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The Saint Paul globe (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1896-07-26 [p ] · FVIGES THE SAINT PAUL GLOBS 11 to 18....

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    mi' \u25a0'' _— '^-^»^H''^^'T'T g?ItyßlM^Mj B̂ B̂a>IIBBIBIIIIBBBHIWW^ -_jji ihbjuji \u25a0«\u25a0 iiiiiinii your copper plate 35^-




    Pain's "Last Days of Pompeii," thejnost realistic, picturesque and success-ful spectacular pyrotechnical displaythat has ever been produced by that

    master of saltpetre, James Pain, willbe one of the features of encampmentweek in St. Paul, and it is promisedthat the spectacle willbe put on in themost complete manner. At the world'sfair, as well as the eastern sea shoreresorts, where the production has beenseen, witnesses all agree that in Pom-peii has been seen the ultimate triumphof the art pyrotechnic, while the tragichistory of the buried city affords anopportunity for the presentation of avaried programme, preceding the fire-works, second to none possible withany pyrotechnic display extant, andthat, too, without forcing the pro-gramme. The result is that Pompeiihas in every case been found one ofthe most enjoyable of the great spec-

    tacles. The "Burning of Rome" ap-proaches it, the "Battle of Wei HaiWei, which was the stellar feature atthe late cotton centennial at Atlanta,appealed to a current interest morestrongly, but none of the shows pos-sess the general interest that attachesto this graphic picture of the ruin ofthe pleasure loving Italian city in themidst of its gayety and mirth.

    The throngs that willvisit St. Paulduring the fair and exposition haveled Manager Pain to make arrange-ments for its production here, under thepersonal supervision of Mr. JamesPain himself, and for that purpose hehas secured a lease of the entire blockbounded by Aurora, Grotto, Fullerand St. Albans streets, where the cir-

    cus recently exhibited. Work will bebegun at once on thf enclosure and thegTand stand, which "will seat between15,000 and 20,000 people. The stage willbe 500 feet long aad nearly 200 feetdeep, and the scenefy will be broughthere from New T

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