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The walking dead fans presentation

Date post:26-Jul-2015
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1. an iPhone app for core fans of theongoing TV-production "The WalkingDead".http://www.thewalkingdeadfans.com 2. News and Spoilers Stay informed with news from different sources. A unique event map shows important events from the comic series, and you can use this map as a spoiler of whats to come. Character information. Who is dead, who is a walker and who is alive? 3. Showroom Watch the webisodes The Bicycle Girl. Watch behind the scene videos. Look at images from the TV production. 4. Zombie Fans Are you a REAL Walking Deadfan? Take the Quiz to find out! Have you ever heard of ZombieWalks? Here you can check outpictures from walks near yourlocation. This app has an own homepage. Here you can stayinformed of versiondevelopments. You can alsocomment or contribute to thedevelopment of new versions! 5. Social Follow #thewalkingdead Twitter timeline. Update your twitter status directly to the timeline. Read The Walking Dead Forum Facebook Wall. 6. Extras New in version 1.3 is this Extras section. Episode lists with airdates. Web Resources. 7. Download apphttp://itunes.apple.com/no/app/the-walking-dead-fans/id474882135?mt=8Enjoy!

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