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The Religious Beginnings of an Unholy War The Shocking ... ... Pope Pius XII Uses Religious...

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  • The Religious Beginnings of an Unholy War

    The Shocking Story of the Catholic "Church's" Role in Starting the Vietnam War

    By Avro Manhattan

    Avro Manhattan (1914-1990)

    Avro Manhattan was the world's foremost authority on Roman Catholicism in politics. A resident of London, during WW II he operated a radio station called "Radio Freedom" broadcasting to occupied Europe. He was the author of over 20 books including the best-seller The Vatican in World Politics, twice Book-of-the-Month and going through 57 editions. He was a Great Briton who risked his life daily to expose some of the darkest secrets of the Papacy. His books were #1 on the Forbidden Index for the past 50 years!!

  • This book is more timely than ever. The Vatican-Washington Axis of the 50's is back again —and it's more sinister than ever. Rome still wants to use the U.S.military to make Russia Roman Catholic and bring about the fulfillment of Fatima. [ Editor Note: The Russia link above is appended at end of this document ]

    With an immense collection of facts, photos, names and dates, Manhattan proves that the Vietnam War began as a religious conflict. He shows how America was manipulated into supporting Catholic oppression in Vietnam supposedly to fight communism. Manhattan explains:

    • How religious pamphlets and radio broadcasts convinced one million Catholics to leave North Vietnam and live under Catholic rule in the South, overwhelming the Buddhists.

    • How brutal persecution of Vietnamese Buddhists led to rioting and suicides by fire in the streets. • Why the reports of what was really happening, written by American military and civil advisers,

    failed to reach the U.S. President.

    Why the project backfired, and as U.S. soldiers continued to die, the Vatican made a secret deal with Ho Chi Minh.


  • More About the Author:

    Last photo of Mr. Manhattan before his homegoing in Nov. 1990

    A shory biography of Baron Avro Manhattan

    Born April 6, 1914, in Milan, Italy, of American and Swiss/Dutch parents. He was educated at the Sorbonne in Paris and the London School of Economics. He was jailed in Italy for refusing to serve in the Fascist dictator Mussolini's army. While imprisoned in the Alps he wrote his first book on astronomy.

    During the war, Mr. Manhattan operated a radio station called Radio Freedom broadcasting to the partisans in occupied Europe. For this service he was made a Knight of Malta. His aristocratic roots meant that he was a Knight of the House of Savoy as well as a Knight Templar and a Knight of the Order of Mercedes.

    His more than 20 books include the best-selling The Vatican in World Politics, one of the best-selling books of all time. It was translated into most major languages including Chinese, Russian and most recently, Korean.

    He was a member of the Royal Society of Literature, Society of Authors, Ethical Union, P.E.N., British Interplanetary Society, etc.

    His other books include:

    The Rumbling of the Apocalypse, Airoldi, 1934;

    Towards the new Italy (Preface by H.G. Wells), Lindsay Drummond, 1943;

    Latin America and the Vatican, C.A. Watts, 1946.

    The Catholic Church Against The Twentieth Century, C.A.Watts, 1947, 2nd edition, 1950;

    The Vatican in Asia, C.A. Watts, London, 1948.


  • Religion in Russia, C.A.Watts, London, 1949.

    Catholic Imperialism and World Freedom, C.A. Watts, London 1952, 2nd edition, 1959;

    Terror Over Yugoslavia, the Threat to Europe, C.A. Watts, London, 1953;

    The Dollar and the Vatican, Pioneer Press, London, 1956, 3rd edition, 1957.

    Vatican Imperialism in the 20th Century, Zondervan, Michigan, 1965.

    The Vatican Billions, Chick Pub., Los Angeles,1983.

    Catholic Terror in Ireland, Chick Pub., Los Angeles, 1988.

    Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance, Chick Pub, 1982.

    Vietnam . . . why did we go?, Chick Pub, Los Angeles, 1984.

    The Vatican's Holocaust, Ozark Books, Springfield, MO.1986.

    Murder in the Vatican, American Russian and Papal Plots, Ozark Books, Springfield, MO. 1985.

    His friends included H. G. Wells, Pablo Picasso, George Bernard Shaw, and scientist Marie Stopes.

  • Contents

    Publisher's Foreword


    Chapter 1

    Preliminaries. World War II, the Provisional Partition of Vietnam, and the Beginning of the Vietnamese Conflict.

    Defeat of France and Japan - Vietnamese freedom-fighters declare the independence of Vietnam - A French Vietnamese puppet Prime Minister - Vietnamese Catholic Bishops appeal to the Vatican - The U.S. sends two warships to Saigon - Eisenhower helps the French in Vietnam - The Geneva Agreement - The l7th Parallel as "a provisional demarcation line" between North and South Vietnam - The Catholic lobby in the U.S. prevents a free election in Vietnam - Fear of a communist electoral take-over - President Eisenhower's candid comment.

    Chapter 2 The Vatican-American Grand Alliance

    Reasons Which Prompted the U.S. to Commit Herself to the War in Vietnam. U.S. global policy following World War II - "Belligerent peace between the U.S. and Soviet Russia - Russian territorial expansionism after World War II - The U.S., Korea and the Cold War - The Vatican fear of world communism - The launching of political Catholicism against left-wing Europe - Religious mobilization against Marxism.

    Chapter 3 Fatimaization of the West

    Religious and Ideological Preliminaries to the Vietnamese War.

    The "Cold War" as a step to the "Hot War" - The U.S. and the Vatican make ready for "THE DAY" - The conditioning of Catholics for the oncoming "Hot War" - The message of the Virgin of Fatima - The conversion of Soviet Russia to the Catholic Church - The political implications of the cult of Fatima - The pope and the Virgin encourage Catholic volunteers for the Russian front.

    Chapter 4 The Pope's Blessing for a Preventive War

    The Secretary of the U.S. Navy, Secret Chamberlain of the Pope, Prepares for World War III. The crown which weighs 1,200 grams of gold - Our Lady appears 15 times to a nun in the Philippines - The American Jesuit and the miraculous rose petals - The American Secretary of Defense jumps from a window on the l6th floor - Cardinal Spellman, Senator McCarthy and the American Secretary of the Navy - The Boston speech and the call for an American "preventive atomic war."

    http://www.reformation.org/publish.html http://www.reformation.org/preface.html http://www.reformation.org/chapter1.html http://www.reformation.org/chapter2.html http://www.reformation.org/chapter3.html http://www.reformation.org/chapter4.html

  • Chapter 5

    The Miraculous Zig-Zagging Sun Pope Pius XII Uses Religious Emotionalism as an Incitement to War.

    The Virgin Mary visits the pope at the Vatican - Pius XII sees the sun "zig-zag" - The prodigy and its political meaning - One million pilgrims want the conversion of Russia - The first U.S. ambassador designate at the Vatican attends atomic exercises in Nevada - The U.S. ambassador to Moscow prepares for the invasion of Russia - Description of the forthcoming invasion of Soviet Russia by "Colliers " - Making ready for the war of liberation The "Osservatore Romano" authenticates a miracle -The divine message to the Vicar of Christ.

    Chapter 6 The Pope's "Preventive War" Miscarries.

    U.S. Admirals, Generals and Diplomats Troop to the Vatican, President Truman's Despairing Comments.

    Papal warning of the "barbaric invasion" - The American leader of the "Free Russia Committee" - Dulles appeals for "an atomic striking force" - Eisenhower and 12 War Ministers - 100 Divisions on the "ready" - Saturation bombing experts see the pope - Russian agents steal "the cipher books" of the Vatican - Vatican diplomats and their secret spying via religion - The CIA - 100 million dollars to train spies and terrorists - Uniforms with regulation shoulder flashes marked USSR, instead of USA - Anybody here who can speak Russian? - The pope promises the liberation of' Soviet Russia - Mystical conditioning of Catholicism for the outbreak of an atomic conflict - President Truman's despairing comment.

    Chapter 7 The Men Behind the Vietnamese War.

    Politicians, Generals, and Prelates and their Selection of the "Savior of Vietnam."

    The U.S. and 400,000 tons of war material - The fateful compromise of the 17th Parallel - Joint Vatican- U.S. Asian strategy - Catholic anti-communist crusade, McCarthy and Dulles - A cardinal as a linch-pin between Washington and Rome - J.F. Kennedy and the Catholic lobby - U.S. preparation for intervention in Vietnam - The U.S. signs the fatal Vietnam agreement with France - The U.S. takes over military duties in South Vietnam - Foster-child of the Washington-Vatican sponsorship of South Vietnam - A would-be Catholic monk for an American grey eminence - Diem's messiah-like complex - Diem becomes the premier of South Vietnam.

    http://www.reformation.org/chapter5.html http://www.reformation.org/chapter6.html http://www.reformation.org/chapter7.html

  • Chapter 8 The Virgin Mary Goes South.

    The Catholic Imponderable in the Escalation of the Vietnamese War.

    Diem begins to create a Catholic administration - Diem refuses to hold elections as commanded by the Geneva Agreement - Diem's refusal is supported by the U.S. and the Vatican - The plan for t

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