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Date post: 09-Sep-2015
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  • Welcome To The Raine Report

    "The starting point of all achievement is desire." - Napoleon Hill

    It seems spring has finally sprung here in the UK, and I am sat outside in my

    garden writing this newsletter, I still have a coat on mind, it's not that warm,

    but that little dose of sunshine always seems give me that inspiration to

    actually go and do some work.

    Winter for me is the planning season, I come up with my ideas then and really

    start to execute when it gets a little brighter.

    And this is the perfect time for you to start building a new business. Which

    brings me on to your questions...

    Over the last month I have received a ton of feedback from you all (and nearly

    all of it was positive ;) so thank you. I feel like I am on the right track with The

    Raine Report and giving you the information you need.

    There was however a common theme to a lot of the messages I received and

    that was...

    If you had to start from scratch, what would you do?


  • And I have been asked the very same question hundreds of times over the

    years. But I still remember the very first time I was asked it and that was just

    over fifteen years ago, I was having a small party at the Villa I had in the

    Canary Islands.

    I had invited a few of my friends and a couple of people who worked for me for

    ten days of fun, sun, celebrating, and scheming.

    It was a monumental moment for me, not only had we all just collectively

    survived the Y2K bug, and could now consume the stockpile of food and drink

    we had put aside, but it was the first time in my life that I had one million

    pounds in cold hard cash in the bank.

    I was proud of myself, and to be fair, slightly smug. I was the first of my friends

    to ever have this kind of money, and although I learned my lessons of excess

    from previous years I thought a party would be a good idea.

    It was the second or third night into the holiday and Cara, a friend of my wifes,

    had asked me that very same question and it got me thinking, it started a train

    of thought that would really occupy me for several years trying to nail down

    the perfect answer. The question still surfaces in my thoughts almost every


    You see, the very first time I was asked that question I didn't really have an

    answer to give. I always had great self belief in the fact that I could always

    make money, I just didn't know how.


  • I didn't have a system.

    Now I don't necessarily believe you have to have a system, a lot of the

    businesses I have started throughout my life have been opportunistic in

    nature. I saw a gap, I exploited it, I made money.

    But often there was a common theme. A technique I used over and over

    again, and over the years I have refined this process and used it to build

    numerous successful businesses.

    In this newsletter I am going to outline that system. The system that you can

    use to scientifically create a business, to take the risk out of making decisions,

    and with a bit of hard work thrown in, start you on the same path I took all

    those years ago.


  • Starting From Scratch: The Overachiever System

    Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity

    and advancement. - Peter Drucker

    If you only get one thing out of any of my newsletters ever, then the system I

    am going to teach you today should be it.

    Seriously, everything else I will ever teach you will only aid you in creating

    more wealth from the very specific methods that I will share with you over

    the next thirty or so pages.

    In this article I am going to show you how to build a highly successful business

    from scratch, I am going to take 95% of all the risk away, and if you follow the

    steps to the letter then you are going to make a bucket load of cash to boot.

    It's Not About The Niche

    The way you have been taught to build a business up until now is flawed. The

    premise most marketers teach usually goes along the lines of Come up with

    niche ideas, find out what people want, create or source a product.


  • This in principle is great. But personally I actually quite like being rich, and I

    certainly dont like taking a gamble unless I know the odds are stacked in my

    favour, or I have had copious quantities of Vodka and are betting binary

    options at 2AM which believe me is not the time or mindset to be in for taking

    a punt ;)

    What I am going to teach you today is a completely dierent way to look at

    niches and markets, it is a strategy I call The Overachiever System.

    I came up with the beginnings of this strategy in the fall of 2002 when I was

    trying to pay o a $400k debt, I had absolutely nothing to my name but I had

    an idea, and that idea - the very one I am going to teach you today - ended up

    with the sale of a bunch of sites in 2006 for 2.4M Euros which was roughly 3M

    USD at the time.

    I have taught this full strategy before at just four bootcamps where I spend a

    long weekend actually building a brand new business from scratch with no

    more than twenty other participants.

    I have also refined this strategy numerous times over the years, each time

    making the system more accurate, more profitable, and less risky, and the

    tools available to you these days are immensely more powerful - and more

    importantly the data you can collect and use is infinitely more plentiful and



  • The Overachiever System

    The core of The Overachiever System is quite simple and I will outline it in the

    sentence below:

    'Find something that is selling well, preferably digital, a product which is

    profitable, and can be duplicated quickly and cheaply, then model it.

    I know some of you will read that statement and will be saying to yourself

    What, you mean we just rip o other people's hard work? I am not doing that.

    Well my friend, if that was you then I am afraid that in all probability you will

    go to your grave somewhat morally happy with yourself but non-the-less poor,

    whereas the people who read that and embraced the idea will be significantly

    wealthier and more than likely the ones who are hiring you to clean their


    You see, ideas are worthless. I have dozens of them a day, but ideas don't

    necessarily translate to profit. Ideas require research and planning,

    development, marketing, and testing, and all those things take time away from

    enjoying your life and spending your money.

    In fact there are very rarely any new ideas at all, just variations on existing

    ones, but why vary if you can take something that is working, and do the same

    or better?


  • True, it is unlikely that you are going to change the world and become a

    billionaire using this method, but I think most people would be happy making

    a couple of million dollars a year without all that fuss, and when you have a

    bunch of cash in the bank you can use that to build a business that will change

    the world if you like.


    Ok, you may be sitting on the fence here, but let me work on you a little.

    There is a famous quote which has now escaped me but it goes along the lines


    If you want to be wealthy then you need to model what wealthy people do.

    I have probably bastardised that quite a bit, but you get the gist.

    I am not teaching you to be a douche, I am showing you that the best way to

    make money is to go where the money is.

    If you have done any kind of niche research in the past you will have had to

    have spent a considerable amount of time coming up with ideas. You may

    have browsed through magazines, Amazon, question and answer sites etc.

    Yes, these are still valid methods, but why not just look for products that are

    selling consistently, month after month, and go do that?


  • The Overachiever System I am going to show you is a scientific approach to

    taking apart any online business, to uncover their sales and marketing

    methods, where they advertise, their entire funnel, then model that and look

    for ways to make it better.

    If you take just one day this weekend, lock yourself in without any distractions

    and work through the processes I am going to share with you, then at the end

    of that day you will have a bunch of highly profitable niches to pick from, and

    you will have taken the most important step on the road to being rich.

    A Tip Of The Hat And A Look Back In Internet Marketing History

    In 2004/5 Ed Dale & Frank Kern launched a system called Underachievers. It

    was a genius method of testing niches to see if the audience would buy a


    This was the time of 5c clicks on AdWords, and what you would do is put up a

    simple page asking people what is the number one problem they are having in

    their specific niche, and tell them that by answering the question they would

    get a free copy of a eBook when it was released.

    You would then use the list of questions to create the product if enough people



  • It was simple but eective, and in those days of cheap clicks it was a great way

    of understanding demand in a market.

    Today however this method is unusable due to the high cost per click on

    AdWords, but it was the simplicity of that process that inspired me to keep

    developing my method which later became The Overachiever System.

    The Big Picture

    Before we begin the process let me show you what the end result of The

    Overachiever System is going to produce. I did this research last night on the

    first niche I uncovered. I have never investigated this product before but I

    wanted an example to show you.


  • You can download a much higher resolution image below which gives you all

    the nitty gritty.

    Download The High Resolution MindMap

    As you can see the product is a diabetes eBook which is on sale in ClickBank

    and has been around since January. It has received a ton of visitors over that

    time (1.9M of them) with most of them coming from referrals, which generally

    means paid ads.

    The main sales pitch is an ber long video with a click-away direct oer sales

    page giving you the chance to buy the product at $27 instead of $37.

    If you go and buy the product there are also a couple of up-sells and down-

    sells to other eBooks related to (and not so related) to diabetes.

    The actual main product is 121 pages long of spurious pseudo science bullshit,

    mixed in with a good pinch of complete bunkum.

    But that doesnt matter for the purpose of explaining the research process.

    So lets get started


  • The Getting Of Ideas

    So like I said, instead if dreaming up niche products let's go and find products

    that already sell.

    If you are just starting down this path then the first places you need to be

    looking at are product marketplaces such as:






    There are tens of thousands of products on these marketplaces and the

    majority of their products are digital. This is the key, we dont want to have to

    start buying stock and shipping it out.

    We are looking for instantly downloadable products.

    Now to get started you are just going to pick a selection of products from

    ClickBank that you can use to practise your research skills on, at the end of

    this section I am going to share another method I use to find niches to



  • In ClickBank's marketplace products are ranked by several filters, one is

    popularity, another is gravity.

    Gravity is ClickBank's own algorithm which is mostly weighted to the number

    of distinct aliates who have sold that specific in the last 12 weeks combined

    with some click through formulae. They don't publish this because they don't

    want people to game the system, but it is flawed.

    You need to look at popularity, this is more of a measure of how much trac is

    flowing to this product, and for this part of the operation this is what we really

    care about.

    Don't take more that half an hour or so on this, I am just using these as

    examples to get you used to doing quick niche research.

    Using SimilarWeb To Get A Top Level View

    The first tool we are going to use for research purposes is SimilarWeb, you can

    get to it at the link below:


    Simply plug in the domain name and you will get the following information:


  • Now there is a lot of key information here which you need to evaluate, and I

    find that this site generally has the most accurate information of all the sites

    that I am going to be showing you.


  • Trac

    The first figure we need to be looking at is the trac numbers. If it doesn't

    come back with any results then there is a good chance that this site really

    doesn't get much trac.

    A lot of the other sites I am going to show you will report that there is no

    trac, whereas SimilarWeb may report 40k visits a month. On all of the sites

    that I own I generally find that these numbers are closer to reality than any

    other service.

    So our niche site is pulling in a lot of trac which has been ramping up

    steadily and is currently at 1.9M visits a month.

    This is a huge number and also a little worrying.


    In my experience I have found that going after markets that already have huge

    trac can be more hard work because the people behind the business are

    already putting in a LOT of work to make this product a success, but don't let

    that put you o just yet, we need to do some more research.


  • Page Views, Time On Site, And Bounce Rate

    The next numbers I want to explain are Page Views, Time On Site, and Bounce


    Normally when you are looking at your Google Analytics stats then these are

    key metrics, you obviously want people to hang around and view your

    content. But in this process these numbers are not quite as important.

    Page Views are 1.62 which means that the visitor on average sees more than

    one page. This could be the sales letter and the order form, as the click-away

    does not actually load a page it just swaps out the content. It could be that

    people hit the homepage and they get redirected to the video (I don't know

    accurately how SimilarWeb counts redirects), or it could be that they click on

    any of the privacy / about us links at the bottom of the page.

    The bounce rates for the page are typical of this (or most) type of site so

    nothing to be really concerned about here, but the one number that does

    interest me a little is the time on site which is being measured at 1.08, which

    when you consider the length of the video (over 10 minutes) is quite short.

    Remember though these are only average numbers and you only ever expect a

    few percent of people to watch the whole video and choose to click on the buy

    now button which appear near the end.


  • Trac Sources

    For this strategy this is a crucial section of the SimilarWeb information.

    Direct trac gets 25.54%, referral trac gets 60.19%, and search gets 2.09%

    Let's first look at search trac.

    You will find in your research that a lot of sites have a much higher search

    volume, which can either be a very good sign or a very bad sign. Let me


    SimilarWeb splits search trac into two sections, organic and paid search.

    Take a look:


  • So we have 2.09% search trac, but 90.89% of that comes from organic and a

    tiny 9.11% from paid search. So we can see that Google Paid trac isn't how

    they are getting their visitors.


  • But let's look at another scenario. Imagine a site that got 60% of all its trac

    from search and the split was similar. This would mean that most of its trac

    came from organic search.

    This is a bad thing.

    This means that people are finding the site through organic listings and this

    means the owner has done a shit pile of SEO to get a bunch of pages indexed

    in the search.

    Now let's look at referring trac.


    The Overachiever System Rules: Paid Trac Is The Only Way To Go

    The system I am going to show you is all about modelling a site, modelling

    its trac sources, and finding additional streams of trac to grow and

    expand your business. SEO is not something we are able to duplicate

    quickly, so if a site has a high amount of trac coming to it from organic

    search then write it o straight away.

    The golden rule when looking at a sites trac source is if it gets more

    than 25% of all its trac from organic sources then ditch it.

  • Referring trac makes up the majority of the trac to diabetesfree.org and

    this is a good indicator that the owner is using various paid trac sources, but

    unfortunately SimilarWeb does not give us a lot of valuable information.

    A lot of the sites that are shown here are just redirection services or tracking

    sites, and I will show you how to uncover some more valuable information in

    the next section. But you can see that the number one destination after

    people have visited the site is Clickbank's payment page.


  • Social Signals

    Let's have a look now at the sites social media trac.

    Social media visits also make up 8.04% of all trac numbers to the site. This is

    fairly low, so it is a good indicator that they are not using this to drive trac.

    We don't want to model any site that is getting more than 25% of their trac

    from social media as this can't be replicated in any short order.


  • Display Advertising

    In a lot of niches which you find outside of any aliate networks (we will get

    to that later) you will see that a lot higher percentage of their trac comes

    from display advertising.

    In The Overachiever System the higher the number, the better. This is

    something we can replicate easily and if they are consistently buying trac on

    various display networks then their business model is working for them.


  • Looking closely at diabetesfree.org's display trac though reveals that they are

    buying trac from exoclick and tracjunky, which provide ads for a lot of

    generic sites but you will also see that this advertiser has targeted a lot of porn


    This may be working for them or they may still be refining the process. (this

    may also be skewing their demographics which we will look at later).

    We can also see in the screenshot below what their ads look like:


  • 24

  • Domain Intelligence And Trading Age

    When taking the initial look at the SimilarWeb data I like to see if the site has

    been trading for at least six months. Looking at the graph you can see that is

    not the case:

    It has been actively trading since January so is coming up to five months now,

    and this was probably a planned launch because January is one of the best

    times to make sales for this kind of product.


    The Overachiever System Rules: Trading Age

    If a site hasn't been actively paying for trac for more than six months or

    has been in business for more than five years I would probably not touch it.

  • If we also take a look at the domain age by going to whois.net you can see that

    it was registered with GoDaddy on the 11/11/13.

    This is a close call because the trac is growing steadily so I might put this in a

    possible list and re-evaluate later based on the other data we collect.

    If it only had a couple of months trac then I would have thrown it away


    Let's also take a look at the rest of the domain data.

    We can see that the domain is also protected by a proxy service so we cannot

    find out who owns it. We can see that it is registered with GoDaddy, but the

    next thing I generally look at is seeing what other websites are also hosted on

    the same IP address.

    Often this can give you other niche ideas and help to understand how the

    marketing works.


  • I am taking a quick look with this tool:


    Taking a quick look at these sites shows one that may be connected which is

    mywinlife.com but let's have another look using another tool:


    Now this is a paid tool so only shows a couple of domains but it does give you

    a count of the other domains also on that IP address for free:


  • Now that's a bigger number, 449 other domains hosted on that IP address, so

    it looks like a shared hosting service or a cloud based hosting service, so

    finding the other domains and investigating would be useless.

    So that was our first cursory look at the site using SimilarWeb.

    Once I have done this basic research I generally make a quick judgement call

    as to whether I should carry on researching the niche any further. If the trac

    is low or any of the trac metrics dont fit the rules then move on to the next

    niche, if they only have a couple of months trac under their belt then the

    same is true.

    The key here is letting them make the mistakes first and spend money on

    testing dierent advertising platforms etc.


  • Using Follow.net To Gather More Intelligence

    Follow.net is a great one stop intelligence site that combines a lot of data from

    a range of other sites. There is a paid option which gives you access to more

    information (although not all) and if you can aord the $37 a month then this

    is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

    The paid version also lets you track a lot of sites over time and watch out for

    news, changes in metrics, and other information. I usually keep my top ten

    ideas in here and study them before making a decision.

    But you can get a real good overview and follow up to five sites for free.

    I always take a quick glance at the trac, but for a lot of aliate oers in

    ClickBank etc you may not see much data here. Use SimilarWeb to estimate



  • Next I start to delve into the advertising trac.

    Follow.net has a section which shows the PPC ads. Most sites generally have

    some kind of search marketing data provided but we know that


  • diabetesfree.org or its aliates hardly pay for trac on Google because there

    is no data here.

    Here is an example of the kind of data that gets provided if they do.


  • As you can see it shows you the average CPC, average position, search volume,

    and how long the ad has been showing as well as the text of the ads being



  • Next we are on to display ads.

    Mediators: These are either ad networks, ad exchanges, aliate networks, or

    tracking systems.

    Placements: These are individual locations that any ad for this site has been

    spotted on.

    Campaigns: The number of specific campaigns that can be identified. I am

    not sure how they work this out or whether it is accurate, I tend to think this is

    not the case.

    Ads: The number of unique ads that have been identified.

    Impressions: The number of impressions that the ads have had. I also think

    this is inaccurate and should only be used as a yard stick.

    This information has been provided by AdClarity and there are several similar

    providers and they all provide dierent data.


  • Then we get information about what ads are being shown on the Google

    Content Network. As you can see from the screenshot below, it looks like one

    quick test was done the 10th April but that is it. They are not using this

    network to generate their trac.

    Now let's look at the mediators.

    Like I said above these are either ad networks, ad exchanges, aliate

    networks, or tracking systems.


  • And these are the top networks.

    Now none of this data is terribly accurate, we know that they got 1.9 million

    visitors in the last 30 days and a lot of that came from referrals (i.e. aliates),

    but those referrals were either through sites which had a lot of trac or more

    probably from paid advertising.

    The top three placements from adclarity appear to be on porn sites and that

    will be where the exoclick trac is being sent through. But AdBeat shows the

    top four content sites where ads are are consistently being shown.


  • We can see that chacha.com has been showing ads all the way from the 8th

    February until the present day, and if we quickly check out that site and

    browse through a couple of articles you will see that they are showing ads from

    the AdBlaze network and AdChoices, as well as sponsored posts.

    Looking at any of the content on naturalnews.com you will see that their pages

    are also packed full of ads which are either sold direct or are placements from

    one of the networks.

    Follow.net also brings back a bunch of the ads that are running on the

    dierent sites, and also the various text ads that appear on the dierent

    networks. We will be using this information in the next phase of our process.


  • If you have not yet gone and got the follow.net page up and had a look at what

    data comes back, or had a look at SimilarWeb, then please take the time to do

    so. Once you have had a look at what I have shown you so far you will get a

    better idea and feel for the information.

    The key thing we are trying to understand is where the trac is coming from,

    how long have they been consistently advertising, what is working best, and

    most important of all - making sure that there trac is paid and is not just an

    aliate with an existing high trac site sending clicks through which we

    would not be able to replicate.


  • Gathering Other Intelligence

    You will see that follow.net has a list of four top landing pages. These are all

    going to the same page but have dierent aliates (?hop=)

    Let's type these into Google and see what else they promote.


  • Interesting! We have the following being promoted by the aliate with the

    hop id 91862:





    Several of these seem to be owned by the same entity, and they certainly all

    have a similar style, especially when you look at the click-away and other

    pages on the site. Go and check them out.

    But what really interests me is what you get back when you plug both of the

    diabetes sites into SimilarWeb. Both these have verified data which is great

    news, but have you spotted what is really interesting?

    Wrapping Up Part I Of The Overachiever System

    This system is a three pronged approach. The first is finding the niches that

    deliver digital products and have had consistent advertising for at least six


    The diabetesfree.org site doesnt at this time meet that criteria so I would

    probably at this point move on to another niche. There is no point in going to


  • phase II of The Overachiever System, putting all the work in, only to discover

    that they have been paying out a bunch of money on advertising tests and

    none of them barely break even let alone make a profit.

    Let them do the tests, let them find the sites, ads, networks that work and risk

    their dime - then we will duplicate it.

    By the time next months newsletter is out you should have at least ten ideas to

    take forward to the next stage and what I am going to show you then is exactly

    how I finally validate a niche, the extra research I do, and how I move forward

    with some paid tests before starting phase III and building the business.


  • Other Methods I Use ToUncover Profitable Niches

    I spend a lot of time browsing the web, and not just for content I am actually

    interested in. I am browsing for adverts.

    You see a lot of the really great niches will never be uncovered on networks

    such as ClickBank etc. The owners want to keep all the money for

    themselves... and who would blame them.

    To find these I browse random general interest content sites. I might start my

    journey on a site like cracked.com or nationalenquirer.com and follow some

    articles looking at the adverts that show up.

    Remember though, you are looking for information sites and not physical

    products. Just go and find content sites outside of your normal browsing

    habits and look out for the ads.

    If you are not in the USA though you will need to go through a US proxy

    otherwise you will only get country specific ads, and for this purpose we are

    looking at big markets initially.

    You can look at ads in your country though and see if they would translate to

    larger audiences.


  • 42

    In this months Raine Report Gold I share one key site that I use to generate

    huge lists of million dollar niche ideas.

    This information is worth tens of thousands of dollars and I will show you

    how in just a couple of hours of research you can easily build a list of a

    hundred or more million dollar a month niches.

    I use this site on a daily basis for research and over the last month alone

    have gathered nearly 700 high value niche ideas.

    Seriously guys, this is killer information I have never ever revealed

    anywhere and will only be sharing at a bootcamp session in the future.

    Upgrade today to Raine Report Gold to get exclusive access to this wealth

    changing resource.

  • Multi-Step Checkout Split Test

    Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what

    would happen. That's all it was: curiosity. - Jim Morrison

    I ran a test recently to see if I could increase the click-thru rate and overall

    conversions on a shopping cart, and as you should always be doing, I only test

    small incremental changes each time to ensure that I know which test had a

    positive or negative eect.

    This time round I wanted to see the eect of having diering text on the call to

    action button, and specifically I wanted to see if a less strong call to action had

    an increase or decrease on orders.

    In the majority of my previous testing Ive found that telling the customer

    exactly what to do has had a more beneficial result, but on this particular site

    the checkout was a multi-step process, so I wanted to see if a more friendly call

    to action would have a better response.

    Here are the original buttons on page 1 and page 2 of the checkout process:


  • And here are the variation buttons for page 1 and page 2 of the checkout:

    As you can see, the text on the originals was a stronger call to action, using

    words to tell the user to Checkout Now and then Complete Checkout,

    whereas the variations we tested were less strong, prompting the customer to

    take the next step.

    The results were very surprising to me, with the less strong variations of Next

    and Next Steps outperforming the originals by 186.4%

    This one little tweak nearly doubled my conversion rate, so it was well worth

    the 15 minutes it took to set up the split test!

    As I said at the start of this article, we normally get better results with a more

    direct call to action, but in this case where the checkout was a multi-step

    process I think that not reminding the customer that they are about to part

    with their cash (as Checkout definitely conjures up images of money leaving

    wallets) resulted in the uptick in click-thru and conversions.


  • Stand Out Domains

    If you don't get noticed, you don't have anything. You just have to

    be noticed, but the art is in getting noticed naturally, without

    screaming or without tricks. - Leo Burnett

    When it comes to domains I only usually buy .com addresses, as they continue

    to be the daddy of TLD's (top level domains) giving you better trust and


    However, something happened the other day that made me really sit up, and it

    was all to do with a domain that I totally didn't expect that stood out and

    grabbed my attention instantly - and grabbing my attention is hard.

    I've been at this online business lark for such a long time, and I've seen every

    trick in the book. So, quite frankly, making me sit up and take notice is about

    as rare as rocking horse shit.

    Here's what happened to make me stop in my tracks...

    I was trying to find a help guide I found useful a couple of years ago for a

    friend of mine who had just set up an InfusionSoft account (which is one of

    our key business tools).


  • So I loaded up Google, typed in 'infusionsoft campaign builder tips', and then

    from the results one site immediately leapt out at me...

    Even though the result was in the #5 position it was the first one I spotted.


  • I dont think its because it was literally an exact match for my search, but

    rather because it had .tips which is one of the new TLDs that are being rolled

    out on an almost daily basis.

    And heres the thing, if its making me pay attention, then its definitely making

    others pay attention as well.

    Now the site that this link goes to doesnt give me any tips at all, its actually a

    video landing page which auto-plays a video to try and get an opt-in. I clicked

    away o this site within 5 seconds, because I was looking for tips, not to be

    sold to.

    But I see a killer opportunity here...

    On target new TLDs could see a new boom and a new gold rush. The exact

    match domains for many competitive keywords are available, and if you use

    them in the right way then you could see yourself grabbing a ton of on-target

    trac for you to benefit from.

    What do I mean by use them in the right way ?

    Well, for starters, if I were to utilise a .tips domain then the content I put on the

    .tips domain will be helpful and free. Then on the back of that free content Ill

    be trying to get an opt-in to a targeted list, and then upsell a relevant product

    to that person.


  • Think about it... If someone is searching for tips on a specific product, then

    theyre looking for help. If you provide them with good help and solve their

    short-term issue with your free content, then youve built a bit of trust and


    You also know from their visit that they actively use that product, and that they

    want more information on that product. So, you give them a decent reason to

    opt-in to your list, perhaps oering more advanced advice and tips, and then

    theyre in your sales funnel for you to promote your products (and other

    aliate products) to.

    You know that every person on that list is 100% targeted to a specific product,

    so anything you promote to them will be on-target, which massively increases

    your chances of conversion.

    Youre basically promoting products and services to the right people.

    The .tips domain is one of thousands of new relevant domains, so there are

    potentials out there for any possibility you have in mind.

    Go forth and dominate!


  • What I Am Reading Right Now

    Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and

    Impact the World - Peter Diamandis and

    Steven Kotler.

    A bold title indeed, and definitely a common

    theme for the books that I am currently

    reading at the moment.

    In their previous book, Abundance: The

    Future Is Better Than You Think, Diamandis

    and Kotler discussed how advancing

    technologies are making it possible to solve

    problems that have long plagued humanity,

    such as disease, hunger, and shortages of energy.

    This book takes that thought process further and discusses the big picture

    technologies that are going to have a major impact on humanity in the coming

    years, like artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-hacking, and 3D Printing.

    It is a pretty broad reaching book and the best content really is in the first part,

    and if you just want to understand the major technologies that will become

    billion dollar businesses in the next couple of years and are a little short on

    time then I would just read up until chapter 8.


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