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The Rise of Wearable Technology

Date post:17-Nov-2014
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Stemming from the rapid prototyping maker movement, technology has taken a huge leap forward to begin true integrations with the human body. From controlling physical hardware through muscle tension armbands, to heartbeat monitoring wristbands to uniquely identify a person, this year is set to produce the first in a long line of technology leading the way to truly embedded technology. We'll explore this movement and see where the future of technology integrations is leading us as a species.
  • 1. The Rise of WearableTechnologyJonathan LeBlanc(@jcleblanc)Global Head of DeveloperEvangelism at PayPal

2. The Future ofWearables! 3. Hardware Prototyping 4. FloraWearable Electronic Platformhttp://www.adafruit.com/products/659GemmaTiny Sewable Microcontrollerhttp://www.adafruit.com/products/1222 5. Tiny IoT Microcontroller 6. Building on BodyMovement 7. Open Application Sensor Hacks 8. MyoExtending Body Functionshttps://thalmic.com/en/myo/ 9. FinGesture Controlled Ringhttp://wearfin.com/ 10. Body Heat to Electric Generator 11. SolePowerPower Generating Insolehttp://solepowertech.com/ 12. Attachable Computers 13. Building on Open Specs 14. Bluetooth Smart 15. How the TechnologyWorksTransparent Bridge from Device to IPCentralDevicePeripheralBridgeIP AddressEndpoint 16. PebbleBuilding on Bluetooth Smarthttps://getpebble.com/ 17. Beyond the Fingerprint 18. Vein RecognitionBiometricsIdentification through vein uniqueness 19. NymiHeartbeat Identificationhttp://getnymi.com/ 20. The FIDO AllianceOpen Device Identity Spechttp://fidoalliance.org/ 21. Beyond Wearables 22. DNA as Data Storage700 Terabytes of data in a gram of DNAhttps://ppd.io/dna-data-storage 23. Remote Controlled Contraceptive 24. Improving Prosthetics 25. Bio Hacking 26. What Does the Future Hold? 27. Thank You!http://slideshare.net/jcleblancJonathan LeBlanc(@jcleblanc)Global Head of DeveloperEvangelism at PayPal

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