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The Sketchbook

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The Sketchbook. Sketchbook Structure. Research and Investigation. You must read, sketch, take notes. How will you know what you are doing if you have no foundation? PRIMARY SOURCES! Observational studies please Find artists that relate to your investigation or assigned project. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Sketchbook or IWB

The Sketchbook

Sketchbook StructureResearch and InvestigationYou must read, sketch, take notes. How will you know what you are doing if you have no foundation?PRIMARY SOURCES! Observational studies pleaseFind artists that relate to your investigation or assigned project.Look outside the box. Dont rely on all those old European and American guys!

Above all, a sketchbook should be a place for developing and refining ideas. It should show thought processes and provide insights into a student's thinking. Here the integration of artist work, student photographs and observational drawings clearly show the journey taken while exploring and developing ideas.

This sketchbook page shows the critical analysis of relevant artist work. It is important to note that it is rarely necessary to imitate an entire artist work: copying small pieces is all that is needed to learn about an artists technique, style, use of media or approach to composition. In this example, the composition of the page as a whole has been carefully considered: the placement of the small images on the left balance the larger portrait on the right, creating a harmonious page layout. Note also that the annotation is neat, tidy, and small. It thus supports, rather than detracts from, the artwork and indicates to the examiners that the work was produced by a committed, dedicated student. PlanningNow that you have a foundation of research and investigation you start to build a framework.Consider multiple options. Dont limit yourself.Try it out. Dont assume it is going to work.

12Process and ReflectionDocument the process of creation by making notes and taking photosReflect on your process and the outcomeWhat did you learn? What was successful? What could you improve?

16Keys to SuccessObserveprimary sources are key!Document your sources on every pageInclude the date and page numberPrep your pages with something that attracts the viewer! Make it enjoyable to look at.Keep it organized. Make clear titles and headings. Write clearly.Paraphrase and include only the essentials. Do you want to read an essay?


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