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The Tamarack Elementary STLP Team

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The Tamarack Elementary STLP Team. Regional Projects for Showcase. Our 13 member team consisted of 4 showcase project groups. Take a look at our projects. Don’t be Mean, Go Green , Save the Earth!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Tamarack Elementary STLP Team

The Tamarack Elementary STLP Team

Regional Projects for Showcase

Our 13 member team consisted of 4 showcase project groups.Take a look at our projects.

Dont be Mean, Go Green, Save the Earth!

We wanted to teach our school easy ways they could help save the environment at home and at school.We created a Power Point with fascinating facts and real life impacts on the Earth. Then we taught the Power Point lesson teaching the Three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Table Manners Matter

We thought our lunchroom needed better manners, so we created a PowerPoint to improve our lunch room manners.We designed a video showing how students should and should not act in the lunchroom. Creating a script, gathered props, shooting video, and then editing our project. Water Savers

We created an aquaponic system by improving an app on our teammates iPod touch. The amp allowed a light to turn on and off to help our herbs grow. We built an example using herbs and pansies, rainwater collected in a rain barrel, and donated fish. A PowerPoint and a brochure were completed to explain our project.

Fit For You We wanted to inform teachers about stretches that they can do with their students if it is raining or unable to go outside.We created a PowerPoint with interactive clips explaining and modeling various stretches. We used a camera and flash drive to make our Power Point with interactive clips.

Winter JudgingCurrently our STLP team members are working on individual projects for winter judging and live competition at State Showcase. Two of our projects scored over 100 at fall showcase at WKU, Water Savers, and Dont be Mean, Save the Earth, Go Green. Those members are developing their projects further to prepare for State Showcase in March.

What we have learned this year

We have learned how to create video to use in Power Points.We have worked on editing video.Creating brochures, and aquaponics and recycling models.Also, working as a team, and team building strategies.

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