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The Top Ten Reasons

Date post:17-Jun-2015
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  • 1. The Top Ten Reasons NOT to teach a Distance Learning Class Joseph Ugoretz Director of Technology and Learning Macaulay Honors College

2. Students dont really learn in those classes 3. I like to have more contact with my students. I need to see their faces and look in their eyes. 4. Dont those classes take a lot of time? 5. I dont know how to set up that kind of class. 6. Im not very good with computers. 7. What about intellectual property?I dont want my lectures to belong to someone else! 8. I dont want to be replaced by a machine! 9. What about the digital divide? Most of our students dont even have computers at home. 10. My course depends on discussion and interaction, and of course you cant have that online. 11. I just dont think its right for me.

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