher

    Rev. Br. Gerard

    CONTACT Saint Pius V Chapel 78 Andersonstown Road St Johns Church or Belfast, Co. Antrim Mr. McKeown (028) 9445 3654 Our Lady of the Rosary Church Shanakiel Road Corpus Christi Church Sundays Well, Co. Cork Our Lady of Knock and St Patrick Chapel Unit 5 Richbrook Business Park, St Johns Church or Mill Rd, Bessbrook, Newry, Co. Down Mr. McArdle (028) 3082 5730 Saint Josephs Mass Centre Corpus Christi Church or Tralee, Co. Kerry Mrs. Dennehy (068) 43123 Cashel Mass Centre Corpus Christi Church or Co. Tipperary Mr. Walsh (062) 61028

    Website : www.ireland.sspx.net

    October 2012 St John's Bulletin 1

    The Society of Saint Pius X in Ireland

    In This Issue: - Letter from Father Morgan - Archbishop Lefebvre - Life of St Thaddeus Moriarty - Plus all the activities and devotions in our priories and churches

    Saint Johns Bulletin

    October 2012 Month of the

    Most Holy Rosary

  • 2 St John's Bulletin October 2012

    Devotions & Activities at St Johns Rosary daily at 6 pm; Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 am Every Sunday: Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 10.30 am Every Thursday: Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Miraculous Medal Novena after the 6.30 pm Mass (except First Thursday) First Thursday: Apostolate of Prayer for Priests. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament after 11 am Mass, adoration until 6.30 pm Mass. First Friday: Benediction after the 6.30 pm Mass First Saturday: Benediction and Rosary after 11 am Mass Confessions: 10.30 am on Saturdays and Sundays, and after 11am Sunday Mass Missa Cantata: Fourth Sunday of the month Doctrinal Conference for Adults: First Tuesdays at 7.30 pm Catechism for children: Sunday between Masses

    SSPX Groups and Pious Associations in Ireland

    Third Order of the SSPX : Contact Fr. Sherry Eucharistic Crusade : Contact Fr. Birer

    Archconfraternity of St Stephen for Altar Boys : Contact Fr. Sherry Youth Group : Contact Fr. Sherry

    St Philomenas Rosary Association : Contact Fr. Gallagher

    Devotions & Activities in Athlone Rosary daily at 7 pm First Friday: Holy Hour at 6.30 pm First Saturday: Confessions at 10.30 am, Benediction and Rosary after 11 am Mass Every Thursday: Mass at 6 pm followed by Rosary and Benediction Every Saturday: Catechism for adolescents and altar serving practice at 9 am Missa Cantata: Second and Fourth Sundays of the month

    Devotions & Activities in Cork First Friday: Benediction after 7 pm Mass First Saturday: Benediction and Rosary after 11 am Mass Confessions: Half an hour before every Mass and after Mass when announced Conference for Children and Teenagers: Second Sunday after Mass Missa Cantata: Third Sunday Fourth Sunday: Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament after Mass

    Sunday 2nd Collection 1st : For the Seminaries of the SSPX 2nd : For Insurances (buildings, car, health) 3rd : For Utilities (heating, electricity, petrol, phone) 4th : Building Fund (renovations of churches & priories) 5th : For the Missions of the SSPX

    Mass Stipends

    1 Mass intention: 16 / 15 Novena of Masses: 160 / 150

    Gregorian: 640 / 600

    October 2012 St John's Bulletin 19

    Where should they wander and in what other Eden Find the lost happiness of the hope forlorn,

    Look in what other face for understanding, But hers who bore the Child that brought the Sword,

    Hang in what other house, trophy and tribute, The broken heart and the unbroken word?

    This month of luminous and golden ruin Lit long ago the galleys and the guns.

    Here is there nothing but such loitering rhyme As down the blank of barren paper runs,

    As I write now, O Lady of Last Assurance, Light in the laurels, sunrise of the dead,

    Wind of the ships and lightning of Lepanto, In honour of Thee, to whom all honour is fled.

  • 18 St John's Bulletin October 2012

    In October by G.K. Chesterton

    WHERE ARE they gone that did delight in honour Abrupt and absolute as an epic ends,

    What light of the Last Things, like death at morning, Crowns the true lovers and the tragic friends?

    Young priests with eager faces bright as eagles, Poor scholars of the harp-string, strict and strong,

    All the huge thirst of things irrevocable And all the intolerant innocence that died young.

    The dark largesse of the last gesture flinging The glove in challenge or gold in sacrifice-----

    Where are they gone that had delight in honour, That the world grows so greedy and so wise?

    Vow and averted head and high refusal Clean as the chasm where the dawn burns white, Where shall they go that have delight in honour

    When all men honour nothing but delight?

    Out of the infinite came Finality, Freedom that makes unfathomably sure,

    For only a wind of all the widest windows Can close with such a clang that iron door:

    The doors that cannot shut shall never open Nor men make windows when they make not walls,

    Though emptiness extend its endless prison In the white nightmare of its lengthening halls.

    Shall they not rise and seek beyond the mountains That which unsays not and is not forsworn?

    October 2012 St John's Bulletin 3

    ALL-DAY ADORATION of the Blessed Sacrament

    St Johns Church in Dun Laoghaire every First Thursday

    Apostolate of Prayer for Priests After the 11 am Mass until 6.30 pm Mass

    The SSPX intentions are: The Holy Church The Holy Father and the Bishops The Priests and Seminarians Priestly & Religious Vocations


    PILGRIMAGE ON THE HILL OF SLANE : Saturday 13th October 2012

    Rosary and Hymns starting at 2 pm. Holy Mass at 3.30 pm on the 95th Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady in Fatima.

    Contact St Johns Church for more details. FATIMA CONFERENCE IN CORK : On Saturday 13th October 2012. Schedule of events for the day available in your church or chapel. YOUTH OUTING : 6-7th October in the Newry and Mourne area. 25 per person to include: accomodation, horseriding, meals and other activities. All wel-come! Contact Peadar Walsh for more information: peadar.walsh@hotmail.co.uk OCTOBER DEVOTIONS : Rosary, Litany of Our Lady and Prayer to St Joseph with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament every day in our churches. EUCHARISTIC CRUSADE MEETING : Saturday 27th October 2011 : ALL SAINTS PARTY in Athlone Holy Mass at 11 am (Confessions during Mass). Lunch BYO. Children from all over Ireland are welcome to participate in the All Saints Party that will take place in the Parish Hall of Corpus Christi Church in the afternoon. Please contact Fr. Sherry or Fr. Birer. Rosary and Benediction around 3.30 pm. HOLY SOULS: The indulgences start on November 1st with the visit of a cemetery and the prayers for the Holy Souls. Plenary indulgence to be gained un-der the usual conditions. Return the Holy Souls envelopes as soon as possible. RETREATS IN BRISTOL IN 2012 :

    October 8th-13th Womens Ignatian Retreat November 12th-17th Mens Ignatian Retreat

    December 6th-8th Advent Recollection Please phone St Saviours House : +44 117 977 5863

  • 4 St John's Bulletin October 2012

    on November 24, 2002 with Cardinal Friedrich Wetter serving as principal con-secrator. Among the co-consecrators was Cardinal Karl Lehmann. For his episcopal motto, Mller chose Dominus Iesus: You made great efforts to explain the true meaning of the document Dominus Jesus which had so often been distorted in the reduction to a few slogans. As bishop of Regensburg you took the foundational biblical title Dominus Jesus: Jesus is the Lord (Rom 10:9; 1 Cor 12:3) as your motto (Pope Benedict XVI, Preface to the Festschrift [festive greeting - Ed.] for Mllers 60th birthday) In addition to having been a University Professor at the University of Ludwig - Maximilians of Munich, he was invited as a professor by several Universities in Peru, Spain, the USA, India, Italy and Brazil. Mller has written more than 400 works on dogmatic theology, ecumenism, revelation, hermeneutics, the priesthood and the diaconate. As a published author, his most famous work is Dogmatism: Theory and Practical Aspects of Theol-ogy. On December 20, 2007, Mller was reap-pointed for another five years as a mem-ber of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. On June 12, 2012, Bishop Mller was appointed a member of the Congregation for Catholic Education for a

    Letter from Father MorganLetter from Father Morgan

    The appointment of the 64-year old Archbishop Ludwig Mller, by Pope Benedict XVI as Prefect for the Congre-gation of the Faith on 2nd July 2012, pre-sents a clear indication that Modern Rome is far from abandoning the errors of the Conciliar Church. As a result of his new role he is also, ex officio, president of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, the International Theologi-cal Commissions, and the Pontifical Com-mission Ecclesia Dei. Archbishop Mller succeeds Cardinal Lavada who was ap-pointed in May 2005. This appointment places him in authority over any rela

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