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The The GraduateGraduate - GSO UH Mānoa – since gso. The The GraduateGraduate February 2016...

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    The The GraduateGraduate

    February 2016 February 2016 NewsletterNewsletter


    Current GSO News UpdatesCurrent GSO News Updates

    Meet Your Events Chair (p.1)


    Photos: Town Hall Meeting (p.2)

    Spring Coffee Hours (p.3)

    Grad Student Pau Hana (p.3)

    G&A AwardsG&A Awards

    January G&A Awardees (p.4)

    Featuring G&A Awardees (p.6-9)

    Contact Us! (p. 9)Contact Us! (p. 9)

    Meet Your Events Chair!

    Yvette Lacobie has recently been

    appointed as the GSO Events Chair.

    Read on for her introduction and her

    plans for great GSO events:

    Im in the Masters of Public

    Health program specializing in Epidemi-

    ology. I grew up in Houston, Texas! I

    wanted to get involved on campus and

    be a part of making graduate student life

    and engaging for all students. I am plan-

    ning some super awesome events for

    the spring semester so stay tuned! The

    events that the GSO hosts help bring to-

    gether the entire graduate student

    body. With our busy school and work

    schedules, its also important to make

    time to relax and take our minds off of

    the many to-dos. The GSO Coffee Hours

    and other events are a great way for our

    student body to get together and have

    some fun.

    Fun fact about Yvette: Shes been

    an extra on Hawaii 5-0, and East Bound

    and Down! She says about those experi-

    ences, Even if you dont make any

    shots...being on set is an awesome ex-





    dit: Y

    vette La



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    The The Graduate Graduate -- February 2016February 2016

    Photos: Unionization Town Hall Event

    Photo Credits: Amy McKee

    and Ed Hoogland

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    The The Graduate Graduate -- February 2016February 2016

    If you and/or your

    constitutes would like to

    represent your depart-

    ment by hosting a Grad

    Student Pau Hana one

    week, please follow the

    link below and add your

    department information

    to the Google doc:

    Find sign up sheet here


    E P

    V C

    E O

    N M

    T I

    S N G


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    The The Graduate Graduate -- February 2016February 2016

    Name: Department:

    Alyssa Agustin Oceanography

    Lindsey Benjamin Oceanography

    Seyed Eshraghi Mechanical Engineering

    Md. Azmeary Ferdoush Geography

    Janet Graham English

    Min Namkoong Second Language Studies

    Elita Ouk Public Administration

    Kauahi Perez Tropical Plant and Soil Science

    Nicole Schlaack Educational Psychology

    Barnabas Seyler Botany

    Jill Sommer Library and Information Sciences

    Jamie Sziklay Zoology

    Gerarda Terlouw Oceanography

    Samantha Weaver Geology and Geophysics (Includes Geosciences)

    Sherilyn Wee Economics

    Johanna Wren Oceanography

    Wei Zhang Theater

    January G&A Awardees

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    The The Graduate Graduate -- February 2016February 2016




    Seyed Eshraghi

    The Power & Energy Society (PES) provides

    the world's largest forum for sharing the latest in

    technological developments in the electric power in-

    dustry, for developing standards that guide the devel-

    opment and construction of equipment and systems,

    and for educating members of the industry and the

    general public. Members of the Power & Energy Soci-

    ety are leaders in this field, and they derive substan-

    tial benefits from involvement with this unique and

    outstanding association. The IEEE PES General Meet-

    ing is the largest and most comprehensive of its type

    in the world. The attendees of IEEE PES General

    Meeting 2015 was around 3500 from all over the


    By attending this conference I had the

    chance to meet lots of expert professionals in my

    research field and become familiar with other re-

    search in this area. Presenting my work as a poster

    and receiving comments from them helped me to

    reevaluate my work and gave me lots of ideas to im-

    prove it and extend it as future work.

    Md. Azmeary Ferdoush

    This is Azmeary, and I am a Ph.D. student in Geography. Thanks for the partial support provided by the GSO for my summer 2015 pre-dissertation fieldwork in Bangladesh. I was visiting and observ-ing the enclaves of India situated in Bangladesh dur-ing May and June to document the exchange of these enclaves with India. After 68 years of negotia-tion, Bangladesh and India exchanged all their 198 enclaves on July 31, 2015.

    I was interviewing the enclave residents, lo-cal political leaders, government officials and stake-holders to have a better understanding why some of these enclave dwellers chose to move from Bangla-desh to India and some not. I was also exploring the factors that determined their decision, the roles that the governments were playing on both sides, and how the exchange was being done. I visited three enclaves in Panchagar and Nilfamari districts of Bangladesh and carried out my pre-dissertation fieldwork. Based on this visit I am now coauthoring a book chapter, which is supposed to be published in 2017 by Routledge.

    Source: Seyed Eshrahi

    An enclave of India within Bangladesh.

    Photo credit: Md Azmeary Ferdouch

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    The The Graduate Graduate -- February 2016February 2016

    Featuring G&A Awardees, cont.

    Janet Graham

    Thanks to GSO funding, I was able to partici-

    pate in a graduate student conference sponsored by

    the English department at Ohio State University enti-

    tled Violent Bodies this past October. I presented a

    paper concerning the portrayal of social death, agen-

    cy, and violence in Toni Morrisons A Mercy and at-

    tended all of the sessions offered over the two days

    the conference was held.

    The thematic focus of the conference on ex-

    amining how violence is embodied textually, visually,

    and politically corresponds to an area of active en-

    gagement for me as a scholar. The opportunity to en-

    gage in academic discourse with other graduate stu-

    dents in my field helped me understand my work in a

    wider context. From this experience, I learned how to

    defend the relevance of developing counterhegemon-

    ic readings of Ethnic American Literature by high-

    lighting the theoretical and critical social relevance of

    literary discourse.

    Elita Ouk

    I was given funding by GSO to travel to Cam-

    bridge, MA to attend the Harvard Project for Asian

    and International Relations. The conference brought

    200 delegates from top universities around the

    world to discuss issues and challenges in Asia to-

    day. The panel that I was in was Human Rights. I got

    the opportunity to engage with professors, activists,

    and top experts in their fields and look at different

    ways to approach issues related to the ongoing Ref-

    ugee Crisis, Labor Exploitation, and Women Empow-

    erment. I also met other delegates who are passion-

    ate about solving issues and made contacts that are

    useful for both my professional and academic ca-

    reer. All this wouldn't be possible without the sup-

    port and funding from GSO.

    Photo Credit: Janet Graham




    dit: E

    lita Ou


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    The The Graduate Graduate -- February 2016February 2016

    Featuring G&A Awardees, cont.

    Kauahi Perez

    Aloha, my name is Kauahi Perez and I am a

    PhD Candidate in the Department of Tropical Plant

    and Soil Sciences. This past August I traveled to New

    Orleans, Louisiana to attend the 112th American Soci-

    ety for Horticultural Science Conference, one of the

    largest attended conferences for horticulture re-

    searchers, industry, academia, government, and stu-

    dents to network and disseminate their horticultural

    findings. I received a GSO Travel Award this past Jan-

    uary to help recover the costs of airfare and accom-

    modations for my very first trip to Nawlins.

    Aside from enjoying the food and fun that New

    Orleans, Louisiana affords any visitor, I also had a

    blast at the conference. I presented a research post-

    er, competed in an oral competition, presented at a

    Teaching Methods Workshop, and even volunteered

    as an undergraduate poster competition judge. More

    importantly, my oral presentation in the Teaching

    Methods Workshop ave me the opportunity to publish

    a written manuscript on my oral presentation, which

    has been submitted and currently waiting for review.

    For me, the highlights of this conference

    were being able to represent UH Manoa at this pres-

    tigious conference and make valuable connections

    with students, researchers, and instructors from

    other institutions and industry. In addition, I enjoyed

    exchanging tips with other graduate students on

    how to improve various aspects of my research and

    theirs. I had such a memorable experience at this

    past conference that I am now gearing up for the

    next ASHS conference. With the reimbursement

    from the GSO award, I hope to put that towards this

    years conference tr

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