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The Top 10 Translator Blogs 2011

Date post:27-Oct-2014
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The Top 10 Translators Blogs [2011]Following on from our successful Top 10 Translators Blogs [2010] we are happy to announce our list for 2011!

About the Top 10 This year the review panel consisted of four of our in-house translators and linguists. As translators it was crucial to get their thoughts on the best blogs out there. You can read a bit about them at the end of the article. Before carrying out a sweep of the World Wide Web, the team decided upon the criteria against which they would assess the blogs available. The following outline the essential factors taken into consideration when the team analysed blogs: 1. Look > The look and feel of the blog, usability, navigation, etc.. 2. Content > The team were looking for content that was a) relevant, b) useful, c) varied and d) interesting. 3. Frequency of posts > How often was the blog updated? If seldom, they wouldnt be making it into any top 10! 4. Owner > Only blogs written by translators are included. 5. Language > Only blogs in English were considered. 6. SEO > Consideration was given to blogs that performed well in search engines and were easier to find. Following a lengthy search of blogs, assessing content and comparing them against each other, the Kwintessential review panel agreed on the following blogs as the top ten for 2011. We decided not to vote for a number 1, i.e. the best, but to give acclaim to all Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011 shortlisted.

The Top 10 Translators Blogs [2011]Below are the final top 10. Read more about them in the next few pages: Transblawg Thoughts On Translation Brave New Words Translation tribulations Musings For An Overworked Translator Translation Times Moxs Blog Words to good effect About Translation The translators teacupCopyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

TransblawgLook 1. Easy to navigate. 2. Appealing presentation. Simple formatting. Organised windows. Content in short paragraphs. 3. Lots of pictures (varied sizes). 4. Wide blogroll and blog search box. Content 1. Charming and personal posts. 2. Simple but interesting comments on translation and interpreting. Owner MARGARET MARKS (German-English translator)

Visit the website: http://transblawg.eu/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Thoughts on TranslationLook 1. Easy to navigate. 2. Simple formatting. 3. Content in long paragraphs aligned to the left, but consistent pattern for posts. 4. Blog favicon. Wide blogroll and blog search box. 5. Email subscription. Content 1. Practical and useful issues for freelancers. 2. A must for beginners. Owner CORINNE MCKAY is an American Translators Association-certified French to English translator based in Boulder, Colorado.

Visit the website: http://thoughtsontranslation.com/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Brave New WordsLook Content Owner B. J. EPSTEIN. Lecturer at the University of East Anglia in literature and translation. He works as a translator, writer and editor.

1. Easy to navigate. 1. Diversity of posts. 2. Consistent and branded 2. Links, resources and look. advice on translation, language, literature 3. Clear blog post dividers. and related topics. 4. Content in short paragraphs. 5. Wide blog archive and labels. 6. Email subscription. Visit the website: http://brave-new-words.blogspot.com/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Translation tribulationsLook 1. Easy to navigate. 2. Contents in long paragraphs, accompanied by explaining pictures. 3. Clear post dividers. 4. Wide blogroll and lots of labels. 5. Links to social media Content Owner

KEVIN LOSSNER. German to 1. Comments on translation English Translator and Technical consultant. technologies, marketing strategies, workflow optimization, resource reviews, controversies and other topics of interest for linguists.

Visit the website: http://www.translationtribulations.com/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Musings from an Overworked TranslatorLook 1. Nice format and colours with tabs to personal information (what she is up to). 2. Includes a list of the most common abbreviations in her posts. 3. Blog search box and wide blogroll and archives. Content Owner

1. Creative outlet where JILL SOMMER, a full-time the author share her freelance German-English random musings and translator. knowledge. 2. Funny and practical comments. 3. Real insight into the life of a translator.

Visit the website: http://translationmusings.com/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Translation TimesLook 1. Nice format and colours. 2. Contents in small paragraphs. 3. Easy to navigate. Consistent pattern for posts. 4. Good use of bold and italics font variation. 5. Email subscription. Content 1. Ideas and strategies to run a translation business more efficiently by thinking like an entrepreneur. 2. Useful tips on marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, reallife economics, pricing, and working with direct clients. Owner Twin translators, JUDY JENNER AND DAGMAR JENNER. They run their own translation, interpreting and copywriting business.

Visit the website: http://translationtimes.blogspot.com/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Moxs BlogLook 1. Creative format. 2. Easy to navigate. 3. Nice colours and format. Blog favicon. 4. Medium font size. Email subscription. 5. Short comments accompanied by personal comic strips. Content 1. Interesting comments and funny drawings about freelance translation. Owner ALEJANDRO MORENORAMOS is a full-time freelance English & French to (European) Spanish translator, living between Spain and France. He holds a MSc in Electromechanical Engineering and worked as an Energy Engineer for 5 years until he realized that he wanted a real job.

Visit the website: http://mox.ingenierotraductor.com/Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Words to good effectLook 1. 2. 3. 4. Simple formatting. Classic template. Small blog header. Blog Favicon. Consistent pattern for posts. 5. Small font size. 6. Email subscription. Content 1. Comments on writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language and translating. 2. Discussions on punctuation botheration. Owner MARIAN DUGAN, CEO of DNA language. She works as a translator (mainly from Italian into English) and web editor.

Visit the website: http://wordstogoodeffect.com/

Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

About TranslationLook 1. Creative and modern template. 2. Nice colours and format. 3. Easy to navigate. Blog favicon. 4. Email subscription. Content 1. Interesting and relevant information, news and opinions about professional translation and translation technologies. Owner RICCARDO SCHIAFFINO, works in Aliquantum, a small company which he established with a few friends and colleagues to provide high-quality translation services and language consulting.

Visit the website: http://aboutranslation.blogspot.com/

Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

The translators teacup

Look 1. Original blog format. Easy to navigate. 2. Nice colour and font. 3. Archives from December 2010. 4. Multiple labels. 5. Email subscription.

Content 1. Comments about translation as an art, translation business and machine translation. 2. Tech tips on computers for translators.

Owner ROSE NEWEL translates German into her native, British English. She speaks fluent German, has working knowledge of Dutch, as well as some experience with Eastern languages.

Visit the website: http://translatorsteacup.lingocode.com/

Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011


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More Translators BlogsWe came across lots and lots of translators blogs, but they all couldnt finish in the top 10. So on the next slide, please also check out another 10 we believe are also great!

Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Translators Blogs to watchBlog Name My life in translation (Not Just) Another Translator Naked Translations Blogging translator Translation Miscellany Omniglot Blog Adventures in Freelance Translation Transliteria Separated by a common language Rebekka Wellmanns URL http://www.mylifeintranslation.net/ http://www.anothertranslator.eu/ http://www.nakedtranslations.com/ http://blog.philippahammond.net/ http://www.jodybyrne.com/ http://www.omniglot.com/blog/ http://linguagreca.com/blog/ http://transliteria.blogspot.com/ http://separatedbyacommonlanguage.blo gspot.com/ http://welltranslations.net/blog/

Copyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

Marina Gimnez (BA) Translation and Interpreting at Universidad de Murcia (Spain) Marta Regina (MA) Audiovisual Translation at Universit degli Studi di Bologna (Italy)

Thanks to the Review PanelLuca Gmez (MA) Medical and Health Translation at Jaume I University (Spain)

A special thanks to Luca who led the project

Xinyi Claire Wang (MA) Translation at Durham University (UK)

About KwintessentialKwintessential provide a range of services centred around the themes of language and culture in business. Translations sit at the heart of our business alongside web design, interpreting, typesetting, cultural awareness coaching and a host of other specialist services. At the heart of our company is a desire to inform and engage. We hope this Top 10 comes in use and we welcome your feedback (send emails to [email protected]) For more information about us visit: Website: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kwintessential Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/_translation You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kwintessentialvids/feedCopyright Kwintessential Ltd 2011

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